Alabama abortion bill raises questions over the future of Roe v. Wade

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • Alabama lawmakers passed a bill to ban virtually all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest, unless there's a risk to the mother's health. The move is seen as an effort to get the Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade. Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Consitutional Studies at the Cato Institute, joined CBSN to discuss the legal implications of this bill.
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Comments • 51

  • Folk Aart
    Folk Aart 3 months ago

    The Supreme Court will have to educate these bible turds once again.

  • Jennifer Wayans
    Jennifer Wayans 4 months ago +1

    ❌ Republican Men Trying To
    EnSlave Women Permanently
    🔴 Kay Ivey Must be Dumped
    Into An Insane Asylum
    till she passes away for
    Selling out Alabama Women

  • Dam Big Foot
    Dam Big Foot 4 months ago

    That sounds stupid ''Poor and minority women''. Jewish Feminists are basically just saying ''Black women are too stupid to know they are pregnant'' without saying it.

  • Stories by J.A.R
    Stories by J.A.R 4 months ago

    Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by getting rid of a human fetus. There is a dilemma there. Either the termination of a human fetus is the killing of an innocent life or it is not. If the termination of a human fetus is the killing of an innocent life, then the millions of abortions under Roe v Wade are immoral. If the termination of a human fetus is not the killing of an innocent life, then the millions of abortions under Roe v Wade are moral.

  • Betty Forsberg
    Betty Forsberg 4 months ago


  • Mary Hocking
    Mary Hocking 4 months ago +7

    Good for Alabama...a voice for life.....Thank God....Amen...a just example for all to follow....

    • Ryan Japan
      Ryan Japan 4 months ago

      Mary Hocking say that out loud

  • S J
    S J 4 months ago

    Sterile crew FTW 👌😂👌

  • robert shuman
    robert shuman 4 months ago +2

    You would think the republican,political party, would be having a problem, w/the suits against the ppl,they know,who got women pregnant, at work,or I guess,Trump will give em a pardon, only democrats will get the 99 we,independents we,get to act like it's a woman body.,and be normal,and treat life,all life,even sea life,dogs lives,and republicans, as human beings

    DMG2FUN 4 months ago

    So how's the sex strike going? Not screwing will prevent abortions!

  • I'm gone
    I'm gone 4 months ago

    We need to focus on the post-Mueller investigation.

  • I'm right you're wrong
    I'm right you're wrong 4 months ago +4

    It's never to late for an abortion, Tell your Mom.

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago

      For liberal "babies"!

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago

      G.O.A.T, like, 90th trimester late-term!

    • Big Bad
      Big Bad 4 months ago

      @jimmy knox like virginia?...after the baby is born?

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago +1

      I'm right, you're wrong, they need late term, (like really late term,) abortions!

  • Marsaille Canty
    Marsaille Canty 4 months ago +9

    God bless the state of Alabama true leaders and true Christians

    • Folk Aart
      Folk Aart 3 months ago

      Intolerance is a Christian virtue and that is why you imbeciles are ridiculed and despised.

    • Ryan Japan
      Ryan Japan 4 months ago

      Marsaille Canty cough cough rot Moore cough

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago +1

      From Alabama!

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago +1

      Marsaille Canty, amen, Nana Kay rocks!

  • jimmy knox
    jimmy knox 4 months ago +1

    RvW is bad law.

  • jimmy knox
    jimmy knox 4 months ago +4

    If this is the quality of audience you attract, no wonder you're failing!
    12 comments from baby haters!
    For shame!

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago +2

      dogmeat, you're just stupid.

    • dogmeat jesus
      dogmeat jesus 4 months ago +1

      @jimmy knoxRepublicans only care about people who aren't born yet. Pre schoolers get shot but they do nothing and when these kids grow up republicans don't wana give em healthcare trump cut social security. Snap program parents cant aford school lunch starve who cares just repete after trump

    • jimmy knox
      jimmy knox 4 months ago +1

      I care about all babies, dogmeat!
      Where do you get off?

