TRUE Cost of a Tesla Model 3 (After 10,000 Miles)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • After 10,000 miles here's how much it has cost me to own & drive a Tesla Model 3
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    These numbers are all based off my personal experience so it's not going to be the same for everyone but at least it will give you an idea of the costs and how much a difference it is driving a #Tesla compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. I’m going to compare my #Model3 acquisition to what it would be like if I kept driving my 2007 Pontiac G6.
    The total cost of my Long Range #TeslaModel3 was $56,000. I also had to pay $3,422 for taxes. I am getting the full $7,500 tax credit but my car insurance increased by $500/year so assuming I keep my Model 3 for at least 5 years that brings it to $54,422.
    However we also have to calculate the cost of installing a home charging outlet. This cost heavily depends on your particular location and how difficult the install is. My NEMA 14-50 outlet cost $900 for a professional electrician to install, which is on the expensive side because my box was the furthest possible distance from my garage so they had to run cable underground which increased the price.
    That brings it to a grand total of $55,322 upfront cost for my First Production Long Range Tesla Model 3, assuming I keep it for at least 5 years.
    How much does it cost to charge & drive a Model 3 compared to buying gas? My Model 3 is at 10,400 lifetime miles and it’s averaging 233 Wh/mile. So far I’ve only spent $20.29 on four Supercharging sessions, and that resulted in approximately 700 miles of range which means the other 9,700 miles traveled were from charging at home in my garage. To find out how much it’s cost to travel those 9700 miles we need to calculate my electricity rate along with the Model 3’s charging efficiency. My off-peak electricity rate when I charge my car at home is $0.06882 per kWh.
    However, 100% of the electricity doesn’t make it into the car’s battery when charging at home. This is true for all electric cars. Edmund’s is doing a long-term test drive of the Model 3 and they're measuring the average wall-to-wheels efficiency. So far from their tests they’ve seen an 83.3% charging efficiency (meaning only about 83% of the electricity makes it from the charging cable into the car battery). And if we also account for the amount of battery that depletes as the Model 3 is just sitting somewhere not plugged in (I’ll make a guesstimate and say 3% is a fair assumption for vampire drain), that brings us to 80% total charging efficiency.
    So 9,700 miles at an average of 233 Wh/mile with an electricity rate of $0.06882 per kWh with an 80% charging efficiency equals $186.65. And if we add the $20.29 I’ve spent on Supercharging that comes to a grand total of $206.94 spent to travel 10,400 miles in my Model 3.
    If you compare that to my 6-cylinder automatic transmission 2007 Pontiac G6 which averages 21 miles per gallon and using the current average cost of gas in my area which is $2.77 per gallon, the total cost to travel 10,400 miles would be $1,371.81. That means I’ve saved almost $1,200 over 10,400 miles or maybe it’s better to say that’s $1,200 I’ve stopped having to give to gas stations since getting my Model 3. And I’m not driving a car that puts out any emissions which feels great.
    Also keep in mind there are free apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint that show you locations of thousands of public charging stations, most of which are completely free for anyone to charge their electric car which is something that just doesn’t exist with gas stations.
    Also I’ve saved so much time from not having to stop at gas stations during my normal weekly driving. It takes me 5 seconds to plug in my Model 3 in my garage. When I drove a gas car I had to get gas at least once or twice per week, and each stop took around 5 minutes. So over the course of a year that’s a huge amount of time saved from not having to stop at gas stations.
    We could also get into the money saved from oil changes and maintenance but that's another story. So far I’ve paid absolutely $0 in maintenance for my Model 3 so hopefully that continues. It’s been a fantastic car after 10,000 miles and it’s still just as much fun as the day I got it. I hope you enjoyed this detailed look into how much owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 actually costs.
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    10,000 Miles in a Model 3: The TRUE Cost of Driving a Tesla
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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye  10 months ago +43

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    • Carey Roberts
      Carey Roberts Month ago

      What did your previous car cost to purchase?

    • Mister Tea
      Mister Tea 9 months ago

      It amazes me how much dumber people get as time goes on.

    • Mister Tea
      Mister Tea 9 months ago

      Andy Slye has the most memorable face, imho.

    • nailahrose
      nailahrose 9 months ago +3

      Andy Slye so proud of you! Thank you for this informative video. Keep up the hard work!

  • Joe Chief
    Joe Chief 10 hours ago

    Thank you for the informative videos. Definitely a big help for someone who is new to electric cars, especially to Tesla. On the downside, I can't help but wonder what your stake is in this. You appear to be a well polished public speaker. Are you a paid professional ? You have supplied good useful information, but it's virtually all positive. Why don't you talk about how poorly it charges if the temps aren't warm enough, How badly the car depreciates in two or three years, etc. Battery degradation, These are pertinent issues. Why haven't you mentioned the length of the warranty ?

