Distance Field Visualization and 2D Abstraction of Vessel Trees

  • Published on Aug 6, 2019
  • Distance Field Visualization and 2D Abstraction of Vessel Tree Structures with on-the-fly Parameterization
    Nils Lichtenberg, Bastian Krayer, Christian Hansen, Stefan Müller, Kai Lawonn
    In this paper, we make contributions to the visualization of vascular structures. Based on skeletal input data, we provide a combined 2D and implicit 3D visualization of vasculature, that is parameterized on-the-fly for illustrative visualization. We use an efficient algorithm that creates a distance field volume from triangles and extend it to handle skeletal tree data. Sphere tracing this volume allows to visualize the vasculature in a flexible way, without the need to recompute the volume. Illustrative techniques, that have been frequently applied to vascular visualizations often require texture coordinates. Therefore, modifying an object-based algorithm, we propose an image-based, hierarchical optimization process that allows to derive periodic texture coordinates in a frame-coherent way and suits the implicit representation of the vascular structures. In addition to the 3D surface visualization, we propose a simple layout algorithm that applies a 2D parameterization to the skeletal tree nodes. This parameterization can be used to color-code the vasculature or to plot a 2D overview-graph, that highlights the branching topology of the skeleton. We transfer measurements, done in 3D space, to the 2D plot in order to avoid visual clutter and self
    occlusions in the 3D representation. A visual link between the 3D and 2D views is established via color codes and texture patterns. The potential of our pipeline is shown in several prototypical application scenarios.
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