TRUE Cost of a Tesla Model 3 (After 10,000 Miles)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • After 10,000 miles here's how much it has cost me to own & drive a Tesla Model 3
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    These numbers are all based off my personal experience so it's not going to be the same for everyone but at least it will give you an idea of the costs and how much a difference it is driving a #Tesla compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. I’m going to compare my #Model3 acquisition to what it would be like if I kept driving my 2007 Pontiac G6.
    The total cost of my Long Range #TeslaModel3 was $56,000. I also had to pay $3,422 for taxes. I am getting the full $7,500 tax credit but my car insurance increased by $500/year so assuming I keep my Model 3 for at least 5 years that brings it to $54,422.
    However we also have to calculate the cost of installing a home charging outlet. This cost heavily depends on your particular location and how difficult the install is. My NEMA 14-50 outlet cost $900 for a professional electrician to install, which is on the expensive side because my box was the furthest possible distance from my garage so they had to run cable underground which increased the price.
    That brings it to a grand total of $55,322 upfront cost for my First Production Long Range Tesla Model 3, assuming I keep it for at least 5 years.
    How much does it cost to charge & drive a Model 3 compared to buying gas? My Model 3 is at 10,400 lifetime miles and it’s averaging 233 Wh/mile. So far I’ve only spent $20.29 on four Supercharging sessions, and that resulted in approximately 700 miles of range which means the other 9,700 miles traveled were from charging at home in my garage. To find out how much it’s cost to travel those 9700 miles we need to calculate my electricity rate along with the Model 3’s charging efficiency. My off-peak electricity rate when I charge my car at home is $0.06882 per kWh.
    However, 100% of the electricity doesn’t make it into the car’s battery when charging at home. This is true for all electric cars. Edmund’s is doing a long-term test drive of the Model 3 and they're measuring the average wall-to-wheels efficiency. So far from their tests they’ve seen an 83.3% charging efficiency (meaning only about 83% of the electricity makes it from the charging cable into the car battery). And if we also account for the amount of battery that depletes as the Model 3 is just sitting somewhere not plugged in (I’ll make a guesstimate and say 3% is a fair assumption for vampire drain), that brings us to 80% total charging efficiency.
    So 9,700 miles at an average of 233 Wh/mile with an electricity rate of $0.06882 per kWh with an 80% charging efficiency equals $186.65. And if we add the $20.29 I’ve spent on Supercharging that comes to a grand total of $206.94 spent to travel 10,400 miles in my Model 3.
    If you compare that to my 6-cylinder automatic transmission 2007 Pontiac G6 which averages 21 miles per gallon and using the current average cost of gas in my area which is $2.77 per gallon, the total cost to travel 10,400 miles would be $1,371.81. That means I’ve saved almost $1,200 over 10,400 miles or maybe it’s better to say that’s $1,200 I’ve stopped having to give to gas stations since getting my Model 3. And I’m not driving a car that puts out any emissions which feels great.
    Also keep in mind there are free apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint that show you locations of thousands of public charging stations, most of which are completely free for anyone to charge their electric car which is something that just doesn’t exist with gas stations.
    Also I’ve saved so much time from not having to stop at gas stations during my normal weekly driving. It takes me 5 seconds to plug in my Model 3 in my garage. When I drove a gas car I had to get gas at least once or twice per week, and each stop took around 5 minutes. So over the course of a year that’s a huge amount of time saved from not having to stop at gas stations.
    We could also get into the money saved from oil changes and maintenance but that's another story. So far I’ve paid absolutely $0 in maintenance for my Model 3 so hopefully that continues. It’s been a fantastic car after 10,000 miles and it’s still just as much fun as the day I got it. I hope you enjoyed this detailed look into how much owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 actually costs.
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    10,000 Miles in a Model 3: The TRUE Cost of Driving a Tesla
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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye  6 months ago +35

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    _Already ordered? Simply give this code to your Tesla rep: aaron86762_

    • Mister Tea
      Mister Tea 5 months ago

      It amazes me how much dumber people get as time goes on.

