Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Magnets!

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
  • What's in the Galaxy Fold's $1980 box, plus demoing its super strong magnets!
    Galaxy Fold First Impressions:
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    Intro Track: Catch as Catch Can by Mr J Medeiros
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  • sk12burned
    sk12burned 16 minutes ago

    the idea is amazing
    but irl its almost ridiculous... it's no better than other phones, I thought you could fold it differently

  • Aqeel Yousaf
    Aqeel Yousaf 6 hours ago

    From which country and market

  • Aqeel Yousaf
    Aqeel Yousaf 6 hours ago

    From where you buy this

  • Toss Margne
    Toss Margne 10 hours ago +1

    2000$ وسامسنج الزبالة كمان

  • Ali Lakho
    Ali Lakho 13 hours ago

    This bad asus rog 2 📱 is best

  • GGgaming
    GGgaming Day ago

    Give 1000 euro

  • Yaser Abdul
    Yaser Abdul Day ago

    The title should be "galaxy fold unfolding"

  • Syed Jawahar
    Syed Jawahar Day ago

    Mate X will beat this phone easily...btw apple is wondering what these species are...and they will launch these types in another 5years and spends millions of dollars in marketing to prove that his is the ONLY foldable in the world.. lol

  • Toyly Weliyew
    Toyly Weliyew Day ago


  • sunita devi
    sunita devi Day ago

    Nice phone😊😊😊

  • Irfan Hasan
    Irfan Hasan Day ago

    Nice pohn amazing

  • • Bored •
    • Bored • Day ago

    That's amazing

  • • Bored •
    • Bored • Day ago

    I didn't even know this was a phone I only knew of a samsung s10

  • Okami-San
    Okami-San 2 days ago +2

    Phone= 1000$

  • Ciro Alosa
    Ciro Alosa 2 days ago

    Yo magnets!
    Yo science!

  • Roman Brouwer de Koning

    And then it died

  • EasLIT
    EasLIT 2 days ago

    Please stop using flip, use *FOLD*

  • news Tech
    news Tech 2 days ago +1

    OMG LG watching this viedeo!!♥♥

  • Zoe Dar E Beata
    Zoe Dar E Beata 2 days ago

    The thing is that im watching this on a new phone...

  • ItzIrene Playz
    ItzIrene Playz 2 days ago

    I wanna buy 1 but its too expensive...

  • Libertarian
    Libertarian 2 days ago

    How long until it broke

  • C.
    C. 3 days ago +2

    Why, Samsung does not use more packaging for this device?

  • imicca
    imicca 3 days ago

    So much magnet is not healthy

  • you tube
    you tube 3 days ago

    i think its a record for mkbhd to hit 17m views or is there any other video

  • 병천TV
    병천TV 3 days ago

    와 박스 개이뻐

  • Psycho psychologist
    Psycho psychologist 3 days ago


  • mirza saquib baig
    mirza saquib baig 3 days ago

    What a price of this phone

  • Goga Pipetkin
    Goga Pipetkin 3 days ago

    Aliexpress 2.0

  • Azi Mahi
    Azi Mahi 3 days ago

    That big screen will get you platinum rank in pubg for just 1 day😂

  • موهبه جديده

    اللهم يخليك ليا وميحرمنيش ممكن تساعدوني تشترك ف قناتي

  • Andri Santoso
    Andri Santoso 3 days ago

    Sampe di indo bisa kena 20jt lebih...hmmm...ginjal ku bergejolak...

  • min min suga
    min min suga 4 days ago

    Imagine walking around and a bunch of stuff starys sticking on your pants, purse or hand

  • Andre Xs Max & Marin 1234 Eremia

    I has this phone

  • Ma Mi
    Ma Mi 4 days ago +1

    If it was that other brand🍎, people would highly exaggerated. This fold is underrated

    • • Bored •
      • Bored • Day ago

      Ikr apple phones don't last a second if you drop then they just smash I've had the phone I'm on now for 6yrs and I've dropped it 2 times and it hasn't been damaged one slight bit

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 4 days ago

    Price is mobile

  • MZ RG
    MZ RG 4 days ago +1

    *The kitkat of phones*

  • min min suga
    min min suga 4 days ago

    First 90s, 80s and 70s fashion is coming back in style now advanced flip phones😂

  • 주김
    주김 4 days ago

    윤수 학원감

  • リhir
    リhir 4 days ago


  • Amrisah Amer
    Amrisah Amer 4 days ago

    Kids would love this. Too bad because its too pricey.

