Tyson Fury brilliant for accusing Anthony Joshua of ducking Deontay Wilder - Stephen A. | First Take

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman discuss Tyson Fury's comments on Anthony Joshua avoiding Deontay Wilder. Stephen A. thinks it makes Fury much more marketable for his next fight.
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Comments • 4 701

  • Tyson Garcia
    Tyson Garcia 9 hours ago

    Heavy weight division is ASS CHEEKS! Wilder has a Thor Hammer punch and that's it. Fury is slow, has heart with and ok Jab. Jashua is not good either.

  • Phillip Kolc Jr
    Phillip Kolc Jr 11 hours ago

    At the rate Wilder is going right now. He is only getting better. He definitely knocks out Joshua which should be his next fight.

  • Brandon Thonson
    Brandon Thonson 11 hours ago

    Too bad big baby cant live up to his mouth

  • Richard Mullins
    Richard Mullins 12 hours ago

    I have to question how much people like boxing when they call tyson boring. No it's not boring, its boxing and boxing at a high level

  • 8 c
    8 c 13 hours ago

    AJ ducked the fuck out of Deontay Wilder 🦆 🦆. Yall remember that in 2018?

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 13 hours ago

    Max & Stephen A the best duo on TV. Both really intelligent sounding ppl. Not always right imo but they definitely sound like it it’s hard to disagree. I think Joshua wins but I know it’s not going to decision

  • Adam jd
    Adam jd 17 hours ago

    Who made the 1st offer? Exactly!!
    But people are meant to believe the drug cheat
    Fury is just jealous of aj, every fight he has he predicts he'll lose, why is that? What has aj ever said bad about him compared to the 100's of insults cokehead prostitute shagger fury has said.... Why is that? Cause he's jealous.... Praised aj when he was up and coming and after aj bust him up in sparring but since aj been a pro fury has had an agenda

  • grizzly !!
    grizzly !! 20 hours ago

    That's all good everyone's got the fight they would rather see, I like all 3 and would watch whoever fights who out of them but fury vs klitschko wasn't close fury won that fight comfortably and I believe fury at he's best will beat aj and wilder but wilder and Aj could go either way, everyonevsays aj is a better boxer then wilder but he doesn't move like fury he's easier to hit I don't care what anyone says he is obviously easier to hit and he gets hurt from the power of whyte so I think he can definitely be knocked out in that fight but he can also knock wilder out, but that's what makes it a fight everyone wants to see

  • Nappa
    Nappa Day ago

    Max Kellerman should shave he head Bald.

  • SuckaFr33
    SuckaFr33 Day ago

    AJ is robotic, if wilder catches him its curtains!!!

  • L. Brown
    L. Brown Day ago

    Mike Tyson was the hardest punches that's ever been, fury lives on fantasy island he has no chance at all in a ring with Joshua, wilder won't beat him either. Fury is a weak puncher who can't box to save his life.

    • Megat Afiq
      Megat Afiq 23 hours ago

      Hey..What the fook are you talking about mate.We all saw Fury school Wilder. It takes 2 knockdown to draw. Wilder needs a fooking 3 knockdown to win against Fury that how great Fury is.

  • Juan  Echeverri
    Juan Echeverri Day ago

    Am afraid that AJ ,Will become A Floyd Maywether, That HE WILL DOCK EVERY BODY THAT IS A TREAT JUST TO PROTECT THEIR RECORD IS A SHAME.AJ Paid this guys You Still get the Bigger pice of The Pie just DON'T LOW BALL THEM. "NO EXCUSES MAKE IT HAPPEN.

  • jerry smak
    jerry smak Day ago

    Ajagba coming in to wreck this trio soon and take all em belts. Watch this space!

  • David McKenzie
    David McKenzie 2 days ago

    My man said found Religion. Goodness just say God it’s not that hard!

    • Evan Device
      Evan Device Day ago +1

      I nvr caught that. Ima watch closr now Smh lol

  • primetime5000
    primetime5000 3 days ago +1

    a j scared of usa champ

  • Je nsz
    Je nsz 3 days ago

    Wilder is the fiercest puncher?? How about Foreman, Tyson. NO doubt that Prime Foreman or prime Tyson would have wasted Wilder by round 3 (tops).

    • Genghis Khan 36
      Genghis Khan 36 2 days ago

      +Je nsz I cant hear you....try talkin without AJ cock deep into your throat

    • Je nsz
      Je nsz 2 days ago

      +Genghis Khan 36 Good save. Wanna get off Wilder's sack now?

