Can You Make Yourself Smarter?

  • Published on Feb 19, 2014
  • Award-winning science journalist Dan Hurley investigates the new field of intelligence training, and asks: can we really boost our brain power?
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Comments • 204

  • 7Vitor7
    7Vitor7 Month ago

    Yeah, Brazil!!!

  • Jocel Grace Ramirez

    Can i be a smarter like others

  • Devon Reaws
    Devon Reaws 2 months ago

    Nature made me smarter

  • Samantha Atkins
    Samantha Atkins 3 months ago

    He did so many things at once that it is hard to say what was effective.

  • Rudy Vance
    Rudy Vance 3 months ago

    Do anybody know about Rotogenflux Methods? Does it work? I hear many individuals improve their intelligence with this intelligence boost system.

  • awindwaker
    awindwaker 3 months ago

    Intelligence can certainly rise. I would know, math was my worst subject, and now I have a math degree.

    • awindwaker
      awindwaker 3 months ago

      @G Jose I got the right kind of support from the right people to do better.

    • G Jose
      G Jose 3 months ago

      What changed that

  • Jaja Cabriga
    Jaja Cabriga 4 months ago +1

    I’m just seven and I want to be smart

    • Jam
      Jam 3 months ago +1

      Reads tonnes of books, and read some more books. And some more

  • Dari Diggah
    Dari Diggah 4 months ago +1

    I don’t trust the nicotine part dude, i don’t want to say that this guy is bought or start other conspiracies... but boi

  • pianodan marks
    pianodan marks 5 months ago

    BTW, the N back test also has been shown not to improve general cognitive function. No matter how hideously difficult or strenuous mental exercise you do, you will not become any smarter as a result.I used to do sudoku 2 hours a day, brain training games on the computer.Ive been learning piano for 8 years.Now I'm still hopelessly stupid, forgetful, and slow learning. Brain training doesnt make you any smarter, end of story...

  • pianodan marks
    pianodan marks 5 months ago

    I actually believe no body has ever demonstrated an I.Q level increase in an adult.It has been attempted many times, with no success. Intellect is fixed for life.There is nothing which can increase it.Sorry guys...

  • Jam
    Jam 6 months ago +1

    Geniuses are born

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 6 months ago

    That's funny! I'm high on the moderate functioning level of autism spectrum & mentally challenged, and I wish to be a a genius to free myself from not fitting in the neurotypical culture, being taken advantage of, getting peered pressured to act and think as in a current level of a functioning I'm in, & more situations I am facing! Like getting attention that doesn't make me feel too comfortable.

  • Ed Durbrow
    Ed Durbrow 7 months ago

    The lute!!? That proves you are intelligent.

  • Niklas
    Niklas 7 months ago +1

    Iam always watching this kind of videos when i do pot.

  • al - Ashraf
    al - Ashraf 8 months ago

    if u want to become smarter . start a business

  • arun abhi
    arun abhi 8 months ago

    I did not understand what he said at 9:00 something like N L L and repeating it . Can anyone tell what it was.

  • Jessie Sasser
    Jessie Sasser 9 months ago

    Has anyone tried donepezil?

  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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    joke and stupid !

  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • 3rd party thai Aouth
    3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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      3rd party thai Aouth 11 months ago

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  • consciousnick -
    consciousnick - Year ago +2

    If you looked for this video, that very action says yes you can make yourself smarter. If you've been on any kind of knowledge quest, just think of how much smarter you are now. The future is you continuing to progress with getting smarter

  • Oronk
    Oronk Year ago

    Criminals are mentally retarded confirmed.

    Good talk.

  • David Dahl
    David Dahl Year ago

    This guy doesn't look like he has downs syndrome, who's he fooling

  • Vijaya Kumar Ragawan

    The man in this video program simply failed to mention the drug which they discovered to activate intelligent during their research in that down syndrome. If someone knows this drug , please let me know what is that "Cognitive Enchacement" drug !

  • The Magnificent Creep

    He looks like the brain from pinky and the brain, but in human form.

  • hendrix4151
    hendrix4151 Year ago

    yeh i believe that by studying you can.

  • Jeffrey Stockham
    Jeffrey Stockham Year ago

    I wish he had mentioned what it did (or didn't do ) to his iq score before and after he trained his brain and mentioned research in relation to change in iq

    Dawn WOODWARD Year ago

    I was getting C's and B's in English and now I have been getting A's for a while now so if I am able to become smarter then anyone can.

  • FKM
    FKM Year ago

    Nice shirt

  • Virgilia Pamutongan

    Can i make my self smarter? 😫😜😓

  • rachelmcadamslover
    rachelmcadamslover 2 years ago

    you don't need to become smarter. What you need to do is become the best you can be, b.c most people have even reached their full potential.

  • noodlery
    noodlery 2 years ago +6


  • Arthur Arcturus
    Arthur Arcturus 2 years ago +2

    lumosity is a scam.

  • Don Moore
    Don Moore 2 years ago

    And you know? And like, the thing? Because it worked, kind of? And every sentence is ended like a question?

  • Dark Hacker
    Dark Hacker 2 years ago Friends, See this and like it only if you like it :) :)

  • Shivansh Grewal
    Shivansh Grewal 2 years ago

    Hey man don't you be lying cuz I got my life riding on this shitnow

  • Nerzenjäger
    Nerzenjäger 2 years ago +3

    Smarter as in wiser? Yes. More intelligent? No.

  • Jari The Sauna Lover
    Jari The Sauna Lover 2 years ago +3

    I have met some really dumb people in university... In my opinion, knowledge do not always equal intelligence.

  • Lucas Wick
    Lucas Wick 2 years ago +1

    he is a mix between Mike and Heisenberg....

  • eXtremeDR
    eXtremeDR 2 years ago +6

    I've reduced my brain to two brain cells - one to maintain minimal body functions and the other to figure out how to reduce my intelligence even further.

  • Analyst BigFatPurse
    Analyst BigFatPurse 2 years ago +7

    The moment he said Lumosity has good some good effects I know the talk is B.S.

  • Per Olsen
    Per Olsen 2 years ago

    He changed his behavior, but how is that smart?

  • Ready Freddy!
    Ready Freddy! 2 years ago +1

    Reading the comments section brings me relief knowing I am not the only who thinks this guy is a clueless turd.

  • DVI
    DVI 2 years ago

    blank slateism

  • Rose Anne Tuplano
    Rose Anne Tuplano 2 years ago

    transcranial direct current stimulation 👍🏻👏🏻

  • Miles Kempton
    Miles Kempton 2 years ago

    9:07, 'pretty easy'... and then he proceeds to fail!
    Interesting stuff though

  • anonymous
    anonymous 2 years ago


  • Ose Azul
    Ose Azul 3 years ago +1

    Life will be a lot easier if people researched and tried it out themselves instead of judging.. the western world likes watching instead of doing. Even though I was born and raised in a western world I always hated their characteristics for some strange reason. Like this isn't how life is suppose to be and everyone is brainwashed in some way.

  • Robert Madolimov
    Robert Madolimov 3 years ago

    not with those glasses

  • Frankie
    Frankie 3 years ago

    Although, it has been two years after the upload of this lecture, it still holds its value in great encouragement to better oneself. Thank you very much for your time and effort.