    • Mister Tea
      Mister Tea 6 months ago

      Andy Slye has the most memorable face, imho.

    • Nailah Rose
      Nailah Rose 6 months ago +3

      Andy Slye so proud of you! Thank you for this informative video. Keep up the hard work!

    • thishadowithin
      thishadowithin 6 months ago +3

      Do you own stock in Tesla?

  • Eternal Wisdom
    Eternal Wisdom 2 days ago

    Life span and cost of batteries please ?

  • turnerr44
    turnerr44 6 days ago

    Comparing a Tesla 3 to a Pontiac G6...ROFLMAO...did you consider that your G6 was about $23,000 brand new? $30,000 to feel good about yourself, whatever makes you happy I guess.

  • isoplayer
    isoplayer 8 days ago

    Once you’re out of warranty the real game is on...

  • Frederick Trebert
    Frederick Trebert 13 days ago

    Hi Andy,
    I've looked at all your vids regarding the Tesler Model 3 and have yet to discover where, and when, you apply the parking brake, if at all??,,,,, Does it have one? Or does the drive unit(s) lock themselves?

  • enmanuel cutino
    enmanuel cutino 15 days ago +1

    you only paid $55k for a tesla and $200 a year on gas that’s great and you are gonna keep it for 5 years that will be $1000 on electricity but lets say you got any other regular car for $20k brand new and spend $1500 a year for gas that is $7500 total so the difference is tesla $56k for having it 5 years and lets say a toyota camry $28k the same time it doesn’t make sense that you will actually save money $56-$28 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Suleiman Ribadu
    Suleiman Ribadu 16 days ago

    Your name is synonymous with Tesla 👍lol. I like your reviews. I really will love to get your contact or Email.

  • caponsacchi
    caponsacchi 17 days ago

    Hasn't quality-control (or its lack) been another expense? I've read no account by disillusioned Tesla owners--they all love it, but some are "died-hards," admitting that they've had to have all sorts of fixes to mis-aligned metal parts to the car's exterior. But apparently the car is more lightweight, less dirty and greasy, more "fulfilling" to repair than gas-powered cars. It's still not a car for a "senior" environmentalist who has no interest in reassembling a car he plans to drive to Regina, Canada and further north. (BTW, how's the ride? My main complaint about my wife's new Legacy, rated best in its class for ride quality by CR, is its lack of a comfortable-cozy ride (instead, it's as bumpy and antiseptic as a school bus).

  • Raymundo Ruiz
    Raymundo Ruiz 22 days ago

  • Raymundo Ruiz
    Raymundo Ruiz 22 days ago

    Too much money for what you get!.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 25 days ago

    I may be evil, but I didn't buy it to save emissions, although its a nice side benefit. You can't put a price on awesomeness. And it is!

  • Andrew Todd
    Andrew Todd 27 days ago

    21 MPG for the Pontiac? Is that standard for a car in the USA? In the UK, I get 48 MPG for a 2013 Mercedes C class Diesel 6 speed manual. The Nissan Leaf is the best selling EV in the UK and costs the same as a low end Mercedes C class. Its range is 140 miles if you are lucky and that does not work for me.

  • Redrum Twins
    Redrum Twins Month ago

    What a boring interior... who wants to drive with around with just a huge tablet screen. I need knobs and dials and busy lit up dashboards !

  • Kiran Kalvagadda
    Kiran Kalvagadda Month ago

    Did you include delivery charges of electricity usually they are same as electricity supply charge.

  • Graham Smith
    Graham Smith Month ago

    Wow that G6 was a guzzler

  • Aussie Shane
    Aussie Shane Month ago

    Electric Cars do give off Emissions.. OZONE GAS. lol

  • Aussie Shane
    Aussie Shane Month ago

    Fancy spending up to $100,000 on a new Electric Car to save a few cents on Petrol..
    I bought a 6 cylinder BMW Convertible for $2,000 and it uses 5-6l per 100klms.
    I am NOT Convinced.

