• Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • What did you think of these packs?

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Comments • 432

  • Luke Beattie
    Luke Beattie Month ago +461

    i love how this series isn’t even about Beckham anymore 🤣

  • chibk
    chibk Month ago +292

    Simon you literally got digne, rudiger and Laporte this ep😂

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +1

      @Vivan Jain Cos they're slow that's why he doesn't use them

    • Vivan Jain
      Vivan Jain Month ago +1

      I still don't get why he keeps complaining about his defence

    • Capez
      Capez Month ago +2

      Was about to comment that aswel

  • Random_Memes_and_Stuff_*TikTok*

    Use the Rudiger that you packed instead of Stones because he’s SO good on this fifa.

  • Jhud
    Jhud Month ago +446

    Simon, Start Salah as a RF on 7 chem and then swap Beckham and Bruno and play Edwards RM, Salah shouldn’t get wasted at RW and Edwards is a class player

    • dean silke
      dean silke Month ago

      custom tactics is a thing

    • andrew osborne
      andrew osborne Month ago +5

      Edwards is better than Sterling in most stats. He's actually higher rated in game at LM. Definitely get him in

    • boiz yeah
      boiz yeah Month ago +7

      mate, do benzema. that card is absolute class

    REDSY Month ago +221

    Simon, u actually have a bunch of Prem defenders you can use. USE THEM!!!

  • Abdallah Ahmed
    Abdallah Ahmed Month ago +338

    He actually did well on this video

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop Month ago +106

    It's great to see Simon enjoying the game

    • Air Catcher
      Air Catcher Month ago +7

      Its fun when you don't get battered every match tbf

  • CFCAlex - Sideline Analysis

    3:07 Packs 84 Digne
    3:31 Has 80 Tierney in his EPL team
    3:44 "I need better defenders"

    • Vivan Jain
      Vivan Jain Month ago +2

      Laporte, rudriger

    • Faris_981
      Faris_981 Month ago +7

      Digne isn't better then Tierney in fifa

  • Yannick van Wingger
    Yannick van Wingger Month ago +8

    5:38 is what you’re here for

  • The Meme Genie [TMG]
    The Meme Genie [TMG] Month ago +120

    We need more of Al Jabber lmao, this meme needs to continue!!!!

  • Jazzfire
    Jazzfire Month ago +3

    Honestly this is my favourite series on TheXvid ever so entertaining hopefully you keep doing these

  • Harvey 10K
    Harvey 10K Month ago +19

    Gotta rate him not loosing a single game hope it continues in the next episode

  • A98AYRES
    A98AYRES Month ago +2

    I just wanna say the intro to this series is straight fire 🔥🔥rap it every time

  • Luke Noble
    Luke Noble Month ago +60

    For your team I would recommend switching to a 4231 wide with a shadow on Bruno Fernandes so he can play at CDM and a Hawk on Salah and maybe a Maestro or hawk on Sterling

    • Luke Noble
      Luke Noble Month ago +2

      @Vodka its a good formation in general and would work for the players Simon has. Not many sweats use it because they prefer narrow formations and abusing through balls with pace

    • Vodka
      Vodka Month ago +2

      No one uses 4231 wide

  • Jacob Norman
    Jacob Norman Month ago +26

    You should buy 84 Tyrone Ming's and play him and Rudiger in CB with a Shadow Chem style on both of them!! Loving the series!

    • TJM11
      TJM11 Month ago +2

      buying is against the rules

  • Manu_ SI
    Manu_ SI Month ago +40

    If you want you can put edwards in your team. You replace him for Sancho and switch bruno fernandes and beckha. Edwards would link with walker peters and beckham and get 10 chem

  • RoBBy
    RoBBy Month ago +22

    I love how the series isn’t about Beckham anymore, simons just opening packs for fun now when he wants to

  • Zander Evans
    Zander Evans Month ago +1

    I hope this series never ends

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant Month ago

    The positivity in an episode when Simon does well 😂😂

    #BOSTONFAM5 Fam Month ago +1

    This is the best episode yet Simon played really well please upload this more

  • Amesh Jayawardena
    Amesh Jayawardena Month ago +3

    Simon on fire this episode 😂🙌🏽

  • LeBrOn JaMeS
    LeBrOn JaMeS Month ago +3

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about dybala u should put him on ur bench

  • george linton
    george linton Month ago +2

    Hey minter, do the Reece Oxford objectives he’s unreal! Get a little hybrid going on 👍