    • dogmeat jesus
      dogmeat jesus 4 months ago +2

      You don't care about babies who get shot. All the people who die by guns all the preschoolers who get shot

  • M V.N
    M V.N 4 months ago +5


  • Elephant In The Room
    Elephant In The Room 4 months ago

    these hoes should stop banging random men and killing babies

  • Elle Bee
    Elle Bee 4 months ago +4

    They talk about us, but did you see that thang with the pink hair? Smh #wellInever!

  • Carmen Santana
    Carmen Santana 4 months ago +7

    NO UTERUS NO SAY in the right FOR A woman TO choose.

    • Daisy Elmir
      Daisy Elmir 4 months ago

      @Big Bad
      A clump of cells IS NOT a baby.🌼

    • Big Bad
      Big Bad 4 months ago +1

      @Daisy Elmir a vasectomy or jail time is not the same as murdering a baby.

    • tlp tl
      tlp tl 4 months ago +2

      carmen santana.i agree.

    • tart70
      tart70 4 months ago +1

      @Daisy Elmir Until women are also held responsible for their actions because most are not forced into being pregnant, and when men are given an equal concern when he in most cases is made responsible financially and legally required by law to be involved in the child's life by law (if the woman pursued such action) then the man should be able in all fairness be able to just leave with no problems, just like mothers who can abort willy-nilly.

    • tart70
      tart70 4 months ago +1

      @Daisy Elmir Child support ties into this as well when men face jail time if they do not want to, even sperm donors who are suppose to be anonymous.

      When have women been heavily punished for stuff like this?

      When most women choose to have sex it is not the same as your hypothetical on forcing men to get a vasectomy. It won't mean much other than more restrictions for men if women can easily abuse it where they can opt out when it takes two to make a kid (a common argument to make men accountable, though not much is seen on this for women as well).

  • James Phony
    James Phony 4 months ago +2

    *C'mon on over to Virginia and get ye'r babies aborted!* 😊✌

    • Tama E.J
      Tama E.J 4 months ago

      We do it in a real medical facility not a hotel basement

  • dogmeat jesus
    dogmeat jesus 4 months ago +13

    Kids die in mass shootings republicans do nothing but the unborn...what a sad sad world

  • Make Racists Afraid Again
    Make Racists Afraid Again 4 months ago +2

    Alabama Hillbillies voted in an OBVIOUSLY Un Constitutional!
    Keep Religion out of American Politics!
    We don't all believe that Goofy Religious Mythology.

  • False Flag
    False Flag 4 months ago

    Democrats promote abortions because Planned Parenthood funnels taxpayer money into Democrat bank accounts thru campaign contributions.
    Your *choice* has nothing to do with it. It's always about your *MONEY.* They don't care about you. They don't even know you and wouldn't speak to you if they saw you.

  • Prodigy
    Prodigy 4 months ago +16

    Give those politicians who love children so much and have them pay for school, bills, and medical. Idiots. It does not matter what reason she may have, it's her body, it's her choice, so shut up old d xxxs.

    • Octo Pi
      Octo Pi 4 months ago +2

      Should your mother have aborted you because it made her feel more comfortable?

    • DMG2FUN
      DMG2FUN 4 months ago +1

      So glade your parents did not put the buck before you.

    • Star Bright
      Star Bright 4 months ago +2

      @Daisy Elmir I agree with you 100% ..!!

    • Daisy Elmir
      Daisy Elmir 4 months ago +6

      These Rethuglicans ONLY CARE until the child is born.
      They use abortion as a political issue.
      They could care less...examples..
      no prenatal care, no healthcare while giving birth...infant and mother mortality rates are through the roof already in Alabama.
      Sick, just sick.
      Save your comments fake 45 fans, I don't care what you think.
      NO UTERUS...
      NO OPINION...