  • Aussie Shane
    Aussie Shane Month ago

    No good in Australia.. Our Power is .30c Per KwH.
    Our Petrol is almost $10.00 per Gallon or $1.90L

  • H Prieto
    H Prieto Month ago

    Buying a Tesla makes zero economic sense. People buy them because they want them. If you are buying a Tesla and you feel it is
    1. Saving you money =Wrong =Cost way more "20K" than a fully loaded Honda Accord Touring =people want to buy and aren't afraid of this car when it has 100k miles. It will go 300k miles or more
    2. Environmentally clean =Very wrong =Batteries are environmentally hazardous material =You cannot put Lithium batteries on a plane in your checked bag = Fire hazard bringing the plane down
    3. Saving time by not going to gas stations=wrong as you are going to charging stations and waiting...1/2 hour to 1 hour to charge if a spot opens? 5-7 minutes fills it up from empty =Chev Tahoe
    4. Believe that Tesla is safe especially when you use "Auto pilot" feature = Deadly wrong = crash and burn to death
    5. Beautiful =So ugly and all of them are ugly Model 3 = old Mazda "3" looks, Model X =Egg mobile can fly? , Model S =Chrysler Intrepid if you even remember that car?
    6. Does anyone here believe that these electric cars will truly last longer than a gas engine? Wrong = Electric engines will break too. *See Tesla forums =Electric motors fail at 60k miles or less
    7. Long range is worth $9000 = It really can't be worth it

  • eksine
    eksine Month ago

    I thought about the basic economics of a tesla. sure less cost than gasoline EXCEPT the higher initial purchase for the car, my 2001 accord v6 has been paid off for years. also if something breaks on the tesla it cost $1000 for really basic stuff, really minor damage costs thousands, WHY? that WAY offsets and cost savings for an electric car unless you're lucky and have ZERO problems for 200,000 miles

  • Thomas Becker
    Thomas Becker Month ago

    Here in California, "off Peak" electriclal rate averages 25 cents per KWH. I don't know where this guy lives, but he's not in Southern California. FYI, I had some EV guy in Oregon bragging about his 9 cent/KWH rate. I pointed out to him that Oregon's energy mix is 42% river raping large hydro and 32% dirty coal. As soon as this in the video guy said 6 cents/kwh I stopped the video.

    • Aussie Shane
      Aussie Shane Month ago

      It's almost .30 cents per KWH in Australia. Our Petrol is almost $10 per Gallon.

  • Tom Reed
    Tom Reed Month ago

    This is a total lie, you can't claim .06 per kw. Like gasoline you have taxes and peak rates.

  • Maurice Harting
    Maurice Harting Month ago +1

    In a tweet last week Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, indicated the cost of replacing battery modules in the companies Model 3 will cost about $3000 - $7000 USD. Not a bad price considering the current batteries are designed to last 300,000 to 500,000 miles, which is the equivalent of 1,500 cycles. HOWEVER, an average Tesla EV needs a new battery every 150,000 miles. A Tesla EV used by Tesla had 450,000 miles on it, but they replaced the battery 3 times!!!!

  • webguy943
    webguy943 Month ago

    how can u spend zero on maintenance? u still need to rotate the tires at the very least.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Month ago

      My local tire shop gives free rotations to Tesla owners

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Sick of this no emissions bullshit, Your car runs on coal and gas. Just because someone else burns and throws the pollution into the air for you doesn't mean you can be guilty free driving a super expensive EV that is 4 times the price of the average sedan. With all the energy loss made in getting the electric to your actual motor and burning the combustion that produces the electricity in the first place it's not even close to as clean and efficient as Tesla shills make it out to be.