  • rolf johansen
    rolf johansen 3 days ago +1

    one day the battery is of no use, is there program for a battery-swap ?

  • Chris Pirillo Is Eboola

    damn. My insurance went up only by $30 after trading in my toyota.

  • Anthony Scott
    Anthony Scott 4 days ago

    What do you do ?

  • johnnybabee
    johnnybabee 5 days ago

    So when your warranty expires in 5 years and Tesla refuses to service it, do you just buy a new one. What a joke

  • DertyMontana
    DertyMontana 5 days ago

    Damn so this is what it costs .. fuck it ... SUPRA IT IS

  • Woland
    Woland 6 days ago

    Nobody who not only owned but ADMITS to have owned a pontiac is not trustworthy.

  • John Doney
    John Doney 7 days ago

    4:04 What's up with no charging stations in Michigan?

  • C Alex
    C Alex 8 days ago

    And if you use standard mileage deduction method driving Tesla, think about how much taxes you are able to save!

  • Shadow IV
    Shadow IV 11 days ago

    Great video!

  • Dillon Cassell
    Dillon Cassell 12 days ago

    @3:33 I spend $400 a month on gas to go about 2,000 miles 😭

  • nik maknojia
    nik maknojia 12 days ago

    If you gonna keep the car for a long ass time like let’s say 5 plus years then maybe worth it but I can still debate on many points so to why I should stick to buy a used certified accord or any reliable cars for like under 20k compared to a 50k plus Tesla or 40k at least that 250 miles one is garbage so no 32k doesn’t count.

  • John @JJKPerformance
    John @JJKPerformance 15 days ago

    The power generation station produces emmisions when it generates power to charge your vehicle. Since you owned your Pontiac outright and spent 1000 a year on fuel 55,000 dollars would have taken you a long way.
    I'm curious to see how long these cars go without battery maintenance as well.

  • Tay Gumi
    Tay Gumi 15 days ago

    In my Regions a KWh Costs us about 0.38 Cents. :S

  • William Newberry
    William Newberry 17 days ago

    I get an average of 35 MPG with my car and pay $0.19 per kWh for electricity (you must live near a nuclear plant?). Using those numbers and your Wh/mi it costs $714 to go 10,000 miles in my car and $553 in a Tesla. The published median Wh/mi for a model S is 330. That increases my cost to $784 per 10,000 miles at 80% charging efficiency. For a fair comparison you should also not be considering tax credits as someone has to pay for that (it is part of the actual operating cost).

  • mmmmmm63
    mmmmmm63 20 days ago

    Bud, ease up on the coffee!!?

  • Pedro Talavera
    Pedro Talavera 21 day ago

    Very informative video Andy. Thanks

  • Daniel Burgin
    Daniel Burgin 24 days ago

    Had to spend all your fuel savings for that 10k installing a charging point? Ouch.
    Sure it'll pay for itself eventually... But still. Bearing in mind most ICE cars in Europe will do twice the mpg your previous car did as well.

  • Tommy Huynh
    Tommy Huynh Month ago +1

    You remind me of Jim from The Office

  • Sepharite
    Sepharite Month ago

    Thanks for not saying hit that sunstone my Subscribe button

  • Merlin Geikie
    Merlin Geikie Month ago

    For a far more realistic engineering report after 27 miles and the various production bloopers see here

  • Merlin Geikie
    Merlin Geikie Month ago

    Elon and Andy have a lot in common, .......... the gift of the gab.
    I assume that after this initial mileage, Tesla cars plummet in resale value and rise steeply in maintenance costs, hence the early video.

  • Jessica Kirsh
    Jessica Kirsh Month ago +1

    Great video, Andy!

    • Jessica Kirsh
      Jessica Kirsh Month ago

      @Andy Slye You're welcome! From one midwesterner to another. 😊I used to live in the St. Matthews area in Louisville, but I'm originally from Indianapolis (Carmel).

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Month ago +1

      Thanks Jessica!

  • Pal Adino
    Pal Adino Month ago

    You videos are well done and I respect the effort you've put into your very reasonable analysis. THEN you blow it all out like snot @4:01 saying that your Tesla is a Zero Emissions car. Unless you car was charged by solar or wind then emission are created by fossil fuel burning to fuel your car PLUS a rudimentary scan "how much co2 is generated by an electric car in normal charging and use?" on google will show you that lithion ion battery cars do produce emissions. I"m all for your e car and I like your videos and you put so much effort to be so good....why lie about the emissions? It's bad for green cars to be caught lying like everyone does. Green is good and there is not reason to omit the truth IMHO. Thanks for reading and considering.

  • Robert Fan
    Robert Fan Month ago

    Super concise flow of straight facts with no stammering. Really effective video. Well done.

