INTO THE FOURTH ROUND! Newcastle United 4 Rochdale 1: Highlights

  • Newcastle United progressed into the Fourth Round of the Emirates FA Cup with a 4-1 win over Rochdale at St. James' Park.
    Dale defender Eoghan O'Connell opened the scoring for the Magpies with an own goal before Matty Longstaff and Miguel Almirón put the hosts into a 3-0 lead at the break. Joelinton then added a fourth goal with his first at St. James' Park before Jordan Williams grabbed a consolation for the League One side.
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  • Martin Stojkoski
    Martin Stojkoski Month ago +1

    EASY WORK! 🙏❤

  • LaurenJauregui x4OD
    LaurenJauregui x4OD 2 months ago

    Even though Joelinton:
    • doesn't knock them in like Shearer,

    • was our record signing

    • wears the number 9

    You cant deny that he tries and doesn't lack the passion. Let's all get behind him and hope he can continue to score! Remember Aubameyang wasn't great at Arsenal in his first season!

    Howay the toon 🖤⚽️

  • Abdelkarim Khedimallah
    Abdelkarim Khedimallah 2 months ago

    Can we plz hv sm more extended highlights as I want to see more key parts of the game. Thank you

  • Álvaro Sebastian González Acosta

    4:17 gol Miguel Almiron🇵🇾⚽️

  • Wältër STT
    Wältër STT 2 months ago

    Almirón the best

  • Sandra Helena
    Sandra Helena 2 months ago +1

    Joelinton show man

  • westcoast1axxx
    westcoast1axxx 2 months ago

    Rochdale’s pink uniforms are cute....

  • Calisthenick
    Calisthenick 2 months ago +1

    this goalkeeper....

  • RamK J
    RamK J 2 months ago

    The Rochdale coach is an absolute moron. Playing out from the back like he's fucking Pep Guardiola.

    CORNISH DALE 2 months ago


  • John Ruddy
    John Ruddy 2 months ago

    Good to see the lads firing for fun but let’s kick on and do it at the top level of football not against minnows

  • Juan David Maqueda
    Juan David Maqueda 2 months ago


  • Kevin Wake
    Kevin Wake 2 months ago

    Hopefully Oxford United don't beat us again like in 2017. Hopefully we will get to the 5th round for the first time under the Ashley regime,and will be our highest round since 2006

  • Kofi Ankobiah
    Kofi Ankobiah 2 months ago

    From an arsenal fan, why don't we draw such teams in cup competitions? pathetic playing from the back, outrageous defence. good win for Newcastle though

  • Charles Simmons
    Charles Simmons 2 months ago

    Matty the next gerrard

  • Chief Apple Troll Mike
    Chief Apple Troll Mike 2 months ago

    Atsu is finally getting creative at Newcastle

  • Rodney Davies
    Rodney Davies 2 months ago

    That Dale keeper surely had a fiver on our what it is... but realll!!!!!

  • gary lantow-humble
    gary lantow-humble 2 months ago

    Its Hard to get excited about Newcastle these days, we might get past Oxford, but that willbe the end of our run. We might just avoid relegation, but thats the best we can Hope for. MR Ashley has tanken the complete and utter heart out of Newcastle and alot of fans haven't Even noticed

    • K J N
      K J N 2 months ago

      We've noticed. Everyone's got memories of pre-Ashley, but we've gotta stand by our team.
      And we have pulled of upsets before. If we draw a team like Spurs (if we win), we can play for an upset.

  • Indra Nufc
    Indra Nufc 2 months ago

    Howay the lads

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 2 months ago +7

    MIGGY! Never lost faith in him. Watched him plenty with Atlanta and knew he had what it takes to make it in the Toon. Glad to see him continue his good form.

  • pijesz
    pijesz 2 months ago

    We really miss Ritchie's crosses

  • Denis Florentin
    Denis Florentin 2 months ago

    Almiron el Alma del equipo🇵🇾

  • Kyle Younger
    Kyle Younger 2 months ago

    I went to the match it was good for Matty almiron joelintin and own goal created by Matt richie

  • JD8
    JD8 2 months ago +1

    Get Alan starting 😍

  • Steve McGarry
    Steve McGarry 2 months ago

    Great job matching up the audio.

  • matias medina
    matias medina 2 months ago

    Vamos miguel ...

  • jaquelinpr LEZCANO
    jaquelinpr LEZCANO 2 months ago +3

    Hay muchos paraguayos comentarios e ingleses jaja Vamos
    J Suscríbete 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Escama de paku
    Escama de paku 2 months ago +1

    4:20 road runner again Bip Bip!!!

