THE REALITY OF MAN UTD | Man Utd 1 Liverpool 1 - Stephen Howson Fan Cam

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Stephen Howson gives you his post-match fan reaction to Manchester United's 1-1 draw with Liverpool which left many fans at Old Trafford feeling a bit deflated by Adam Lallana's late equaliser cancelling out Rashford's first-half goal.
    Nat is also there and has a few words to say about her beloved Manchester United women's team.
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Comments • 303

  • Sagar Kulkarni
    Sagar Kulkarni 13 days ago

    This fat face is fuck ugly.

  • Johnny KS
    Johnny KS 21 day ago

    But utd are still shite

  • Barnaby Kariuki
    Barnaby Kariuki 24 days ago

    You have to respect how Dan James just keeps on going during games no matter if he's been winded or given a bruising challenge. For me even if martial is fit again there's just no way James should ever be dropped aside from injury

  • George Austers
    George Austers 25 days ago

    Give Ole at least until the end of the season

    • Johnny KS
      Johnny KS 21 day ago

      Welcome to the Championship

  • Q S
    Q S 25 days ago

    Squad depth.

  • 4Bester
    4Bester 25 days ago

    The only criticism I would have of McTominay or Pereira is that they both took long shots at goal instead of playing in a teammate with a pass into the channel. Otherwise their energy and pressing are exactly what we need

  • Peter Cameron
    Peter Cameron 25 days ago


  • Paul Dark
    Paul Dark 25 days ago

    Oh Full Time Devils I watched 1.28 of this video and switched it off was Howsen even watching the same game as me? Brilliant counter attacking goal NOT a fluky smash and grab, plus I thought we stopped the Bindippers playing. We fucked up at the end I thought Ole went too defensive and invited the pressure on but over all a MUCH better performance from the lads.

  • Mark Durham
    Mark Durham 25 days ago +2

    "That will feel like a win for them today" what a manc muppet after the FOUL on Origi and Manes disallowed goal along with the manc biased ref it felt like LFC was mugged.

    THOG DEN 26 days ago

    Oh Manchester is full of shit

  • greatwizard93
    greatwizard93 26 days ago

    We can beat Norwich.

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan 26 days ago

    Honestly 3 big games we have played Chelsea Arsenal Liverpool we've been good against big teams just unlucky against 2 off them. Just lesser teams we need to finish off

  • Tariq Miah
    Tariq Miah 26 days ago

    Silence when lalana scored

  • Lee Illman
    Lee Illman 26 days ago +1

    So parking the bus is good tactics, is basic knowledge that any manager with a lesser team does

  • Cantona7
    Cantona7 26 days ago +1

    Solskjaer your just not good enough.

  • A
    A 26 days ago +2

    It was uniteds cup final well done you got a draw.
    Kevin owens analysis was on point.

  • Innasoul Φ Music Φ
    Innasoul Φ Music Φ 26 days ago +1

    Howson's been in great form lately, 'remember when United never used to never draw or lose, we just ran out of time. That's Liverpool now.' Absolute nail on the head son. Nat's reference to the 80s too. That's how it was. We will rise again, no doubt about that, just hope I'm around to enjoy it.

  • matiomo
    matiomo 26 days ago +1

    at the end of the day we cant attack and we cant defend

  • Daniel Fofanah
    Daniel Fofanah 26 days ago

    Can see tactics! Build on this..

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 26 days ago

    Ole's setup worked for 75 minutes. Liverpool subs and change in shape was evident quickly, wish Ole had made subs at the time to counter and see it out.

  • sagar adhikari
    sagar adhikari 26 days ago

    Just two words : “Gaychester Urinated “

  • The Pen Is Blue
    The Pen Is Blue 26 days ago

    Everyone in the comment section is suddenly a premier league manager

  • N3 N3
    N3 N3 26 days ago

    First team this season to take points off the European champions... and to be honest, if bassaka didn’t get caught napping and closed the cross, which might I add himself & young did really well for 85 minutes, then we Could of been looking at 3 points!
    Need that kind of drive and determination taken to Carrow road on Sunday otherwise that performance was all for nothing!

  • yasheen sookraj
    yasheen sookraj 26 days ago

    Fat boi howson is back

  • castricv
    castricv 26 days ago

    For fuk sake pogba pogba blah. If pogba had played you would have lost. You needed every player to say I have no ego except playing hard for this team.

