Nipsey Hussle & Stephen Curry Debate Hip Hop, Potty Training | 5 Minutes from Home


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  • J U L I A N S A T A N
    J U L I A N S A T A N 5 hours ago i love you 2... Big dick🍆big dick i make big dick... its a hooker for the hookas 🕉 that sang the hook. 🍆

  • Ebony Marshall
    Ebony Marshall Day ago

    I feel like these context that you chose to talk about is great for people of all ages but they should be longer than 5 minutes because you're talking about life lesson alot of people never had someone talk to them in this content and understand how they can have the same conversation with the next generation... We are in a generation that lack positive communication and influences this is a beautiful beginning keep striving

  • 4 DAYDAY
    4 DAYDAY 22 days ago

    아니 잠만.. 지존모자 뭔뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • KokoQueenz Jkson
    KokoQueenz Jkson 23 days ago

    Hello to both my BROTHAS in CHRIST\ friends I salute to both of YALL real AUTHENTIC BROTHAS may god CONTINUE to bless both of you and YOURS and YALL real ones stay up much love and respect GODBLESS God#1

  • Daniel Phagami
    Daniel Phagami 26 days ago

    My favourite NBA player!!

  • Cabo Verde Gifts
    Cabo Verde Gifts Month ago

    This is our example....Thanx

  • Andrew Mccaskill
    Andrew Mccaskill Month ago

    Anyone know the name of the intro beat its as smooth as stephs jump shot.

  • Rami Sebit
    Rami Sebit Month ago

    Nipsy the Cali-Eritrean King!! Don’t let them light skinny niggas fool y’all!! We are pan Africans love & power to the people!!! Chicago 🙏🏿✊🏿

  • Naresh Ghale
    Naresh Ghale Month ago

    Never thought I would be seeing Steph and Nipsey eat momo hahaaa love and peace

  • Marvelous Gaming
    Marvelous Gaming Month ago

    That place was so stoked when they rolled up!!!

  • Eve Murray
    Eve Murray Month ago

    Your the best better than Michael Jordan and magic Johnson and kobe

  • Eve Murray
    Eve Murray Month ago

    Please curry your a point god 🐏🏀

  • Eve Murray
    Eve Murray Month ago

    Steph I’m subscribed and my name is JD I’m your biggest fan can you please let me meet you I would cry if that happened

  • Chioma Okoronkwo
    Chioma Okoronkwo Month ago

    2 of my favorite people coming together with the good heart is smiling :)

  • Andrew Gatihi
    Andrew Gatihi Month ago

    Respect for the Zion I instrumental intro Steph!! Bay legend!

  • ladicassh01
    ladicassh01 Month ago

    2 positive..articulate n inspiring brothers 💯

  • Da Breeze
    Da Breeze Month ago

    Luke kukley

  • Eric Wright
    Eric Wright Month ago

    270 bloods or Cavs fans disliked this video.

  • World wide freedom 1st amendment audit

    Fuck wit nipsy

  • realf1rme
    realf1rme Month ago

    i see a sand niqqer..

  • Андрей Викторович

    как твое колено ман How is your knee,man?

  • C.F. Hall
    C.F. Hall Month ago

    2 Kings building. Salute!

    MAY AFRAH Month ago +1

    Oracle is like Google right..?

  • Sonami J.r
    Sonami J.r Month ago

    Yup. That Nepalese Food 🔥🔥🔥✊🏼✊🏼

  • Bassam Aziz
    Bassam Aziz Month ago

    They are like the exact same size and proportion

  • Rich J
    Rich J Month ago

    My son want to be on your show he loves Steph Curry he played basketball all the time I'm a father in the wheelchair I taught my son how to play basketball but his favorite player is Steph Curry I told him one day we would meet him in person Black Power. Dreams can come true if you keep your eyes open👀👍✊👏🤝😎.

  • 祐真Yuma
    祐真Yuma Month ago

    ステファン カリー選手に会ってみたいな~

  • Jay U. Beezy
    Jay U. Beezy Month ago

    Remember that old TheXvid video of the students rapping "Bounce That Ass (and suck my dick)" in class? This is them now. Feel old yet?

  • Nick Brink
    Nick Brink Month ago

    Two powerful figures talking about numbers......💯

    KING LUCIFER Month ago

    Curryyyyyyyy ☝🏾

  • Yatta Robinson
    Yatta Robinson Month ago

    Kings of Cali

  • Jonesgurl22
    Jonesgurl22 Month ago

    Nipsey always keeps it real 💯


    That Korean hat is sick. Where can I get one?