  • Adam Buckton
    Adam Buckton 2 months ago +2

    Well Done Magpies

  • Lucas Leles
    Lucas Leles 2 months ago +1

    Almirón tá jogando mt!

  • Mike Aquino
    Mike Aquino 2 months ago

    Almiroooooooooon 😎

  • TrOx
    TrOx 2 months ago +1

    GO GO Miguel Almiron!

  • Enzo
    Enzo 2 months ago

    Almiron 😍😍

  • Brendan A. MacWade
    Brendan A. MacWade 2 months ago +1

    The Lads did their jobs. They scored first and second (and third). They won. Now bring on Oxford United.

  • Linka
    Linka 2 months ago +7

    Players must hate it when Matt Ritchie comes over to celebrate a goal, because almost every time he slaps the goal-scorer round the nut!
    He practically slapped the ginger out of young Matty Longstaff's bonce!

  • Mason Ferrier
    Mason Ferrier 2 months ago +1

    Saint ettiene was his first at st james

    • Ekeynufc
      Ekeynufc 2 months ago

      Mason Ferrier not in season

    • Mason Ferrier
      Mason Ferrier 2 months ago

      Ekeynufc still hit the back of the net

    • Ekeynufc
      Ekeynufc 2 months ago

      They mean the actual season not pre

  • Nazza Bandas
    Nazza Bandas 2 months ago +1

    Up the mags

  • Michael Hutchinson
    Michael Hutchinson 2 months ago +4

    Goalinton....howay the lads!

  • Alexis Chiqueno
    Alexis Chiqueno 2 months ago +1

    Almiron 🇵🇾

  • David Hargreaves
    David Hargreaves 2 months ago +2

    Dear Rochdale Management Team...(I assume you are full time and get PAID to manage?)

    Do not try and play football out of your own penalty area!!!!!.....especially when you havent got the ability to do it!!!!.You are in League ONE not playing Barcelona............
    First thing every schoolboy learns.....dont mess about with the ball in your own penalty area!!!!!!

  • leon vlogs fairhurst
    leon vlogs fairhurst 2 months ago

    Keep joelinton

  • Ale Vera
    Ale Vera 2 months ago +31

    ALMIRON 🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾😍😍

    • jaquelinpr LEZCANO
      jaquelinpr LEZCANO 2 months ago +2

      Vamos miguel caragooo gol
      Py py py🔴⚪🔵paraguay gol vamos😃😃😃😃😃

  • Riley Jay
    Riley Jay 2 months ago +1


  • Newcastle black and white army

    I bet 4-0 I was so close4-1

  • Gabriel Gonzalez
    Gabriel Gonzalez 2 months ago +7

    Esta despertando Almiron 🇵🇾❤

  • Rachael Hoye
    Rachael Hoye 2 months ago +6

    What a score! Keep up the cracking work lads!
    Almiron ⭐️ Joelinton ⭐️ Matty Longstaff ⭐️ I knew Joelinton would score soon, it wasn’t in the Premier League but this goal could be 1 of many many more. Let’s get some support going for him. ⚫️⚪️

    • Linka
      Linka 2 months ago +2

      Yeah I agree & although he only has one league goal so far, I'm hoping he has some confidence now and will start scoring in the Premier League on a regular basis??

  • Chris K
    Chris K 2 months ago +51

    Quite emotional seeing Joelinton celebrate his goal with all the coaching staff!! The lad has obviously been very low on confidence and was thanking the staff for sticking with him through his goalless period!! Can’t be easy carrying a £40 million tag around with you!! Over the moon for the lad!! Let’s hope he cracks on in the premier league now!!!

    • Jose Roa
      Jose Roa 2 months ago

      Sincerely,Almiron does not desevet this equipment,they sacrifice it too more..humble opinion..the team doesn't accompany.

    • Chris K
      Chris K 2 months ago +1

      KazakhToon playing up front on your own against a full defence is no fun either and not an easy job!!

    • KazakhToon
      KazakhToon 2 months ago

      @Dennis Mor hope you are right, other teams would get shot of him this summer but we've got him for another year at least.

    • Dennis Mor
      Dennis Mor 2 months ago

      He will come good next season, he has the package, he just needs time to adapt, and understand the Premier League. A goal does a lot for the confidence, just like Almiron.

