My Wife Won $8 Million Dollars (and ran away)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Hi there, my name’s Jim and l had been happily married to my wife Tracy for about six years when one day we got the best news of our life!! No, she wasn’t pregnant…she’d won $8,000,000 in the lotto!! Now if that’s not a dream come true, then I don’t know what is! Straight away we started planning how to spend the cash once we got it. We could finally move out of our shoe box apartment and buy a mansion, and I could get a Porsche or a Ferrari and…OK, before I get carried away, let me throw a spanner in the works. That day ended up being the worst day of my life!! You won’t believe what happened next!
    After jumping around our lounge and crying with happiness, Tracy decided she better go claim the money before it was too late. I wanted to go with her and thought about calling my boss to say I would never come back, until the lotto money came in, we needed every penny we could get. That’s why my wife and I arranged to meet at a fancy restaurant down the road from my office at lunchtime to celebrate.
    That whole morning, I was on such a high. Once I handed this project in, I’d never have to work another day in my life, I thought to myself! When lunchtime finally came, and I pretty much skipped to the restaurant my wife had planned to meet. I felt like the happiest guy in the world and ordered a 400$ bottle of champagne while waiting for Tracy to arrive so we could pop the cork together! Well, I waited…and I waited, and after thirty minutes of her still not showing, I gave her a call. That’s strange, she didn’t even pick up! She was probably stuck in traffic. I was just about to leave, when my phone lit up. It was a message from Tracy.
    “Jim, I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore. Things just aren’t the same, and it’s clear we want different things. All the best to you, Tracy! P.s I already moved all my stuff out the apartment, so you don’t need to worry about seeing me again.”
    The sneaky little rat!!!! I couldn’t believe it! She had won the lotto and now she was dumping me?! What…so she didn’t have to share the cash with me? Was she that selfish?!
    I was so angry I almost smashed the champagne bottle. But instead I decided I’d sit there and enjoy every last drop of it.
    The more I drank, the more tipsy I became, and that’s when I came up with a plan.
    Tracy could think again if she thought she was going to get away with this. Revenge was sweet, and I had the perfect recipe!
    I called up every single local newspaper I could think of and told them what happened. They immediately wanted to do an interview and I also forwarded them the text that Tracy had sent me.
    The next morning, I popped out to the shop and grinned. The shelves were packed with newspapers and they all had the same headline: “Selfish Wife Wins Lotto And Leaves Husband”. Everything I’d told them was there; every last detail. Tracy had been named and shamed, and now everyone knew what kind of despicable person she was!
    But that’s not all! I decided to up my game a bit and sue her for trying to take all the money, instead of sharing it with me. The best part was that the judge decided she didn’t just have to give me half of her $8,000,000 lotto win, but she also had to pay for my lawyers, which cost her another $70,000, which means that I’m officially richer than her now! Can you believe it? Talk about jackpot!!
    I guess, I can’t complain. I might have lost my wife, but at least I got $4,000,000 out of it. And yes, I did buy a Porsche… and a luxury apartment… and eh… also a 200,000 dollar watch, but I’m sure that its value will increase. So I see it more as an investment. Because I predict that this watch will be worth at least twice as much in 10 years as it is now.
    Anyway, let me know in the comments if you have ever been betrayed as badly as I have. And please don’t forget to subscribe to this channel!

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  • Bridget Langford
    Bridget Langford Hour ago

    They are both as selfish as each other

  • Rafael Alexander
    Rafael Alexander Hour ago

    Yes I Have Been Betrayed Around 1.000 Times.Most At School By Bullies And Also The Dumb Teachers,Somethimes My Bff,Dad

  • Pavle team
    Pavle team 3 hours ago

    In my countrie this watch is 10 000

  • Angelique Landsberg
    Angelique Landsberg 4 hours ago

    It is her money she got not you

  • moonika ja laureen Siniallik


  • Angel Cutewolf
    Angel Cutewolf 10 hours ago +1

    She won it not you get your own job gold digger

    • Angel Cutewolf
      Angel Cutewolf 10 hours ago

      Boi she fucking won the money not you you fucking gold digger you dumb ass she won it you just stole it from her

  • Andrew Socha
    Andrew Socha 11 hours ago


  • Francisco Ramos
    Francisco Ramos 11 hours ago

    Dude if you have a girlfriend that's a golddigger break up

  • pepperdev
    pepperdev 13 hours ago

    Search up selfish wife wins lotto and leaves husband on yt

  • Ca Swxervoo
    Ca Swxervoo 15 hours ago

    Ma phone

  • Ellen Boesen
    Ellen Boesen 18 hours ago

    You is a bad person

  • M Sz
    M Sz 21 hour ago

    Man you should call the fbi to muder her and shot her😡

  • Kandi Becker
    Kandi Becker Day ago

    I had a friend named Rose I told her everything but one day she decided to spread rumors about me and my friends and then we(me and my friend) never talk 🙂

  • Dakota Bourque
    Dakota Bourque Day ago

    Dude you cant the money. She won it not you.

  • Dora The Explorer

    Lmao he called her selfish
    "I lost my wife but atleast I got 4,000,000 dollars! :D"

  • Abigail Muñoz
    Abigail Muñoz Day ago

    Men just waist money on something that isn't important.

