Captain Rex Questions Krell [1080p]

  • Published on Mar 17, 2017
  • Season 4 Episode 10 "Carnage of Krell"

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  • Owen B.
    Owen B. 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that Krell calls Dogma by his nickname instead of his number at 1:30?

  • IntelligentMoron
    IntelligentMoron 5 months ago

    I always liked the idea that Rex is a Senior Captain leading the 501st with Appo as a captain and his second in command. Then when Anakin is made a council member by Palpatine, the Chancellor also promotes him to Senior Jedi General, upgrades the 501st into the 501st Legion, and when Rex goes MIA during the Siege of Mandalore, that’s when Appo becomes Senior Commander of the 501st Legion.

  • cfisler1
    cfisler1 8 months ago

    krell is a monster.

  • smeagollotr
    smeagollotr 9 months ago +2

    Your a Jedi!
    Your a separatist!
    Your an agent of Dooku!
    Your a traitor general!
    So many your’s.

    • cfisler1
      cfisler1 8 months ago

      traitor krell!!!!!!

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man Year ago

    dose Krell work with Dooku ?

  • Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    Who the fuck is this Appo people keep talking about?

  • Padawan Mara Vladu

    Yea fre from Hades

  • TheDawsonator1
    TheDawsonator1 Year ago +6

    When you think about it, Krell practically foresaw the Empire and instead of warning others he went mad

  • This channel only serves as a spectator on youtube

    What would've happened if clones didn't kill krell?

  • Celina Tay
    Celina Tay Year ago

    Why did dogma follow krell

  • gamemaster613
    gamemaster613 Year ago +2

    It's hard to take Krell seriously once you realist his chin looks like a scrotum.

  • Scott M
    Scott M Year ago +21

    Rex: Why general? Why kill your own men?
    General Krell: because I can!
    Krell thug life

    • Scott M
      Scott M Year ago +1

      Even Krell's laughing

  • Negative Zero
    Negative Zero Year ago +9

    Lol, Krell doesn't know about the rule of 2. What a tool.

    • Fulcrum
      Fulcrum 27 days ago +1

      No one knows about Darth Sidious at this point. Everyone thinks Dooku is the Sith master

    • Ethan Corral
      Ethan Corral Month ago

      In the Rule of Two, the apprentice could take an apprentice of their own to help defeat the master. Much like Vader was trying to do.

  • Elliott Trzasko
    Elliott Trzasko Year ago +1

    0:20 Five's is missing his kama

  • Snow
    Snow Year ago

    what happens to dogma?

  • Kir Kanos
    Kir Kanos Year ago

    Appo..more like Appu

  • Merritt1 RBX
    Merritt1 RBX Year ago +18

    Hey Appo!
    You're gonna be a Senior Commander in about a year, wait aren't you a Sergeant right now?

  • Mr. Wolf Pictures
    Mr. Wolf Pictures Year ago +8

    Krell is for me at least another thing that makes all the Umbara episodes a Vietnam war basically... basically because he's evil guy , has a high commanding position , went pretty crazy and his name is very close to Kreutz ( i mean first letter :P)

  • Al0
    Al0 Year ago

    Why did Fives not have a kama at 0.20 and then he did at 0.43?

    • Al0
      Al0 Year ago

      Kir Kanos thanks

    • Kir Kanos
      Kir Kanos Year ago +1

      SquirrelFruit Animation error, a common thing in the show.

  • James Shaw
    James Shaw 2 years ago +51

    2:02 Hey its Appo :D

  • King Of Naenae Hi
    King Of Naenae Hi 2 years ago +19

    Sergeant Appo looks cool

  • Sean KingKomodo
    Sean KingKomodo 2 years ago +40

    I want to hate Krell but he's so intriguing at the same time.

  • Michael T
    Michael T 2 years ago +1

    Finally they make the heros kill the villain instead of making it like batman and the joker where the joker escapes because batman is too pussy to kill him

  • Kir Kanos
    Kir Kanos 2 years ago

    Why ever did George Lucas, or CN create this fucktard of a jedi...

