• Published on Sep 19, 2019


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  • Harrry Cooper
    Harrry Cooper 28 days ago +264

    Damn, I missed this. Just finished my exams. Now I can boot up Fifa 20 Ultimate team, while Nick 28T plays in the background. Lifes good.

    • Don’t Know
      Don’t Know 20 days ago

      What exams you doing three weeks into school

    • Kieran17trfc Gaming
      Kieran17trfc Gaming 22 days ago

      @Big john Price good luck and try ur best that ur family want and don't do that

    • w windows
      w windows 26 days ago

      13 goals 5 assist in 9 games for pukki for me , doesn't miss in front of goal , i would definatley get him if you have the coins👍

    • Bilal Ahmed-little
      Bilal Ahmed-little 28 days ago +4

      First name Surname that’s fucking terrible

    • Harrry Cooper
      Harrry Cooper 28 days ago +1

      Big john Price My advice would be to get a head start on revising. Doing one subject each week for 45-60 minutes a day will go a long way.

  • Thomas Bennett
    Thomas Bennett 4 days ago

    Nick28T dude I really love your videos bro I'm kinda new to ultimate team like ever and you've helped me get better so thank you one love bro

  • Cailean Steele Games

    Don’t use the app

  • Malthe La Cour Madsen
    Malthe La Cour Madsen 19 days ago

    I love this concept, please continue to do it for next year aswell!

  • ibrahim fuad
    ibrahim fuad 21 day ago

    Anyone knows what camera settings he uses in game?

  • Andrew Whitehead
    Andrew Whitehead 21 day ago

    This series is brilliant nick , it more to what I do because I work full time and got a family love it so much forget about the hate in the comments that's just for the plebs who can't think or doing expect abuse people online , back to FIFA 20 tho it's good watch I would say you do have to bronze pack method for 15 minutes, squad battles , and rivals use the app for selling and some SBC but like a said I end up with brilliant team last year there so much to do in FIFA now that when I started playing fut they was just division that's all

  • AreRockNRolla
    AreRockNRolla 22 days ago


  • Cameron Ccfffcc
    Cameron Ccfffcc 23 days ago

    Should edit the videos down a bit

  • George Brooks
    George Brooks 24 days ago +1

    Earned yourself a new dad subscriber. I appreciate this alot bro.

    LIBAN NOOR 24 days ago


  • Brendan H
    Brendan H 24 days ago +1

    Your the fifa goat

  • Matt Maroney
    Matt Maroney 25 days ago

    smh @ "Teckserra" lol

  • FLB- Fat Lazy Boy
    FLB- Fat Lazy Boy 25 days ago +2

    U did not sound happy to play Fifa 20

  • regrettheprophet
    regrettheprophet 26 days ago

    you should add time on one or two wekend days like make sat and sunday 4 hours a day so you can fit in fut champps games. Most dads & students have extra time on the weekend

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 26 days ago +3

    Nick28t is the most underratedplayer youtuber

  • Bretty 220203
    Bretty 220203 26 days ago +3

    I think you should do 2 hours weekdays and do about 4-6 hours on weekends, this would be more enjoyable man so glad pmrtg is back keep the grind going!

  • Mikael Lien
    Mikael Lien 26 days ago

    Great video man! Can you try out Malen if? I love the card and i think you should try it! He has everythibg and the if boost really saved the card

  • F2xHR19 77
    F2xHR19 77 26 days ago

    Bro u are a good player but you were trying the dribble it in the net just every now and then just take a green time finesse from outside the box, might come of for you

  • Zac and Spike vlogs
    Zac and Spike vlogs 26 days ago

    Anyone else really wanted it to go to pens to see how Nick would do? 😂

  • Matt Foley
    Matt Foley 26 days ago

    Dude I have 200k already after my 10 hours. All free to play, got my packs all from sbcs and the objectives. Feels good man

  • CAM_Aducki
    CAM_Aducki 26 days ago

    Like the idea but if I only have a couple hours to play then I don't have time to watch a two hour video

  • George Bailey
    George Bailey 27 days ago +5

    Minecraft Villagers:

  • Ricky Hudson
    Ricky Hudson 27 days ago

    Just came to say whoever watches a 2hour video of a twat needs to get a fucking life!

