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  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • Justice League (2017)
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    Film discription: Fueled by his restored faith in humanity and inspired by Superman's selfless act, Bruce Wayne enlists the help of his newfound ally, Diana Prince, to face an even greater enemy. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to find and recruit a team of metahumans to stand against this newly awakened threat. But despite the formation of this unprecedented league of heroes-Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash-it may already be too late to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.
    Director: Zack Snyder
    Cast: Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne / Batman), Gal Gadot (Diana Prince / Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry / Aquaman), Ezra Miller (Barry Allen / The Flash), Henry Cavill (Clark Kent / Superman), Ray Fisher (Victor Stone / Cyborg), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Amber Heard (Mera), Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth), J.K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon)...
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  • Flashback FilmMaking
    Flashback FilmMaking  Year ago +15

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    SPIROS BONIS 10 months ago

    Oh and #RealeseTheSnyderCutt#

    SPIROS BONIS 10 months ago

    I can see the difference in Batfleck Face is more "ripped" and we take the Affleck after finishing without the movie and start be a normal hay so WB call him for new scenes

  • Hunter 45
    Hunter 45 10 months ago

    Bring back Christian Bale, this Batman sucks.

  • Adam Kucera
    Adam Kucera 10 months ago

    Sorry, the movie was garbage. Let it die. Snyder makes pretty pictures, but no coherence or story telling. And that's coming from someone who liked DC properties a lot when younger.

  • staininirvana
    staininirvana 10 months ago

    Batman looks like shit

  • Adriano Wilson
    Adriano Wilson 10 months ago

    WB is totally shit

  • Infiltration Wayne

    Boycott every warner Brothers movie

    • Raptor
      Raptor Year ago

      Until they release Snyder cut.

  • HellenicRambo
    HellenicRambo Year ago +1

    I cringe hearing Danny Elfman score in JL

  • TouhouVsPumpV
    TouhouVsPumpV Year ago +2

    #ReleaseTheSnyderCut 😭

  • Ethan Deliso
    Ethan Deliso Year ago

    I hate hate hate the DCEU

  • RealMuthaF
    RealMuthaF Year ago +2

    Okay this is just sad

  • Raptor
    Raptor Year ago +3

    If Snyder released hes version of JL, we would have an epic movie, as hard it is for us not being able to see it, it must be equally for Snyder not being able to share hes, probably, awesome and superior JL movie. If you have a copy of it, save it, bury it and leave signs how to find it.

  • Ghostgamer79
    Ghostgamer79 Year ago +1

    Rage, much rage for an unfortunate movie, I love the passion of Zack snyder for his works an I hate the works incomplete. Pls worner bros. Don't break my heart and #releasethesnydercut

  • Matthew Apsey
    Matthew Apsey Year ago

    2:40 hmm...

  • doike aleman
    doike aleman Year ago

    Thanks for sharing

  • The0311mario
    The0311mario Year ago +2

    What a fucking waste.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson Year ago +1

    I honestly thing alot had to do with the producers. That's what happened with Spider-Man 3, the amazing Spider-Man 2...etc

  • Colonel Arkham
    Colonel Arkham Year ago

    2:30 Why so shiny? The Man of Steel suit was perfect, the only problem was the post production colour correction.

  • The Circle
    The Circle Year ago

    I love the DC movies, fuck off you guys just follow the crowd

  • Briel 000
    Briel 000 Year ago

    Give Justice league the justice it deserves. Bring it back to marvel studios!

  • Katherine Beckham
    Katherine Beckham Year ago +1

    Thumbs down turned to 19. Hmmmmm more from WB then.

  • scawfan75
    scawfan75 Year ago +4

    For the love of God fans, if there is a DC panel at comic con this year, we all need to chant "We want Snyder!!!"