  • Doctor Detroit
    Doctor Detroit Month ago

    You are losing AT LEAST 10k up front buying a new Tesla vs a new Honda ICE equivalent. And once the tax rebate-bribes go away, look out below. There is a reason the gov has to bribe people to buy them.

  • Zero Sum
    Zero Sum Month ago

    It is starting to get really clear and obvious why the big oil companies are trying everything they can to shut down Tesla.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago

      Are we pretending that a fleet of Tesla's wont burn mountains of coal and promote mass fracking for natural gas to power these cars as well as make use of countless gallons of oil on everything from plastics to lubricants? Let me guess we just quick fix and fill every field in the us with solar panels and wind farms?

      Oh wait you're just to stupid to realize electricity is incredibly hard to produce in mass quantities, and that when considering all the factors it's still economically impossible to run billions of electrical vehicles and make any serious improvements environmentally considering thermal efficiency in producing the energy and transferring it all the way to the car and storing it. Car and oil companies are just well aware the average person can't afford to drive a car that costs three times the price of a comparable ice car with no real functional benefit.

  • aacvieira
    aacvieira Month ago

    9700 mi x 233 Wh/mi = 2260.1 kWh2260.1 kWh x $0.068 / kWh = $153,69$153,69 / 0.80 (eficiency) = $192.11So, Andy, in Your presentation I think total cost (indicated @ 3m:20s) must be $192.11, not $186.65. This is not a big diference (5 bucks in 9700 miles), but is equivalente to use about 82,34% on energy charging eficiency (and vampire deplection) on Tesla running, not 80% as You intended to do.By other side, is important to specify if the value of consumption indicated by the car is the value of energy charged, so, considering the energy deplected on the decharging process and energy use by the motor. If not, we ned to measure the global energy used to charge the car, externaly, and use that value (not the value indicated by the car as spended, eventualy mesured as in the wheel axle) to reach correct energy costs calculations. If it is the case, we can imagine more about 20% of losses on the dechargin process (over the 80% You refere), value eventualy diminuiched by Tesla energy break regeneration process.On general, congratulations for Your video presentation. I think is great.

  • Jo Im
    Jo Im Month ago

    Pease stop saying no emissions, they are somewhere else but there are emissions and lots given the electric use / build of this car. Besides in the US it is likely to be coal based which in terms of C02 is rather bad.
    Very nice to mention the cost offset due to oil and other maintainance aspect of a traditional car but these are mostly indicvidual gain.
    Interesting comparison, but again no emission statments are not correct, the production of batteries and their end of life have massive impact in some geographical areas and so nowhere near clean.
    Sorry to be a bit of a pushy negative but I think your statments need to be rebalanced to draw a true pricture of the Tesla cars / electric
    cars in general.

  • barry mcdougal
    barry mcdougal Month ago


  • praveena krishnan
    praveena krishnan Month ago

    Andy, do you still have a referral code for Supercharging? we are planning on buying model 3.

  • Jørgen Ramdahl
    Jørgen Ramdahl Month ago

    Wrong, the cost of charging is what you spend on your electric bill, not what the car takes. You need to calculate 100% of the electric output, not the 83% input to the car. the 17% you NEED to pay for and therefor is cost of the car

  • al padrino
    al padrino Month ago

    There ARE emissions: from the coal you BURN as a result of using electricity!

    • al padrino
      al padrino Month ago

      @Jørgen Ramdahl Carbon emissions ARE green! CO2 is making the earth greener! Gas cars are greener than hydropower electric.

    • Jørgen Ramdahl
      Jørgen Ramdahl Month ago

      I agree that in the US and most countries, the electricity is not green at all. In my country, norway, we have 99% of our electricity from green hydropower. almost 30% of all new cars are now electric cars. And thats the future.

  • Rick & Zack Explore Offroad

    Totally impractical vehicle for anything other than an urban commute. They are also far from being "green".

    • Jørgen Ramdahl
      Jørgen Ramdahl Month ago

      bullshit. You can easily drive across US or from north europe to spain with NO problem.

