Tyson Fury brilliant for accusing Anthony Joshua of ducking Deontay Wilder - Stephen A. | First Take


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  • Danny Prince
    Danny Prince 15 hours ago

    I was watching Joshua on the mitts. Dude's jab is lightning fast. Super fast.

  • Danny Prince
    Danny Prince 15 hours ago

    Joshua needs to make this fight happen. It is not just about the money. This is becoming a question of honour. He needs to quiet all the noise. I know he is the heavyweight champ. I think he can beat Wilder -- although not by KO. I would be very impressed if he manages to KO Wilder. Fury in the other hand will be his hardest fight. That dude got heart. He got up from Wilder's knockdown like a man possessed by the devil. Like he was late for a date and a fuck with the hottest babe.

  • Steven Carbuhn
    Steven Carbuhn 2 days ago

    I could listen to Max talk about boxing all damn day

  • heroin or death
    heroin or death 4 days ago


  • heroin or death
    heroin or death 4 days ago


  • Dunstonchecksout! ok

    Are your sports announcers in Britain as unwatchable as ours? Joshua is ducking both of them. Knocking out a 40 yr old Klitschko proves about as much as outpointing a 39 year old one (even if the fight was boring), However, coming back from a two year lay off, drug addiction and depression, dropping tons of weight, taking on a dangerous puncher in your third fight back and (frankly) winning that fight after getting up off the canvas twice takes balls. Joshua could well be the best of the three, but until he actually fights Wilder and Fury, he'll continue to look like he's chicken s--t. I don't know much about who Eddie Hearn is, but he sounds like what the English might call a first class tw-t. 'A,' not, 'I.'

  • Jason Chatto
    Jason Chatto 9 days ago

    Nobody is afraid. Nobody is ducking. How can you say AJ is ducking people when you look at his last 8 fights. Crazy talk. Whyte could beat Wilder and Fury on his day.

  • Jason Chatto
    Jason Chatto 9 days ago

    AJ has the belts and the better resume. He is No.1 end of. Period.

  • GodHimself
    GodHimself 10 days ago

    Tyson is a fucking joke. He was down 11 seconds and now acts like he's a deity in boxing. Wilder was robbed, plain and simple.

    HASSASIN ALI 12 days ago

    Joshua is thr champ!, he holds all the belts, how u yanks tryna call your 1 dimensional low skilled c-grade fighter tryna pretend wilder is champ?

  • Rob Wrong
    Rob Wrong 15 days ago

    AJ Will take the the WBC belt AND the lineal title. Thats the plan.

  • Mathew Wadlow
    Mathew Wadlow 26 days ago

    Wilder is a tune up fight for fury 😂

  • PvhEP
    PvhEP 26 days ago

    It sounds more like is it business or is it sport and become the champion.... sounds like AJ is more the first type...

  • Sisanda Matomela
    Sisanda Matomela 26 days ago

    no way Wilder is at the same level as Joshua

  • j b
    j b 27 days ago

    Im confident AJ beats em both

  • Brandon K
    Brandon K 27 days ago

    First Take needs more boxing coverage please!!

  • Feminist Forever
    Feminist Forever 28 days ago

    All 3 wouldn't stand a chance against my Wife 💯

  • Spook
    Spook 28 days ago

    These guys are fuckwits.

  • earl daniels
    earl daniels Month ago

    Umm his saying fury vs klithkno was a close fight!!... Does he know that fury won by unanimous decision in klithkno back yard

  • finallevel29
    finallevel29 Month ago +1

    Fury is the true champion

  • Christopher Jennings

    Why do Americans shout at each other, did they never hear of talking.

  • Zach the Conqueror
    Zach the Conqueror Month ago

    A 28 year old Joshua knocked out a *40 year old* Klitshko, in his back yard at Wembley.
    Fury was the underdog in Berlin.
    #JoshuaWilder #StopDucking

  • raspberry pi
    raspberry pi Month ago

    Fury vs Klitschko close fight, this idiot must have been on crack ...Fury toyed with him

  • Ian  Kneale
    Ian Kneale Month ago

    Bit shouty.