    • Genghis Khan 36
      Genghis Khan 36 2 days ago

      Fiercest puncher TODAY!!!! NOT YESTERDAY!!!

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell 3 days ago

    Reaily ortiz punches as hard as AJ give your head a shake maybe for 3 rounds then hes breathing as hard as his punches. Wilder came back in that fight coz ortiz got tired at let him of the hook AJ will not do that. However that right hand is the joker card he can spark out a horse with it or as we seen at time vs fury hit thin air

  • JDA
    JDA 3 days ago +8

    DW will ko AJ. I hope the fight finally happens this year.

  • bee azz
    bee azz 3 days ago +1

    #1fury #2wilder #3aj

  • J P
    J P 4 days ago

    fury beat up and old klitschko. an old klitschko put aj on his ass. aj can outbox wilder, yes; but at some point it will turn into a street fight so either guy can get ko'd. i have no idea who wins, but my gut says wilder puts him to sleep only because he takes a punch better than aj. i can't wait to see it.

  • Mah e
    Mah e 5 days ago +4

    Fury was right. Boxing politics, wilder is the most fear fighter because he hits hard. Fury can box learning as a kid(named after tyson) and has a height advantage but wilder has an athletic body and can punch.

  • QJAndra
    QJAndra 6 days ago

    I've met so many people who have learned how to converse like this and honestly I hope that panelist like this cease to exist

  • Rich Boreman
    Rich Boreman 6 days ago +1

    I am educated DICK WODD!!!
    He’s the most fearsome puncher of all time. Tyson Fury said his powers real. Brezeale will fell it.. He’s hiding something in his gloves

  • Zombie Killa
    Zombie Killa 6 days ago

    Whyte would beat wilder

  • Thejan Rudy
    Thejan Rudy 6 days ago

    'fiercest puncher in history'.. Lmao, Iron Mike must be loosing it still after seeing this comment!

  • Pez
    Pez 6 days ago

    Joshua gonna give Beyonce a straight right because wilder swing his hands more than a crackhead in fight

  • barggin bazzar
    barggin bazzar 7 days ago

    AJs the champ..4 belts.....wtf...derrrrrrr......parrots..takin shit up..hahar

  • Nicky Glen
    Nicky Glen 7 days ago

    AJ is not ducking Wilder it's the other way round wilder knows if he does fight Joshua he's getting knocked out and about this lineal champion to be that Fury would have had to fight the last lineal champion which he hasn't he was away from boxing taking drugs and drinking alcohol GOOD EXAMPLE FOR THE KIDS so how s he the lineal champion

  • Vigus DNA
    Vigus DNA 7 days ago

    I American n I like all 3 fighters but Fury for sure should be looked at as number 1, until Joshua decides to fight him & then the winner is the #1 HW Champ or if he fights Wilder again n if Wilder would happen to win then do the Trilogy then the winner fights Joshua to see who #1 is, But since Fury “Beat”( in the eyes of most) Wilder, him n Joshua can fight to see who is number 1 n then if the winner loses after that then u the guy who beat him would be number 1 Champ till the rematch. Fury Beat Klitschko in a dominant fashion which was an incredible accomplishment especially at the point he beat Him Cuz he was the Universally recognized undisputed HW Champ & then got a few yrs older n lost to Joshua but Fury Beat him when he was on Top & then he took the fight with Wilder n by the mass majority of people feel like he Beat Wilder handily.. Wilder needs to stop saying he knocked out Fury n that the Ref saved Fury, Stop it Wilder ur embarrassing urself Cuz Fury did get up & not only that he took it to u the rest of the round , which if he was out u shoulda been able to put him down, n yeah the Ref saved him from u? What was the Ref holding ur arms back the rest of the round lol what u should be saying Wilder is that u were a hair away from knocking him out n that now you know what to do to get the KO & that u will be dominant in a rematch n he won’t stand a chance...u can’t say he is afraid Cuz he came back n fought u , ring rust n all, if he was afraid he never would have fought u & he for sure wouldn’t have pressed u like that after the knockdown if he got scared after that....it just makes u look bad when it’s u plainly lying n talking false, did he give u (Wilder Memory Loss) Cuz u think the Ref saved him like the he got up from that knockdown after the final bell, he did get up n put hands on ya, u fought good n really should have won , normally u would have but Fury was just too much that night n raised up like undertaker n denied u the victory by doing so! N it’s crazy seeing him continually saying he wants a body on his record like it’s cool, ask Ray Boom Boom Mancini what that’s like, he is from my city n he was never right after, n the Guys u keep saying that too have families n shit so if ur okay with saying that n making their fam upset n shit after they hear u, then don’t be mad if one of these guys do something foul in front of yours, n watch what u wish for Cuz u can be the one who ends up paralyzed n have to live out ur life like that, sometimes when people talk like that, what they say they are gonna do ends up happening to them, it’s like nature sending Karma out Lol, or if they say 100% I’m gonna whoop him , Ko em, it won’t be close, then they end up getting mollywhopped ala Broner vs Maidana !! normally I could give a fuck n it has nothing to do with u trying to look tough or bout u not knowing what it’s like to take a life n that u carry with u forever, No lie...but i give a fuck Cuz u been saying this in pretty much every fight, n if u actually did end up doing that one of these times think about that dudes family n what they will have to deal with n people constantly bringing this up n I’m sure it will be a huge meme / GIf/ W/E, Cuz u calling it out, so they Fam Members who have nothing to do with shit would go through Hell all the time Cuz Of u saying this shit publicly like that, yeah cool that person u fight might be a dickhead but their entire fam ain’t do nothing.. Tell that to him in his face at face offs n weigh-Ins!! as hard as u hit, hey it could happen it’s Boxing could happen to anyone at that level especially at HW,