  • sannio komi
    sannio komi Month ago

    This is the best episode yet Simon played really well please upload this more

  • AbdoulFIFAProdz
    AbdoulFIFAProdz Month ago +1

    Love it when miniminter uploads some fifa content

  • Lexton22
    Lexton22 Month ago +16

    Simon literally roasted salah for his 7th ranking before he packed him, then he said he loved salah🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei Month ago

    Simon on fire this episode 😂🙌🏽

  • TCFusion
    TCFusion Month ago +2

    We love to see another mm7 games vid ❤️

  • JayzorPlays
    JayzorPlays Month ago

    u know how there is always that one day where when you game and you are literally a god at whatever u play this episode is a perfect example

  • Aztek
    Aztek Month ago +2

    Love to see an mm7 match again

    OKUGOKU Month ago +1

    Just call the series shoot it like Sterling at this point😂

  • Ac1899Milano
    Ac1899Milano Month ago +2

    Fifa is actually fun this year especially when the ball is bouncing your way like it did this episode unlike the previous couple where every 50/50 went against Simon.

  • Click'Me Now⚠️
    Click'Me Now⚠️ Month ago +21

    Every single video made by this legend is a Masterpiece

  • Akshay Bhagwat
    Akshay Bhagwat Month ago +1

    This might be the best he's ever played in a video.. 0 losses

  • Kaleb Er
    Kaleb Er Month ago +2

    Simon, you should use timed finishing to score from outside of the box

  • Mateo
    Mateo Month ago +3

    Simon - “why can’t i get defenders tho” 14:05 literally packs laporte

  • zhypexz -
    zhypexz - Month ago +2

    For ur team simon, I’d change salah to a RF and play him at ST on 7 chem, then swap Beckham and Bruno around, and put edwards RM

  • arian
    arian Month ago +70

    simon, put the edwards signing card into the chiellini flashback or benzema flashback, trust me

  • George Skeates
    George Skeates Month ago

    I feel like Simon should start doing more player SBCs .

  • Bongo Bread
    Bongo Bread Month ago +3

    I use the championship cb in my team, he’s decent

  • TheBigZ10
    TheBigZ10 Month ago +1

    When Simon is composed he just dominate the game

  • Daffa Rayza Pratama
    Daffa Rayza Pratama Month ago +2

    Simon should finish the objective Lowe, Manquillo, and Laurent and play them

  • Harry McDonald
    Harry McDonald Month ago +1

    Finisher on Sterling and hunter on salah
    That is what worked best for me

  • tinjj u
    tinjj u Month ago

    I advise you simon to play your ranked matches on Friday or in the Saturday morning cuz its much much easier and there is a bigger chance of playing someone who will give u the win

  • Zinedine Satira
    Zinedine Satira Month ago +1

    I wonder how much goals Bruno scored for him already

  • H. B15
    H. B15 Month ago +1

    Every time you win a game in champs or div rivals you should open the best pack in the store and if it’s a rage quit you should
    Open 2 along with all the other rewards for beckham goal and assists

  • abdel hafid
    abdel hafid Month ago +2

    You got Digne , use him for Tierney

  • Mathias Hoffmann
    Mathias Hoffmann Month ago +1

    You should do the Benzema sbc. Its crazy good

  • Linoel Gonçalves
    Linoel Gonçalves Month ago +2

    What a fucking episode, keep it up my guy

  • Deto Qcney
    Deto Qcney Month ago

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about dybala u should put him on ur bench

  • Justin Z.
    Justin Z. Month ago +1

    *Seeing Simon´s proggresion in getting a beard is just inspiring.*

  • ꓐ XxJonxXd
    ꓐ XxJonxXd Month ago +1

    You can put Edward on by switching him with sancho and change Bruno and beckham so that he can get 10 chemistry and get wan bissaka or Kyle walker

  • Gianfranco Forlenza
    Gianfranco Forlenza Month ago +1

    I didn't want to watch because of his constant complaining when he loses or if something goes wrong but this episode was a rare episode

  • Mihir Bhat
    Mihir Bhat Month ago +2

    Once the game starts, get sterling at ST then bring off Jesus for Rashford and play him LM

  • Claire Lidstone
    Claire Lidstone Month ago

    simon you should change rashfords position to ST then start him as he has pace shot and gets full chem with bruno and beckham also love the series man

  • Rtbw
    Rtbw Month ago +1

    That hero card look lovely mate

  • jack leach
    jack leach Month ago +11

    Swap Rodri and Beckham for full chem

  • JustPanicc
    JustPanicc Month ago +2

    Swap Beckham and fernandes and put in edwards for sancho and make salah a rf so u can play him upfront

  • Shitu and Zouma
    Shitu and Zouma 12 days ago

    simon: feels bad for him

    10 seconds later: see you later lad 👋🏻!