  • Abel R
    Abel R Month ago

    Never seen two 🐐 at the same spot.

  • DaBoiTanner Tanner
    DaBoiTanner Tanner Month ago

    “Keep doin these shows imma get fat fr “😂😂

    EIGHTO SF Month ago

    Two of my favs from sports to rap, motivation at its highest peek!

  • J Lesh
    J Lesh Month ago

    if you have that many chains and you're name isn't Mr. T, you're an asshole

  • Karen Gutloff
    Karen Gutloff Month ago

    Great convo between two black men. Positivity Loved it!

  • ibraheem aborishade

    Steph curry with the extra curry, aka extra spice, king of the 3 point shots both on the bball floor and at the bar

  • Damond Barbee
    Damond Barbee 2 months ago

    Curry gets a supermax contract and now he thinks he can buy an NFL team.

  • B.A. Ozer
    B.A. Ozer 2 months ago

    Steph get Daveed Diggs on here #townbizness

    LG BUSINESS 2 months ago

    Today's rap music is about nothing but BLACK on BLACK crime, selling and using drugs to destroy our Black people and ESPECIALLY disrespecting our Black women and people as a whole. Today's Black culture is 10x worse than the past and Black people love destruction and destroying our Black people with pride. Black goons brag about being the No.1 murder rate city and how to stay No.1 by killing more Blacks. When we kill each other, It's cool but when a cop kills a dangerous niglet, let's protest huh, SMH. I guess we'll blame TRUMP for BLACK on BLACK genocide and gang banging but Obama sorry Back ass made gay people his priority and cared nothing for Black genocide 😳😐😔💯

  • Zaylin Robinson
    Zaylin Robinson 2 months ago

    ima huge fan of u

  • Milan Bk
    Milan Bk 2 months ago

    Steph eating momo!! proud nepalese :)

    SPORT STARS 2 months ago

    Woh, so good. Welcome to my chanel. thanks every body

  • Oliver Young
    Oliver Young 2 months ago

    And my brothers

  • Oliver Young
    Oliver Young 2 months ago

    You are my hero

  • Gigi&Raj Productions
    Gigi&Raj Productions 2 months ago

    Nipsey is the big homie I rather have my kids listen to nipsey n real message then bumping lane shit from uzi n lil pump n etc real talk

  • Y2Kvids
    Y2Kvids 2 months ago

    Welcome to Nepal to try some MoMo!

  • Norma Lara
    Norma Lara 2 months ago

    Stephen curry is about to get a other Champion

  • Norma Lara
    Norma Lara 2 months ago

    Your the best shotter

  • Steven Small
    Steven Small 2 months ago

    NBA players Be hating Steph since he started assaulting the league in 2015 without Criminal Charges! What he did to the League 2015/16 basketball will never see again from a point guard! So many big men out of the game now! The league still shifting! Shots to the face have angered NBA players.

  • Champions Prod.
    Champions Prod. 2 months ago

    My Favourite Player Steph!

  • EJ Johnson
    EJ Johnson 2 months ago

    Steph curry my favorite player from start

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete 2 months ago

    Nipsey gonna keep a memory note about Nepalese and Himalaya mountains for a verse .

  • Brendan Gindhart
    Brendan Gindhart 2 months ago +1

    Dude, u can put me next to anybody and i love stephen curry more then anyone on this planet, i watch his highlights every day, when ever they put curry on the bench during the warriors game i turn the game off, steph, if u get to read this bro just know u changed my life for the better, u are literally a god man and u are just an all around great person man

  • Big O
    Big O 2 months ago

    Two smart men

  • D Smooth
    D Smooth 2 months ago

    I have to meet you Mr. Curry!! Can you look at some of my basketball games!! Please! I'm 7 and I'm your # 1 fan! I swear!!!

  • Charlene Walker
    Charlene Walker 2 months ago

    Awesome little brother, keep up the good work

  • Will Menace
    Will Menace 2 months ago

    ..... Im feeling mad uncomfortable watching these two niggas holding this forced conversation in front of a camera lmao

  • Nicole Ross
    Nicole Ross 2 months ago


  • Nicole Ross
    Nicole Ross 2 months ago

    Swear I slap his CD ERRDAY Real Shit 🤞☝️💯🎯💙💎🔥💦

  • juniorlopez510
    juniorlopez510 2 months ago



    Super inspirational video..💯🏁🏆💰

  • Anders Kvale
    Anders Kvale 2 months ago

    I went to that game lol 😂

    • Anders Kvale
      Anders Kvale 2 months ago

      I could see nipsey he was like right next to me

  • SuperSoulSeeker
    SuperSoulSeeker 2 months ago

    Grinding all my life!

