AMD vs. Intel - We need to talk!

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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Comments • 2 142

  • Capitalist Cakes

    Both companies make up a duopoly for the pc gaming market and to a great degree personal computer market. Both companies are faces of the same two headed coin which is the x86 architecture.

  • Robinson Joe
    Robinson Joe 5 days ago

    Intel Marketing cooled a server-grade CPU with an industrial chiller and said it was a new consumer-grade CPU coming soon. They say tons of shit that isn't true and even got called out for trying to have reviewers lie to their viewers about their SSD speeds. If you can say they don't do shady shit like paying a testing company for results and calling them independent you need to rethink how you look at things. Your fans are going to attack me for saying so but I call it as I see it.

  • Karthig1987
    Karthig1987 7 days ago

    I barely know anything about tech and i like all your videos. I just like to learn and see new and interesting tech. Especially server stuff which i know nothing about. Like the epyc overclocking stuff and you using stuff like the elmore etc(forgot what its called). I mean at least amd server stuff can be overclocked in a way. Intel server stuff unlike the recent 3175 chip are typically boring. So i hope that these kinda comments in no way dampen your enthusiasm as even if those dudes dont like it i like all the varied content that you put out doing stuff that i most probably will never attempt in my life because i just think its cool. Keep at it Roman. Guess extra thanks for doing stuff to inform people even at your own personal cost of burning bridges.

  • Kim Svalkvist
    Kim Svalkvist 7 days ago

    totaly with you. just keep up the good work!

  • Christopher Williams

    Don't let 'them' get you down, keep up the good work

  • jonny c 2.0
    jonny c 2.0 8 days ago

    i am a fan boy both i aam hard up to maske my mind up do i buy 9700k or 3700x i am buying 3700x cuz streaming if i get 9700k it will be mostly 80%^ maxs out on game if i get 3700x it will be mostly 40to50% maxs out so ther wood be room left to stream or do other task i only game and stream what chip u think is bast for this intell is gameing but no streamin intell good streaming not so much

  • jonny c 2.0
    jonny c 2.0 8 days ago

    any one seee this let amd that wrong for tham liying and wrong for telllling this man what to do on his channl and affter u tell him he can dop somthing than say nop f u amd u sold me 1700 and itas go lit micro stutters in it did u sand me new one f no

  • jonny c 2.0
    jonny c 2.0 8 days ago


  • Mr AMD
    Mr AMD 8 days ago

    Fine, you want to talk about things that don't work. Why not a topic on ALL Intels security flaws, and the advice of turning off HT?
    Why not talk about Ryzen 300 beating the shit out of Intel in every workload you throw at it? Why not talk about Intel scoring bad 1% low frame times in surtain games, where AMD scores way better?

    @11:00 how can you have ALWAYS the Intel CPU's overclocked before they are on the shelfs? You have delidded so many Intel CPU's before they were even on the store shelfs, that can't be without getting sampled strait from Intel.

  • Jan Kopanski
    Jan Kopanski 9 days ago

    He is a CPU fanboy!

  • Jakub Badełek
    Jakub Badełek 10 days ago

    Kudos to you guys who are uncovering the sh!t manufacturers tell us. If this was hapenning in any other industry the manufacturer would get high fines for false advertising. But somehow this doesn't happen in this industry. Why?

  • ertic yusa
    ertic yusa 11 days ago

    The way you talk almost like you've been bullied

  • Street machine
    Street machine 13 days ago

    AMD Has the best allrounder cpu at the market right now. No need to waste the money on a 9900k. The fps comparison in games are negligible and the 3900 beats the 9900k in all other tasks.
    AMD is the winner here. My upcoming build is of course AMD.

  • Dean Robbins
    Dean Robbins 13 days ago

    Using Xray to HUMILIATE nVidia ... PRICELESS!

  • Code Designs Inc.
    Code Designs Inc. 14 days ago

    I absolutely agree with you. When there is an issue with a product not meeting advertised spec, we need to make it well known - and as honest and straightforward as possible. Fair is fair. If we are going to pay what we do for a product, it better just work as advertised. Great video!

  • Andrei Alexandru
    Andrei Alexandru 14 days ago

    Roman lining his hands on the desk stating with that wonderful germanic tinge "Things have to work in the way they are advertised to" is sooooo playing on decades of german engineer stereotypes. Awesome!!!

  • mario soto
    mario soto 14 days ago

    Being a Fanboy is dumb use what's best for you be Intel or AMD .