  • Uncle Terry
    Uncle Terry 27 days ago +55

    You should do:
    Monday-Thursday:2 hours
    Friday: 3 to 4 hours
    Saturday: 4 hours
    Sunday: 3 to 4 hours
    Unless you aren’t doing weekend league, then you should do 2 hours a day

  • Hannah Summers
    Hannah Summers 27 days ago

    How will you be able to play all your champs games if you’re limiting yourself to two hours per day?

  • Fb Skills88
    Fb Skills88 27 days ago

    Really enjoyed this

  • Bo Hammett
    Bo Hammett 27 days ago

    Don’t even get Two hours these days 😂 I’m not buying the game this years to stop me buying fifa points,

  • Eloses 11
    Eloses 11 27 days ago

    Do sbc’s with concepts on the companion app

  • FSM Gaming
    FSM Gaming 27 days ago

    I packed pique in my welcome back back

  • sid de boer
    sid de boer 27 days ago

    I love you this idea 2 hours a day is the bestt your the only rtg that im gunna watch

  • Pyry Terä
    Pyry Terä 27 days ago +3

    Pukki literally means goat in finish, check google translater if you don’t believe me

  • Ieuan Meredith
    Ieuan Meredith 27 days ago

    Cardiff City badge and a Wales kit in the same pack?! You lucky man 😂

  • Hamid Ksikes
    Hamid Ksikes 27 days ago

    Blow MY whistle ref!

  • Andrew Stirling
    Andrew Stirling 27 days ago

    give yourself longer on weekends bro

  • Andrew Stirling
    Andrew Stirling 27 days ago

    use fred, quality starting player

  • Al F
    Al F 27 days ago

    How do you do the ronaldhino skill move ??

  • Jak Netting
    Jak Netting 27 days ago +2

    Nick, on weekends, you should be able to have 4-7 hours, because most people have more time at weekends to play. Would help you in WL too!

  • cj roach
    cj roach 27 days ago

    BTW nick I'm not getting fifa but I'd never miss the poor man rtg

  • wstar tun
    wstar tun 27 days ago

    On the weekend make it a lil longer

    DERPSAURUS REX 27 days ago

    Damn, to hear that the pack gods will never gone back is sad, not gonna lie nick that series was better thank this one, un popular opinion I know haah I just loves the pack god shit

  • Zeeeuuus 07
    Zeeeuuus 07 27 days ago

    I love this concept that’s a true poor man road to glory

  • Luke Belfield
    Luke Belfield 27 days ago

    You dumb fuck 29:00

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson 27 days ago

    Nick the 4222 is an very good formation I’ve used it for about 8 games and I won most

  • William Bodie
    William Bodie 27 days ago

    Why the soy face? Are you a cuckold?

  • Ireland_boi
    Ireland_boi 28 days ago

    " ref blow the whistle, ref blow my whistle"😂😉

  • kacper babynko
    kacper babynko 28 days ago +2

    Honestly,to me it feels like FIFA 20 is the game we should have gotten as FIFA 19

  • BlueSparkzUK
    BlueSparkzUK 28 days ago

    1:42:42 💙💛

  • the anonymous 3
    the anonymous 3 28 days ago +1

    love it, now it's so realistic to us, the viewers!

  • Maji Mezit
    Maji Mezit 28 days ago


  • Matt Keitch
    Matt Keitch 28 days ago

    How often will these videos be out ?

  • Knaussenheimer
    Knaussenheimer 28 days ago

    15:37 not great, not terrible

  • Michael Stoop
    Michael Stoop 28 days ago

    You should have more time on Saturday because most people have xtra time

  • the real keanu reeves
    the real keanu reeves 28 days ago

    Ok in my opinion you should try and get to silver 2 squad battles each week if you can get higher do it but try to do that as a minimum cause the extra packs and coins are helpful

  • Jack Mckean
    Jack Mckean 28 days ago

    Buy wesley

  • Martijn Beerta
    Martijn Beerta 28 days ago


  • Jake Lamar
    Jake Lamar 28 days ago +1

    I love the Raffael card every year...his fifa 18 86IF card was OP

  • Mr. Muscle Drinker
    Mr. Muscle Drinker 28 days ago

    Who else can't get on early access

  • Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector

    Get in Nick, I've been waiting.

  • Ole Krogsgard
    Ole Krogsgard 28 days ago

    You should let yourself play all the gamesyoy want in fut champs even though you might not have enough time.