  • Christian Vazquez
    Christian Vazquez 2 months ago

    U can tell Steph hasn't heard nipseys album lol

  • Sanka Productions
    Sanka Productions 2 months ago

    Steph Curry is the real goat for being the first NBA player to publicly eat momos 💯

  • JH23
    JH23 2 months ago +1

    that snoop and his wife comment didnt age well LOOL

  • Melo Ali
    Melo Ali 2 months ago

    steph is lacking on content.....pick up the ball cuz

  • Gamer Boi
    Gamer Boi 2 months ago

    Who’s nipsey hussle?😂

  • DT
    DT 2 months ago

    This was one of the realest conversations I've seen on youtube. The candor and humility displayed by both Curry and Nipsey. Unreal. This is really For the Culture!

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson 2 months ago +1

    Nispey n Curry black excellence.

  • Ladis Wasehroom
    Ladis Wasehroom 2 months ago

    all the way from the himalayas

  • Ladis Wasehroom
    Ladis Wasehroom 2 months ago

    from himalayas

  • iris okere
    iris okere 2 months ago

    steph is my husband legitimately the most amazing person ik even if he never sees this comment he should know im a huge fan and am 10 toes down 😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Miguel Ponce
    Miguel Ponce 2 months ago

    Stephen Curry is a legend! He’s humble respectful and knows when to be serious and when to have fun. Love his personality inspiration

  • Vexpuriah _
    Vexpuriah _ 2 months ago

    4:16 nipsey sound jus like snoop

  • I am Eisha
    I am Eisha 2 months ago

    Love my SC30

  • Casandra Rico
    Casandra Rico 2 months ago

    Great show and personality for both of you guys you always stay deticated to the things you love and like to do

  • Johnny Tran
    Johnny Tran 2 months ago

    Nipsey is garbage as fuck. Curry need to fuck with Joe Blow #ripthajacka

  • AJG Prod.
    AJG Prod. 2 months ago

    Yo you are fire favorite player of all time you 🔥

  • low laith fps
    low laith fps 2 months ago


  • Cj G.
    Cj G. 2 months ago


  • Nino Anthony
    Nino Anthony 2 months ago

    ... theyre the same height? Hmm

  • The1YouLove2Hate
    The1YouLove2Hate 2 months ago

    These 2 dudes that gotta a lot to brag about but really just down to earth. Nothin but respect to that.

  • kennedy m.
    kennedy m. 2 months ago

    Steph, I don't like the warriors, but I like this series. Keep doing your thing..

  • BlackLight
    BlackLight 2 months ago

    Nigga if we get the Panthers...

  • gv105468
    gv105468 2 months ago

    Damn Nipsey Tall As fuck almost same as Curry he shoulda tried to play Ball 🏀

  • eunjiAllDay
    eunjiAllDay 2 months ago

    Spoke on snoop and his wife tooo soooooooooooooooon lol

  • P H
    P H 2 months ago

    Steph greatest shooter

  • P H
    P H 2 months ago

    Nipsey not a Lakers fan

  • D Money 415
    D Money 415 2 months ago

    They coming to the City next year😎

  • young tommy acter
    young tommy acter 2 months ago

    God bless u guys

  • Markel Dallas
    Markel Dallas 2 months ago

    This was so dope! Stephen Curry X Nipsey 👌🏾 I wish it was longer

  • DrippinMink
    DrippinMink 2 months ago

    Keep makin these vids man. Is nice to see the dots connecting

  • Ndidi1st
    Ndidi1st 2 months ago

    Aww man, I love seeing more of this side of Steph. Gosh can I actually love this man any more... 😩😂❤️😭

  • Shawn Hubbard
    Shawn Hubbard 2 months ago

    Great conversation. Refreshing to hear a hiphop artist admit to how much influence they have and how negative the influence is at times.

  • Iron Mike Cooking & Fitness

    Steph is mad chill 👌🏾

  • Cheese Lavish
    Cheese Lavish 2 months ago

    This Is A Wonderful Sight 😎