Joe Rogan: Sharks Are Like Werewolves…

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Taken from JRE #1394 w/Matt Farah:

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  • Avinash Lilmohan
    Avinash Lilmohan 2 days ago

    I like this

  • Chad
    Chad 2 days ago

    why do i love watching joe talk about sharks

  • Dylan Vlogz
    Dylan Vlogz 7 days ago

    Sharks don’t like the taste of human blood so they usually bite you once then stop but that can still be deadly

  • Alexander Medvec
    Alexander Medvec 10 days ago

    We dont taste good. Sharks dont like us.
    Tiger sharks eat anything though. Bull sharks are aggressive.
    Besides those 2. Sharks dont want any part of us
    As long as the water is clear and they can see us. If the water is murky, they might mistake us for a seal or something.

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 18 days ago

    "Sharks wont finish you" two seconds later, "sharks eat anything"

  • SoA is better than TWD
    SoA is better than TWD 18 days ago +6

    "I saw Jaws dude."
    Me and literally every existing shark: *B R U H*

  • spartan1010101
    spartan1010101 19 days ago

    Is this weed Rogan or DMT Rogan or both?

  • Nic B.
    Nic B. 20 days ago +1

    That's the key word isn't it? "Most of them". -Joe Rogan

  • PUNKem733
    PUNKem733 20 days ago

    New research is starting to show sharks, particularly whites are smarter than once thought. Also experts think they spit us out is because they can't touch us with hands, so they use a bite. They figure that sharks are after 800-1200 pound seals full of soft blubber, not 100-200 pound boney sticks, that are almost not worth the calories they needed to eat us in the first place.

  • behemuth
    behemuth 20 days ago

    Cross the number of shark attacks with the number of people that are actually in danger of being nibbled on by a shark. Then add the number of "lost at sea" deaths that are almost certainly caused by sharks. See how the stats work out.

  • Nick V
    Nick V 21 day ago

    This is bullcrap. Everyone swimming off the coast of California swims with sharks every time

  • Alchemistic Academician

    Ha classic Rogan

  • Gavin Gregory
    Gavin Gregory 23 days ago

    Yeh like werewolves...

  • Holden Johnson
    Holden Johnson 23 days ago +2

    "Sharks are like dogs, de only bite when ya touch de private parts"

  • Julian Olavegoya
    Julian Olavegoya 24 days ago

    Joe : "What did you do when you dove into the ocean and were confronted with the abyss?"

    Eddie Bravo: "I looked into it"

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 25 days ago +7

    “Nothing cuter than a baby hammerhead”
    Joe: But how bout a baby hammerhead on DMT?

  • Matthew Wiley
    Matthew Wiley 25 days ago

    Sharks are like dogs....

    They only bite when you touch their private parts

  • Bynx
    Bynx 25 days ago

    Fucking love rogan

  • Frost Blade
    Frost Blade 26 days ago

    Why are you guys making a joke about this? Saying he's high or he's on DMT? Dude he's fucking spot on, great whites will carnivorize your fucking body apart. What's so jokey about that?

    YOUNGIN BOYZ YOUTUBE 26 days ago


  • Good old Blighty
    Good old Blighty 26 days ago

    Most kills by sharks are through sever blood loss.i love sharks,my fav sharks are the great white tiger shark bull shark & mako shark.also whale shark

  • care factor zero fu
    care factor zero fu 26 days ago

    Is it just me or is joe stoned

  • bluepill99
    bluepill99 27 days ago

    If only Joe knew more people die from dolphins than sharks

  • Disco Shrew
    Disco Shrew 27 days ago

    Joe is fucking mashed during this conversation 😂😂

  • jchivasx5
    jchivasx5 28 days ago

    I thought it was the smoking tires dude for a second

  • Kevork Manoukian
    Kevork Manoukian 28 days ago

    Joe is hammered 🔨

  • Michael York
    Michael York 29 days ago

    Rogan, you are a fucking idiot!

  • What The
    What The 29 days ago

    Better way to think of it, u have no hospital, arm or brain to treat ur injuries and ur instincts tell u injury = death. If it isn’t a sure thing like a seal (surfer) then you don’t want to risk your life.

