10 Lies About Famous Movies You Probably Believe

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
  • Your life may not be a TV show, but you're still being lied to.
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  • All WillDie
    All WillDie 7 hours ago

    Want lies just watch the news.

  • Dammn Deejay
    Dammn Deejay 2 days ago

    Wildliar had me dead 😂😂

  • Chester J.
    Chester J. 5 days ago

    Brandon Lee put a real bullet in a prop gun.

  • DanielRichards644
    DanielRichards644 9 days ago

    The rumor was never that it physically took 10 years to make Avatar, but that he had the IDEA that long ago and had to wait for technology to catch up to where he could actually make the film, besides 1994 he clearly got the idea from the 1992 Movie FernGully, even the fucking tree they lived in was practically identical and got destroyed, there was not 1 original thought in that whole damn film.

  • DanielRichards644
    DanielRichards644 9 days ago

    how LONG was CREATION and those other Stop Motion films? unless they where 40 minutes or longer they aren't considered to be "Feature Length" and as such Snow White would retain her spot.

  • ordinarylover
    ordinarylover 10 days ago

    10 lies about famous movies you probably never heard of and don't give a shit about


    *Superman had the no-killing rule in the comics DECADES ago. You are WRONG WhatCulture.*

  • Toon Darkmagician
    Toon Darkmagician 16 days ago

    Disney's starwars cough cough and anyways isn't really starwars because Disney's so called starwars isn't based on any actual lure or cannoned materials once so every that means none of Lucas and the other's workers on the franchise plotting and writing the books or the movie lines or even the video games work is not being used because Disney's lies and told Lucas they whould'nt get rid the materials that makes starwars what we all known and loved then turned right around and throwed out all of cannoned content materials and marketing and said it's not cannoned anymore.and fired a bunch of people who originally who worked for Lucas.and Lucas films including those working on video games that got cancelled and those working the merchandise and shows and movies with expection of the iconic fanfavorites cast of acters

  • Jacob Gaskins
    Jacob Gaskins 17 days ago

    Another lie would be Health Ledgers confused motion in the hospital scene wasn’t scripted

  • FRY524
    FRY524 18 days ago

    Literally never heard any of these.

  • Princess Mallow
    Princess Mallow 20 days ago

    Don't forget to like, share, subscribe and do some reading.

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 21 day ago

    I'm Ray, and I quit with Chantix.

  • 8 bit Adamantium
    8 bit Adamantium 22 days ago

    Superman does have a no killing rule in the comics...

  • Joel Louzy
    Joel Louzy 22 days ago

    Totally on board with everything you said. I have watched Blade runner as a kid. Watching the new one sucked. I didn't remeber the original. I get netflciks, hulu, starz, showtime HBO and Cinemax. When i watched the new blade runner i knew i had to be missing out on something. From what you just said, if i ddin't see the unicorn cuts then even I was lost in the remake.(and i was)

  • Joseph Van Buren
    Joseph Van Buren 28 days ago

    It was a swastika

  • Don Robertson
    Don Robertson 28 days ago

    Casablanca is just a collection of well known quotes and phrases strung together with an improbable storyline.

  • Ay der la
    Ay der la Month ago

    who killed there children in starwars? did i miss something? did rose have an abortion?

  • Kyler Klunder
    Kyler Klunder Month ago

    Superman just prefers not to kill. He only kills enemies that prove to be to dangerous to let live

  • PookaDude42
    PookaDude42 Month ago

    No King vs Godzilla?

  • Trit ian
    Trit ian Month ago

    Optimus Snape, roll out!

  • Fortnite Pro
    Fortnite Pro Month ago


  • Jordan Tomblin
    Jordan Tomblin Month ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this guy sounds like Dr. Mobius from Fallout NV?