  • Christian Robinson
    Christian Robinson 2 months ago

    I was there in the crowd you could see me

    • chris innes
      chris innes 2 months ago +1

      Christian Robinson na soz I didn’t see you

  • Adrian
    Adrian 2 months ago +1


  • Zoltán Kóródi
    Zoltán Kóródi 2 months ago +1

    Good job, lads. That's what I'm talking about. 👍👍👍

  • Adalberto Duarte
    Adalberto Duarte 2 months ago +12

    Miggy un orgullo de Paraguay 🇵🇾🇵🇾🇵🇾

  • Android18
    Android18 2 months ago +1

    Can't stand Anderson everything we do its simple the other teams has a go its Oh unlucky shows more emotion for the opposite sides

    RODRIGO OZUNA 2 months ago +15

    Miggy Almiron Almiron, Miiggy Almirooooon!

  • Dracon Damien filth
    Dracon Damien filth 2 months ago +15

    I told you NUFC fans, when Almiron starts to score, you will see him score more and more, you didn't see him on he's top level, it's just the beginning 😉

    • Chesrae Martin
      Chesrae Martin 2 months ago

      @K J N I cant agree more. We don't and most likely won't play with a LM so while he plays on the wing, he simply needs to do two things... Slow down as you said, and look up. I find that up until recently, he would run into blind alleys because he wouldn't look up. And I completely agree with you with both of them having the tendency to run faster than they can shoot. But to Almiron's credit, it just looks like he's started to make some of those improvements. It may be too soon to tell, but the signs are there

    • K J N
      K J N 2 months ago

      @Chesrae Martin If he can't shoot that well, he should go back to LM rather than LW, but then he won't be so effective, so I think he should just slow down in front of goal. If you watch ASM, you can see this happen - he runs faster than he can shoot. I'm sure that if he slows down, he can pull of a simple shot into the goal.
      I know pro goalies are tough to beat, but a professional should score from a one-on-one. I think it's all about mentality.

    • Chesrae Martin
      Chesrae Martin 2 months ago +2

      @Brandon His confidence seems to have shot through the roof and I'm so happy for him! Now for Joelinton...

    • Brandon
      Brandon 2 months ago +1

      I agree, I think he looks way more composed in scoring position. I think it was just confidence and now he's just going to get stronger and stronger.

    • Chesrae Martin
      Chesrae Martin 2 months ago +2

      @Hawkins Stern I'd have to agree with you. Even Almiron said it himself that he's never been a goal scorer. Finishing may not be part of his game, but if he is going to continue to get the most scoring opportunities in the position he's playing, he needs to make it part of his game, or play in another position.
      That said, I do still like him and his commitment. And it does look like he's a lot calmer in front of goal so he does seem to be working on something...

  • Shane Lawler
    Shane Lawler 2 months ago +34

    As much stick I give joelinton I’m happy to finally see him score & miggy has been on fire ever since he got that 1st goal hope joe will be like that now

    • Junk
      Junk 2 months ago +1

      Let’s hope he gets confident from that like almiron

  • 사탕박하
    사탕박하 2 months ago +3

    Yeah!!!!!! Gogo Newcastle!!

  • Cestebanop 27
    Cestebanop 27 2 months ago +23

    I'm glad for Joelinton, he needed that goal

  • Aswinsk Ekm
    Aswinsk Ekm 2 months ago

    You guys were late to upload it

  • F Dc
    F Dc 2 months ago +1

    Lujerne causes so many defending issues. Sell him.

    • K J N
      K J N 2 months ago

      I say put him on the bench, now that players are coming back.

    • bebebd hehehh
      bebebd hehehh 2 months ago

      SELL HIM!

    • Junk
      Junk 2 months ago

      What did he do he’s just came back from nearly a year out fucking hell ur a prick

  • 4kU
    4kU 2 months ago +2

    Win because of Rochdale's mistakes.. if play long balls like this, Newcastle won't be able to win against the premiere team

    • K J N
      K J N 2 months ago

      Shelvey is one of the best long-ball players on Earth and with our pace we beat top teams.

    • Steve McGarry
      Steve McGarry 2 months ago +1

      don't be daft, that tactic was worked all season, getting it up to Almiron and St. Maximin.

  • Nathan nufc
    Nathan nufc 2 months ago +6

    I missed ritchies head slaps🤣🤣

    • NW ALLEN
      NW ALLEN 2 months ago +1

      Corner flags are loving their sabbatical

  • Marco Saraiva
    Marco Saraiva 2 months ago +4

    Let's win more ! Almiron who else !

