Nipsey Hussle & Stephen Curry Debate Hip Hop, Potty Training | 5 Minutes from Home


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  • DrippinMink
    DrippinMink 3 minutes ago

    Keep makin these vids man. Is nice to see the dots connecting

  • Ndidi1stMedia
    Ndidi1stMedia Hour ago

    Aww man, I love seeing more of this side of Steph. Gosh can I actually love this man any more... 😩😂❤️😭

  • Shawn Hubbard
    Shawn Hubbard Hour ago

    Great conversation. Refreshing to hear a hiphop artist admit to how much influence they have and how negative the influence is at times.

  • HennDogg & Black n Milds

    Steph is mad chill 👌🏾

  • Cheese Lavish
    Cheese Lavish 4 hours ago

    This Is A Wonderful Sight 😎

  • Markel Payne
    Markel Payne 5 hours ago

    S/o to Nip and Chef Curry

  • Jonah Thomas
    Jonah Thomas 5 hours ago

    your the best NBA player

    I NEED MONEY 5 hours ago

    One of my favorite rappers and one of my favorite players. Raw

  • Malik Mickens
    Malik Mickens 5 hours ago

    Beautiful! Love it when the stars align to give us something to look up to. Whats that instrumental within the last 10 seconds of the clip?

  • Marc Gipp
    Marc Gipp 6 hours ago

    hooooweeee im enjoying this

  • Marc Gipp
    Marc Gipp 6 hours ago

    steph and nipsy thats solid

  • Chi tra Kar
    Chi tra Kar 6 hours ago

    Nepalese food's dope ,Huh?

  • Jhardwork Pays off
    Jhardwork Pays off 6 hours ago +3

    Money opens doors but positivity spreads internal happiness

  • Mina Bhusal
    Mina Bhusal 7 hours ago

    Curry has been to China.
    I think he should definitely come to our country Nepal as well. we have got other 🔥 things in Nepal and a good basketball loving community.
    --your follower from Nepal.. @stephen curry 🍛 .peace#love

  • Funkslave
    Funkslave 8 hours ago

    King of the NBA, period

    OG McFADDEN 8 hours ago

    This So fuckinin dope 💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sabih Nayyer
    Sabih Nayyer 11 hours ago

    only people who think stephen curry is best shooter..must have started watching nba recently LOL.
    reggie miller
    glen rice
    disco dirk
    steve nash

    • Kool Kid
      Kool Kid 7 hours ago

      Sabih Nayyer Actually stats say otherwise and all the Analysts and ESPN/Espy has him ranked as the greatest shooter in NBA history. Just stop hating on the man accomplishments and worry about your own💯

  • Max Collins
    Max Collins 14 hours ago

    Carolina panthers are awesome

  • Max Collins
    Max Collins 14 hours ago

    i love you so much and you are an amazing person

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 15 hours ago

    Curry so lame

  • Jose Arevalo
    Jose Arevalo 16 hours ago


  • Jose Arevalo
    Jose Arevalo 16 hours ago

    Can i have 1234 robux

  • Anthony Finley
    Anthony Finley 16 hours ago

    Misleading title with the word "debate". They're just having a grown man's conversation. Salute these two role models. ✊🏾👍🏾

  • Diamond Blake
    Diamond Blake 17 hours ago

    How he keeping that hat on his head Lls but steph my nigg & nips a real one

  • GreenLight In Flowmotion

    I can't lie I'm Houston to I die but Curry good people love ya vibe it uplifting but we still coming for that spot

  • Brandon Penn
    Brandon Penn 17 hours ago

    nip huss the chosen one, he different when he speak

  • Brandon Penn
    Brandon Penn 17 hours ago

    wtf is curry talking about, i wanna smack that dumb ass face

  • L Graham
    L Graham 17 hours ago

    This is the side of nipsey hussle's I like to see man to man conversation with Stephen curry Mature adults

  • Don Jones
    Don Jones 18 hours ago

  • Five Stubbz
    Five Stubbz 18 hours ago

    Aye, you need to make a video where you go to the carnival and play that rigged basketball game.