  • V R
    V R 2 months ago

    Seems great if you have a house with a garage, but if you live in an apartment or outside an area without charging stations, you’re kinda screwed.

  • Charlie Ferreira
    Charlie Ferreira 2 months ago

    "I saved $1300 that I didn't have to give to the gas company's!" But you paid 50 grand for the car.. 👏 This is just 6 minutes of some kid virtue signaling for Tesla. There's nothing economical about it.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 2 months ago

    looks like nissan have new battery replacements for all old Leafs, for 10k? Is this the game changer or do others also offer battery old for new swops at 10? nissan also have done the same for body panels with new steel technology, rumors of leaf wideboody rc becoming a reality, and autonomous race driver mode gear changing tech., Patrol, Titan, SR models ... this all means nissan wins?

  • Gary Grenier
    Gary Grenier 2 months ago

    GREAT Video!! Do you get changed taxes and other "delivery" fees for your home electricity? I pay about 0.10 per KWH for electricity but these other fees bring that up to almost 0.20 on average on my bill. I do live in "Tax" achusetts though... Don't you have to add these fees to the cost of electricity in the home?

  • Ian KELLY
    Ian KELLY 2 months ago

    sorry - if your are going to do a cost benefit analysis - you need to adopt accounting standards, depreciation schedules etc for it to have any relevance. Moreover - the taxes benefit are incentives and muddy the water. From and accounting perspective - this doesn't come close to calculating the costs

  • Larry Schwartz
    Larry Schwartz 2 months ago

    That electricity was generated somehow. Zero emissions is NOT TRUE. How were the batteries created and will be disposed of??

    • Druhue
      Druhue 2 months ago

      Are you really trying to make an argument that he's saying absolutely 0 emissions were ever given off on a product so large and complex as a car? It's a 0 emission vehicle while driving and literally no one takes it to mean anything else.

  • Alex McKenna
    Alex McKenna 2 months ago

    Is it my imagination, but are people talking MUCH faster these days? (Or is it just young Americans?) Can they all be on speed?

  • C MH
    C MH 2 months ago

    Do you have a backup generator at home?

  • Teresa Rice
    Teresa Rice 2 months ago

    What about wheels? How are those going and how often and would it be hard to find wheels for the Tesla

  • Dharma Initiative
    Dharma Initiative 2 months ago +2

    $53k? Well ain't that nice. Here in Denmark that configuration would cost about $80k.

  • Rich
    Rich 2 months ago


  • MrDarkPuppies
    MrDarkPuppies 2 months ago

    I’m not the only person who’s thought of this, but why don’t they put solar panels on the cars?

  • WIlson Briggs
    WIlson Briggs 2 months ago

    Thanks for the info but zero emissions is not entirely true though is it? Electricity is created by nuclear, coal, wind and sun

  • Game Boy
    Game Boy 3 months ago

    Wait until your Tesla out off warranty, your bank account will clean !

  • Its me Ceo
    Its me Ceo 3 months ago

    Tesla garbage

  • Madison Young
    Madison Young 3 months ago

    Thanks for the video!! Not having to get gas in the freezing South Dakota winters... priceless

  • W Ever
    W Ever 3 months ago +3

    I think this could've been a more substantial report had you touched on build quality, battery degradation, resale value, parts and maintenance availability - you skipped over a LOT of very basic concerns of car buyers.

    Additionally, if you're going to bring up "0 emissions" as though the purchase of a Tesla were an ecologically sound move you would need to discuss it's impact on the environment in other ways so that people can weigh those considerations, too. Tesla abuses its workforce, refuses to empower owners to maintain their own cars, and eats up resources from 3rd world countries crushed by poverty and geo-political turmoil and intrigue.

    I love the effort but I wished this were a bit deeper and more enlightening.

  • stenobro
    stenobro 3 months ago

    This guy looks like a cartoon cat (also Biznasty's little brother).

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma 3 months ago

    I own a 2012 mustang 5.0, 2014 evo x gsr, and a 2019 Ford raptor supercrew. I honestly don’t even calculate gas but I know I spend a nice amount on it. I test drove a model 3 performance and holy shit, it was fuckin fast! Obviously, for me, performance is the most important factor. I can’t believe it cost $186 to get to 9,700 miles. That is fuckin insane. I am probably spending about $800 on gas a month on my raptor. Lol! If I get the model 3, I would most def still keep the Raptor though since I love to go on road trips in it.

  • Bran H
    Bran H 3 months ago

    Electric cars have no future. The future is making fuel using CO2 recycling
    Electric cars have come this far only because of rebates. If it weren't for the rebates no one would buy them.

  • aBadBassist 13
    aBadBassist 13 3 months ago +4

    Perfect review. No annoying intro, no tasteless humor like poorly timed yelling scenes, no filler to make more room for ads.

