Snoke's Secret Of Palpatine Revealed! Episode 9 & More (Leaked Details) The Rise Of Skywalker

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • Star Wars Episode 9 by director jj abrams is said to include many callbacks to the originals and prequels in order to connect this film to the past 8 movies as well as a way to end the skywalker saga, we will be going into some star wars episode 9 spoilers....potential spoilers of course involving supreme leader snoke, emperor palpatine and even kylo ren!. Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker is set for release during december.
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Comments • 43

    MIKE ZEROH  6 months ago +4


  • Patrick Reeves
    Patrick Reeves Month ago

    The chosen one,the one Who influence the methi-chlorian and create life ans also cheated death..Snoke' is Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader)

  • Dave Fredericks
    Dave Fredericks 3 months ago

    I think you'll find that Palpatine is Anakin Skywalker's force-conceived father.

  • porridge57
    porridge57 3 months ago

    You did a great job on the video, but I just don't know if the franchise can win me back. So many disappointments starting with The Phantom Menace. I feel like I've been let down again and again. I will try, though.

  • Thisiswhy Wecanthavenicethings

    I’m pretty sure the dark castle is the castle darth Vader builds in the comic series Kylo is obsessed with Vader and pretty sure I caught a glimpse of him with his mask back on Vader is the only Star Wars character I know of with a castle 👌

  • Andrew Hipwell
    Andrew Hipwell 5 months ago

    *yawns* I hope they have something better than this.

  • Coleman Neilson
    Coleman Neilson 5 months ago

    Snoke is a resurrected Vader, brought back by the power which can create life and stop death. A walking corpse.

  • Kyle Ganse
    Kyle Ganse 5 months ago +1

    Snoke was just such a lame name... lol
    One opinion I have about this. The rest no problem.

  • Eliot Benitez
    Eliot Benitez 6 months ago

    What is the Beyond?

  • Jason Mayton
    Jason Mayton 6 months ago +6

    Ep.9 is called The Final Menace.

  • Captain Kuchiki
    Captain Kuchiki 6 months ago

    #DarthPlagueisLIVES to save us all from the Jedi...

  • WanderfalkeAT
    WanderfalkeAT 6 months ago

    Still hyped for Disney Wars? Wow!

  • The CJ
    The CJ 6 months ago +2

    Snoke "Sith nobody knew existed" why does he look like the bastard love child of Sidious and Sate Pestage?

  • xXdrake_oneXx
    xXdrake_oneXx 6 months ago +1

    Snoke Vs Palpatine, Id vote for Palpatine, other mentions...Finn Vs Red or phasma, Phasma and Kylo Vs Rey...Stormtroopers got no love on last Jedi...less than a min time? Phasma a 1 min and 23 secs? Id like to see a ressurected or survived Palpatine Vs the Snokinator...Itd be like the T101 Vs the T1000, ("poly alloy" -Arnold/T101, "whats that"? - john connor/furlong, "liquid metal..." -Arnold/T101)

  • Daymeon Gartrell
    Daymeon Gartrell 6 months ago +2

    Palpatine and Snoke had a bromance.

  • Al Gon
    Al Gon 6 months ago +5

    Hey Mike Z. What about this idea. Emp. Pal got Anakin mom pergnant with twins. Emp Pal sent one twin brother to the unknown outer rim regions and left Anakin with his mom on Tatoine. The new villian that comes from the unknown region and is Anakin twin brother called Darth something????? Its just an idea.

  • Shannon Haagsma
    Shannon Haagsma 6 months ago +2

    I can picture sidius leaving some important dark information behind for snoke its like snoke and sidius did cross paths at some point either before the battle of endor or while he was alone with his guards while Vader was on the command ship who knows but maybe this will make star wars awesome again

  • Jason Griswold
    Jason Griswold 6 months ago +1

    The “Dark Spire” was in the thrawn alliance book! AND it is a major structure at the Disney galaxy edge! Pretty sure!!