  • Juggla
    Juggla Month ago

    Joe Rogan and Bro Jogan

  • Stetty._.Ready
    Stetty._.Ready Month ago

    Sharks have a one track mind, they eat and swim lol

  • Repete Myname
    Repete Myname Month ago

    Thank You Joe! Fuck that salt water, I still dont know how people can go in the damn ocean. Great Lakes for me: No Salt, No Sharks!

  • QB1
    QB1 Month ago

    "You should be scared. You can't move good. There's monsters in there!" LOL!

  • Robert Banker
    Robert Banker Month ago

    Joe is so ignorant when he is talking about wildlife. cringe-worthy

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay Month ago

    My dog would try to make friends with a mountain lion, he's so nice.

  • rolando rios
    rolando rios Month ago

    Maybe werewolves are like sharks

  • hockeylizzerd
    hockeylizzerd Month ago

    They are dangerous for sure, but also misunderstood.

  • Marmorita -
    Marmorita - Month ago

    Marshall: *Barks at santa* WHO THE FOOK IS THAT GUY?

  • Bryant
    Bryant Month ago

    Lmaooo Joe Rogan.

  • Cool Steez
    Cool Steez Month ago

    Mountain lions move way too fast

  • Cool Steez
    Cool Steez Month ago

    Joe needs to stop that dmt

  • Marty Mc
    Marty Mc Month ago

    My worst fear is being in open water out at sea not knowing what's below me

  • axertrybal
    axertrybal Month ago

    Sharks are not like werewolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muqlis Qayumm
    Muqlis Qayumm Month ago

    How much did Rogan smoke for this episode? Hahaha. The part "i saw Jaws dude" got me rofl 🤣

  • roza george
    roza george Month ago

    Humans are like celery to sharks - edible but not calorically dense or delicious

  • Joe Brady
    Joe Brady Month ago

    I read the title and never clicked on something so fast with a smile

  • zen 1
    zen 1 Month ago

    I liked just for the title

  • nobody d
    nobody d Month ago

    If we lived in the water sharks would just develop more of a taste for us. After a while sharks would say to each other yea they don't swim fast and are easy to catch but that first bite I really didn't like but after one or two of them you really start to like them.

  • Patrick Little
    Patrick Little Month ago

    My favorite game is reading a Joe Rogan caption and guessing how much drugs was consumed in the making of the video

  • Mitchell m
    Mitchell m Month ago

    That's why Joe Rogan is thick he says shit like this.

  • Chinmoy Bharatee
    Chinmoy Bharatee Month ago +2

    Her: He must be cheating on me...
    Me and the boys:

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler Month ago

    What's the animal u fear most? A bear attack? Tiger? Lion? As a kid I watched Jaws and it affected me greatly nothing is more terrifying than the thought of being in the ocean and either seeing a white shark or suddenly realising ur being chewed on! Eaten alive in utter panic, u get a bite ur legs gone ur losing blood ur weak and know the sharks waiting to devour u!😱

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt Month ago

    Go through the jungle or swim in the middle of the ocean at night? Im picking jungle i dont give a fuck

  • letlhogonolo sithole

    I saw jaws🤣🤣🤣

  • Micro Shaft
    Micro Shaft Month ago

    Coconuts kill more people then sharks.

  • Nathan Tran
    Nathan Tran Month ago

    A very joe rogan title

  • Marvin C
    Marvin C Month ago

    I feel the same fucking way fuck sharks, fuck the ocean

  • C L
    C L Month ago

    Joe I'd be honored if you did a spinning round house kick to my face
    Best kicks ever

  • We Win
    We Win Month ago

    This is retarded Joe

  • Janis Andersons
    Janis Andersons Month ago

    Werewolves ARE real they are called DogMen , look it up, scary stuff!!

  • Pepe Pinga
    Pepe Pinga Month ago

    Can someone please explain who this guy is and why he's on a popular podcast. Especially Rogan's, where most of the guests he brings on are incredibly entertaining. This guy hates everything. He has that personality trait that just makes me absolutely sick. Everything out of his mouth is para llevarte lo contrario. Idk if hes depresses or his wife is fucking some racial stereotype that he hates but damn.