  • Ruinous Dee
    Ruinous Dee 14 days ago

    great stuff my man!

  • Richard Dale
    Richard Dale 14 days ago

    Only someone without a brain could accuse you of being a fan boy.

  • Omar RObledo
    Omar RObledo 14 days ago

    I have a really off topic question, but concidering you're an expert in this... does Thermal paste actually expires??? either in the tube or already applied??

  • shayelad shayelad
    shayelad shayelad 14 days ago

    I always say fanboy your parents not bullshit 🤗
    Good video keep being objective the more the better

  • maxresist
    maxresist 15 days ago

    AMD fanboys are the worst. Say anything even slightly critical about their beloved AMD and they consider you an Intel shill. It looks so asinine that it makes me think of selling my Ryzen.

  • Gonzo Gaming
    Gonzo Gaming 15 days ago

    To Hell with the Haters, that is what they are to call these folks fanboys gives them to much credit.

  • אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ נְדִידָה

    I bet you wanted to lay us out but ..a true German. You see, ever since school and college I have yet to see my Germanic friends lose their composure no matter how hard I try to trigger them. I get 3 reactions 1-process 2-smile politely 3-move on lol. For some reason its like the Vulcans in Star Trek.
    So, about marketing, I think you see AMD advertising- whereas marketing is the psychology strategy that forms the foundation of how they advertise. Definitely, Intel does market- but its about less advertising and more psychological- to influence those to buy Intel at a premium. Some way the do this is establishing Intel Inside on PCs.. there are less explicit techniques that I assure you is well discussed in the conference rooms. Ultimately, with skillful strategy they influence buying decisions- buying Intel CPUs at a premium- choosing their CPU because of brand. A characteristic of the our crowd is intelligent and logical decision-making- avoiding biasness and emotional attachment so we can gain the most performance. Intel, has made our group to do otherwise- and to justify it. The problem is that the product this group buys is inherently performance based- they skillfully destroyed that----a fanboy-the ultimate way they achieve this goal- no advertisement is needed. Now we are buying on emotion and not performance.. you, my German friend, have remained a true computer guy. (I bet deep inside you wanted to say fuck you guys)

  • Badieh Traboulsi
    Badieh Traboulsi 18 days ago +5

    I just stumbled upon this video by chance, and I totally agree with what you said! You just gained a new sub! :)

  • Robert P
    Robert P 18 days ago

    danke der8auer!

  • Andrew Padgett
    Andrew Padgett 18 days ago

    The fanboy shits dumb. With that said these engineers make good money and if they can’t do they’re job right and are doing half ass work that particular company needs to be put on blast regardless of who it is we pay a lot of money for this shit and if they’re putting motherboards out there then say they’re great for overclocking when infact the VRMs are off the chart and you have to idle it down it’s bs and the same goes for every component thanks for the video great work 👍🏻

  • Peoplesuuck
    Peoplesuuck 18 days ago

    I could give a shit less about fan-boying over hardware. I just want the facts and want to know what's good. Keep doing your thing Derbauer.

  • אורן שטיין
    אורן שטיין 18 days ago

    You are the best

  • Drunkard Fred
    Drunkard Fred 19 days ago

    Fucking truth-fanboy! Integrity-shill!

  • max shand
    max shand 19 days ago

    Very informative. Keep up the good work.

  • Diego Kant
    Diego Kant 19 days ago

    We respect your hard work, keep up the great work man!

  • Marsyas
    Marsyas 19 days ago

    Free post bump for staying honest.

  • Jon Croft
    Jon Croft 19 days ago

    I totally agree with what you were saying about keeping the manufacturers in check about what they promised the PC community and think you are doing a good job but at the same time see a lot of Hardware reviewers an analyst take heat from one company or the other about things they say then they back out and drop a video that you already published because they are afraid of getting cut off the free samples that they receive not saying that everybody gets free samples but we all know for the most part they do and when you guys as reviewers and analysts biteyour tongue and tuck your tail between your legs delete a video that you already posted because of that manufacturer got mad and made threats just goes against everything that you guys do to begin with if they do not want to supply you with samples to test for us to see your review then buy it the community will help one way or another to keep your video train going but back to the point this is where viewers get mad and the fan boy garbage comes out because at those points you reviewers and analysts are picking sides and people start the rent alls I'm saying is stand your ground and don't back down if you're going to tell the truth stick to the truth.