  • IE Compat
    IE Compat Month ago


  • H B
    H B Month ago +1

    Oh brother you need a life...

  • James Grover
    James Grover 2 months ago +2

    Hi, If you charge your car in a coal powered state you'll be emitting more co2 pollution than a petrol car + the environmental cost of a Battery, the wasted electricity lost in charging and the fact usually you are driving around in a family car whilst sitting alone ;)
    This all adds up to not environmentally friendly.
    Try driving a renault twizy and put solar on the roof of your house. hope that helps! :)

    • James Grover
      James Grover Month ago +1

      @LowFlyinGirl true, bike is better but also quite dangerous in many places and possibly not even possible for certain months.

    • LowFlyinGirl
      LowFlyinGirl Month ago

      If you want to be that clean ride a bicycle, because using your 30 seconds of rational, even the bus would be taboo.

  • Andre N. Gagnon
    Andre N. Gagnon 2 months ago +1

    Fantastic, but what is the cost of electricity when you use air con, the radio, plug your cellphone or other hardware ex: gps

  • Jamie Simpson
    Jamie Simpson 2 months ago

    If you have the money to afford these, they're a perfect option!

  • Broken Butler
    Broken Butler 2 months ago

    Yea Tesla isn’t a zero emissions car, where you getting that electricity bud?

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 2 months ago

    Of course you can't drive further than 150 miles without refuelling, the cost of battery manufacture and disposal is not included, and the emissions given out during battery manufacture and disposal are horrendous. Whilst hybrid cars may have a future, electric cars will remain a gimmick.

    • Davis Bradford
      Davis Bradford 2 months ago

      The range of his car is 310 miles at 100%. Also the cost of emissions for an ICE car aren't included either. Most countries don't have a carbon tax and oil is heavily subsidized to begin with. Electric power is used to pump oil and refine it but the work provided by that fuel is only about 20% efficient at the wheel of an ICE car instead of close to 78% of an electric car. Your argument is just plain stupid.

  • Simon Furber
    Simon Furber 2 months ago

    the power for these cars is derived mainly from the burning of fossil fuels

  • Simon Furber
    Simon Furber 2 months ago

    ancient and expensive outdated technology to make Elon rich...

    • Davis Bradford
      Davis Bradford 2 months ago

      It's only a few years older than ICE technology so why is your complaint relevant?

  • Thomas Elliott
    Thomas Elliott 2 months ago

    what a load of superficial crap. This guy is determined to justify his purchase to the point of leaving out essential information, like battery replacement, , comparative purchase price, utility of the vehicle etc. etc. It is still far cheaper and user friendly to own an internal combustion powered car, and possible more environmentally friendly. This guy must live in California, too much BS, not enough sense.

  • dlee t
    dlee t 2 months ago

    Good analysis. I am an INTP personality that breaks down everything into stats. Cliff was a great Cheers cast member with facts, too.

  • randomrandomizer
    randomrandomizer 2 months ago

    I hear a lot of people saying "generating the electricity isn't zero emissions", but that's literally just because we don't have the infrastructure yet. Oil will always be oil. Electricity can be produced however "green" we want to produce it. If the Green New Deal gets passed, millions of new jobs will be created and infrastructure developed - electric cars are a step in the right direction.
    People forget, oil and motor cars were ridiculously expensive when they were first invented. It takes value depreciation, investment and willing consumers to bring it into the mainstream.
    We have 12 years to get our shit together, and y'all are complaining that the electricity isn't "green" enough yet? Help make it green enough then 😂

    • sammy48
      sammy48 2 months ago

      Randomrandomizer. The Green new deal is estimated to be around 50- 100 trillion dollars that is more then the entire Gross Domestic Product of the entire planet. Yes Electric cars are a step in the right direction but fossil fuels are inexpensive and are much cleaner then they used to be. And we as a nation are now energy independent.

