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    This video consists of the best goals sent by the community to me through the span of the year" 2019". Almost 350 subsmissions were recieved and only the Top 50 Make it in the Goals of the year!

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  • TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan
    TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan  3 months ago +78


    • Christian_ playz
      Christian_ playz 6 days ago

      How u shoot like that ssimpel

    • Apes Rule
      Apes Rule 8 days ago

      Calvin Hendel ay he’s better than u

    • Richard Tafura
      Richard Tafura 10 days ago

      These are the best goals in my life they are so cool

    • Aiden Wallace
      Aiden Wallace 15 days ago

      Hi i have recently started a fifa channel and i only have 8 subsribers and i have been watching your videos for quite some time now so can i please get a shoutout will really appreciate it☺

    • Veronica Drago Gandullo
      Veronica Drago Gandullo Month ago

      @esteban - ssj Qiptdo7xfpsextdifihz5itlzñ

  • Demilade Akinsola
    Demilade Akinsola 3 hours ago

    How do you do the skill in 2:09

  • Malek Elkaroui
    Malek Elkaroui 4 hours ago

    I scored from half the stadium

  • Marwan Mohamed
    Marwan Mohamed Day ago +1

    اعجبتني التيكيتاكا 🤩

    JETBLACK GAMING 2 days ago

    The first song is Diamond eyes - Stars

  • Gusti Bali driver
    Gusti Bali driver 2 days ago

    The best gol #34

  • Sayed Tahsinoor Ramham

    fifa 20 cracked :

  • Aj's Creativity
    Aj's Creativity 2 days ago

    Goals from long range were awesome.. But let me tell u something defence is very weak... That's y it's easy.. And in this list my few goals deserves to be on top... Like I score by bicycle kick by Willian.... And many long range cross goals... 😍😍

  • Eliseu Umbelino
    Eliseu Umbelino 2 days ago

    Eu tenho que comprar esse FIFA 2020 so que eu não tenho dinheiro kkkkkkkkk

  • Eliseu Umbelino
    Eliseu Umbelino 2 days ago

    WHATA FOOKK? ????????

  • Joe Pettit
    Joe Pettit 2 days ago

    All of these goals are stupid

  • afonso garcia
    afonso garcia 3 days ago

    0 REALISM.

  • Matthias Sergeant
    Matthias Sergeant 3 days ago

    2:55 is fifa 19

  • Omar Kashlan
    Omar Kashlan 4 days ago

    Song names?

  • Rishabh Raina
    Rishabh Raina 4 days ago +1

    1:17 just wow!

  • Belguendouz Sellaoui

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  • Nichola Bisgrove
    Nichola Bisgrove 4 days ago

    Mohamed Khalid I’ve scored from the half way line

  • Finley T
    Finley T 5 days ago

    How am I not on that list

  • Official Lmao Clan YT

    Hi i really want a fifa 18 and a fifa 19 goal i scored submitted on ultimate difficulty but i have not got a link for it on youtube my xbox gamertag is LmaoFire3 on xbox if you have a xbox i hope u wouldnt mind submitting one of the clips on there its your choice

  • Jordon Yearwood
    Jordon Yearwood 5 days ago

    Oh wow.......this game is soooooooo realistic

  • Crash gogo
    Crash gogo 5 days ago

    2min10 how did he do ?

  • xd fatbob
    xd fatbob 6 days ago

    I did an out of the box scorpion kick

  • Shadow Lp
    Shadow Lp 6 days ago

    One viedio proownez and i See Better one

  • Ju
    Ju 6 days ago

    What the goal SSIMPEL for : 0.30

    • Ju
      Ju 6 days ago

      Sorry i'm french

    • Ju
      Ju 6 days ago

      Shorty i'm french

  • Hiran Vlogs
    Hiran Vlogs 6 days ago

    To Get FIfa 2020E game, That one was super amazing:

    HADY MAHMOOD 7 days ago

    FIFA 19 6:26

  • Robert Filoti
    Robert Filoti 7 days ago

    very good content, congratulations!

  • Nicolae Nicola
    Nicolae Nicola 7 days ago

  • Juan Pablo Báez
    Juan Pablo Báez 7 days ago

    Yo he hecho como los del tercer gol

  • Lekë Hoxha
    Lekë Hoxha 8 days ago

    2:07 can anyone tell me how to do that

  • Brandon Hillgoth
    Brandon Hillgoth 8 days ago +1

    2:56 that goal was clean damn

    • AdriftSun2
      AdriftSun2 Day ago

      Yea but it is Fifa 19. I can even prove it if you want me to

  • Apes Rule
    Apes Rule 8 days ago

    Bra the commentary this lad should switch with t-series

  • LUIGA 1109
    LUIGA 1109 8 days ago +1

    8:37 how do i have to do for when i pass de ball it looks like that

  • LUIGA 1109
    LUIGA 1109 8 days ago

    8:37 como le hago para que se vea asi cuando paso el balon

  • Hamed XD
    Hamed XD 8 days ago

    Wtff i found the best fifa 19 long range goals .... this guy is just insane , check him out

  • FIFA Legendary
    FIFA Legendary 9 days ago

  • Kaitou Sama
    Kaitou Sama 9 days ago +3

    1:38 camera settings ?