  • Jon Startop
    Jon Startop Month ago +1

    *Planet of the Apes IS Earth even in the novel.* It's implied in the subtext. In travelling lightyears at lightspeed, the crew was right to assume that time around them would pass much faster, but what they miss in both the novel and the film is that there is a vortex along their journey that accidentally leads them back to their own planet.
    In the novel, they leave Time A, cross the vortex once and see Time B where humans are reduced to savagery and apes have taken over. They then cross the vortex a second time and see Time C where apes have built cities, vehicles, and weapons that rival ours in Time A.
    Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone condensed the story for the film so that we discover that he was on Earth the whole time without making the roundtrip, which made for a much better story in my opinion, although the novel is still phenomenal.
    Tim Burton's remake is definitely a different planet as elaborated behind the scenes and in spin-off texts and comics. It's actually the least accurate version.

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace Month ago

      Ok, please refer me to an interview with Boulle where he says as much. IIRC Boulle said he liked the movie's twist ending (it being Earth all along) better than his own twist ending (the narrators are actually apes).

    • Breakfast at TiffaNOICE
      Breakfast at TiffaNOICE Month ago +1

      +The Fandom Menace you don't know what you're talking about, smh

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace Month ago

      All that stuff you just made up?

    • Jon Startop
      Jon Startop Month ago +1

      +The Fandom Menace Read it in the original language, or just pay attention to what I said.

    • The Fandom Menace
      The Fandom Menace Month ago

      Read the novel again, it is clearly NOT Earth.

  • Diego González
    Diego González Month ago

    Bruh, Alan Rickman did know, I swear this channel becomes worse every day

  • littlesmew
    littlesmew Month ago

    I'm just off to DO SOME READING.

  • Daniel Mims
    Daniel Mims Month ago

    The card in Batman begins was a nod to Batman year one , which the first.was strongly based on

  • Martin Olminkhof
    Martin Olminkhof 2 months ago

    It's that vidiot guy

  • Sam Mills
    Sam Mills 2 months ago

    I don't know why JK Rowling wouldn't have told Alan Rickman in advance, and it's still hard to believe this isn't true. If you look back at the entirety of his performances, it would seem he's playing it as if he knows.

  • The Fandom Menace
    The Fandom Menace 2 months ago

    Rutger Hauer did not make up the entire “tears in rain” speech.

  • Zay W
    Zay W 2 months ago

    I laugh a little when he says "do some reading"

  • ove luigi
    ove luigi 2 months ago

    Another fuck up channel! People's do some research....

  • Jean Diehl
    Jean Diehl 2 months ago

    Never heard any of these lies.

  • kreepercraft
    kreepercraft 2 months ago


  • Mr. Carroll Ware
    Mr. Carroll Ware 2 months ago +1

    Actually depends on which version of superman 2 you watch because 1 version it shows superman collecting the 3 villains up.

  • Douglas Reinholdt
    Douglas Reinholdt 2 months ago

    Don’t forget the “alleged” Munchkin Suicide.

  • waptek0
    waptek0 2 months ago

    0:29 It appears in no versions of the script & There is no U.S. logo to burn off of the crate.

  • Brian Applequist
    Brian Applequist 2 months ago

    You are wrong, again. Filicide would be that act of attempting and completing the murder of one's own children. Darth Vader attempts filicide, but does not succeed. Therefore no one would ever associate his attempt with actual completion since most Star Wars fans have seen "Return of the Jedi".

  • Jazaray
    Jazaray 2 months ago

    I know this was over a year ago, but why did you make the video so that every single "Lie" was the one you stated, except for Titanic, that one you showed the true fact. **IE: Myth 10 "Snow White was the first feature animation" - not true. Myth 2: "Titanic was historically accurate" -- True.. ** Makes no sense.

  • Kevin W. Clark
    Kevin W. Clark 2 months ago

    It added more to Rickman's character that he didnt know what was in store. He probably considered himself a bad guy fooling everyone at Hogwarts so the performance was genuine and tricked the audience into expect Snape to betray everyone but in reality his actions had motivations behind them.

  • Leonard Dixon
    Leonard Dixon 2 months ago

    Darn, now I have to do some reading!

  • exbaddeathgod
    exbaddeathgod 2 months ago

    "Do some reading"....what a fucking douche.