  • steven green
    steven green Month ago


  • Ryan O'Hara
    Ryan O'Hara Month ago

    Klitschko-Fury was not a close fight, Max. Dumb

  • Eric George
    Eric George Month ago

    Fury is king. He completely outboxed Wilder last month.

  • Negro Padre
    Negro Padre Month ago

    Fury trynna push AJ outta it but deontay is just a ducker

  • Mr Mcgregor
    Mr Mcgregor Month ago

    Aj is the A side...Wilder should go to England and fight

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson Month ago

    Is Max an idiot. Didn't Mike Tyson fight Larry Holmes, didn't Larry Holmes fight Muhammad Ali, didn't Big George Foreman knock out the young heavyweight champion ? What an ass kissing sissy. Joshua won on referee tko and not a knockout

  • Ryansyde Doran
    Ryansyde Doran Month ago

    People who say Tyson vs klitchko was boring ....don't actually have a clue about boxing ......Tyson is one of the smartest fighters going today ! hence why klit couldn't get any substantial hits on him but he could knock down aj in 2 .....aj is a robot mover with high power and will not last long in big leagues this is why he is ducking Tyson and wilder and now wants to fight Dillian Whyte again .......people who can't move get hit hard and soon as he faces wilder or Tyson he will get knocked out and he knows this that's why he won't fight them he'd rather fight bums than real men .........look at mayweather he's been classed as boring because he got no real amazing fights but he's a mover like Tyson and very smart in the ring ....and just look at his record

  • Jdm 2000
    Jdm 2000 Month ago

    'Fiercest puncher in heavyweight division history' Ive never heard Fury speak such false bullshit. He's sold out.

  • Barry
    Barry Month ago

    Tyson Fury spoke the truth.

  • Nannoc Nannoc
    Nannoc Nannoc 2 months ago

    Mike Tyson would knock Wilder out in 1 round! Fuck outta here mike had the most power in the division.

  • A. Elmi
    A. Elmi 2 months ago

    Hold on! Fury is younger than Wilder..

  • Guile Wheezer
    Guile Wheezer 2 months ago

    "Close, terrible, boring fight" Fuck you, Kellerman. That fight was great.

  • Ben Nava
    Ben Nava 2 months ago

    Wilder is a bum.. Joshua would dogg Wilder.. wilder can’t box only punch

  • Dk TheBag
    Dk TheBag 2 months ago

    If their boxing skills can’t stop WILDER what does that say about their skills 🛑 it

  • Dk TheBag
    Dk TheBag 2 months ago

    If their boxing skills can’t stop him what does that say about their skills 🛑 it

  • Cheedee O.
    Cheedee O. 2 months ago

    Funny Fury said that, because when Joshua called him out after laying down Klitschko, Fury didn't have that same mouth..

  • Charbon Embersoul
    Charbon Embersoul 2 months ago

    Joshua is a big pussy and all you Brits are on his dick so bad you know he's been ducking all the top guys you guys should be backing Fury who would also best the shit out of AJ he's got a huge heart he's got more fans in the States which is pretty pathetic on y'alls part smfh

  • Charbon Embersoul
    Charbon Embersoul 2 months ago

    hey dummies aka AJ fanboys ya in the UK its 20 dollars for ppv in the states it's a 100bucks do I have to explain the math and now since it was a great fight and with all the hype it will do over a million buys easily their both gonna make a shitload of mula 10times more then Joshua he had his chance but now the duck has to wait n fight more bums

  • Simon Gordon
    Simon Gordon 2 months ago

    Anthony joshua needs to face wilder if not fury .....everyone wants to sed him fight them .....or give up his belts lol

  • Marlon Cornelius
    Marlon Cornelius 2 months ago

    These American idiot's keep coming on here and saying Joshua ran. Joshua's has run from no man his short career why would he be afraid to fight a non factor like Wilder. Wilder has been out boxed by lesser men than Joshua. The way he was getting touched by Tyson Fury and even more damming against Gerald Washington, if Joshua hits him like that its goodnight Wilder fact.

