Vanessa Hudgens Reveals the Nickname Snoop Dogg Gave Her

  • Vanessa Hudgens teaches Jimmy to pronounce Edinburgh as she talks about marching in the Torchlight Procession in Scotland, earning a nickname from Snoop and the regular gifts she received from Martin Lawrence and Will Smith on the Bad Boys for Life set.
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    Vanessa Hudgens Reveals the Nickname Snoop Dogg Gave Her

Comments • 80

  • Charlotte Headey
    Charlotte Headey 6 hours ago

    Holy shit she’s so much more annoying than I thought

  • Relativity1
    Relativity1 3 days ago +1

    That nickname is now Fuckoff Bitch.

  • tattooartbytony
    tattooartbytony 5 days ago

    Selfish ‼️‼️

  • nebio andrade
    nebio andrade 5 days ago

    Linda ❤️ beijo 💋

  • Ali Dangou
    Ali Dangou 5 days ago

    who cares,yes i'm here to hate

  • The Snyder Cut
    The Snyder Cut 6 days ago +1

    DUMB Be'OCH!!!!

  • langtoronto
    langtoronto 7 days ago

    Jimmy please never invite her on your show again. She is a narcissistic bitch!

  • langtoronto
    langtoronto 7 days ago

    She wears tonnes of make up because she is fucken ugly! Her nose is very wide & broad. She is also short & immature! Can't believe she is in her 30's!

  • chainblock
    chainblock 9 days ago

    she is pretty without man vs wild...

  • Trey Saliento
    Trey Saliento 9 days ago

    I’ve met a few celebrities in my life but Vanessa Hudgens made me freeze up and literally turn into a 10 year old school boy. She’s so beautiful and intimidating

  • Carl Brundage
    Carl Brundage 9 days ago +1

    Damn she is dumb

  • Jeath Tunes
    Jeath Tunes 9 days ago

    I just googled her because i didn't know who the fuck she was, and u know judging by the way she sounds and the pictures i found on google she would be a perfect porn star

  • bhairavi sheth
    bhairavi sheth 10 days ago +2

    No offence but honestly she looks high and sounds dumb and cringe

  • Lisa L
    Lisa L 10 days ago +4

    About the coronavirus video: I didn't know she was that clueless and airheaded. She is just a talentless moron with a pathetic career.

  • Scourge88
    Scourge88 10 days ago

    Damn she is fine as hell.

  • Lorenys Ro
    Lorenys Ro 10 days ago

    She looks like a Disney Princess 😍

  • X O
    X O 10 days ago +2

    Her career died
    Good riddance

  • JC House of Bourbon
    JC House of Bourbon 11 days ago +1

    boycott this bitch

  • Chubby Chubbs
    Chubby Chubbs 11 days ago +2

    He was like...I was like, he was like, they were like, it was like, like, like bloody like....

  • C. Dawg Knight
    C. Dawg Knight 11 days ago

    So gorgeous.

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie 11 days ago +7

    Now she’s the most hated witch in the world over her Coronavirus comments. She is the absolute WORST.

  • briony Xx
    briony Xx 11 days ago +2

    0:22 this made me want to log off the internet...

  • Aayushman Bhandari
    Aayushman Bhandari 11 days ago

    I can listen to her talking for the rest of my life

  • Galactic Maui
    Galactic Maui 14 days ago

    Sooo hot

  • Dean vtec
    Dean vtec 15 days ago


  • Dean vtec
    Dean vtec 15 days ago

    so shes a badgirl???

  • Dean vtec
    Dean vtec 15 days ago

    flirt with ME!!!!!

  • Hyper Comps
    Hyper Comps 16 days ago +2

    Vanessa sounds so different then how she did I’m high school music

  • King Kool
    King Kool 16 days ago


  • Je suis moi-même
    Je suis moi-même 16 days ago

    Is it just me how or her demeanor resembles disney princesses ? The way she moves her head expressively lol

  • Anmol Sahdev
    Anmol Sahdev 18 days ago

    gawd i'm in love with her ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • emz
    emz 20 days ago

    Seeing Americans say Edinburgh incorrectly genuinely gave me a stroke

    CHRISSPツ 22 days ago

    Hoo hooooo sksjkskak

  • Jea Martinez
    Jea Martinez 22 days ago

    The audience starstruck with her beauty 🤣 they rarely cheer Lmao 🤣 Our Gabriella 😘

  • くまた
    くまた 22 days ago


  • Mery Gomez Burgos
    Mery Gomez Burgos 24 days ago

    Queen ❤❤❤❤

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 25 days ago

    See, everyone got wound up. I might be talking about someone else. One for work. One for play. One for theatre, one for love. Who for what, when, and where. The great women of the world. Let's give them a round of applause. 👏

  • Kelly Kim
    Kelly Kim 27 days ago


  • Nyz chan
    Nyz chan 27 days ago

    She's like Eve from Lucifer series😍

  • Angelav Ramos
    Angelav Ramos 28 days ago

    Hey ZAC , she's single soooo maybeeeee make a move? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    GLENN PH 29 days ago

    She is half filipina

  • Giantess VFX-ART
    Giantess VFX-ART 29 days ago

    Can I see the full interview anywhere?