  • Cdan Gurung
    Cdan Gurung 18 hours ago

    Ehh momo !

  • Boog Chapman
    Boog Chapman 18 hours ago

    Nipsey got that old school Kobe fro on his 😂😂that negro beard crispy loll

  • Souledad Productions
    Souledad Productions 18 hours ago

    just drag and drop warp stabilizer in post my guy

  • temoc anguiano
    temoc anguiano 19 hours ago

    student: Mr.Hustle what did I get on my test
    Mr.Hustle: 100% Fo sho

  • nathan bullen
    nathan bullen 19 hours ago

    Timeless knowledge from both of yall

  • 89tophat
    89tophat 19 hours ago

    What song is play in the back round 124

  • Rudoplf Chains
    Rudoplf Chains 20 hours ago

    Nipsey you from LA do a video with a Laker or Clipper😞

  • Royalantd
    Royalantd 20 hours ago

    Definitely should have been more than 5

  • Izaiah Jones
    Izaiah Jones 20 hours ago


  • Izaiah Jones
    Izaiah Jones 20 hours ago

    Damn nipsey is y’all asf

  • Zema Berhanu
    Zema Berhanu 20 hours ago

    They blurred his water lmao

  • cesar p
    cesar p 20 hours ago

    Nipsey on the rise

  • Timothy Triumph
    Timothy Triumph 21 hour ago

    Nip is pretty tall

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 21 hour ago

    dope interview..✊✊✊

  • Ambika Pandey
    Ambika Pandey 21 hour ago

    Beig Nepali, me seeing this is amazing. Stephen curry and Nipsey hussel trying Nepali momo. I actually had some last night.

  • Tramainiac tha captain
    Tramainiac tha captain 21 hour ago +1


  • Yung JJ
    Yung JJ 21 hour ago

    it’s dope how celebrities can barely meet for the first time and act like they known each other for years

  • Ramsey Billiot II
    Ramsey Billiot II 21 hour ago

    Nipsey know that Core water is fire 🔥

  • Mister NiceGuy
    Mister NiceGuy 22 hours ago

    fux with the hat 꺼리.
    Come home 40 east

  • lady4real75
    lady4real75 Day ago

    I hope them brother's get that team!

  • Tito Ford
    Tito Ford Day ago

    This was dope two of my favorite people right now.

  • KwikDraw 35
    KwikDraw 35 Day ago

    glad I found this video

  • Tye Nitty
    Tye Nitty Day ago

    New Tye Nitty Nigga & Bitches
    If you can relate like share and subscribe ...

  • Get Dough
    Get Dough Day ago

    Ma nigga nip really got it out the mud,no hand outs all grind

  • Drizzy Dra
    Drizzy Dra Day ago

    Fuck Stephen curry that niqqa a bitch yup

  • CarChronicles 313

    Dboythedon About it on TheXvid

  • ɯɐɹbnısǝ
    ɯɐɹbnısǝ Day ago +1

    6:07 lol Steph curry "if I keep doing these shows I'm gonna get fat fr" 😂😂

  • John Khaos
    John Khaos Day ago

    Lakers fans is the new GSW fans ...curry is the best GM recruiter in NBA ...LeBron is GOTE ..(GREATEST Of This Era )

  • Jet And Gbomm
    Jet And Gbomm Day ago

    You are my favorite lerbron james sucks and I am your number one ☝️ fan

  • Jack Cruz
    Jack Cruz Day ago

    Steph curry you are a true warrior I'm happy u got a TheXvid just subbed my daughter loves you so much if you can write something on her wall for us I would truly appreciate it God bless our TheXvid name is family ties vlogs the picture is us wearing blue and my daughter is holding her trophy she's almost. Black belt if you can say hi Alicia that would be amazing I Kno you have a bizzy life so when you get the chance godbless you and your daughters your wife and son

  • Dony'a Graham
    Dony'a Graham Day ago

    It's crazy how people hate some NBA players based on what they see on TV while watching games. Bro majority of these dudes seem cool af

  • LoBlanco World
    LoBlanco World Day ago

    Uuugggghhhh! 😍

  • SuperGlip
    SuperGlip Day ago

    Nipsy the GOAT


    Good interview Steph..