  • BenjieKabakoff
    BenjieKabakoff 2 months ago +2

    There was a claim for "zero emissions" which may be true if the source of AC for charging is from a clean source like a hydroelectric power plant. However, if the source is from a less clean source; e. g., coal, then the claim for "zero emissions" does not hold true.

  • AD
    AD 2 months ago

    Im getting one. Going to give this tesla thing a try.

  • Leon Dan
    Leon Dan 2 months ago

    It may appear that you save a bundle in gas money for the initial 10K miles, but in the long run, the battery degrades, and you probably will need to replace the whole battery pack in 100K or even sooner? Just a guess, but that could be a huge cost! Not to mention the ever-reducing range per charge!

  • micro _
    micro _ 2 months ago

    "It does not put out any emissions" Does the electricity to charge it come from solar or wind? Just because the car itself does not put out any emissions does not mean it does not put out any emissions.

  • r none
    r none 2 months ago +12

    Zero emissions? Doesn't it occur to you that the electricity you use to charge it has to be generated somewhere? Or do you have a windmill in your garden. Only a small percentage of electricity on the grid is from eco-friendly sources.

    • Superman
      Superman Month ago

      should we also talk about accidents that can be avoided in the future when everyone is using eletric cars.
      Accidents such as deepwater horizon?

    • Superman
      Superman Month ago

      You dont realise how much just drilling the oil from the ocean floor costs and how much making that oil into gasoline damages environment? clearly braindead logic over here.

    • Doctor Detroit
      Doctor Detroit Month ago

      Shhh...the SJW virtue signallers will get upset.

    • Kirk
      Kirk Month ago +1

      @Jo Im My point was that, given a choice between *operating* an ICE vehicle and *operating* an EV, the EV has far more potential to reduce air pollution. Gasoline/diesel can't be extracted and processed by setting up a wind turbine or solar panel, but electricity can. That the current state of production is coal-heavy shouldn't have to be the death sentence for EVs; rather, the emphasis ought to be on making electricity generation less reliant upon coal. It's not like motor fuel/additives can ever reach a point where their production is "green." If your post was intended to justify ICE vehicles, I'm not convinced.

    • Jo Im
      Jo Im Month ago

      ​@Kirk what a nonsense, twisted logic, electric cars are not zero emission, if anything they are worse given the proportion of coal used to produce this electricity. Sending the crap somewhere else for battery productions, and some other geographic areas and transporting the electricity through the grid is clearly not zero emission. These names are fouling gullible / hypocritical people.

  • Dan Simmons
    Dan Simmons 2 months ago

    Roughly $.0486 cent. A mile.
    Sure, I'll take a model 3. What type of mileage would I achieve with all compliance requirements met and typical 20/80% city/hwy miles?
    400k ? Great video production, well done.

    Thank you!

  • Hopi Rich
    Hopi Rich 2 months ago

    I am a black man but elon misk os sen from yah to save this earth yah bless him and all he is doing

  • Alan Hollingsworth
    Alan Hollingsworth 2 months ago

    I feel like Andy made a good faith effort to do this analysis, just didn't know enough to do more detailed analysis or didn't choose to geek into more detailed analysis.
    Here's some further data.
    Sticker price of a G6 (the car he chose for comparison) in 2008, final production year, ranged from $19K-27K, so the up front money difference with the Model 3 would have been between $27K and $35K. Add $7500 to the difference if the tax credit is not factored, and a chunk more if not for the money Tesla makes by selling government credits to other carmakers.

