Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review


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    I loved this movie. I think it’s the best Star Wars movie since the OG’s.

  • Cerise Jones
    Cerise Jones 3 days ago

    What's that man child wearing? How embarrassing...

  • RyllenKriel
    RyllenKriel 6 days ago

    I still want to see PORKINS: A Star Wars Story. We must learn everything about Porkins!

  • MegaMr46
    MegaMr46 6 days ago

    This film in my opinion is Damn decent

  • Geoffrey Linehan
    Geoffrey Linehan 7 days ago

    12:09 parsec = 3.26 light years

  • JaX Madison
    JaX Madison 7 days ago

    It didn't make a lot of money.

  • Ethan Martin
    Ethan Martin 10 days ago

    So did they forgot Swtcw ?

  • allluckyseven
    allluckyseven 12 days ago

    Wait-- They called the droid L337?! Oh, gahd....

  • Grand Master Mawile
    Grand Master Mawile 19 days ago

    "Rebels is the best thing that Disney had done with star wars"
    I think that might be some truth to that except i liked rogue one the most. Solo sucked the worst, then last jedi, then force awakens, then rebels, and rogue one was the best

  • Psycho Magalor
    Psycho Magalor 25 days ago

    Yeah was really looking forward to this but darn it was disappointing. Some things were great and L3 was a lot of fun but, eh, just sorta came and went it seems.

  • Cyberbrickmaster1986
    Cyberbrickmaster1986 26 days ago

    I already watched The Last Jedi back in January. I wasn't planning on seeing another Star Wars movie unless it was great. And since it was okay, I guess I wasn't missing out much I suppose. Although I did see Rogue One and Darth Vader was awesome in that, even though he didn't contribute much to the film.

  • mgk2020
    mgk2020 27 days ago

    Solo: A Father's Journey. The prequel coming in 2022.

  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller 29 days ago +1

    Can't wait for the Porkins movie!!!

  • J. Maggio
    J. Maggio Month ago

    Do you not actually know who Donald Glover is?

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David Month ago

    Not sure what people were expecting but it was a fun movie. I had very low expectations after TLJ but it was entertaining.

  • ironmaster64
    ironmaster64 Month ago

    I can totally Hear George Lucas saying: MISS ME NOW BITCHES???

  • trevor random
    trevor random Month ago

    Dreadful movie... Worst than The Last Jedi

  • Johnny Ace
    Johnny Ace Month ago

    now let Phantom Menace be in peace. That one was actually 8 / 10

  • Fabisch Factor
    Fabisch Factor Month ago

    Biggs and Wedge: Academy Movie
    That needs to be an official title! :D

  • GamingTV
    GamingTV Month ago

    question, who asked for this movie? i really want to know so i can corner them in a dark alley and beat the shit out of them new york style

  • baconboi
    baconboi Month ago

    I thought it was pretty good.

  • Stephen Genett
    Stephen Genett Month ago

    You forgot about the 2 Ewok movies.

  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford Month ago

    they are actually backing off from the spinoff films

  • Kurt D.
    Kurt D. Month ago

    I'm willing to bet whatever they had before they brought ron howard on was better than what we got.

  • chris hinders
    chris hinders Month ago

    star wars is dead

  • Angus Ng
    Angus Ng Month ago

    Nerd, are you excited for Terminator 6?

  • Ragnar Teeveer
    Ragnar Teeveer Month ago

    if this movie seemed too dark or murky or foggy at a cinema, it means there is probably something wrong with the projector at that cinema, this issue has been discussed in many articles - if something in the projector is worn out or badly configured, then this is the kind of film where it shows, but if everything is fine, then it looks good - you won't notice these shortcomings when you watch a cartoon or, for example, the prequel trilogy which has a lot of light and bright colours

  • Mr Corgi
    Mr Corgi Month ago

    thanks for explaining the parsec (or whatever how its spelled), I always wondered what it exactly meant/represent!