  • sourceofpower88
    sourceofpower88 Day ago

    This is lit two of my favorite guys!

  • Video Factory
    Video Factory Day ago

    I had to pause the video and comment on how Nipsey's talking about snoop making a good example with his wife. I thought that same thought so many times. Snoop chose a real woman who can deal with any damn thing life throws at her. You can tell she's got something special about her character. That's a strong woman Snoop. Great example! Carry on.

  • Miggz 1Bay
    Miggz 1Bay Day ago

    You Im feeling this Curry show..shit is sick...Deeper then Rap and Deeper then Basketball.

  • George Smith
    George Smith Day ago

    Made me like Nipsey a lot more. Seems really genuine.

  • Rubel Rahman
    Rubel Rahman Day ago

    Nippsey about to get a crooked neck

  • The Promised one

    Curry go more money but no chains on....

  • Armel Kalwisha Lupapi

    Nipsey the great!

  • Y SHA
    Y SHA Day ago

    I never knew Steph had a TheXvid channel! He's been doing this for 6 years. Wow

  • Kevon Thomas
    Kevon Thomas Day ago

    you guys are awesome.👊

  • have a great day dudes


  • Sila Teu
    Sila Teu Day ago

    Didn’t need to watch it to like it! To be from California also a hood in California this picture in the thumbnail is everything n deserves a thumbs all the way up!

  • Alan Jensen
    Alan Jensen Day ago

    Didn’t even watch the vid. Just wanted to say wtf Nipsey why you ever do something with a punk ass like Steph? You just got some smut on your rep for kickin it with him.

  • Diondre Warrick
    Diondre Warrick Day ago +1

    That Boy Said from the Himalayas... I wanted Nip to say "Jerome The International Playa... From the Himalayas" 😂😂😂💪🏿

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Day ago

    Explain to me why curry got way more money than nipsey but nipsey got way more jewelry than curry

    DWAN DAWN Day ago

    We just gonna ignore the fact that hussle sounds like snoop dog

  • The real CJB
    The real CJB Day ago

    Who tf is nippy

  • Semi Slime
    Semi Slime Day ago

    This was dope

  • Julius Barber
    Julius Barber Day ago

    That was dope

  • Princeton Fulton

    I am his biggest fan

  • Bruh Luuh
    Bruh Luuh Day ago


  • Freeda Jacksun
    Freeda Jacksun Day ago

    I tell every parent they learn what love truly is once we become parents.

  • Freeda Jacksun
    Freeda Jacksun Day ago +3

    Cool interview Respect these guy's



  • Jordan Printers
    Jordan Printers Day ago

    What that beat in the beginning

  • Conscious&Crazy
    Conscious&Crazy Day ago

    King shit

  • Cesar Fierro
    Cesar Fierro Day ago

    I wish I could here the whole convo, Nipsey is as real as it gets.

  • Hip Hop Fanatic
    Hip Hop Fanatic Day ago

    Slap yourself Nipsey. Dear Mama, Brenda's Got a Baby ring any bells?

  • Tuicy J
    Tuicy J Day ago

    two of the gr8s

  • Leon Brown
    Leon Brown Day ago +1

    Blessed, hard working young men enjoying life.
    just think when they were 10.
    It's a testimony to our younger generation that it's possible to reach your dreams.

  • Steve Kim
    Steve Kim Day ago


  • Desmond Holt
    Desmond Holt Day ago

    I didn't realize steph was that tall

  • Adrian Street
    Adrian Street Day ago

    King James🏆Lakers🏀💍💍💍💍

  • RapAddict
    RapAddict Day ago

    Feel bad to say this but nipsey last two previous mixtapes in my honest opinion are way better than that album he put out.

  • Saul Chavez
    Saul Chavez Day ago

    A crip and a 3 time nba champion Jesus 2018 is nuts