  • Cole Vasquez
    Cole Vasquez 6 months ago +1

    Dark spire? Sounds like a rip off of Steven kings own dark tower in the dark tower series :/

  • Arian 354
    Arian 354 6 months ago +7

    Troopers are taking commands from Captains.
    Captains from Generals.
    Generals from Vader.
    Vader from Emperor (Sidious).
    But what if this whole time behind everything it wasn't Sidious but Snoke (Darth Plagueis)?
    What if Sidious took commands from Snoke this whole time?
    What if the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise the Sith legend is just a Myth?

    • Gunshybubble146
      Gunshybubble146 Month ago

      Arian 354 get fucking destroyed man you probably like Last Jedi and The Force Awakens.

    • WanderfalkeAT
      WanderfalkeAT 5 months ago

      You said Cannon or Not! Quite a different Thing alltogether! I also read some SW Books 20 Years ago and the Bane Books 10 Years ago. The Bane Books are pretty shitty compared to Zahn or the Han Solo Trillogy! PRETTY SHITTY! And your SO THERE IS THAT! Is not helping. I could also say: If you are thirsty, you can drink your own Piss - So there is that! After Disney and E8 Star Wars is kinda dead for me anyway!

    • Larry Lee
      Larry Lee 5 months ago

      WanderfalkeAT , If you read my very first post, I stated NOT CANNON, come on people. Getting worked up over a fictional series with multiple legends and stories. Relax, take a deep breath and go walk in nature.

    • WanderfalkeAT
      WanderfalkeAT 5 months ago +1

      @Larry Lee you realise off course that half of the books are not cannon and so can violate sith rules vhenever they please? Also I was talking about Force wielding Sith. As the Jedi are from Jeddah in origin, not every Jeddah was with the Force. The Names come from the Temples who studied the Force on these Planets. Again: Bane invited every Sith Master and Acolyte tp said Planet for a Meeting and to discuss their future. When they all where present he used the Force (and that was only possible on that planet) to extract all the Force of the entire System the Planet was a part of. In doing so he killed them all. Even he was surprised that it was not only planetwide. The Sith Planet was untouched except they had no Temple Sith Masters or Acolytes anymore.

    • Larry Lee
      Larry Lee 5 months ago

      WanderfalkeAT not true. Go back and read the books where Like and Ben Skywalker are traveling together with a Sith girl from the Sith planet.

  • Melissa Cavalcante
    Melissa Cavalcante 6 months ago +1

    Dark Empire retcon

  • Tom Francis
    Tom Francis 6 months ago +7

    I actually had suspicions of this after finishing Rebels. “The portals to the Beyond” that was mentioned in my opinion refers the World Between Worlds from Rebels. We already know that Palpatine desperately attempted to access it through Ezra. This can be further backed up by the fact it’s been confirmed that Ahsoka and Ezra will be making an appearance in Episode IX.

    • Tom Francis
      Tom Francis 6 months ago

      Moreover I personally believe that Anakin will end up being The Father, he learned on Mortis that he was indeed the Chosen One and his place in the Galaxy was to keep the peace between the Son and the Daughter or else the Abeloth will come to destroy the galaxy. We already know that Anakin has become one with the Living Force and that after death he can still manipulate the Force as Yoda did.

  • Avi Russell
    Avi Russell 6 months ago +4

    Here would be a good twist - Matt Smith be a young clone of Palpatine and he be the villain mentioned. Kylo Ren and Rey discover him in the dark region.

  • Fabricator Factory
    Fabricator Factory 6 months ago

    Sounds good.
    Good job.

  • Philip Atkinson
    Philip Atkinson 6 months ago +2

    Mike, I'm not digging the colloquial intros of "welcome back" or "you guys" and "how are ya'll" lately. Seems to lack professionalism. I just preferred your standard lead-up about the topic before the "Hello, this is Mike Zeroh." Again, just constructive thoughts because I LOVE what you do but it sounded much more professional in months past with that standard intro. But you do you... I don't have any following on TheXvid so you know best. Keep up the good work. (Funny... I am from the deep south and I say you guys instead of ya'll :)

  • Sarah Cyphers
    Sarah Cyphers 6 months ago +1

    I think dark spire is Mystique Castle ware kylo Ren Knights of Ren travel to

  • Bret Hicks
    Bret Hicks 6 months ago +1

    First. Wheres my money?

    MIKE ZEROH  6 months ago