  • Nicolas Nieri
    Nicolas Nieri Year ago +2

    So much wasted potential

  • m ranger
    m ranger Year ago

    We don't want to see these photos rather we want to see good dc jl movies if they can make

  • amazo88
    amazo88 Year ago +3

    its good that they had fun in making this movie.

    but then it got butchered...

  • Dellinger the fighting fish

    FUCK WB!!!!!

  • Filmaniac
    Filmaniac Year ago +4

    Don't worry guys we will get snyder cut one day i am sure..

  • Ness W
    Ness W Year ago +5

    #RealeaseTheSnyderCut Now!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • johnathan musgrave
    johnathan musgrave Year ago +3


  • W. P.
    W. P. Year ago

    Get it a fooking rest. Zack Snyder got fired because his movies fooking suck. Move on!

    • zhengyingli
      zhengyingli Year ago

      Unwatchable for somebody doesn't mean unwatchable for others. Wonder Woman was supposed to be a mess, too, and look how it turned out.

    • W. P.
      W. P. Year ago

      zhengyingli Yeah, right. DC already said his version of the movie is UNWATCHABLE. Therefore, it's trash.

    • zhengyingli
      zhengyingli Year ago

      W. P. Not a chance. Snyder will go on and keep making great films like The Last Photograph and The Fountainhead. His cut will come out, too, just like how Donner's unseen footage resurfaced from storage.

    • W. P.
      W. P. Year ago

      zhengyingli Leave it there. Put Zack Snyder in the same archives.

    • zhengyingli
      zhengyingli Year ago

      W. P. Nope. They archive everything, even "junk."

  • Mar Moreno
    Mar Moreno Year ago +7

    Much more I see, much more I hate Warner and joss whedon

  • Paul G
    Paul G Year ago +1

    I fucking hate you WB and Joss Whedon!

  • tafftich
    tafftich Year ago

    ahh mera :-0 :-) xxxxx hot xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • jefferson starships
    jefferson starships Year ago +5

    if something killed me, it's the damn score. well, it kills me every time.

  • MGSBigBoss77
    MGSBigBoss77 Year ago +3

    Cheers, as always Flashback Filmmaking. you're incredible for digging this material up! Alot of these photos aren't even in the artbooks or magazines for Justice League. So sweet, so once again a heart felt thank you!

  • kal-el dovahkiin
    kal-el dovahkiin Year ago +2

    Don't know if the synder's cut would have been a real good movie, but I think it will give more links between the others movies

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago

      assey juleferick it will be controversial movie just like in BvS but at least his cut has continuity and he said superman will be like classic superman from comics

  • do bi
    do bi Year ago +1

    Ray Fisher is really committed, I feel really bad the movie didn't measure up. Like the leto situation, smh wb...

    • Mt Nicke
      Mt Nicke Year ago

      Bobo Boy i feel bad for him, he trained for months and all that work was cut for not reason, it seems like they do not have respect for the actors at all.

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago +2

      do bi they cut his origin story

  • fonk u
    fonk u Year ago

    people really think a snyder cut would make a difference lmaoo snyder cannot tell an original story at all. its the truth, watchmen, 300, and dawn of the dead are his only good movies, he should have never been put in charge of the dc movies

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago

      fonk u do you his neighbour? U just read someone wrote the same thing right??? Go watch supernova Q/A mos in TheXvid. Aussie people asking him about did he use comic or not and he explained he want to make smallville in Kansas because its canon but WB ask him why Kansas, why not Chicago. He said WB doesn't know what canon is. This show to us he knew about DC comic, he read them but he want to create a more serious movie he want to use his vision which got crippled by wb greediness. U know his original planned is to do MoS 2 with metallo and lex but wb forcing him to do BvS because wb has old script for BvS.
      Chris terrio is award winning writer and he did read DC comics too but focus more into elseworld stories because elseworld stories is what make characters out of certain rule. People who said didn't follow comics is moron because u guys blinded by superman 1/2 nostalgia. MoS is closest to post crisis more than fake superman fan who never read comics and lex luthor from BvS is birthright version

    • fonk u
      fonk u Year ago

      jose camara thats the problem, zack synder doesnt care about dialogue or stories that make sense when it comes to his comic book movies, he just goes “oh this looks cool, lets do that” and thats it..