  • Kevin T
    Kevin T 2 months ago +1

    Glad to see a few players getting on the scoresheet, need the boost to confidence, it all helps

  • WorKev
    WorKev 2 months ago +3

    Well chuffed for Jo

  • Bal Berith
    Bal Berith 2 months ago +2

    4:20 The Rochdale keeper trying to have a go at his defenders. It was him that put them in that position in trying to play out from the back when he should have lumped up the field.

    • A24
      A24 2 months ago

      He wasn’t having a go at the defender

  • Savage
    Savage 2 months ago +40

    our strikers dont want to score because when you score matt ritchie assaults you hahhaha :D

  • Roman Davison
    Roman Davison 2 months ago +25

    How hard did Ritchie hit longstaff at 3:21 😂

    • ENG Streamer
      ENG Streamer 2 months ago

      Hahah aye 👍

    • EMR
      EMR 2 months ago

      He called him a prick as well 😂

    • akaJoe
      akaJoe 2 months ago


  • Paraguay Ball
    Paraguay Ball 2 months ago +17

    ALMIRÓN 🇵🇾🇵🇾

  • Joe Graham
    Joe Graham 2 months ago

    Wait was dubravka not playing?

    • Adang Taruna JM
      Adang Taruna JM 2 months ago +3

      Glad he was rested really, we'll need him for the upcoming matches

    • Bal Berith
      Bal Berith 2 months ago


  • Linka
    Linka 2 months ago +3

    Good to see some of the youngsters getting a run-out...
    But TBF, the squad is so depleted with injuries that Brucie wasn't left with many options!
    Let's hope this meeting with "the boss" is productive & Bruce can persuade Ashley to spend so he can strengthen the squad during this transfer window?!!

    • K J N
      K J N 2 months ago

      The main problem was the Christmas period, you could see it against Leicester and even ASM against Crystal Palace. Everybody's coming back now and the team's near its best.
      We should sign players, but not because of injuries.

    • NW ALLEN
      NW ALLEN 2 months ago +1

      The meeting will be about who FCB can sell so he can buy out Greggs and Dominoes Pizza

    • Linka
      Linka 2 months ago +3

      @Concerned Voter
      Yeah I know mate, but that's why I made this comment...
      Because according to the media, Bruce & Ashley are due to have face to face talks sometime this week.

    • Concerned Voter
      Concerned Voter 2 months ago +4

      Linka normally you meet the boss before the transfer window opens, say early- mid dec Not in the middle of Jan. This says everything about our transfer policy.....its all just a bit haphazard & chaotic

  • Евгений Сиринов

    Rochdale looks like some team u-15😂

    • Bal Berith
      Bal Berith 2 months ago +3

      Rochdale have greater priority of trying to get away from relegation zone in their league. I think you could see they could do without the extra complication of the cup games.

  • Víctor Von Streber
    Víctor Von Streber 2 months ago +15

    Almirón grandeeee 🔊🔊🔊

  • Vitor Barbosa
    Vitor Barbosa 2 months ago +15

    Matt Ritchie's crosses were missed! Go TOON! ⚫⚪⚫⚪

  • dylan laing
    dylan laing 2 months ago +7

    3:20 😂😂

    • Aarun Grewal
      Aarun Grewal 2 months ago +1

      dylan laing hahahaha “fuckin hell matt that hurts”

  • Slaine Zoldyck
    Slaine Zoldyck 2 months ago +16

    Almirón ❤

  • Dora la exporta droga
    Dora la exporta droga 2 months ago +27

    Que grande almirón🇵🇾Orgullo Nacional

  • Kiancyt
    Kiancyt 2 months ago +3


  • Harry L
    Harry L 2 months ago +8

    Mighty miggy!

  • Ay0Z3
    Ay0Z3 2 months ago

    follow my insta fan page @newcastledaily

  • Nic Ted
    Nic Ted 2 months ago +69

    I'm glad that at last we have a manager that wants a cup run because we have no chance winning anything else so see how far we get.

    • Kyle Stewart
      Kyle Stewart 2 months ago

      Ankit Gupta little puff

    • Ankit Gupta
      Ankit Gupta 2 months ago

      @Childishbruuu YT Recommended

    • Ankit Gupta
      Ankit Gupta 2 months ago

      @That SriLankanGuy k thanks

    • That SriLankanGuy
      That SriLankanGuy 2 months ago

      @Ankit Gupta and endorse? No one gives a fuck about your endorsement... piss off loser

    • That SriLankanGuy
      That SriLankanGuy 2 months ago

      @Ankit Gupta if you dont support a team... you'll never understand football