  • daniel jordan nicol
    daniel jordan nicol 2 months ago

    Aj beats them all no comparison

  • Sam Soh
    Sam Soh 2 months ago

    Fury is the best heavyweight of the three.

  • Rich Stubbings
    Rich Stubbings 2 months ago

    If next heavyweight fight is in uk. I believe it would be the beginning of the end for American hosting main boxing events.

  • whois wat
    whois wat 2 months ago

    one thing i am gonna say, WHOEVER fights, it better be in the UK and not in the US with their "judges" im tired of this shit.

  • Dmitriy Hlaskov
    Dmitriy Hlaskov 2 months ago

    Who the fuck are you talking shit like this

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan 2 months ago

    Wilder owes Fury a big thank you for making him relevant for a month or two...

  • Mike jarrett
    Mike jarrett 2 months ago

    Pretty sure it's Joshua who is playing Fury and Wilder seeing as that's all they can keep talking about.

  • Dave Ryan
    Dave Ryan 2 months ago

    I don't think he's brilliant for suggesting AJ's ducking people, given the same thing happens every fuckin time three eligible fighters are available... Quite fuckin predicable really

  • James Wagm asxn
    James Wagm asxn 2 months ago

    Wilder is an Olympic medalist, so he obviously has skill, Wilder also just knocked down twice one of the best heavyweights of this day. Boxing is an American sport, Wilder is an American champion, why would he travel? If a fighter wants to go down in history and be remembered for generations he must endear the hearts of Americans, if aj fights fury thats not gonna happen. Aj must fight Wilder or hes just another foreign athlete that will be forgotten, Aj needs Wilder, dont forget that

  • Rich U.
    Rich U. 2 months ago

    *I had my doubts about Fury against Deontay, but coming from a lay-off and depression. I've become a fan and cannot deny the man's intestinal fortitude.*

  • Gabriel Borg
    Gabriel Borg 2 months ago

    saying fury slightly beat klitschko in a boring fight shows that Max doesn't know shit about boxing.

  • Jason Lawrence
    Jason Lawrence 2 months ago

    This was a great video, building up the three of the best in the division boxing needs more of this

  • A K
    A K 2 months ago

    Max is going on and on and on about Klitschko Joshua, Klitschko was an old man and he boxed up Joshua

  • AllenGotStroke
    AllenGotStroke 2 months ago

    Klistcho was 40 years of age imagine if he was 30he would of won AJ easy

  • Hans Descollines
    Hans Descollines 2 months ago

    Anthony Joshua is the Great One!

  • Hans Descollines
    Hans Descollines 2 months ago

    Making Boxing Great Again!

  • Theshadow XJ
    Theshadow XJ 2 months ago

    Max, it's obvious what Max's doing. Even a child can say it.

  • Glenn Mcgollie
    Glenn Mcgollie 2 months ago

    All 3 big slow punchers

  • Glenn Mcgollie
    Glenn Mcgollie 2 months ago

    Wilder is highly overrated ain’t no way he the most fierce puncher in history you idiot you better do your research dummy

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 2 months ago

    Joshua has a chance against Wilder. No chance against Fury

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan 2 months ago

    Max is a pussy. How’s he going to say Fury and Klit was close

  • Paul Grieve
    Paul Grieve 2 months ago

    kellerman aint coming off good these days huh

  • Sophie Usher
    Sophie Usher 2 months ago

    Max is so bias yea AJ fight With Wilder was more exciting but him saying " a close boring fight" between Fury and Waldamir. There wasn't anything close about it lol

  • david lopez
    david lopez 2 months ago

    Anthony Joshua beat up in old 10 year raining f****** heavyweight champion when he didn't even have the championship belt no more Klitschko so Anthony's not the champion so he beats up Tyson Fury in the eyes of the real boxing fanatics now the real lineage Champion did fight the United States champion Deontay Wilder where is Anthony Joshua going to run to now his mandatories? He should be seeking the other floating belt which Deontay Wilder is holding on too tightly if indeed he considers himself the Undisputed because until he takes Deontay Wilder's belt he is not considered Undisputed

  • Timmy Duffy
    Timmy Duffy 2 months ago

    Go on tyson

  • carlos torres
    carlos torres 2 months ago

    Max kellerman a rapper

  • carlos torres
    carlos torres 2 months ago

    Stephan A annoying

  • Suzanne Stone
    Suzanne Stone 2 months ago

    Wilder isn't special. I don't believe in him. Sorry

  • pcbmastbbxq
    pcbmastbbxq 2 months ago


  • Courtney Ferguson
    Courtney Ferguson 2 months ago

    mike tyson would have punch a hole in that jello fat cracker!

