RPGMaker (XP, VX, MV) Tutorial | Parallax Basics

  • Published on Apr 26, 2017
  • Let's go back to basics and learn how to export our maps into MV.
    Orange Mapshot (to export your maps): goo.gl/pqzL4f
    Bind Pictures to Map: goo.gl/0By5l8
    Region Restrictions: goo.gl/VgIoJa
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Comments • 28

  • silversteampunk
    silversteampunk 5 years ago +1

    You're tilesets are beautiful! Your game looks fantastic! Thanks for making this video! Organizing the photoshop layers was always the hardest part of parallax mapping for me. Also love your holy city map. :o

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  5 years ago

      silversteampunk thanks a lot! The tiles are from TimeFantasy.net - the editing just makes them look extra special! The Holy City map is everybody's favorite - I'll make sure to keep that for palette for another area. ūüėė

  • Papillon Effect
    Papillon Effect 5 years ago +1

    Thank you for making this video, very well explained. I'm subbing to your account and look forward to more videos!

  • Zirain
    Zirain 4 years ago

    Very helpful. Keep up the good work!

  • Papillon Effect
    Papillon Effect 5 years ago

    Hey Jake, I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. When ever I put the picture in, instead of it showing up when I start the game. It just shows a black background. Do you know what I might be doing wrong?

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  5 years ago +1

      Papillon Effect most of the sprite art is from timefantasy.net - I just edit/play around with it. Despain is the king. ūüėĚ

    • Papillon Effect
      Papillon Effect 5 years ago

      I figured it out. Thanks again for making this video. Also your sprite art is great!

    • Papillon Effect
      Papillon Effect 5 years ago

      Sorry for being a pest by the way, I appreciate your help!
      It's probably better if I just mapshot a map then draw on top of it. However just to clarify. You divide the resolution by the sprite size? You said 48, so you are using the default MV pixel count. So If we happen to decide to use 100x100 pixel count to make it easier to draw. We should divide the our resolution by that? So for 1280x720, we would make the map size 13x8... hmm that doesn't seem right. When you say "map has to be a minimum of 27x15" are you talking about width and height of the general map settings?
      Once again, sorry to pester. I greatly appreciate any help.

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  5 years ago

      Papillon Effect nope! I use "Orange Mapshot" it takes a picture of your entire map in it's resolution.
      If you're drawing the maps though, just work in divisibles of 48. So for me my game resolution is 1280x720 so I know every map has to be a minimum of 27x15

    • Papillon Effect
      Papillon Effect 5 years ago

      When you say export the map you're using, do you mean the "save as image" function on the map editor? We are also using Shaz's change tile size. We use Wacom tablets to draw. So the plan is to use larger sprites. That's the whole reason for wanting parallax. We can just draw the map out, instead of making tiles.

  • Nahthingrel Productions

    Question from a noob: I'm using rmxp. I have a png I'm using for my over world map underneath the tiles layers, but the layer icons (buildings, etc) scroll when I move my avatar, while the png does not scroll, causing the icons to move ( as if the city where moving about, over water, thru mts, etc. ) can anyone help me figure out how to bind the png and tiles layers so that they all hold, and scroll, together?

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  4 years ago

      Nahthingrel Productions there should be similar scripts for RMXP! :)

  • Tomas Garcia
    Tomas Garcia 4 years ago

    have a problem, when I start a battle with the parallax event on the map I get the error "below_characters of undefined" can you help me??? :(

  • anthony maalouly
    anthony maalouly 5 years ago

    Hey man! What is this titleset you are using? Did you make it yourself?

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  5 years ago

      Hey Anthony! The resources are from timefantasy.net/ - they're just heavily edited. :)

  • Siren Skin
    Siren Skin 4 years ago

    hey, uh i have VX ace and i cant seem to find any tutorials for my version, they are all for MV? does anyone know how to use scripts for this mapping thing?

  • Houyhnhnm
    Houyhnhnm 2 years ago

    having a lot of trouble with TDDP bind picture to map plugin. did they only go up to version 1.0.7? any other plugin that mimics this but does it better? on one test play i'll get "cannot define property width of null" and on another test play, it doesn't happen at all. i tried a preloader plugin, which made it happen a LOT less frequently, but it does still happen. is this a known issue?

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  2 years ago

      The plugin hasn't been updated in a very long time - long before 1.6 came out. Try OcRam's Layers plugin!

  • kiki jihan
    kiki jihan 3 years ago +1

    Can I ask ? I put the pictures to be the map , but my character won't move

  • Ryze FX
    Ryze FX Year ago

    hey how do i use fullscreen plugin and the bind picture to map at the same time my pictures go to the left when i use fullcreen

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  Year ago

      The picture should scale with your screen if your game resolution and the maps are the right size. (Divide game resolution height/width by 48 - whatever that number is is the minimum size your maps need to be to fit properly)

  • Tech Noir
    Tech Noir 4 years ago

    I keep getting this error BindPictureToMap: below_character not a valid layer have you ever seen that? If so how do you get rid of it?

    • Jake Sauvage
      Jake Sauvage  4 years ago

      The correct call is below_characters (you forgot the s)! The layers are listed in the plugin link - just double check to make sure your calls are correct. :)