  • Bob UK
    Bob UK 26 days ago

    Man Utd put a shift in. We didn't play that well and i knew it wouldn't be an easy game for us. I was happy with the point in the end. We are still six clear and can improve.

  • Sm.arty655 shut it
    Sm.arty655 shut it 26 days ago +1

    Manure fans with no Manchester accent glory hunting fuckwits

    • Stephen Howson
      Stephen Howson 26 days ago

      Sm.arty655 shut it erm. I’m from Manchester pal. 😂

  • desertman1962
    desertman1962 26 days ago

    Liverpool had 7-8 players who greatly under performed and i've not seen that since last season at Old Trafford.

  • Sm.arty655 shut it
    Sm.arty655 shut it 26 days ago

    Fuck manure

  • jamie anderson
    jamie anderson 26 days ago

    When your players turn up for big teams and look terrible against small teams , theirs a massive problem , players not giving their all

  • Frank Logan
    Frank Logan 26 days ago +3

    According to the ref, Manu didn’t commit any fouls between 22nd and 72nd minutes even with an average ball possession of 32.1%.
    Webb2.0 is shaping up well👍🏽

    • Frank Logan
      Frank Logan 24 days ago

      @peter scott Never forget 73-74 ggmu lol

    • peter scott
      peter scott 25 days ago

      @Chris Agonizing? not at all mate. I'll tell you what is agonizing though, nearly winning the treble in 1977 only to be stopped by....guess, and nearly equaling most wins in the PL only to be stopped by....guess. Off to bed now nearly man, school in the morning. GGMU

    • Chris
      Chris 25 days ago +1

      peter scott it’ll be more than 30 for your lot. It must be agonizing seeing your noisy neighbors and your old rivals dominating while you play Europa league games. Never mind, you can always enjoy your Man United 1999 DVD’s

    • peter scott
      peter scott 25 days ago

      ah yes Chris, 13th. isn't that how many Premier League titles we have as well? How about you? (silence is deafening) 30 years and counting..Ha

    • Chris
      Chris 25 days ago

      Frank Logan my apologies to Sheffield United

  • Ramon Camarillo
    Ramon Camarillo 26 days ago

    SH: it wasn’t that, we looked much better this game. But we lacked concentration. Liverpool thought they could decrease intensity and that was their mistake.
    But for you to say Pereira wasn’t good enough i think you wrong. He definitely could do better, but I’ll give him a 7, it wasn’t a bad performance.

  • Ramon Camarillo
    Ramon Camarillo 26 days ago

    I predicted this 1-1, because of that lack of concentration.

  • Ariel Pérez
    Ariel Pérez 26 days ago

    We need a lot more quality. Pereira is hard working, but his decision making still awful...

  • Deemo
    Deemo 26 days ago +1

    Did he just say..."Racism is back and Utd are shit - the good old days are back"..?.. My God.

    • Deemo
      Deemo 24 days ago

      @mike slough racism is a joke mate

    • mike slough
      mike slough 25 days ago

      take a fkin joke mate L

  • Chris Miller
    Chris Miller 26 days ago

    I swear that Nat goes to a different game to the one I see every week. The crowd were behind us even when they equalised’ .... Once Liverpool equalised, you could literally hear a pin drop, there was nothing. It silenced Old Trafford.

  • Sasha Kum
    Sasha Kum 26 days ago

    off course we miss pogba dont be a twat!

  • Peter Houlihan
    Peter Houlihan 26 days ago

    Good result for us considering we are fucking shite. We all know we need major signings, wont change till this happens.

  • christopher madu
    christopher madu 26 days ago

    I wish mctominay has pogbas talent

  • Andrew Jamieson
    Andrew Jamieson 26 days ago +1

    It really doesn't feel like a win, as a Liverpool fan. Really deflating

  • Marcus Fletcher
    Marcus Fletcher 26 days ago +25

    The noise from the united fans was the best I've heard from O.T in years. The fans must do this week in week out

    • Imy Khan
      Imy Khan 26 days ago

      Tbf we have. The Asthana game l stand was it? Fans were terrific

  • Dimitris
    Dimitris 26 days ago

    try this 3-5-2 or 5-4-1 and play martial and rashford up front .worked ok yesterday defensively but we cant score more than 1 goal

  • Matt B
    Matt B 26 days ago

    Fans that down play Mata because he’s got no “pace” need to stick to playing Fifa, wanking over KSI and having no job.