  • Gönül Teli
    Gönül Teli 19 days ago

    People who know what to do will always be criticized. You do very clearly explained videos and I love your content and your comments are based on scientific conclusions. Keep up the good work. This world needs people like you.

  • Isaac L.
    Isaac L. 20 days ago

    Don't listen to the angry AMD fanboys, you make great accurate content. Hope you keep making more videos, you're one of my favourite TheXvidrs.

  • 0zwald Wintterbottom III

    dont let other peoples insecurities about their product choices guide you in your work. You do a great job, they are the fan boys and thats why they are responding like little bitches.

  • pr0xZen
    pr0xZen 21 day ago

    Thank you.
    I don't quite understand why some fanbois can't tolerate constructive criticism of their preferred brand and/or something from their lineups. If you _actually had love_ for the thing/brand, you want to see it grow and improve - be the best it can be. Without constructive criticism feedback, that is pretty much impossible to achieve. And as is typical for commercial entities, few if none want any less-than-favorable information to be available to any of their (potential) partners, investors, or their (potential) customer base. But unless it's (the hard-data constructive criticism) out there in public view, bein a a torn in their backside, there is zero chance they'll fix and improve upon it in any significant way. Things being poor like that, beyond the really rare case of "we _actually didn't know",_ roots in intentional cost saving/profit margin boosting measures. Meaning changing (fixing/improving) it, is gonna eat into profit margins. The core purpose of a company is to generate maximum profit at minimum expense. The *only* reason to fix/improve something like that - is for _not doing so,_ to be an _even more expensive_ option. That is where public, constructive criticism by reputable sources, backed by hard data, comes in. It jeopardizes sales. A sale with 1.5% less profit margin, is a whole lot better than no sale at all.

  • tredigi
    tredigi 21 day ago

    Much respect.

  • keyb0at
    keyb0at 22 days ago

    Keep doin what you do man.

  • nendo sana
    nendo sana 22 days ago

    What are you talking about?? The bias in your argument is clear. Yes amd did you wrong if what you say is true with the threadripper but to say bashing amd marketing is easy and intel has no marketing? Really? You want to claim such nonsense and still think you have no bias?
    I care for neither brand but i see bs.
    Have you forgotten the chiller? Or principle technologies? Amd marketing is significantly less deceiving than intel.
    If i will call you a fanboy, then that would be a fanboy of high overclocking speeds. Which everyone knows is an intel thing. Hence you lean on the intel side and probably viceversa if or when amd offers you the same.
    I am not saying you are in anyway not informed in technology, but atleast avoid denial. Fix the error in your video and reflect on whether you have a bias.
    Also it's logical to hate on intel more so than amd simply because of price hiking, no coolers and significant security issues. Then claiming premium. They are extremely delusional.
    I know many intel fans are the same ones who buy apple because it is expensive(not better) or justify their bad life decisions instead of accepting them to be bad decisions.

  • Terence Riess
    Terence Riess 22 days ago

    Tell it how you see it Derbauer. I lke the new ryzen cpus. Im buying a 3600 soon. I don't want to go into it blind. So Thanks They might have issues but they are still worth getting. So just keep letting us know what your findings are. Thanks for your work.

  • bBrain
    bBrain 22 days ago

    One of the best reviewers of all time because he does it for the love of the hobby, not for the $$$. That and he's German, and we Germans know a think or two about details.

  • Zachary Sivers
    Zachary Sivers 22 days ago

    I get that there are a lot of intel “fanboys” but the truth of the AMD vs Intel debate is so much more complex than FPS per dollar, or cores per dollar. I have been rooting for AMD to come back to the top of the performance pile again. It hasn’t happened and may never again. The are making their best CPUs in over a decade and I’m glad to see them clawing at market share. But honest in-depth reviews of hardware is why I and any others who are really looking for knowledge come to your channel. I feel like AMD fanboyism is just turning toxic when it really doesn’t need to be. I would suggest you just keep making great content and if fanboys of any hardware or any hardware manufacturers don’t like it they can start their own channel and prove you wrong. Til they do tho... I would t bother listening.

  • OverRide
    OverRide 22 days ago

    delidding of the threadripper was a great video

  • Zygmunt Walezy
    Zygmunt Walezy 22 days ago

    Thank you for your work and passion. You give us opportunity to buy things conscionsly

  • TheWereCat
    TheWereCat 22 days ago +1

    ahhh... so you are a 3DFX fanboy!