    • fonk u
      fonk u Year ago

      Nathaniel Bodie and what part of ww was that?? pretty sure it was the third act with all the dark action, explosions and dumb dialogue, a writing credit doesnt mean shit

    • fonk u
      fonk u Year ago

      zhengyingli that would be true if it was “art”. justice league was visually ugly trash that didnt make sense, bvs was ugly trash that didnt make sense and mos was ugly trash

    • jose camara
      jose camara Year ago

      Nathaniel Bodie Yup, all true. Marvel is doing much better than DC, and while I really liked the first few MCU movies, the new ones haven't been, in my opinion, that good. I especially hated Civil War. Was watching with my dad, and after 15-20 minutes of slow story, we decided to simply fast forward to the fight scenes, which happened to be just the one at the airport. I personally think people are just bandwagoning Marvel because they started out really strong and are still making bank, and as a result, completely trash DC movies. Not saying they're amazing, but they're definitely not terrible

  • fonk u
    fonk u Year ago

    shame the movie was dumpster juice

  • PT
    PT Year ago

    Are u Chinese? Seems like ur pics are from Chinese Weibo.

  • micpere1991
    micpere1991 Year ago +21

    The color grading is 10x better than the actual film. Pure Synder and it adds a mood to the photos

    • jose camara
      jose camara Year ago

      Sedric Acevedo Thanks for clarifying

    • Sedric Acevedo
      Sedric Acevedo Year ago

      jose camara the colors in midtones highlights and shadows of an image

    • jose camara
      jose camara Year ago

      micpere1991 What is color grading? I'm not that good with theatric terms or whatnot

  • Deric James
    Deric James Year ago +45

    0:05 I love the details Snyder puts in his movies the mech suit from BVS has returned and half of it is missing due to Superman.

    • Graeme Evans
      Graeme Evans Year ago

      oh such detail, he remember that the suit guy busted up, and put the busted up suit in the bat cave. such detail

    • Deric James
      Deric James Year ago

      Bruce Deliso Batman V Superman when Batman is getting ready to shoot kryptonite gas at Superman and Batman pulls the trigger and Superman puches him in the face and half of Batman's Hamlet is missing.

    • Ethan Deliso
      Ethan Deliso Year ago

      Deric James no

  • osvaldo ledezma
    osvaldo ledezma Year ago +4

    maldito Joss Whedon.
    Cada dia que pasa tengo mas rabia hacia Joss.
    damn Joss Whedon.
    Every day that passes I have more anger towards Joss Whedon.
    zack snyder cut

    • jose camara
      jose camara Year ago +1

      osvaldo ledezma No era necesario traducir tus palabras. Pero sí, que se vaya a la verga Joss

  • Jethro Jacinto
    Jethro Jacinto Year ago +34

    I will never forgive Whedon and WB for ruining this movie with all the potential it had. Ugh!

    • Graeme Evans
      Graeme Evans Year ago

      it was already ruined, with snyder making it, it had zero potential

    • Reggie Hammond
      Reggie Hammond Year ago

      the extended cut is great MOS is awesome...justice league was going to shut a lot of people up...whedon is just too big a pussy and lovers coloring like a 3rd grader...snyder is dark yet beautiful

    • Ocesam Roblox
      Ocesam Roblox Year ago +2

      I will never forgive Snyder for ruining BVS. It had so much potential.

    • Judith Sanchez
      Judith Sanchez Year ago

      Jethro Jacinto agreed

  • Raptor
    Raptor Year ago +4

    The justice league movie is the bad dream that Bruce had in BvS, and it was right, everything went bad.