  • Seanjohn John
    Seanjohn John 7 days ago

    Efe ajaba is coming

  • Lawrence Ukatu
    Lawrence Ukatu 7 days ago

    Oldtiz bigger puncher than Aj? Give me some pls..

    • Evan Device
      Evan Device Day ago

      U do know height plays a big advantage n the display and facilitation of power

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams 7 days ago

    Hindsight has shown this video to be Absolute bollocks, Wilder and Fury both running scared of AJ.

  • chadpainter1k
    chadpainter1k 8 days ago

    close fight lol he won 10 rounds are you clueless well of course you are

  • Delahoya V
    Delahoya V 8 days ago +1

    Fury is a disgrace. The man got no honor. Emberrasing.
    AJ can fight a bum and sellout Wembley.
    Fury would not even sell 30 000 tickets.
    Espn trying to hype up the shit fight against 4th best germany.

    • Kyle Mee
      Kyle Mee 6 days ago

      Notice how this comment has no likes other than your own

  • jamie jones
    jamie jones 8 days ago +1

    With Furys ESPN deal, hard not to think this guys are given a narrative to push ...

  • Dan Rivera
    Dan Rivera 8 days ago +2

    Max Kellerman is special. Lol. Nobody breaks the sport of 🥊 & it's fighters down like this guy.

  • Akthar Chowdhury
    Akthar Chowdhury 8 days ago

    2 things. Firstly Fury is the best pure boxer of the 3 and has already handed Wilder his first loss whether the judges agree or not. Joshua is also the legit real deal and his resume cannot be questioned. He holds 3 of the 4 major belts and unlike Wilder, who has only faced 1 of the current top 15 of his own Belt rankings, Joshua has beaten the highest ranked, the current mandatory, numbers 6, 7, 12 and 14. Wilder and the WBC have been running from Dillian for over 2 years.

  • danielgalea
    danielgalea 13 days ago

    Fury beat Wlad more convincingly than AJ. I know AJ stopped him and finished him while Wlad actually had a great 12th round v Fury, but when I watched both I came away thinking...wow, Fury outboxed him, they could do that fight 10 times and Fury will win all 10 times.
    When I was AJ finish him, I said wow, great fight...Wlad from 4-5 years ago probably finishes AJ.

  • jervis love
    jervis love 13 days ago

    Fury is the king

  • Ghotda
    Ghotda 14 days ago

    AJ never ducked anyone believe it or not. That's some media and boxer's bullshit.
    AJ would KO Wilder and Fury even if the fights are 1 day apart.
    The only ones ducking are Wilder and Fury, they know they would be in a great danger against AJ.
    AJ will be undisputed heavyweight champion, believe it or not.

  • Lee hibbert
    Lee hibbert 15 days ago

    Are you smoking crack I'm British and fury is past it, be kod in 5 rounds! And Wilder is a bum who's scared!! Shitless!! He said he won't fight AJ till 2020?? AJ is faster hits harder than both !!!!

