Immigration hearings begin in 'tent courts' at border

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Sheriff Bill Waybourn of Tarrant County, Texas, discusses the latest news from the border.
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Comments • 211

  • Mathew Tan
    Mathew Tan Month ago

    Why can't immigration be a two phase process instead of adamantly making people wait untill a new law is passed?!

  • Mihail G
    Mihail G Month ago

    Why are you guys calling immigrants the immigrants who lives here legally and pay taxes LOL 😂, those are vandalism or you can call Tterrors

  • Caius Postumius Turrinus

    We need way more judges. Lot's more.

  • Darrell Westphal
    Darrell Westphal Month ago

    This is a message to our justice system and all who serve it. Any and all judges that are going to help immigrants to become citizens of the United States must first take care of the ones that have been waiting in the line legally. No judges should be allowed to take care of the ones that have been illegally trying to enter our country first. When We the People Say No cutting in line we mean that to the illegal immigrants and we also mean that to the Democrat judges. You democrat judges cannot decide that the illegal immigrants will get your service before the ones that are coming here legally that is not the way our country runs it's legal service and Justice if you think so get out of being a judge you're not worthy of it.

  • anak sunamoon
    anak sunamoon Month ago

    Deny every claim. Send them packing with their scummy little kids. Buh bye

  • Mike Reiley
    Mike Reiley Month ago

    Illegals cost taxpayers 190 billion dollars so far this year stop wasting taxpayers money, deport them all.

  • Bruce Harvey
    Bruce Harvey Month ago

    Close the border for 3 years. Contact as many as illegal immigrants in this country. Four possible US citizenship.

  • Christine Lees
    Christine Lees Month ago

    He's INSANE like the rest of them democRATS

  • Truth-Freedom
    Truth-Freedom Month ago

    30 million illegals. I don't think you have ever heard those illegals talk, they are talking about populating the nation and then taking over. Once they accomplish to take over, the whole governmental system is going to change (this should be very alarming to our current governmental system and everybody else), why? Because they don't have the roots nor the sentiment to continue believing in this Nation. This nation will be destroyed and it is going to be over this mass immigration incident.

  • Duane Ayers
    Duane Ayers Month ago

    Thank You President Trump 👍🇺🇸 and Thank You Border Control an ICE For Just Doing Your Job 🇺🇸👍 🇺🇸👍 🇺🇸

  • Michael Lytle
    Michael Lytle Month ago

    if they don't come through a point of entry they don't deserve a hearing they should automatically be deported

  • Ratpatrol Renegade
    Ratpatrol Renegade Month ago

    Glad they're finally listening to me. Been saying this all along. Set up tables with judges and give them two minutes a piece. Why are you here? Next!

  • James Jeffers
    James Jeffers Month ago +1

    Anytime they come in illegally they should be taken back to Mexico and released if they can't come in legally they do not come in.

  • Mickey Andres
    Mickey Andres Month ago +1

    Send them all back!
    America is closed to all criminal illegals!

  • Mickey Andres
    Mickey Andres Month ago +1

    “We don’t want illegal immigration in this country, it’s that plain and simple.”
    Chuck Schumer 2009

  • Son Kakageta
    Son Kakageta Month ago +1

    These people need to fix there own counties and stop leeching of the USA 🇺🇸

  • Michael Bramlett
    Michael Bramlett Month ago

    All I know is Trump was ready to get on his knees and SUBMIT to the Taliban, a 9/11 gift to Americans 😉,now he says he needs marching orders from Saudi Arabia for the war we are manufacturing in Iran.

  • Patrick Baptist
    Patrick Baptist Month ago

    Shame this isn't what the natives could have done to Columbus and his cronies.

  • Lost Aquarian
    Lost Aquarian Month ago +1

    Thank you for the Castro clip, Fox News. That should be played for him anytime he advocates for open borders.

  • Natural Man
    Natural Man Month ago

    Stick to your guns ICE heroes! Don't let liberal loonies and illegal alien benefit scammers bother you one bit. In fact, think of it as a badge of honor that they protest that you are doing your job so well. You are stopping them--that's why they are squealing. The vast majority of American support ICE 100%!

  • Eastern Yankee
    Eastern Yankee Month ago +2


  • Blaine Doan
    Blaine Doan Month ago +1

    How many illegals can we bury in the ditch we dig when putting up the wall

  • Baigandine L
    Baigandine L Month ago +1

    No sooner is a tent court set up, than the Democrat candidates promise to pack it.

  • Darla Gibson
    Darla Gibson Month ago +1

    At least they have a tent.
    If that’s not good enough, go back wherever you came from.

  • lloyd sampson
    lloyd sampson Month ago

    It's about time.

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun Month ago +3

    Setup a giant catapult & shoot them back over the Wall

  • Walker Publications
    Walker Publications Month ago +1

    FOX legitimizes NYT by continually reporting the lies they report.

  • Manko Kennewick
    Manko Kennewick Month ago

    My guess is illegal goes in says "I want asylum" judge says " ok, go ahead" catch and release by another name.