  • An3
    An3 2 months ago

    I was about to Say that the Titanic didn't sink like that... N then you corrected yourself. Also Did you know that the Titanic wasn't considered Unsinkable until after it sank? Hahaha! That's just a made up myth from news reports to sell papers.

  • RaymondLee
    RaymondLee 2 months ago

    This list was shite

  • Heather H
    Heather H 2 months ago

    Wasn't Fantasia the first movie with color and sound? Fantasia was just music though, so maybe Snow White was the first with talking. Idk, someone set me straight here, I'm confused.

    • PookaDude42
      PookaDude42 Month ago

      Fantasia came out after Snow White.

  • Daniël Fuhres
    Daniël Fuhres 2 months ago

    I have an extra note on #2. Recently it has been determined that the Titanic did not break in 2 abov the water, but actually as it had already sunk for a good while under the surface it broke apart. So even that part is now been debunked as inaccurate.

  • Lisa Adler
    Lisa Adler 2 months ago

    I once convinced a friend that forest Gump was based on a true story. Of course, she also thought Hawaii was located at the bottom of the map "in the box". True story

  • The No Life Gamer
    The No Life Gamer 2 months ago

    Wait did Alan rickman not read the books?

  • magicmulder
    magicmulder 2 months ago

    10 more lies about famous movies you probably believe:
    1. Hayden Christensen is George Lucas' illegitimate son and blackmailed himself into the role of Anakin Skywalker.
    2. Pocahontas is based on a true story.
    3. Memento was originally intended to play in sequence; only after filming wrapped, Nolan decided to play it back to front.
    4. Jupiter Ascending is based on a true story.
    5. Inception originally was planned as a parody of Scientology "auditing".
    6. Independence Day is based on a true story.
    7. Avengers Infinity War was originally planned to not have a sequel.
    8. Mary Poppins was initially conceived as a horror movie where Bert saves the children from being eaten by Mary Poppins. And there was no singing.
    9. The initial Gone With The Wind cast were all black actors. After negative reactions in test screenings, they were fired and the movie reshot with a white cast.
    10. Each Harry Potter movie stars a different Radcliffe brother in the titular role.

  • grim
    grim 2 months ago

    nolan was making a trilogy and thats that, always been that way

  • Bobby Burns
    Bobby Burns 2 months ago

    In early comic books, Superman and Batman did not kill but if a criminal fell to their death, the hero didn't try to save them because the criminal got what they deserved.

  • Dawn&marc Vancor
    Dawn&marc Vancor 2 months ago

    I got one. At the beginning of "Fargo" it says that the film was based on actual events. Its not. Its a complete fabrication by the writer/ directors Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

  • Edward Bennett
    Edward Bennett 3 months ago

    Excellent function toilet sgvyv effectively swing look once laughter improve close.

  • Antonella Picollo
    Antonella Picollo 3 months ago

    "Do some reading" a tua sorella (to your sister), pal! The DSM (version 5 nowadays) it's not my favorite bedtime diversion!
    Also you told me Jack and Rose didn't exist in real life!? Oh what a shame... I don't know if you don't know how storytelling works or you think who watch your videos doesn't.

  • Inwe David
    Inwe David 3 months ago

    The funny things is that Avatar is a mix of European comics, the first is names "Aquablue" and contain the exact scenario the second contain the universe is name "Navis" interesting isn't it ?

  • Tom Christiam
    Tom Christiam 3 months ago

    I miss Ben :(

  • Fred Zeppelin
    Fred Zeppelin 3 months ago +1

    Did the knife really pierce in Psycho though? All we really see is a knife next to a stomach, a bit of a reach I'd say..

    HOPEoPEACEoLOVE 3 months ago

    I miss Ben 😂😭

  • Steven Linger
    Steven Linger 3 months ago

    do some reading lol

  • J Borter
    J Borter 3 months ago

    What about the wizard of oz suicide?