  • Petr Šlachta
    Petr Šlachta 9 days ago


  • mariusabel
    mariusabel 11 days ago


  • Ahnaf Tanjim
    Ahnaf Tanjim 11 days ago


  • Roman Gaming
    Roman Gaming 11 days ago

    Great work the commentary makes this 100x better

  • Md Ayyash
    Md Ayyash 11 days ago

    i love adinova

  • XTreme Gaming
    XTreme Gaming 11 days ago +6

    From a far the game doesn’t look that realistic

  • Hazza Diesel
    Hazza Diesel 12 days ago +5

    Honestly how do people play at this level? Do you spend a lot of time playing and practicing this game? This is crazy

  • alexsander migliorini stello Fifa 19 , but its a great goal

  • Yan Sevin
    Yan Sevin 13 days ago +

  • bq bq
    bq bq 13 days ago

    WhatsApp group, FIFA star, to Libby, afraid, speak to me, Insta: up.gj

  • JustinberlinYT
    JustinberlinYT 13 days ago

    war so funny

  • 2 1
    2 1 13 days ago +1

    3:10 song??

  • Toutou Tou
    Toutou Tou 14 days ago

    Wow 😎😎😎

  • eray yakub
    eray yakub 15 days ago

  • Tira P
    Tira P 15 days ago +1 win free money

  • Adissou negus-nagast
    Adissou negus-nagast 15 days ago

    3:10 ..... pppffffff ridicule !!!!!!!

  • Nemoh Perez
    Nemoh Perez 15 days ago

    awesome clip goal from fifa 2020

    KOLOBOK FIFA 15 days ago


  • Gote -.-
    Gote -.- 15 days ago

    why this kind of videos always have the worst music?

  • Mekkaoui Nadir
    Mekkaoui Nadir 15 days ago +1

    4:11 corona hhhhhh

  • jeh suz
    jeh suz 16 days ago

    Aos 5:20 , esse gol de bike de kompany fora da área é muito surreal -_-

  • Artem Gsprn
    Artem Gsprn 18 days ago

    0.55 how to make dat move before longshot?

  • night wolf
    night wolf 18 days ago

    1:39I am always make it the tiki taka

  • ValentinCABJ Acuňa
    ValentinCABJ Acuňa 18 days ago +1

    0:54 Como se hace para correr la pelota así cuando vas a hacer un disparo?

    • Edson Torres Enriquez
      Edson Torres Enriquez 11 days ago

      XxvalentingamerYT Acuňa R1 y el joystick derecho hacia abajo o hacia arriba teniendo al jugador de pie y de frente a la portería... es similar a la croqueta pero con em R1 y de pie

  • George Ploumidis
    George Ploumidis 18 days ago

    στο 5 γραφει αεκ

  • 김지성
    김지성 18 days ago


  • Carlos Graco Estrada Mateos

    Hay goles de fifa 19 y unos son pedorros en partidos normales offline

  • Aim team
    Aim team 19 days ago


  • Tantto Gamer
    Tantto Gamer 19 days ago +3

    0:36 Wait a sec my ball is literally ssme like as that

  • Rakan Adel
    Rakan Adel 20 days ago


  • aggelos 10
    aggelos 10 20 days ago

    3:13 song?

  • Ramiz Karaeski
    Ramiz Karaeski 20 days ago

    Nobody can beat me in Fifa 20.. if u don‘t believe write ur nickname

  • Arthur Mendonça
    Arthur Mendonça 20 days ago


  • Diego Fernandes
    Diego Fernandes 20 days ago

    Rip fifa

  • Ali Shawki
    Ali Shawki 21 day ago +30

    6:28, anyone realize that FIFA 19?

    • Alessio Donnarumma
      Alessio Donnarumma 11 days ago

      It's fut champ is fifa 19

    • Bobby Doughty
      Bobby Doughty 12 days ago

      @Jivyy hgufgkyukgkuhkh

    • Jivyy
      Jivyy 12 days ago +1

      @Bobby Doughty 6:43. Hazard at real Madrid? Griezmann at Barça? In fifa 19?

    • Jivyy
      Jivyy 12 days ago +2

      @Bobby Doughty griezmann in fifa 19 at Barça?

    • Bobby Doughty
      Bobby Doughty 12 days ago +1

      Jivvy, no it isn't it's iniesta in it bro

  • Jason Yoyo
    Jason Yoyo 21 day ago

    What a bullshit is fifa 20 🙄😕🤢

  • Walwarski Tomasz
    Walwarski Tomasz 21 day ago

    6:23 FIFA 19 LOL

  • Behzer
    Behzer 21 day ago


  • Malachi Nsimbi
    Malachi Nsimbi 22 days ago +3

    1:28, Why do I see an Arsenal kit and a champions league ball near it

  • Jordon Yearwood
    Jordon Yearwood 22 days ago

    Wooowwwwwwww..... tHiS gAmE iS sO rEaLiStIc

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  • Steve Finch
    Steve Finch 23 days ago +6

    5:07 thanks for the upload my guy