  • Mario Moreno
    Mario Moreno Year ago +2

    Novi released a full 7 minute suite of this theme. It’s called ‘The Controversy of Superman’ from Batman v Superman

    • Raul Duarte III
      Raul Duarte III Year ago

      Link please I can't find it

    • Mario Moreno
      Mario Moreno Year ago

      Or for something more official, the TheXvid page ‘your favorate music’ has high quality versions separately as well. Enjoy.

  • Sean Kent
    Sean Kent Year ago +5

    So so much good stuff left out. Hey Warner Brothers, Shame Shame Shame Shame

  • MatiZ815
    MatiZ815 Year ago +15

    I can imagine how it went down:
    - OK, we have a bad version of the movie and a good one. Which one should we release?
    - Bad one of course. We have a reputation to maintain.

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago +2

      MatiZ815 wb try to please critics and mainstream audience but got backlash because they betrayed DCEU core fan while those mainstream audience only watch this movie and still prefer marvel.

  • Alfredo Lizarraga

    0:53 that's how you build a set and use green screen. Even tho the Superman vs. the league scene was my favorite from the movie, the background looked insanely fake because they used pure CGI

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago +1

      Alfredo Lizarraga VFX team said they don't have enough time because they need to finished reshoot scene. U know they need atleast 10 month to finished CGI but WB didn't delayed this movie. Reshoot actually ruining CGI. FYI, every scene except amazon and Atlantis fight has a reshoot.
      If u compare to other movie, reshoot only happen to 1/3 of the act and not spread to all scenes like this movie. U look back at BvS, lex standing on top lex corps and its look real. Batman fought superman on top of building look real.

  • Peter P21
    Peter P21 Year ago +1

    Hippolyta wearing the cloak that was in those old Wonder Woman concept photos. Looks great. Also, what was with those wings in the display case?

  • Yoo Hoo
    Yoo Hoo Year ago +2

    0:43 lmao i thought cube was cgi

    • Yoo Hoo
      Yoo Hoo Year ago

      I dunno fam

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago

      Yoo Hoo how come its CGI if amazon woman need to grab them

  • joko bung
    joko bung Year ago +1


  • kevin texter
    kevin texter Year ago +1

    The Mech suit is haunting af in the background

  • Witt2687
    Witt2687 Year ago

    How and where did you get this music track?!?! It's one of my favorites from BvS, but it wasn't on the Deluxe Edition of the score.

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago

      Witt2687 look at description

  • Rodrigo Salvatierra

    Warner son of a Bitch.

  • MarkMedia
    MarkMedia Year ago +3

    There has been a common discussion about WB not allowing Snyder to finish his cut of the movie, because that would cost additional 70 mil. $. I don't see the problem here. It's not that big of the money compared to 300 mil. $. Just let Snyder finish the job, release the cut on blu-ray, dvd, play it on the streaming service. Trust me, this will top 300 mil $ and even more, because people want it so bad.

    • Bobo Boy
      Bobo Boy Year ago +1

      MarkMedia Channel wb already prepared 230 million for this movie. After Snyder finished shooting, the cost actually lower which is 200 million because john berg try to cut cost for everything. Then whedon came, bring with him Denny elfman which causing wb need to paid elfman. Then henry moustache adding 20 million, 70 million for reshoot.
      I bet after the cost increase to 300 million, wb might said this is bad because they never expected this so tsujihara demand 2 hour mandate because VFX team can't finished reshoot CGI under 4 month.

  • Khói Bụi
    Khói Bụi Year ago

    :( What Are you doing WB

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor Year ago

    These guys were a long time producing the ultimate Justice League fancut and it's already set for 25.03 (2 years from the BvS release date) and they're doing it for the fans and in honor of Snyder.however they hacked the instagram of them and 220,000 followers went to 4,000 followers if they launch the fan cut now they will lose enough visualization, please spread them Instagram ---> @heroic.gateway

  • Javier Torres Sastre