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 3 months ago

    This video does NOT present a "TRUE COST" of ownership because you only present the cost savings of electricity compared to gas, and your comparison car is an older less fuel efficient car. A better comparison would be against a new same size/quality car (likely with 30 mpg). A TRUE COST of ownership must include all upfront costs like: purchase price, sales tax, license and doc fees, and all ongoing costs like auto insurance, annual license fees, maintenance, tires, etc. (in addition to fuel or energy cost), and then amortize these over a number of years and divided by the total miles driven. Fuel or electric energy costs are important, but they are only a fraction of the purchase price, insurance, depreciation, etc. over several years. The limited info in this video is akin to someone being happy to pay $50 for a $25 gadget in order to save $3.79 over the life of the gadget...

  • Geoffrey Kim
    Geoffrey Kim 3 months ago

    A couple of comments. 60 percent of electricity grid is fossil fuels in USA. So zero emissions means zero at the location of the car but it is emitted elsewhere. Also you don't have to stop at a gas station but you do have to stop at a charging station. Gas station stop 10 minutes. Charging station stop: what I read from the web is 1 to 12 hours. Definitely a car you want to plan your stops around. I will take the gas station thanks. Also the car is too expensive for most people. Battery replacement, what I read off web is anywhere between 3 to 5 years at 10k dollars. Most rare earth comes from China. Probably mined in a environmentally bad way. Who cares if we can't see it right?

  • niacal4nia
    niacal4nia 3 months ago +1

    You spend $50K on a computer mouse to save on gas. Building Tesla batteries still has a huge carbon footprint.

    • Y
      Y 3 months ago

      niacal4nia do you just pull gasoline out of your ass? Or do they first need to frack to get the oil, truck it to a refinery, then truck it to the gas station. No batteries are not worse than gasoline

  • Jim Moroney
    Jim Moroney 3 months ago

    Teslas and other EVs are NOT emission -free. The process to generate electricity requires emissions from fossil or bio fuels.

    • Jim Moroney
      Jim Moroney 3 months ago

      Not exactly. You pay a $15k premium over the price of a comparable gas-driven car that yields a fuel savings of only about $600 per year. You get a negative return on your investment on a car with a daily range of 220 miles that still has carbon emissions vial electricity usage. You still have the problem of disposing a highly toxic lithium battery after you junk the car. There aren't enough rich people around with that kind of money to waste.

    • Y
      Y 3 months ago

      Still miles ahead of gasoline vehicles

  • turnerr44
    turnerr44 3 months ago

    Comparing a Tesla 3 to a Pontiac G6...ROFLMAO...did you consider that your G6 was about $23,000 brand new? $30,000 to feel good about yourself, whatever makes you happy I guess.

  • isoplayer
    isoplayer 3 months ago

    Once you’re out of warranty the real game is on...

  • Frederick Trebert
    Frederick Trebert 4 months ago

    Hi Andy,
    I've looked at all your vids regarding the Tesler Model 3 and have yet to discover where, and when, you apply the parking brake, if at all??,,,,, Does it have one? Or does the drive unit(s) lock themselves?

  • enmanuel cutino
    enmanuel cutino 4 months ago +1

    you only paid $55k for a tesla and $200 a year on gas that’s great and you are gonna keep it for 5 years that will be $1000 on electricity but lets say you got any other regular car for $20k brand new and spend $1500 a year for gas that is $7500 total so the difference is tesla $56k for having it 5 years and lets say a toyota camry $28k the same time it doesn’t make sense that you will actually save money $56-$28 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Suleiman Ribadu
    Suleiman Ribadu 4 months ago

    Your name is synonymous with Tesla 👍lol. I like your reviews. I really will love to get your contact or Email.

  • caponsacchi
    caponsacchi 4 months ago

    Hasn't quality-control (or its lack) been another expense? I've read no account by disillusioned Tesla owners--they all love it, but some are "died-hards," admitting that they've had to have all sorts of fixes to mis-aligned metal parts to the car's exterior. But apparently the car is more lightweight, less dirty and greasy, more "fulfilling" to repair than gas-powered cars. It's still not a car for a "senior" environmentalist who has no interest in reassembling a car he plans to drive to Regina, Canada and further north. (BTW, how's the ride? My main complaint about my wife's new Legacy, rated best in its class for ride quality by CR, is its lack of a comfortable-cozy ride (instead, it's as bumpy and antiseptic as a school bus).

  • Raymundo Ruiz
    Raymundo Ruiz 4 months ago

  • Raymundo Ruiz
    Raymundo Ruiz 4 months ago

    Too much money for what you get!.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 4 months ago

    I may be evil, but I didn't buy it to save emissions, although its a nice side benefit. You can't put a price on awesomeness. And it is!