  • Elvedin Krlic
    Elvedin Krlic 16 days ago

    If I am honest klitchkov could have stopped joshua but decided to let him in the game for whatever reason, and fury schooled klitchkov dominated him

  • Pete Humphries
    Pete Humphries Month ago

    The brown fog horn! Got to go got a headache.....

  • Pete Humphries
    Pete Humphries Month ago

    If he got stripped fury that is took his belts. Why not the lineral status or belt if there is one?

  • Jeremi Kenagy
    Jeremi Kenagy Month ago

    I'm a white guy... And it's clear to see Smith is an uncle Tom

  • Richy Rookstube
    Richy Rookstube Month ago

    I disagree. I think Joshua would beat both Wilder and Fury.

    BOXING GLOVES Month ago

    Technically Deontay wilder is the chicken he turned down $100m deal to fight dominic breazeale his mandatory and AJ.

  • Ginn N. Juice
    Ginn N. Juice Month ago

    Aj cleans them both. Tyson the tougher challenge because of his style.

  • Callum Grant
    Callum Grant Month ago

    I swear Steven needs to smoke a joint he he's to much to say louldly about nothing he's so fucking annoying even when i agree with the gezer he pissed me of ... as soon as he comes on screen volume Dow

  • Callum Grant
    Callum Grant Month ago

    Did max even watch the klitchco fight no where near close most 1 sided fight I have scene !

  • Stacey Wallace
    Stacey Wallace Month ago

    Just to say to you guys fury beat wilder fury got Robed fury will beat AJ too

  • John JJ
    John JJ Month ago +3

    Calling a fury fight boring is boloux because if you like boxing you'll like to see a masterclass in it and how many times did fxury get knocked down in the klitschko fight compared to Joshua 🤔

    • John JJ
      John JJ 2 days ago

      +TiMbO 89 ye sorry I only glanced over your comment 👌I agree

    • TiMbO 89
      TiMbO 89 2 days ago

      +John JJ You misinterpreted. I am agreeing. Saying he is amazingly technical and ALSO will stick his tongue out and show boat by putting his hands behind his back.

    • TiMbO 89
      TiMbO 89 2 days ago

      And fury dosent just put on a masterclass he show boats and laughs in your face

  • The Lonely Warrior Pictures

    Okay 40 seconds in and he's already favoring Joshua he said that Yuri and klitschko's fight was close fury dominated Klitschko if you were going to say the fight was boring okay that's your opinion even Tyson fury thought that fight was boring to watch back on and if you were to say the Anthony Joshua vs. Klitschko fight was exciting it was but that match was closed Joshua didn't dominate him he barely got that knockout

  • Chukwuma Akaenyi
    Chukwuma Akaenyi Month ago

    Wilder right hand is not nothing but his mouth is harder

  • stan salmon
    stan salmon Month ago

    Tyson fury talks bollocks its wilder ducking Joshua the only time wilder will fight Joshua is when he is made to or runs out of excuses not to fight joshua fact

  • Moe
    Moe Month ago

    The Fury that beat Wlad is not the same man today he is their and if you have a bit of decent boxing skill you can beat Fury as hes never been the same. And dropping Fury is not hard he got dropped by a cruiserweight and Usyk the king would spank Fury

  • Darren Heath
    Darren Heath Month ago

    These two just went up iny estimation, all I keep hearing in these videos is yeah it was a draw or Wilder won he knocked fury out. It's like what was just said here in the vid fury out boxed Wilder, if u wana say Wilder won because of a right n a left late in the fight.... yeah fury was on his back but what about fury for out skilling Wilder for the whole fight, out pointing Wilder for 9 or 10 rounds, having the strength and heart to get up after a devastating knock down, taking the rest of the round after a devastating knock down, taking Wilder off his game for the majority of the fight now there's more attributes there if you will than a right and a left knock down late in the fight cos that's all I saw to put in an argument for Wilder but it weren't enough, it was a brutal knock down for sure but let's be fair man fury took that fight Wilder was lucky those judges we're on his side or else he would have had a loss on his record.

  • Peter Williams
    Peter Williams 2 months ago

    I think all you twat need to revisit your comments given that the facts are now out there. Fury and Wilder both avoiding Joshua.

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer 2 months ago +1

    If ANTONY JHOSHUA will only TAKE on the Likes of "MILLER"...!! Un-ranked in his POSITION as 4 belt champ just for a safe FIGHT then hes had 4 yes 4 safe...FIGHT'S since he got DROPPED BY KLICHKO...yes he was loseing on all the cards but his youthfulness got him through THAT fight as KLICHKO was knackered at 43-years old.
    So if hes 4 belt world champ its been so LONG ago with all THESE Filler fights that he should be Fighting everyone and its just bad Management team getting him to Fight the MILLER'S just ANOUTHER FILLER...!!!!...