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez Month ago

    Fire inspector

  • Cutieemee Luvester
    Cutieemee Luvester Month ago

    Ivana Alawi Resemblance♡

  • WonderTales
    WonderTales Month ago


  • RG Miro
    RG Miro Month ago

    Yellowstone Supervulcan Goodbye USA

  • Vilma Jara Atencia
    Vilma Jara Atencia Month ago

    Vanessa pensarías en regresar con zac efron

  • DO MO
    DO MO Month ago +1

    Ahe looks like IVANA ALAWI actress in philippines

  • André Hulstrøm
    André Hulstrøm Month ago +1

    Holy mother f' those legs.

    • King Kool
      King Kool Month ago

      Yeah, I'm staring at her silky smooth thighs the whole time too

  • Becca Watson
    Becca Watson Month ago +2

    Anyone else watching this from Edinburgh? 😂

  • Hardstyle / Rawstyle Lover

    She's gorgeous 😍 she should be a Disney princess character 👸

  • nicole chavez
    nicole chavez Month ago

    She’s soo cute

    REHANA MIAH Month ago

    pretty as always but really cringed during this whole interview don't know why, awkward

  • The Smart Gadget Show
    The Smart Gadget Show Month ago +1

    Vanessa's Time line

  • Davina Chike-Okoro
    Davina Chike-Okoro Month ago +1

    she's adorable

  • Rayman Ramlall
    Rayman Ramlall Month ago

    Her personality so much like Gabriella

  • Cody Leon
    Cody Leon Month ago +1

    Zach needs this energy in his life

  • Trip333s
    Trip333s Month ago

    Seems like the audience wasn’t too into her

  • JOy TROCiO
    JOy TROCiO Month ago

    iLOveyOu vanEssa 💓

  • Anthony Stone
    Anthony Stone Month ago +1

    dude this girls energy is so pure and positive it's actually throwing me.

  • Oliver Sykes
    Oliver Sykes Month ago +2

    Is she like the best female ever😁

  • Is300Sam
    Is300Sam Month ago +1

    I love her

  • glenn r
    glenn r Month ago +1

    She's stunning should definitely be in a lot more films

  • Stagmöller Make-up art

    She haaas to be coked up hahahah

  • Swetha Ganesh
    Swetha Ganesh Month ago

    she is so bohemian! seeing her face and hearing her speak makes me happy! adorable!

  • Kian Francis
    Kian Francis Month ago +4

    As someone who lived in Scotland for 8 years, the opening 30 seconds of this was painful to watch.

  • l x
    l x Month ago +3

    She does not age wow

    • King Kool
      King Kool Month ago

      Yeah, it's insane Vanessa is 31 years old because she looks only 15!

  • Angela Gabathuler
    Angela Gabathuler Month ago

    More songs bleas 👍👍👍👍👍🤠😂😆🤣😀😀😀😀😀😘😘😍😃😁

  • BenplaysXD
    BenplaysXD Month ago

    How can you not say edinborough

  • fehr2005
    fehr2005 Month ago

    she Looks so different...…… jaw or V-shape face Operation???

  • Lina Ed
    Lina Ed Month ago

    vanessa is made for disney!

  • Fatima Haider
    Fatima Haider Month ago

    She honestly seems nervous. But still gave a good interview. That’s normal. When you know you have to give a lecture or going to face a lot of people, the nerves make you squeaky and talkative. It will improve with time. She’s doing great. People here should not criticize her. All the 💕 to you Vanessa!

  • Dizkover
    Dizkover Month ago +2

    She got the action/thriller movie star look. She should do more action.

  • heinz elias4999
    heinz elias4999 Month ago +1

    she might seem fake in this but i really think that is how her nature is , glowing and shining

  • Martins Danisevics
    Martins Danisevics Month ago

    love her pics

  • Ray Johnson
    Ray Johnson Month ago


  • J1
    J1 Month ago +1

    She’s soooo gorgeous

  • JLOV 9396
    JLOV 9396 Month ago +1

    Snoop Dogg and Vanessa Hudgens are Megastars Snoop Dogg helped put Long Beach on the map for rap music Vanessa Hudgens has her High School Musical fame She still has a lot of potential and is young and has a bright future ahead of her Both are Megastars

  • Shy Rahman
    Shy Rahman Month ago +1

    She is lovely 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍

  • Lilly Padilla
    Lilly Padilla Month ago

    I never realized that she speaks as if she’s story telling her life!! 😱 she’d be perfect for Disney 😍