  • blakebt
    blakebt Month ago

    Ok, so Dryden and Kira fight against each other using Teras Kasi during the climax. Was it fanservice-y? A little, but it was used in the movie outside of the brief mention to L3.

  • cloak211
    cloak211 Month ago

    "That's like saying Toy Story exists in Forest Gump."
    Well... Spy Kids and Machete are in the same continuity.

  • Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley Month ago +1

    Rebels sucks.

  • mynameisroman
    mynameisroman Month ago

    with less "fan service", no "jar jar" droid and fixed dialogue this could have been at rogue one level

  • Alien Zith
    Alien Zith Month ago

    No disrespect to the other guys, but reviews should only be done by James and Mike, they are fun and entertaining people...

  • Don Sergio Salazar
    Don Sergio Salazar Month ago

    the Imperial March was an in universe anthem in the original EU as well. It was in the original Han Solo origin story book trilogy.

  • James M
    James M Month ago

    I am wondering how people would feel if they just start making movies based on the series' rebels and moving beyond that....they never did anything with Han Solo in the series' clone wars or rebels.....and no one really asked for this movie. Maybe its time to stop with these one offs like the idea for Boba fett or jabba and just move on....and if you're going to make a Obi Wan movie then have the fight with him and Darth Maul in it, tie it into the series'. Thats big reason why I think they added Darth Maul at the end....An Obi Wan movie at this point should just be filled with Rebels' series content and characters. It would have strong appeal from the kids who've watched clone wars and rebels and their parents...... Solo....clearly not so much......

  • ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

    Rogue One is the one great Star Wars movie we've gotten since the Disney takeover. "Chewie" can fuck off.

  • Metamonkey
    Metamonkey Month ago +1

    Jar Jar Binks meeting Han Solo is like Kingdom Hearts

  • Stephanus Tavilrond


  • luke gagnon
    luke gagnon Month ago

    Damn i disagree. I was expecting this movie to be shit and i really enjoyed it. Brought life back to the universe to me. Not perfect but i really enjoyed it. I was blown away by the train scene. I also went in expecting to be disappointed but i also didn't pick it apart. So i might just be an idiot because i prefer star trek anyway :P

  • MrCamel2humps
    MrCamel2humps Month ago

    They should’a got Anthony Ingruber!

  • Mike Foster
    Mike Foster Month ago

    L3 seems like a cross between Borderlands Claptrap, and Hitchikers Guides Marvin. The comedic robot uprising scenario seems so familiar, it's almost like a trope.

  • JubJub444
    JubJub444 Month ago

    So is the holiday special cannon now?

  • The Diamond King Is Rich

    "Han said he took a shit on Tuesday, in this movie he'll take a shit on Tuesday"- Ryan

  • Kevin McKinnon
    Kevin McKinnon Month ago

    I like Darth Maul's design. Could of been a great character.

  • Quasar Ulas
    Quasar Ulas Month ago

    they're fraggin' aliens for cryin' put loud! why cant parsec just mean something different for them :p

    RETRO GENIUS Month ago

    Rogue One had a talented actress, Felicity Jones, this does not have the same calibre of leading cast member or story interest. Hans Solo also was NEVER A FUKING MALE BIMBO as portrayed by this prick who looks and sounds nothing like Hans Solo would. FAIL

  • Dareen Bortoff
    Dareen Bortoff Month ago

    I can make the beer run in 3 miles

  • Daniel Gerber
    Daniel Gerber Month ago

    What an excellent video! hahaha! thanks guys

  • Stone Heart
    Stone Heart Month ago

    Ryan spot on with the Han being a good guy.

  • Cory Lambeth
    Cory Lambeth Month ago

    Didn't see it and won't

  • Anonymous226
    Anonymous226 Month ago +1

    It sucks balls, almost as bad as the last Jedi.

  • Faceless Man
    Faceless Man Month ago

    The most expensive Star Wars movie, and made the least amount of money.