    SOLJAH 2 months ago +1


  • Ultimate Soljda
    Ultimate Soljda 2 months ago

    Iron mike would demolish Wylder

    J FL HEADZ 2 months ago

    So if AJ offer 15% towards DW,
    What will AJ offers furry 8%

  • Sebastian Zamorra
    Sebastian Zamorra 2 months ago

    Max a fan boy,,, fury beat a younger Klitch and AJ beat a lot older klitch. That said Fury is a better boxer then wilder and AJ..

  • paul singh
    paul singh 2 months ago

    4 belts and he is still asking who is the heavyweight champion..couldnt even beat fury....

  • Billy Washington
    Billy Washington 2 months ago

    I like Wilder even tho people trash he skills but one thing i like is that he has been dropping people who can outbox him.

  • Charlie Rose
    Charlie Rose 2 months ago

    Yo, Max been colouring his hair grey since his late twenties

  • J P Vlogz
    J P Vlogz 2 months ago +1

    WE SHOUT BECAUSE WERE PUMPED! honestly this European we must talk at a low key all the time is retarded.

  • Cory Christall
    Cory Christall 2 months ago

    Anthony Joshua will beat both there asses

  • boxing Australia.
    boxing Australia. 2 months ago

    Who is
    Anthony Joshua is but I agree they all have to face off

  • Jeffrey Chavey
    Jeffrey Chavey 2 months ago

    These big fights should be judged by olympic judges. Pro refs get wined and dined by promoters and sanctioning bodies. Get rid of the corruption and boxers will be as famous as other pro athletes

  • steven scouse
    steven scouse 2 months ago

    wilder v aj fpr undistuped will never happen fury has alredy won the wbc

  • steven scouse
    steven scouse 2 months ago

    fury is the man

  • Willy Skallz
    Willy Skallz 2 months ago

    fury deserves to part of the mix after that performance against wilder

  • Carluuchio
    Carluuchio 2 months ago

    AJ will BOUNCE Wilders heads off the canvas

  • Lucas Maximus
    Lucas Maximus 2 months ago

    Kellerman talks shit. Joshua is a Hearn constructed hype job. He won his three belts off Martin, Parker and an old Klitschko who Fury already beat, where he was still knocked down. Fury schooled Klitschko in his backyard.
    Joshua's best wins are Klitschko and Povetkin, who had him looking like a slow bum for the first part of their fight.

  • Professional Lifestyle
    Professional Lifestyle 2 months ago

    Tyson fury right !!!!!!!!! Fury felt wilder and fury landed some good ones too

  • raf154
    raf154 2 months ago

    I want to give credit to molly in this video. Did not interrupt at all, quiet as a mouse. As she should be. Great job molly

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 2 months ago

    Jack it UPPPPPP.

  • Gill Baker
    Gill Baker 2 months ago

    Fury carnt knock any fucker out

  • blackappy
    blackappy 2 months ago

    Max is right; it's a special time for heavy weight boxing.

  • beachboy13600
    beachboy13600 2 months ago


  • tarikbih gamer
    tarikbih gamer 2 months ago

    Tyson won

  • Amber Abalama
    Amber Abalama 2 months ago

    MIKE TYSON?! Just a big kitty cat?
    When it comes to power, IRON MIKE is#1.

  • Guchu Sokukuki
    Guchu Sokukuki 2 months ago

    Lets be real.... Wilder vs Fury fight showed u that Joshua would win in a fight between Wilder vs Joshua

  • Paul Brady
    Paul Brady 2 months ago

    Cole sore is all I see