  • be frank
    be frank 26 days ago

    Deport the presenter

  • The New MoezMedia
    The New MoezMedia 26 days ago

    Brexit had to come in didn't it?

  • Oomer Atomic
    Oomer Atomic 26 days ago

    13th and 10 points 😮

  • James Bermingham
    James Bermingham 26 days ago +2

    Liverpool got lucky in this. United’s game plan in the first half worked a treat, and the midfield won the battle. Henderson was awful for Lpool.
    United not as bad as people making out.

    • kenny662
      kenny662 26 days ago +1

      LFC got lucky? Utd playing with a back 5 defence and counter attack football at home? It was a bad performance by LFC and Utd still couldn't win. All stats favoured LFC and Utd was outplayed for most of the game.

  • Valar Morghulis
    Valar Morghulis 26 days ago

    Fair comments. This is what you want from opposition fans, instead of posting a pic of Van Dijk and Rashford in a tussle as if that’s a win. There’s the difference between proper fans and internet fans right there.

    ANTONY DILEEPAN 26 days ago

    It's like a win for you banterchester united not for Liverpool.

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 26 days ago

    Get Partey Eriksen Ziyech Bale(on loan) Sancho and Koulibaly

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 26 days ago

    Lindelof no

  • Matthew Griffiths
    Matthew Griffiths 26 days ago +1

    We need to strengthen In January 100% no more excuses from the glazers or manager, need to atleast try and get a creative midfielder and a striker in January and then strengthen even more with another 5 more in the summer

  • Adil Lambat
    Adil Lambat 26 days ago

    Manchester United fans' reaction suggest that the lineup they deserve is:
    De Gea

  • marco fragiotta
    marco fragiotta 26 days ago

    Like the 80's comment from Adam 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Junaid Amin
    Junaid Amin 26 days ago

    Liverpool under klop would play decent in big open games and played shit against smaller teams and would draw or lose. 2-3 signings and now look. I fully trust ole to get it right.

    • Lee Illman
      Lee Illman 26 days ago

      Come on, all he did was park the bus at home and try to catch Liverpool on the break, no different to Steve Bruce last game

  • Hawkesey11
    Hawkesey11 26 days ago +29

    Periera played well, tried real hard but he lacks quality in the final third.

    • Adrian Fernandes
      Adrian Fernandes 26 days ago

      Yeah let him get a few decent games and we can decide

    • Deemo
      Deemo 26 days ago +2

      Held on a bit too long and missed a few through balls.

  • robdomduff
    robdomduff 26 days ago

    As a staunch liverpool fan I have to say this guy was more or less spot on..forget the rivalry for a minute and take a rain check..we dominated for years..the cycle came to an end..United with fergie then took the helm for the next couple of decades and now its petering comes and goes..wether Utd can get back to the glory days only time will tell..As for us, well..its .looking good at the mo but you cant really start shooting your mouth off until you start banging titles out and that remains to be seen..The game itself was average I thought and I couldn't believe how poorly we played..Utd where deffo up for it as they were winning all the 50/50 balls and looked more determined. As for VAR..well, I think some games you will benefit from it and in others you'll lose out..just have to accept it I suppose.I watch a lot of fan channels as its interesting to hear different views and thoughts from other fans..keep it up guys..!!

    • robdomduff
      robdomduff 26 days ago

      @csl just shows you how good paisley was at the time rebuilding team after team then fergie done the same and it must have been harder I think for him near the end as that's when the stupid money was coming into play and footballers started to think they where rock stars..christ..imagine having to deal with all those ego's..!!!!

    • csl
      csl 26 days ago

      United supporter here.... Was trying to explain to some one else the other... They didn't want hear any of it... Phases of domination come and go... I accept it's time for another team, i'll take the draw for sure... It pains to admit but LFC are the team to beat at the moment...

  • Mike Burrow
    Mike Burrow 26 days ago

    Liverpools worst performance under klopp, and an outstanding man utd performance and you just about held on for a draw 🤣🤣🤣

  • shazib k
    shazib k 26 days ago

    We were robbed you got so lucky

  • Marlon  Campbell
    Marlon Campbell 26 days ago

    Whoever thought United would play Liverpool of the park should find another sport to watch. That being said, United had a better shape today and played more in unison. It's evident that the players are average simple!