  • Caro Lane
    Caro Lane Day ago


  • Emily Lourng
    Emily Lourng Day ago

    Well to me it seems like Jim only wanted the cars for himself in the beginning

  • Jesus Carrillo
    Jesus Carrillo Day ago


  • koko_zip
    koko_zip Day ago

    My Wife Won $8 Million Dollars (and ran away) 2019

  • The Sheppards
    The Sheppards Day ago +1

    Post this on reddit

  • Nguyễn Thị Hồng Nhung

    Spend money on a Gold Watch ?
    No good.
    Spend money on Smart Watch ?
    Oh hell yeah.

  • Ransom King
    Ransom King 2 days ago

    And a mlg glasses in share my story is years in the morning

  • Hugh Ampania
    Hugh Ampania 2 days ago

    Same butrading but I also become rich and bought a mansion a Ferrari abugatti divo

  • Dash Montalvo
    Dash Montalvo 2 days ago +1

    I remember my girlfriend was with me for 2 months and when I got to 6 grade she dumped me for an fat guy named eddy t but she moved from my school and I don’t have to see her agian

  • Esther
    Esther 2 days ago

    Wow husband only cares about the money

  • xxzero Tiktok
    xxzero Tiktok 2 days ago

    Ma nam Jeff

  • Rares Ionescu
    Rares Ionescu 2 days ago

    This GoLd DIgErS Are SoO sELFiSH

  • Nico De Rooij
    Nico De Rooij 2 days ago


  • E sup
    E sup 3 days ago


  • mukundi wahome
    mukundi wahome 3 days ago


  • Hz White Rabbit
    Hz White Rabbit 3 days ago

    wow you want money then your wife that actually earned the money not you i hope karma will get you

  • Liz Tan
    Liz Tan 3 days ago

    Of course wife win lottery she should keep it to her self you are only selfish you stupid man

  • kevin yang
    kevin yang 3 days ago +1

    Him:I'm richer then her

    Also him:spends money

    RBB BEAR BEAR SAMA 3 days ago

    Don’t spend your money like Jesus

  • David Bonilla
    David Bonilla 3 days ago

    Your greed yourself

  • Sophea Ouch
    Sophea Ouch 3 days ago

    and also i am sophea

  • Sophea Ouch
    Sophea Ouch 3 days ago

    I can totally relate this girl has bullied me and made mean veitnamese jokes about me beacuse she nows i am veitnamese so she decides to torment me

  • Swingy
    Swingy 3 days ago +2

    Is no one els ganna talk about the fact he said this “Channel 2 times”

    HELP ME 3 days ago

    How can you dump your husband???

  • Mark Crawford
    Mark Crawford 3 days ago

    There are a lot of idiots in these comments saying that he is selfish. He is not the one who tried to run away with 8 million dollars expecting nothing to happen.

  • hell BROS!!!!
    hell BROS!!!! 3 days ago

    When Jim is upset I feel bad for him

  • Samriddh Lal
    Samriddh Lal 3 days ago


  • Mercie Manglal-lan
    Mercie Manglal-lan 3 days ago

    Dude you didnt even consider that you could lose all your money just by buying ridiculous stuff

  • Kwang Kyu
    Kwang Kyu 4 days ago +3

    If I had that much money I would save it so I can make more

  • Nafew Gamer
    Nafew Gamer 4 days ago

    well people only think about money

  • Maria Sepulveda
    Maria Sepulveda 4 days ago +2

    He said this channel two times

  • Maria Sepulveda
    Maria Sepulveda 4 days ago


  • Bruh Already changed my profile

    The money is more than Frankie Grande but lesser than Ariana Grande’s net worth.

  • Team
    Team 4 days ago +1

    “She won 8 million dollars”
    He: *Sues girlfriend even tho she won the 8 million *
    Wow great husband...

    • Mark Crawford
      Mark Crawford 3 days ago

      Would you say the same thing if he with the one running away? I very much doubt it.

  • Evelio Escovar
    Evelio Escovar 4 days ago +4

    This is how much the watch will be in ten years👇

  • Xx cup cake wolf kitty xX

    Me: will save the money.
    Man: spends every thing to fast.

  • Ariadna Melo
    Ariadna Melo 4 days ago

    So my beanie boo that I got about 10 years ago is worth more than I thought and all my other stuffed animals like one of my beanie boos is stuffed and the other doesn't have glitter in its eyes.

  • Grigory Matveev
    Grigory Matveev 4 days ago

    chat dont u think that he was the same like his wife

  • Loa Fetuuaho
    Loa Fetuuaho 4 days ago

    Do you no the mom seems to be not rich any more I feel sorry for her

  • Loa Fetuuaho
    Loa Fetuuaho 4 days ago

    I am so rich I have 10 000000!!😮😮😮

  • Loa Fetuuaho
    Loa Fetuuaho 4 days ago

    I think du wife wonts to kick his wife out so she can get all the money 💰 to herself

  • Cidney Praias
    Cidney Praias 4 days ago +2

    Why are the videos like this always their "worst day of their lives"

  • jennifer hill
    jennifer hill 4 days ago


  • Hallie Schank
    Hallie Schank 4 days ago

    Who's selfish now