  • Haldurson
    Haldurson 3 months ago

    A woman I knew was ABSOLUTELY convinced that Fargo was based on a true story. She told me that she remembered reading about the story in the newspaper. There is a disclaimer at the start of the film which SAYS that its based on a true story, but that was something that the Coen brothers inserted as a kind of gimmick. I guess this is kind of like the Mandela affect, where she was remembering things that never actually happened.
    As far as Batman is concerned, Batman evolved over time (as characters do in comic books) and keep getting reinvented. When Batman first started, he actually killed a lot of people. They changed him eventually, as they always do with comic book characters. But the original Batman was a killer.

  • Grady Griffin
    Grady Griffin 3 months ago

    "Do some reading" lol

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L 3 months ago

    This video sucks. bye.

  • JGlennFL
    JGlennFL 3 months ago

    Alan Rickman actually never revealed what Rowling told him about Snape. It was a secret he took to his grave. And since Rowling never told either, we don't know what she told him.

  • ShiftyLizardStore
    ShiftyLizardStore 3 months ago

    Uh no, in the comics Superman doesn't purposely kill, Batman's has been known to.

  • Oddball Skull
    Oddball Skull 3 months ago

    I'm confused about 2....

  • cesar db
    cesar db 3 months ago

    misleading.... none of this "myths" are trend, or slightly aproximate to that... just speculations not even in the hype... nor were..

  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard 3 months ago

    My god i hated avatar, i just dont get the appeal.

  • xCanYouFeelTheLovex
    xCanYouFeelTheLovex 3 months ago

    The munchkin suicide in The Wizard of Oz. It's since been proven that a TheXvidr edited it and in the original version of the movie, there was a bird there.

  • Jonathan Reddoch
    Jonathan Reddoch 3 months ago

    Both Batman and Superman have no killing rules, like most supereoes in the comics. But when they began in the 30s superheroes like Batman and Superman had no qualms about killing. It was during the silver age that things changed due to outside pressure from the now defunct Comics Code Authority.

  • Will Goring
    Will Goring 3 months ago

    One you missed out. People say that in the Batman movie Heath Ledger (playing the Joker) improvised the scene when the explosives in the hospital failed to go off on time. This has since been debunked by Christopher Nolan, who said the whole scene was choreographed to the second and went off perfectly.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 3 months ago

    And originally Batman had no problem with killing, kind of hard not too when you use two six shooters.

  • zee magtira
    zee magtira 3 months ago

    superman does not kill originally. that is why he was killed by doomsday coz he was holding back. then he killed doomsday with 1 hit of heat vision through doomsday's forehead when superman was reincarnated in the sequel.

  • ali Servan
    ali Servan 3 months ago

    No one, and I do mean NO ONE believed Titanic was historically accurate, not unless they were kept in a cave and watched only FOX news. There were multiple stories and threats of legal action beause the movie took so many liberties with established fact.

  • Summer M
    Summer M 3 months ago

    Here's one: that they'll ever be an avatar 2.

  • Im Sorry
    Im Sorry 3 months ago


  • Sebastian May
    Sebastian May 3 months ago

    In Psycho they filmed the knife stab on her skin in reverse (started with the knife pushing the skin slightly then pulled the knife away)

  • TheJokerscene
    TheJokerscene 3 months ago

    Actually, you are wrong about Superman. The complaint references the comic source where Superman took a vow never to kill a sentient being. Going so far as to let Darkseid, Xenomorphs, Superboy Prime, and Black Adam live despitee huge threats they were. He even tried to save Zod and his crew when they invaded earth with new krypton and never even considered killing General Lane for slaughtering his people under the red sun.
    So no. Superman does not kill. Those Reed movies don't count for shit. Especially considering the second was absolute garbage to the point of Luthors actor leaving and the director being replace and that goddamn S toss scene.

  • CVZemo
    CVZemo 3 months ago

    In order to better illuminate the set, additional & taller lampposts were set up the the deck of the Titanic.
    James Cameron fought it tooth & nail because it wasn’t “historically accurate” but eventually relented because there really wasn’t any other way around the lighting issue.

  • Jeb Atman
    Jeb Atman 3 months ago

    I miss Ben

  • Public Guy
    Public Guy 3 months ago

    James Cameron did say he waited until 3D tech was good enough to make Avatar and also heavily invested and help develop it. So saying it took him a decade to make is sort of true. If I recall, it was an article in Wired.