  • BrrZrrKrr
    BrrZrrKrr Month ago +1

    It was a $250,000,000 cosplay.

  • Majenrok
    Majenrok Month ago +1

    The prequel trilogy was better than any of the new Star Wars films.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    Fuck every critic. I loved the Solo movie.

  • Gary Oldman
    Gary Oldman Month ago

    Do you own that cinema?

  • Ageto Oni
    Ageto Oni Month ago

    Another Rambo film would be called John: Rambo part II right?

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 2 months ago

    Come on James. You know that we really want the Nerd to review this movie.

  • Brinstar Media
    Brinstar Media 2 months ago

    I definitely looked for the chin scar too! Lol

  • Sawako chan
    Sawako chan 2 months ago

    why does Solo says Jedis were ancient myth when he must've been in hes teens when Jedis did the clone wars? continuity issue

  • BullyScholarshipWii
    BullyScholarshipWii 2 months ago

    This movie was better than I expected, and I also enjoyed it more than Rogue One. The characters were more fun and memorable.

  • Metallizombie
    Metallizombie 2 months ago

    It isn’t the most expensive Star Wars movie

  • Tommy Eldred
    Tommy Eldred 2 months ago

    Relax... Teras Kasi is mentioned in the EU before this film...

  • AnythingGoes
    AnythingGoes 2 months ago +1

    Ron Howard Produces Arrested Development

  • Ed ebrock
    Ed ebrock 2 months ago

    i wanna see the Bea Arthur star wars story

  • AriSafari293
    AriSafari293 2 months ago

    and i love these kinda discussion videos with all of you, keep up the phenomenal work guys! wish you all the best! cheers

  • AriSafari293
    AriSafari293 2 months ago

    one of my biggest complaints was the pointless addition of having his real name not be Han why even bother to go through with that? And in the movie he even mentions his father and how they repaired ships and what not so why wouldnt he have a full name? According to this movie when Luke was born his name shoulda been Luke Solo lmao geeez

  • Samuel Rodríguez
    Samuel Rodríguez 2 months ago

    I think every Star Wars movies made after the original 6, are not so good like they used to. The new canon is a total garbage. I've read most of the SW books but the new canon doesn't make sense. George Lucas has to take the director chair once again and re-buy the franchise from Disney, which is destroying it.

  • iHelloway
    iHelloway 2 months ago

    talking about physical de aging .. actually ... i love it , I LOVE IT ! so realistic and so fitting ... can`t get why people complain.. but again, people complain about everything ... tho I am cgi hater most of the item , atmosphere cgi or practical in any case must be believable , thats why transformers are shit and Jurrasic Park is legendary in such department

  • Tumpeh Soosses
    Tumpeh Soosses 2 months ago

    Teräskäsi = Terska sai

  • David Jrcashlovecats
    David Jrcashlovecats 2 months ago +1

    I didn't mind L3
    I think if R2 spoke english he'd come across a lot similar. As I understand it, droids are used as slave labour and spies (which is why they're not allowed in the cantina.) If they don't have consistent memory wipes then their artificial intelligence develops a personality.
    A Westworld type situation is probably always a possibility in the Star Wars universe.
    I for one am excited they're finally exploring this in Star Wars (droid rebellion on Kessel was the best!)

  • nazi frog
    nazi frog 2 months ago +1

    Solo was the best of all the new star wars movies.

  • James Scott
    James Scott 2 months ago

    My summary of their analysis of the characterization, "I didn't like that the characters weren't how they were in the trilogy." "Yeah, the only thing I disliked more was that they just like they were in the trilogy. ". Can't be pleased.

  • James Scott
    James Scott 2 months ago

    They talk like they don't even like Star Wars. Stop going if you don't like Star Wars.

  • James Scott
    James Scott 2 months ago

    Star Wars fanboys are the worst. You're not eight anymore so it doesn't feel the same.

  • Old Cyril The Gaming Grandpa

    "Nobody looks like Harrison Ford" - I guess y'all ain't heard of Anthony Ingruber? Looks and acts just like him!

