Logan Paul Interrupts KSI Interview To Trash Talk Him

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
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Comments • 2 712

  • Edictal
    Edictal 8 hours ago

    what’s her @

  • Ruhab Dabeer
    Ruhab Dabeer 8 hours ago


  • Fish
    Fish 8 hours ago

    Wonder who’s the one trash talking now... 😆

  • erasie
    erasie 8 hours ago

    I’m from the future: KSI won lol

  • Jessie Playaa
    Jessie Playaa 8 hours ago

    Msj Logan hot beat up 😵

  • Sadsockz
    Sadsockz 10 hours ago

    And then he loses

  • saroman 325 moon
    saroman 325 moon 10 hours ago

    Talk trash to someone and lose nice tactic loganitto

  • Man With A Plan
    Man With A Plan 10 hours ago +1

    I bet he's not talking trash now.

  • David Bhai
    David Bhai 11 hours ago

    Logan paul just got mcgregor show bro...

  • MUCC Blogs
    MUCC Blogs 11 hours ago

    Oh the sweet irony

  • 2003 Pontiac Aztek
    2003 Pontiac Aztek 12 hours ago

    Shannon Briggs pops out:


  • blahpack4
    blahpack4 12 hours ago

    And logan still lost

  • TaG_ ReApErZ
    TaG_ ReApErZ 13 hours ago +1

    Same pu**y that beat him😂😂

  • The_Slick_One
    The_Slick_One 13 hours ago

    Edit title: Logan Paul interrupts KSI during interview to trash talk him. Then loses badly a week later.

  • basto
    basto 14 hours ago

    Logan probably feeling dumb

  • Dopply Fish
    Dopply Fish 15 hours ago

    And guess who won,hmmmm...

  • kasper Rysgaard Haxen
    kasper Rysgaard Haxen 15 hours ago

    And then he lost

  • chocolate turtle's
    chocolate turtle's 15 hours ago

    Look where that arrogance got him

  • Mat Grafy
    Mat Grafy 15 hours ago

    What’s that girl’s ig? Please

  • Payday Boy
    Payday Boy 16 hours ago

    Imagine being so confident in yourself only to blame sneezes on why u lost the match

  • Jeffrey Kazuya
    Jeffrey Kazuya 17 hours ago +1

    we all logan lose but he's still a better boxer

  • Ben Dykes Art
    Ben Dykes Art 17 hours ago +1

    Spoilers: Logan loses

  • Emil Andersen
    Emil Andersen 17 hours ago

    Wanna start streaks on Snapchat😂😁 ADD emil.1003

  • Liam Daly
    Liam Daly 17 hours ago

    This aged badly in 5 days

  • Max 00000000
    Max 00000000 18 hours ago

    Anyone here after the fight?

  • Anas Elshobakey
    Anas Elshobakey 18 hours ago

    Well i respect logan now jj and logan are friends you know at first i did not like logan cuz I thought hes toxic but aye jj won

  • Ace Superior457
    Ace Superior457 18 hours ago

    He delivered

  • Mike Littoris
    Mike Littoris 18 hours ago

    The fight was terrible. KSI literally looked like a windmill

  • Jordan Wolfgramm
    Jordan Wolfgramm 18 hours ago

    Whos here after jj won?

  • Focused Is Jesus
    Focused Is Jesus 19 hours ago


  • Dd Dd
    Dd Dd 19 hours ago

    Ksi wasted Logan

  • Icey
    Icey 20 hours ago


  • Its Traeee
    Its Traeee 20 hours ago

    Ksi clapped his cheeks😂

  • OddHula
    OddHula 20 hours ago

    That didn't age well.

  • Ziggidagod
    Ziggidagod 20 hours ago +1

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen Logan do LOL

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 20 hours ago

    Doesn't matter who's side you're on this was very hilarious😅

  • Ashlin Thomas
    Ashlin Thomas 21 hour ago

    OH the irony XD

  • Juice Wrld-Topic
    Juice Wrld-Topic 21 hour ago

    Imagine talking so much trash, then someone who doesn’t say a word and just sits there and takes it, and beats you 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Master Pearl Gamimg
    Master Pearl Gamimg 22 hours ago

    That just looked like a bro moment 😂

  • T O N E
    T O N E 22 hours ago

    This aged well.....

  • Strike4Luck - YT
    Strike4Luck - YT 22 hours ago

    Logan is such a kid

  • Xrix
    Xrix 22 hours ago

    0:53 when I saw the lil wall move on the left of KSI, I was like, *This Dude been listening to them this entire time* 😂😂😂

  • Elan Romaine
    Elan Romaine 22 hours ago

    @jake Paul, your brother just said the P word 😮

  • Chili Beats
    Chili Beats 22 hours ago

    logan funny

  • Nicola Gaskin Rowland
    Nicola Gaskin Rowland 22 hours ago

    They love each other really 😄

  • Louiseweツ
    Louiseweツ 23 hours ago

    He says your a pus*y so lightly

  • kayden sok
    kayden sok 23 hours ago

    I like how Logan just pop out of know we're

  • Cheetosfrolife YT
    Cheetosfrolife YT 23 hours ago

    haha haha he lost Logan lost the fight and JJ won

  • GTRenegade04YT
    GTRenegade04YT 23 hours ago +1

    How you going to talk trash then lose 😑

  • Sienna Shriver
    Sienna Shriver Day ago

    This is why I love Logan

  • Elite_ XB11
    Elite_ XB11 Day ago

    Logan lost 2 points that’s why he lost

  • Diego
    Diego Day ago

    Logan won in my opinion . KSI just too cocky and Logan is humble

  • Devan Garcia
    Devan Garcia Day ago

    😂😂that’s why he got knocked out

  • King_ Ghost
    King_ Ghost Day ago

    Just like he said, it was all for show

  • Rachel
    Rachel Day ago

    How did the talk go Logan 😜

  • Dyslexic Dog
    Dyslexic Dog Day ago

    I dont like logan but this is still funny asf

  • water water
    water water Day ago

    Logan meany

  • Samantha Moring
    Samantha Moring Day ago

    Snapchat bitmoji in the corner like:

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal Day ago

    *curb your meme music starts*

  • Dezire
    Dezire Day ago +40

    “Your a pssyyy” the way he said it should be a meme 🤣