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes 4 months ago +7

    while not from movies, there was a long belived lied about a fresh prince episode: the one where Will's father abandons him again, he (the character) becomes heart broken and has an emotional breakdown with his Ucle Philip who then hugs him, the legend goes that the moment is genuine and that Will (the actor) is actually remembering when his actual dad abandoned him and that the hug James Avery (uncle phil) gave him was actually not scripted.
    Will debuked the rumor stating that his father has actually always been there for him and even supported him the most when he choose to become an actor.

  • Mr. Chomsky
    Mr. Chomsky 4 months ago

    If I learned anything it’s I need to read more.

  • Philip Voy
    Philip Voy 4 months ago

    lolz "Do some reading..." love it

  • JuggaloSupreme
    JuggaloSupreme 4 months ago

    Wow I guess I have a life. I've never heard any of these, so I guess I don't believe them.

  • funkmasterdub
    funkmasterdub 4 months ago

    Load of shit...again. Some very poorly thought out ideas masquerading as facts.
    I'd suggest that you took more time on your ideas and less time getting pissed up.

  • DD
    DD 4 months ago

    Dude, a knife touching someone's stomach is not the same thing as it actually stabbing them.

  • Franku West
    Franku West 4 months ago +2

    I miss you Ben ❤️

  • stupidfrellingname
    stupidfrellingname 4 months ago

    No one died during the chariot race in 1959's Ben Hur and therefore no one's death was left in the final cut. The worst injury was to Heston's stunt double and he only needed 4 stitches in his chin.

  • Alex Harvey
    Alex Harvey 4 months ago

    Zod didn’t die in superman 2, he was seen being arrested at the very end of the film

    • Thirsty!
      Thirsty! 3 months ago

      Alex Harvey I've seen the movie many many time, I have the box set and I've never see Zod arrested.

  • wonder mike
    wonder mike 4 months ago

    James Cameron stole the idea for Avatar from Dances with Wolves and Fern Gulley movies.

  • adam pauwels
    adam pauwels 4 months ago

    Testing AM intellectual btugq church recent scientific short instructor reach.

  • Thomas Blond
    Thomas Blond 4 months ago

    Do some reading

  • Gor85
    Gor85 4 months ago

    Hahahaha! Great naration :D Awersome movies :) :)

  • osama bin hidin
    osama bin hidin 5 months ago

    Well done Ben, by 9 seconds in you have already surpassed the entirety of our combined cultural achievements, you are now ready for your role as world president, hail and welcome

  • sicarius100
    sicarius100 5 months ago

    holy shit, I distinctly remember the scene at the end of Raiders where a US marking is burned off of when I watched it as a kid. I think this is a case of the Mandela effect, I too remember Mandela dying in prison and it was big news when I was a kid.

  • Qayyum A
    Qayyum A 5 months ago

    I think that joker thing was a reference to the ending of batman year one

  • Sou1forged
    Sou1forged 5 months ago

    Superman does indeed have a rule against killing. There are multiple comics that state this, most notably "What happened to the man of tomorrow?", where he voluntarily exposes himself to gold kryptonite as punishment for accidentally killing Mxyzptlk. Furthermore, Richard Donner's Superman II was going to feature a scene where Zod and his companions arrested during the aftermath, but that scene was scrapped when they kicked Donner and hired Lester instead. The "Richard Donner Cut" (which, contrary to its name, was actually not made by Donner) did not use this scene for some reason.

  • PiggyXMalone
    PiggyXMalone 5 months ago

    5:30 "Titular" [Do some reading of a dictionary] doesn't mean 'of the title' referring to a movie or book it means 'of the title' referring to a title grunted to a person, such as a lord or bishop or other member of the clergy, military or peerage. A duke has titular lands, a monsignor has a titular manse, etc. Rookie mistake.

  • Movies by E
    Movies by E 5 months ago

    I hate Ben, he is a terrible presenter!

  • King MultiGenre
    King MultiGenre 5 months ago