  • Devin Clark
    Devin Clark 2 months ago

    tell newt to bring back underbelly pls

    • Newton Wallen
      Newton Wallen Month ago

      hahaha tell the other guys. i would love to

  • ezcompane
    ezcompane 2 months ago

    I'd sit down to watch a Yoda origins story. Why not?

  • Guy_Incognito
    Guy_Incognito 2 months ago

    Ryan was a mistake.

  • IntyMichael
    IntyMichael 2 months ago

    The actor of Chewbacca is a finnish guy. Maybe he reminded the crew that Treräs Käsi (btw. it means Steel hand) is a nice joke. But I like the idea better that the guys would watch your videos for inspiration. ;)

  • Violet Illustrator
    Violet Illustrator 2 months ago

    "The movie is called Solo, you only watch it once."

  • captcorajus
    captcorajus 2 months ago

    Solo ROCKED!

  • Sir Piken
    Sir Piken 2 months ago

    Soylo.......... no thanks. I'm gonna file this under crystal skull and pretend that it never happened.

  • Ben Malsky
    Ben Malsky 2 months ago

    I loved The Last Jedi! I thought it it was really good.

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf 2 months ago

    Very good movie! It’s gonna be underrated for a long time.

  • Noah Shepherd
    Noah Shepherd 2 months ago

    Chris Pratt for solo, thumbs up if you agree

  • jason shapiro
    jason shapiro 2 months ago

    the unwatchable glare struggle is real I feel that I can barely watch most movies in the daytime

  • WolfmanKenpo
    WolfmanKenpo 2 months ago

    Ehrenreich was OK, would have much rather preferred Anthony Ingruber as Solo.

  • PatriotsFan2099 fan2099

    Bring back avgn!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Kehr
    Ray Kehr 2 months ago

    Thanks. I’ll get it out of red box now lol

  • Triadisch
    Triadisch 2 months ago

    thats a hilarious thought that Indiana Jones doesn't even need to be in the movie for what happens to happen.

  • Laser Pictures
    Laser Pictures 2 months ago

    Now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind a reboot of Teras Kasai, if they got Netherrealm to do it. Imagine if they included a Mortal Kombat/Injustice story mode.

  • MT Rich
    MT Rich 2 months ago

    I can't explain why every body was clapping when the movie was over including myself. I guess it was because we liked it and we had fun.

  • D Bonds
    D Bonds 2 months ago

    If ‘it was okay’ meant ‘its bad’ then id agree. Dont think this origins story did Any Justice to the character, solo in this film felt the same from start to finish - no transformation. Pretty lackluster of an origins story.
    The Actor doesnt have Any vibe of han whatsoever, if i didnt know this movie, the only way ill know hes han is coz hes standing next to chewie. Unconvincing han solo.

  • LyovMyshkin
    LyovMyshkin 2 months ago

    In the PC game Tie Fighter the class of ship Hans flys is called a Corellian Freighter so it was nice to seem them dig deep into the lore and pull that one out.

  • Benjamin Hansen
    Benjamin Hansen 2 months ago

    It could have been good. But it's shit. And everything they keep churning out is also shit.

  • leow193
    leow193 2 months ago

    For the Imperial March being in universe, they already did that in star wars rebels

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    Damn it. I'm more than a little stoned right now and your discussion on parsecs is blowing my mind.

  • JB_Calgary
    JB_Calgary 2 months ago +2

    Disagree for once. SOLO was epic!
    They both played Han and Lando PERFECTLY

  • Teamcardgames
    Teamcardgames 2 months ago

    To be perfectly honest, I hate Star Wars rebels for how terrible it is to the actual franchise and the only reason why it’s good is because it has clone wars characters that got more character development than the actual main characters in the and the writers of rebels is just telling you to go watch clone wars on Netflix and I feel that the ending of rebels is not good that’s just my opinion and I hope everyone understands that.