  • Brian Landers
    Brian Landers Month ago +1

    I guess the Trump admin didn't take my suggestions, just shoot the border jumpers and let the bodies pile up, the stench alone would turn them back.

  • 8 8
    8 8 Month ago +1

    We love you border patrol.

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse Month ago +1

    Why do we have to waste money on these hearings? COME LEGALLY or DON'T COME AT ALL!!! It is enough. Democrats should be removed from office as Domestic Terrorists.

  • TheUnDrunkPCBastard _
    TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ Month ago +1

    Should go quick. You came here illegally; back to south mexico with you, and anyone with you.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 - See Clearly

  • Chatla Suresh
    Chatla Suresh Month ago +1

    The father of tents and children of tent maker's will be subjected to court inside tent court's at the border.
    Wow. They can exit from tent's and go back into mexico from where they cane from and go back to their origin's. Tent court's are effective at border's. Take NO pleasure in the lawlessness of trespassing border.

  • Michael Holderbaum
    Michael Holderbaum Month ago +2

    It's simple: go back. We don't want or need you.

  • Lear King of Albion

    Gotta see the Crazyman's videos, Liz, if you want to talk about the population of Boston. Especially the one from February 2019 at 22 F from the Top of the Hub. Or, I suppose you could look up the street at dusk from the 6th Ave NYC studio at the lights north of 54th Street if you wanted to discuss the population of New York. My two hometowns.

  • William D Smith
    William D Smith Month ago +1

    Isn't it amazing how democrats want to save the lives of illegal immigrant children, but they want open season on killing American children through late-term abortions?

  • JesusChristisGodintheFlesh

    Must stop the Democratic led invasion with treason charges and execution of America political officials who have betrayed their oaths.

  • Richard Keith
    Richard Keith Month ago

    Courts must know this is 99% BS. Stop asylum, fix your own country!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😃

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins Month ago

    Mexico will pay for the impeachment.
    Bait and switch POS POTUS.

  • mabatommy
    mabatommy Month ago +1

    If they are coming for asylum why are they carring and waving the flag from the country they are escaping from.

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker Month ago

    This is what I call misinformation to many talking points .

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith Month ago +1

    The brave men and women of ICE are all that stands between us and anarchy

  • Alien
    Alien Month ago

    Noticed the showers are completely empty, I'd be taking a shower every day twice a day, if I was an immigrant stepping foot in the US after a journey such as they have taken.

  • Rebecca Z
    Rebecca Z Month ago

    From AZ Tent City to border Tent Court lolol

  • Jabbar JD1415
    Jabbar JD1415 Month ago +1

    Uh oh here comes the other problems....

  • scot woodz
    scot woodz Month ago

    Tents are fine with me! :)

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk Month ago +1

    Sorry, we are full on societal leeches. Feel free to come back when you are educated and wealthy.

  • Billy Doyle
    Billy Doyle Month ago +3


  • S Payne
    S Payne Month ago +5

    We owe you nothing. Go home and work.

  • S Payne
    S Payne Month ago

    If you come here knowing your stealing from our men and children. Our woman forced to work while 89 percent of you have been on welfare for generations and its getting worse your a criminal. We pay you to have babies and your a sick theif with no marals. You wont see kindness here.

  • Jasper Jack
    Jasper Jack Month ago

    There are many thousand people among you who voted for Trump in secret. You can hate him in front of your friends but it's the way you vote in private that counts. We understand.

  • Kerry Ward
    Kerry Ward Month ago +1


  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide Month ago

    finally something built for speed so we can get through this difficult stuff.
    If we just didnt habe congress or california
    obstructing the process of law so its less inconveinance on everyone includeing the illegals.

  • jay roth
    jay roth Month ago +1

    Do this: Start a one year plan telling all illegal aliens to leave USA or they will be fined hefty fines and then deported. Also, ID all illegal aliens entering USA and fine them for first offense, 2nd offense, prison in their own country for 3rd offense, etc. Problems solved, emphasis on problems solved.

  • Thomas Moore
    Thomas Moore Month ago +1

    All Dumocrates keep messing with the security of country. They just hateTrump so bad that their willing to put American Citizen in harm's way. Vote these self serving DumoRate out of office. 😎🇺🇸

  • Goofy Tiger
    Goofy Tiger Month ago +4

    Be tough because dem wants legalized illegal aliens for votes!! They lost the legal citizen confidence and votes! Now they are in desperation mode! Trump, 2020! ❤️

  • Mobius
    Mobius Month ago +1

    Love the CBP. Excellent work ladies and gentlemen. I very tough job done extremely well and professionally.

  • WWTormentor
    WWTormentor Month ago +2

    Our brave men and women of the border patrol are similar to our brave men and women in the military. The military fights for our freedom while the border patrol protects our freedom.

  • Emmett Mitcham
    Emmett Mitcham Month ago

    Democrats are the problems with the border

  • JuggernautUSAdotcom Huron

    I am familiar with Mayor Castro. He went to the same high school as I did. He is a liberal idiot, and so is his brother. He is also a moron, naive, and racist. Please excuse Texas for this disgrace. We apologize. Oh yeah, Beto’s an idiot too.