    The video states "zero emissions," but electricity in Indianapolis is generated 90% from coal, 5% from natural gas, and 5% from wind turbines. So most likely 95% of the energy that powered the Model 3 came from fossil fuel. As an aside on wind turbines, due to their high up front cost, low power output, and limited life span, they only produce roughly enough electricity over their lifespan to pay for the cost of the turbine. This includes installing the turbine and mast but does not include the cost of maintenance/repairs or the cost of building the system to transmit the electricity from the turbine to the existing grid. Turbine blades also slay large numbers of condors and birds of prey.
    Further aside for solar fans, solar panel production and disposal are also not environmentally friendly processes.
    Back to the Model 3, the process of mining and refining the minerals used in battery packs is also not green friendly.
    The final nail in the electric-only coffin for me is having family (that I love) scattered literally all over America. I like to drive and see them regularly, at distances of 500 to over 1000 miles. Once in an emergency situation I had to drive my family 27 hours stopping only for fuel from Mississippi to California. When I am covering distance I have no desire to sit in a restaurant for 40-60 minutes while my car super-charges, assuming there is a super-charger every couple hundred miles of my trip. I don't have spare change to buy a car to use only for commuting and the occasional leisurely short trip.

  • MajorKoala
    MajorKoala 2 months ago +3

    These negative comments are stretching as far as they can to find a negative or a "flaw".

  • Bill Phillips
    Bill Phillips 2 months ago

    Green aspect is incorrect, battery production and electricity generation isn't carbon zero and does more damage than a gas driven suburban. You paid far more than you would have for a comparable vehicle that gets high gas milage and low emissions, and it wasn't factored in your math. When you get to the battery replacement point with this ride, or you sell it for a new one, the real math will be evident. You do a great video with lots of followers, better math would make it even better.

  • Brandon Wallace
    Brandon Wallace 2 months ago

    Who else had to slow him down to 0.75?

  • Allan Hansen
    Allan Hansen 2 months ago

    The emission cost of building the battery for the Tesla is the same a regular car emits during 10 of driving

    • MajorKoala
      MajorKoala 2 months ago

      All of a gasoline car is emissions, from factory to the death of it. Everything Tesla's factory is solar powered. Good stretch to find any emissions though. Also, I hope English isn't your primary language because your sentence is fucked.

  • Steve Harris
    Steve Harris 2 months ago

    Power cost is WAY higher than 6.8 cents per kw/hr in most of the world. Average in the US is closer to 12 cents, Kentucky ave is 9 cents (from NPR table), CA is 15 cents. And almost all of the charge for your battery came from fossil fuel, unless you are an unusual exception. No LOCAL emissions, they are simply moved to power plants, mostly from coal and NG. Perhaps in ur case you have hydro, but most people must rely on coal/NG. At beginning of ur vid u seemed unbiased, but midway thru I realized otherwise. Perhaps you tried to be unbiased, but you didn't succeed.

  • David Anastasovski
    David Anastasovski 2 months ago

    yeah, that's the solution, buy some 2015 car model for 10k and spend the rest of remaining 45k in gas for life...we are so far away from

  • Lazy limey
    Lazy limey 2 months ago

    Great Video well presented. I am not an Electric car fan as I believe their enviro impact is horrendous but good job here good information.

  • CUBuff2001
    CUBuff2001 2 months ago

    Haters gonna hate no matter what. I tried for a long time to find a reason not to get a 3 but everything I researched finally convinced me to buy one to replace a 2006 Honda Civic. We just picked up our long range 3 and love it. Smooth, stupid fast, sleek, awesome tech and we will save $900 in gas this year. Pretty sure electricity won't cost over a third of that. And upfront cost? We weren't buying a 2002 Ford POS for $1800 so this compares to a loaded BMW 3, or C-class or A4. Better looking than a Leaf or BMW I-3 - ugly. 5 star crash test rated (some mentioned they are heavy and explode in a crashes. But that isn't true - less chance than a exploding tank of gasoline.) The batteries are rated for ~300k miles with replacement costs between $5-$7k. If we get ten years out of this, I will be very happy. And the depreciation, which you don't factor in until the end of year one isn't going to be like a ICE vehicle. I only found 5 used 3's in a 200 mile radius. Cheapest one had 8k miles on it for $1000 less than MSRP. The other car companies have had years to figure out how to compete and none of them are close on range, speed, looks, comfort or production. TESLA will be compared to Apple, Amazon, and Netflix. (btw - I hated on Apple and Amazon for a long time - still don't have an iPhone but can't deny how they changed the industry and world.) That being said, it isn't perfect but it truly is revolutionary.