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer 2 months ago

    CLOSE boaring fight....if UNANIMOUS DECISION 10 out of 12 rounds...!!! And the NEW LINIAIR champion ...!!! Opened up THE heavyweight Division again...!!!.
    Tyson has it All.....great CHIN great BOXER LINIAIR champion whos unbeaten.....the other champs can only Dream about...!!!. They can only Dream off.....

  • king trailblazer
    king trailblazer 2 months ago

    CLOSE boaring fight....if UNANIMOUS DECISION 9-12 rounds...!!! And the NEW LINIAIR champion ...!!! Opened up THE heavyweight Division again...!!!.
    Tyson has it All.....great CHIN great BOXER LINIAIR champion whos unbeaten.....the other champs can only Dream about...!!!. They can only Dream off.....

  • Mustafa Saifuddin
    Mustafa Saifuddin 2 months ago

    Americans are Dumb ... God bless them

  • Adam Neil
    Adam Neil 2 months ago

    Wilder is not a bigger Punch than George Foreman...This bitch Molly always spewing bullshit

  • Joseph Mumgabi
    Joseph Mumgabi 2 months ago

    I thought Mike Tyson was the most fierce fighter ever? George Foreman was a more fierce than Deontay Wilder in his prime. What are they talking about?

  • Linda Odolofin
    Linda Odolofin 2 months ago

    AJ l don't want you to fight Wilder now .May be in two years time .These ganged up is too much .Good morning our champion and God bless

    TROZJAN 2 months ago

    AJ could shadow box and fill Wembley he doesn’t need a bum champ.

    TROZJAN 2 months ago

    Wilder selling his belt DAZN buying cause he’s a pussy and fury will get his.

  • Darren Dyson
    Darren Dyson 2 months ago

    Bruh!! Everyone is guessing including all of these analysts what Deontay Wilder fighting style is well I'm here to tell you it's easy to figure out and observe...... Hood Nigga fighting styles + being in a NBA player's body = Deontay Wilder. There you go problem solved.

  • C Phillps
    C Phillps 2 months ago

    Fury landed 84 punches in 12 rounds and never had Wilder hurt for one second in that fight .
    Wilder landed 72 punches in 12 rounds, Knocked Fury down two times and concussed his overrated ass twice. Fury got saved by the ref and was knocked out cold.
    These British Heavyweights (AJ and Fury) are both cowards for DUCKING Wilder and I can see why Lennox Lewis has no respect for them.

  • sisophous
    sisophous 2 months ago

    Back in the 80s I liked Max Kellerman. Now I see him as just about liberal ESPN brainless wind bag. ESPN commentary is worthless.

  • Joel Sines
    Joel Sines 2 months ago

    “ Those ( wilder and joshua) are the up and coming lions” max kellerman. Does he realise wilder is two years older than fury? 🤔 I’m more interested in a fury vs Joshua than any other equation

  • Dwayne Watts
    Dwayne Watts 2 months ago

    Tyson fury is a bum like wilder just look at both there resumes there equally embarrassing the only significant fighter fury has fought was klitschko and dont be so quick to forget he cheated using performance enhancing drugs you can go on any official boxing website he had the titles for only 10 days before being stripped of his belts and banned from boxing which is why he had to re-apply for his boxing license and it was exactly the same for hughy fury and billiejoe saunders also got banned around the same time and if you honestly think fury is a genuine champion your simply as delusional as wilder fans and wilder himself. Antony joshua is the only fighter picking off fighters ranked inside the top 10 just look as his resume. Miller will be his 8th fighter ranked inside the top 10 double of fury and way more than wilder yet the casual fans think its aj ducking i mean how dumb can you be not to see through there bullshit even the 50 million offer was a scandel to build wilders profile and fury is doing exactly the same using joshuas name to build his profile meanwhile there the ones who are really ducking antony joshua they should be embarrassed of themselves acting like snowflakes.

  • 1-HITTER
    1-HITTER 2 months ago

    All three guys are great fighters God bless them all but Fury is the one I’m rooting for.

  • Tim Knott
    Tim Knott 3 months ago

    Stop talking shit...
    Fury beat Wilder by 8 rounds - to be honest in round 12 after the knock down fury outboxed and outlander wilder...
    Fury would beat Joshua hands down...
    Joshua is ducking both no question ....