  • Rehan Tinani
    Rehan Tinani 4 days ago

    Mark ass brownie

  • ratne boro890
    ratne boro890 4 days ago


  • Abdullah Imran
    Abdullah Imran 5 days ago +21

    Just take off the screen protector and get a surprise!!!😂😂😂

  • Avatar Abat
    Avatar Abat 5 days ago

    so weird lol

  • 쇼트
    쇼트 5 days ago

    패키징에서부터 간지가..

  • UnGraduate Gamer
    UnGraduate Gamer 5 days ago

    Can you give me 1 I am poor and I want phone

  • Ванеса Кирилова

    It's looking ugly

  • Shahzaib Abbas Qumber

    Huawei won the battle in foldable phone.

  • Ashu Ayu
    Ashu Ayu 5 days ago

    Is not intersting for me

  • Rana Muhammad IBraheem
    Rana Muhammad IBraheem 5 days ago +1

    Easy to fold
    Hard to offord 😁

  • Osama Azhar
    Osama Azhar 5 days ago

    Is it still working in 2019 ?? LoL !

  • Fish Bowl
    Fish Bowl 5 days ago

    Wow, aw*some

  • Kuzey Tekinoğlu
    Kuzey Tekinoğlu 6 days ago +1

    0:54 Fakirlik işte, kalıp sabun sandım..

  • Joseph Yeurdjian
    Joseph Yeurdjian 6 days ago

    I love how amusing magnets are! 🧲
    Also, that crisp sound of the open and satisfying 👌🏽

  • Marius Dalmatzianu
    Marius Dalmatzianu 6 days ago

    How much cost in euro?

  • قنات كن مع الله قنات كن مع الله

    أنا عمل قناه نفسي تشتركوه فيه مع خالص الشكر والتقدير والاحترام ليكم احبابي واليا هيشترك هتردلوه الاشتراك ع طول

  • Faries Nazarali
    Faries Nazarali 6 days ago

    only you have this trash we have samsung A10

  • Emilio Navarro
    Emilio Navarro 6 days ago

    I only like the box 📦 is beautiful

  • ابو سجاد
    ابو سجاد 6 days ago


  • Risma Wati
    Risma Wati 6 days ago

    Hp ne mantep bosku, rego piro iku

  • Zafranullah Khan
    Zafranullah Khan 6 days ago +4

    In Pakistan 1980×2 because Naya Pakistan...

  • Azie Sham
    Azie Sham 7 days ago

    If i get the phone...i will take care the phone....but....i not have the money to buy this phone....tomorrow is my body give me present...but i always happy because i have family😊

  • Kojo Adusei
    Kojo Adusei 7 days ago +1

    If Samsung can make this mind blowing device, they better come up with their operating system.

  • Secret Account
    Secret Account 7 days ago

    I say the phone is too small ; the width..... but for a tablet that fits your phone..... it’s a good samsung.....

  • Md Hasan
    Md Hasan 7 days ago

    This pone is osame How much price

  • özlemin mutfağı
    özlemin mutfağı 7 days ago

    Türk ler yorumu beğeninde ingilizlet önemli bişey zannetsin

  • Ritej kouki
    Ritej kouki 8 days ago


  • 이승현
    이승현 8 days ago

    접히는부분이 좀 먼가 아쉽내 ㅎㅎ

  • vishal Gavhane
    vishal Gavhane 8 days ago +1

    The Samsung galaxy is so cool

  • Gshs Hsjs
    Gshs Hsjs 8 days ago

    Wow .....😲😲😲😲How price ??

  • Munib Malik
    Munib Malik 8 days ago

    its really is amazing

  • Shreya Hv
    Shreya Hv 8 days ago

    I'm buying this only because it has magnet 😂

  • NETERO 92
    NETERO 92 8 days ago

    tanganya kaya kontol lg kedinginan 🤣 just kidding

  • joy joy
    joy joy 8 days ago