  • M268 HD
    M268 HD Month ago +2

    U should start edwards trust me jut put a hunter and see how good is he

  • Hacker IDK
    Hacker IDK Month ago +1

    last video, someone said excited simon is unstoppable, and he's right

  • Sir J. Kofi
    Sir J. Kofi Month ago +2

    Simon woke up feeling dangerous today🔥🔥

  • Deathh
    Deathh Month ago +1

    might be worth using areola over ederson tbh, for me ederson is so bad, areola is top class

  • Cliffy
    Cliffy Month ago +2

    Literally from hero to zero lol 😆

  • Eivind Bergum
    Eivind Bergum Month ago +2

    You should do an icon pack!

  • Bella Carpenter
    Bella Carpenter Month ago

    If you want a tip when people fire corners hold y down so you’re keeper will run and get the ball

  • Youssef Bassiouny
    Youssef Bassiouny Month ago +2

    Simon, slap a hawk on salah and keep him on rw, it makes him so overpowered

  • Simon Newby
    Simon Newby Month ago +1

    U should use Bernardo he’s amazing

  • K1ONE
    K1ONE Month ago +1

    Happy to know I’m not the only one not qualifying 😂

  • Sebastian Johansson
    Sebastian Johansson Month ago +1

    You should try using Rudiger, has been a beast for my team!

  • Youssef Aly
    Youssef Aly Month ago +2

    You have to play rudiger simom he’s so op!

  • Leonwinter
    Leonwinter Month ago +3

    I don’t want this series to end

  • Mason Plummer
    Mason Plummer Month ago

    Bruno has been unbelievable in this series

  • Mcnutty
    Mcnutty Month ago +1

    you can defo do an ICON pack with the 300k and fodder we really want to see it

  • Big B
    Big B Month ago +2


  • James Farrell
    James Farrell Month ago +1

    Love this content

  • imnoticrazybrad
    imnoticrazybrad Month ago

    edwards is so good hes like demebele but he can pass lol

  • OshC 88
    OshC 88 Month ago +1

    Bro open more packs most people have an amazing team by now. Let's get a few better players.

  • Leo Paek
    Leo Paek Month ago +1

    simon PLEASE do the championship LB objective and use it with the cb, and swap beckham and rodri for full chem

  • Harrison Sgourakis
    Harrison Sgourakis Month ago +1

    Swap Beckham and Rodri so everyone except ederson gets full chem

  • provoke quit
    provoke quit Month ago +1

    anyone else addicted to this series

  • Christie- Go To My ChanneI! L!VE NOW

    Simon, u actually have a bunch of Prem defenders you can use. USE THEM!!!

  • David Dunnett
    David Dunnett Month ago +1

    Try to make a defense with ter stegen you also have rudiger which would link with him

  • Saeed Alsharif
    Saeed Alsharif Month ago +3

    Aljaber is my team's legend don't do him like that 😂

  • Marty McGuire
    Marty McGuire Month ago +2

    Do Tahith Chong sbc he is incredible

  • Blessing Katanda
    Blessing Katanda Month ago +3

    Simon swap Rodri and Benardo Silva then put Beckham at CM

  • Jdn RL
    Jdn RL Month ago +1

    Simon you should By varane Bc he has pace at the back

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy Month ago

    Simon should finish the objective Lowe, Manquillo, and Laurent and play them

  • hayden power
    hayden power Month ago +1

    I failed fut champs 4 times so far 😂

  • Jack Heron
    Jack Heron Month ago +1

    Ronaldo shouldn't have even been top 20 for the ballan d'or this year, but he got 6th

  • CaptainDawg02
    CaptainDawg02 Month ago +1

    The fact that Kane was 23rd in the Ballon Dor is an absolute disgrace with the year he had (top goal scorer and assists in the EPL) and his performance in the Euros.

  • dochewW TV
    dochewW TV Month ago +2

    Bro, do the icon pack with this fodder :D

  • Wyatt Printz
    Wyatt Printz Month ago +2

    You should do a squad builder showdown episode

  • Aspect
    Aspect Month ago +2


  • Alexander Hayden
    Alexander Hayden Month ago +1

    Marksmen or hawk on sterling, hawk on salah, and shadows on your defense

  • Christopher Dass
    Christopher Dass Month ago +1

    Simon, use Digne instead of Tierney

  • Big B
    Big B Month ago +1


  • Ryan
    Ryan Month ago

    Imagine not rating Salah 😭

  • qwerty uiop
    qwerty uiop Month ago +6


  • Kidus Fekadu
    Kidus Fekadu Month ago

    Can u show stats of the players pls