    • RaPtorteAm
      RaPtorteAm Year ago +10

      Because he was an interesting character, which made the Umbara arc so good

  • Hans
    Hans 2 years ago +4

    Oh hello Appo

  • Jeffrey Zhang
    Jeffrey Zhang 2 years ago

    262nd view, 30st like, 25th comment.
    Bad guy explains his plan to the good guys before being killed cliche.
    Preemptive Order 66!

    • Nathan Bernacki
      Nathan Bernacki 2 years ago

      Well, the villain has to give his reasons for being evil. That's the basis of storytelling. You can't leave a villain's motivations ambiguous..

  • Rocketjumper
    Rocketjumper 2 years ago +13

    at 0.20, where is Fives' kama?

    • creator_2013
      creator_2013 Year ago

      You can see it in 1:03

    • Phosphorus
      Phosphorus Year ago

      Smoke hopper animation error

    • Elliott Trzasko
      Elliott Trzasko Year ago

      it was there, his top half was taken

    • HorizonNB
      HorizonNB 2 years ago

      I assume since he was arrested his lower half of his kit was taken away

  • Blazing
    Blazing 2 years ago

    Hi voca!

  • gametime x3
    gametime x3 2 years ago +29

    This is my favorite arc in Star Wars the clone wars

    ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ 2 years ago +40

    A better tittle would be "Krell gives Dogma a reality check"

  • Randy Cheow
    Randy Cheow 2 years ago +4

    They should have killed that bastard in a better way instead of shooting him

      TIFFANY PERSAUD 11 months ago

      I like that he died mid-sentence. And his influence over the Clones stopped dead.

    • seth moss
      seth moss Year ago +1

      Oh, and one extra one for Waxer's death.

    • seth moss
      seth moss Year ago

      Krell should've been shot many times over. One for ordering the execution of fives and jesse, another for threatening that one clone with a lightsaber, several more for the attacks in which he had clones killed on purpose, another for making Dogma look like an idiot, another for caring more about saving his own neck than his fellow Jedi, another for the slaughter of clones, another for tricking his troops into killing each other, and several more for anything else he did that I have no time to mention.

    • Voca Productions
      Voca Productions  2 years ago

      What would be a better way?

  • Forcer
    Forcer 2 years ago +69

    That clone Rex talks to was confirmed to be Appo

    • Joe Hudson
      Joe Hudson Year ago

      Kir Kanos it would have been cool to see appo as a main character because we don't know much about his personality

    • power lifter
      power lifter 2 years ago +4

      yes is was appo cause during the last battle after fives died appo was put in 2nd command of the 501st until jesse got promoted to arc trooper and during the battles to find echo who was alive a conflict was battled out in the outer rim by wat tambor until a year later jesse was confirmed dead after he was shot several times by commando droids at 01200 hours order 66 was carried out clone troopers red and kix left 5 hours before it happened after they removed their inhibitor chips and did research on it the commander wolffe tried to question them until he was told what it will make them do wolf removed his as well as commando gregor who was put as a security commando for the barracks after listening and getting them removed general skywalker tried to tell windu about palpatine being the sith lord and through the remaining hours the 4 clones escaped and appo was put as 1st in command to lead the jedi temple assault through out it he shot and killed masters quin los vos and a few younglings vader aka anakin had him guard the back landing area so no one would get in and after attemping to get senator bail orgona to leave the youngling who jumped up and sliced appo across the stomach with the lightsaber had to spent 3 years in the bacta tanks to heal he was put as 1st in commander of the 501st stormtroopers also known as commander because of gaining the rank from doing the jedi temple attack

    • Kir Kanos
      Kir Kanos 2 years ago +1

      Andrew Patton Appo should've been a main character in this ARC.

    • Soul sniper
      Soul sniper 2 years ago +5

      i know what i was asking is That clone Rex talks to was confirmed to be Appo oh wait oh now i look stupide :(

    • Jasper Taylor
      Jasper Taylor 2 years ago +17

      +Soul sniper After Rex and Asoka fake thier deaths Appo becomes the new captain of the 501st who led the attack on the jedi temple.

  • Zach Lloyd
    Zach Lloyd 2 years ago +39

    Best arc

  • Shockwave Productions
    Shockwave Productions 2 years ago +1

    Is this a pun?