  • Danny Prince
    Danny Prince 3 months ago

    I was watching Joshua on the mitts. Dude's jab is lightning fast. Super fast.

  • Danny Prince
    Danny Prince 3 months ago

    Joshua needs to make this fight happen. It is not just about the money. This is becoming a question of honour. He needs to quiet all the noise. I know he is the heavyweight champ. I think he can beat Wilder -- although not by KO. I would be very impressed if he manages to KO Wilder. Fury in the other hand will be his hardest fight. That dude got heart. He got up from Wilder's knockdown like a man possessed by the devil. Like he was late for a date and a fuck with the hottest babe.

  • Steven Carbuhn
    Steven Carbuhn 3 months ago

    I could listen to Max talk about boxing all damn day

  • heroin or death
    heroin or death 3 months ago


  • heroin or death
    heroin or death 3 months ago


  • Dunstonchecksout! ok
    Dunstonchecksout! ok 3 months ago

    Are your sports announcers in Britain as unwatchable as ours? Joshua is ducking both of them. Knocking out a 40 yr old Klitschko proves about as much as outpointing a 39 year old one (even if the fight was boring), However, coming back from a two year lay off, drug addiction and depression, dropping tons of weight, taking on a dangerous puncher in your third fight back and (frankly) winning that fight after getting up off the canvas twice takes balls. Joshua could well be the best of the three, but until he actually fights Wilder and Fury, he'll continue to look like he's chicken s--t. I don't know much about who Eddie Hearn is, but he sounds like what the English might call a first class tw-t. 'A,' not, 'I.'

  • Jason Chatto
    Jason Chatto 3 months ago

    Nobody is afraid. Nobody is ducking. How can you say AJ is ducking people when you look at his last 8 fights. Crazy talk. Whyte could beat Wilder and Fury on his day.

  • Jason Chatto
    Jason Chatto 3 months ago

    AJ has the belts and the better resume. He is No.1 end of. Period.

    • Eli Zachary
      Eli Zachary 2 months ago

      AJ got ole Klitzcho out of retirement selling his name in a build up where a vacant WBA belt was gifted.

  • GodHimself
    GodHimself 3 months ago

    Tyson is a fucking joke. He was down 11 seconds and now acts like he's a deity in boxing. Wilder was robbed, plain and simple.

    HASSASIN ALI 3 months ago

    Joshua is thr champ!, he holds all the belts, how u yanks tryna call your 1 dimensional low skilled c-grade fighter tryna pretend wilder is champ?

  • Fractal wallrus
    Fractal wallrus 3 months ago

    AJ Will take the the WBC belt AND the lineal title. Thats the plan.

  • Mathew Wadlow
    Mathew Wadlow 3 months ago

    Wilder is a tune up fight for fury 😂

  • PvhEP
    PvhEP 3 months ago

    It sounds more like is it business or is it sport and become the champion.... sounds like AJ is more the first type...

  • Sisanda Matomela
    Sisanda Matomela 3 months ago

    no way Wilder is at the same level as Joshua

  • j b
    j b 4 months ago

    Im confident AJ beats em both

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K 4 months ago

    First Take needs more boxing coverage please!!

  • Detective Inspector
    Detective Inspector 4 months ago

    All 3 wouldn't stand a chance against my Wife 💯

  • Spook
    Spook 4 months ago

    These guys are fuckwits.

  • earl daniels
    earl daniels 4 months ago

    Umm his saying fury vs klithkno was a close fight!!... Does he know that fury won by unanimous decision in klithkno back yard

  • finallevel29
    finallevel29 4 months ago +2

    Fury is the true champion

  • Christopher Jennings
    Christopher Jennings 4 months ago

    Why do Americans shout at each other, did they never hear of talking.

  • Zach the Conqueror
    Zach the Conqueror 4 months ago

    A 28 year old Joshua knocked out a *40 year old* Klitshko, in his back yard at Wembley.
    Fury was the underdog in Berlin.
    #JoshuaWilder #StopDucking

  • raspberry pi
    raspberry pi 4 months ago

    Fury vs Klitschko close fight, this idiot must have been on crack ...Fury toyed with him

  • Ian  Kneale
    Ian Kneale 4 months ago

    Bit shouty.

  • steven green
    steven green 4 months ago


  • Ryan O'Hara
    Ryan O'Hara 4 months ago

    Klitschko-Fury was not a close fight, Max. Dumb