  • Theone martes
    Theone martes 2 months ago

    What if you want to own a model 3 but you can not have a charger because you're renting...will it still be efficient for uber if you'd have to go to charging stations etc...?
    I love your TheXvid
    Got sub brother!!!
    Worth following

    • Davis Bradford
      Davis Bradford 2 months ago

      Tesla's come with chargers that can plug into any standard wall outlet that charge at a slower rate.

  • scottab140
    scottab140 2 months ago +1

    Thanks of the easy math for savings.

  • Paul Beer
    Paul Beer 2 months ago +19

    You forgot to include depreciation. Or, I suspect you deliberately did not include depreciation. When you buy a new car the value of
    it drops quickly. In this case of your $56000 Model 3 the value of it
    has gone down to around $45,000 since you bought it, as of May 2019

    • Patrick Byrne
      Patrick Byrne 7 days ago

      What's all the hub-bub about when Tesla gives out their auto-drive software to owners, that the value of the cars will then have appreciated since purchase. If he did leave out this bit of info, it may be because of all the possible dynamics.

    • Uchiha Joel
      Uchiha Joel Month ago +3

      Paul Beer which is pretty good compared to other cars.

  • Patrick Warfel
    Patrick Warfel 2 months ago

    Come on dude. No car is terribly expensive for the first 10k miles. Go back to driving your Uber, genius

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black 2 months ago

    my 2004 BMW 325xi drive great for $4000? my brother just bought an $80000 there something wrong with me?

  • Jim Cummings
    Jim Cummings 2 months ago

    great idea tesla, now we can strip mine south america so that rich, white guilt-ridden americans can drive fantasy "save the world" cars -- where do you think all this lithium comes from? it comes from strip mining -- batteries are not an energy source therefore this stuff is entirely wrong focus -- we're going to power planet w 11 billion people all from a few solar panels? do you have any clue how energy intensive strip mining for lithium is? pray that Tesla will go under by end of 2019!!!

  • Jim Cummings
    Jim Cummings 2 months ago

    battery weighs 1,300lbs. what a joke these cars are, mass is the single greatest enemy of fuel consumption and these cars are pigs, how is this is any way an improvement? now we're going to drive massively overweight coal and nuclear powered cars while the hippies continue to masturbate to the idea that whole society will be solar --- how exactly do we make steel with a few solar panels? these cars are a bigger hoax than obama was...

  • Terry85 T
    Terry85 T 2 months ago +5

    That day when the motor fails and battery holds hardly any charge $$$$$

    • GGradilla
      GGradilla Month ago

      Terry85 T 1 million miles later

  • wolfpacrule
    wolfpacrule 2 months ago +1

    1.8K people believe earth is flat.

  • Ono T
    Ono T 2 months ago +2

    Impact on the environment when disposing of the Tesla battery pack?

    • Davis Bradford
      Davis Bradford 2 months ago

      Impact on the environment when burning fossil fuels at a lower efficiency for an ICE vehicle?

  • Jay McConnell
    Jay McConnell 2 months ago +2

    A few genuine questions. What is the range of the Tesla 3 and how long does it take to charge before being ready to go again.
    For example if you were to undertake a 1,000 mile trip and at 50 mph that would take both cars 20 hours, the petrol car would take probably 3 refills at the station but would only take an additional 20 minutes in addition to the journey time. What about the Tesla?

    • Thomas Elliott
      Thomas Elliott 2 months ago

      well said. The utility value of these cars is rubbish.

  • MMC
    MMC 2 months ago

    Dumb dumb you paid for the fuel up front

  • ka2rwp1
    ka2rwp1 2 months ago

    put an alternator under the hood for on board charge for batteries