  • Ricky Jacob
    Ricky Jacob 22 days ago

    The hero we deserve but not the one we need.

  • shaolin95
    shaolin95 22 days ago +1

    You CANNOT reason with amd's a fact

  • Jacob Ray
    Jacob Ray 22 days ago +1

    You show the numbers. Numbers tend to be honest. Keep doing what you do and let the numbers speak for themselves!

  • R3D
    R3D 22 days ago

    To summarize this video: Ordnung muss sein!

  • joshcogaming
    joshcogaming 22 days ago

    At first when I compared the marketing to the actual real clock speeds I was confused and thought maybe the fabrication for 7nm isnt mature of they're holding all the best dies for the 3950x but this would be an optimistic outlook

  • MrSn3akr
    MrSn3akr 23 days ago

    I think you should just disregard the "fanboi" accusations. My bet would be that the wast majority of those comments are made by exactly that.. Fanbois, that doesn't like to hear bad things about their "god"m it would be exactly the same if you pointed out bad things about any religion, then you would get heat from fanatics as well.

  • wysetech2000
    wysetech2000 23 days ago +1

    When you tell the truth people don't like it but it's been that way since before you were born. (Yes i'm a lot older than you) You are a very intelligent and bright person who tells the truth by performing accurate testing, observation, not guessing. If you don't understand or not sure, you say so. Watching this video i felt bad for you.

    I don't understand why the AMD shills are so defensive. They got almost what they wanted and they are still defensive and insecure. They bring up Intel's ancient business practices, prices how they market etc. They are just vicious toward Intel and anyone who likes Intel. Even people who know little about computers are following the sheep.
    Nvidia fanboys are going through the same type of thing. It's getting so i don't enjoy reading comments anymore. The abuse that people take is unbelievable. If your an Intel and or Nvidia fanboy you should not type anything or you will be attacked. This behavior isn't normal.

    Being of German decent myself i understand when you say that close is not good enough and companies should be held accountable.

    I hope your viewers don't beat you up too badly because you are an asset and refreshing to to a lot of us. Keep being honest and sincere so at least you can sleep at night.

  • Paul Mwenimpako Siame
    Paul Mwenimpako Siame 23 days ago +5

    Thanks for fighting the good fight. You've earned a new subscriber today :)

  • Aberkae Godrilla
    Aberkae Godrilla 23 days ago +4

    Real enthusiast journalist! Keep up the great work. We need more content like this.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 23 days ago

    It's good that you made this video so concise and explanatory, so haters can restrain from commenting nonsense about your work ever again. Anytime one of them accuse you of being biased you can paste him/her the link to this video and don't waste any more energy on it.

  • flipsideca
    flipsideca 23 days ago +1

    This is coming from a guy who has a lot to lose as he was profiting off the intel delidded cpus on Sure I believe that you are truthful /s. Intel finally can't live up to the hype and their overpriced cpus and this guy will find anything to bad mouth AMD and people take him to task and can't handle it so makes up excuses.

  • gagsmedia
    gagsmedia 23 days ago

    der8auer one of the few authentic reviewers , hardware testers on the internet. Keep up the excellent work.

  • xB-DeathKnell
    xB-DeathKnell 23 days ago

    I support AMD because they are a lot less of an asshole than Intel and Nvidia, but they are still assholes. And when they suck, they suck. FX and Phenom 1 comes to mind.

  • arfmf
    arfmf 23 days ago

    Keep up the great work! I follow this market honestly since the cyrix 586 days ... And have overclocked it back then with a jumper switch ... You were absolutely right on X299 and I saw TTL admit it (great guy, great modder kinda associated a little bit too much with Asus and Cooler Master, but still reliable)... And in many instances you've gone above and beyond... As I said, keep up the great work!

  • Mr G
    Mr G 24 days ago +1

    Trolls are gonna troll. Keep up the good work man! Much respect!

  • Cichlid_Visuals
    Cichlid_Visuals 24 days ago +1

    amd is untrustworthy and wont get my money. also petty AF apparently.

  • Spyrit2011
    Spyrit2011 24 days ago

    Scientific Method:
    Step 1- Question. The "thing" that you want to know. ...
    Step 2-Research. Conduct research. ...
    Step 3-Hypothesis. Educated guess or prediction of the outcome experiment. ...
    Step 4-Experiment. Test the hypothesis.
    Step 5-Observations. Data you collect during the experiment.
    Step 6-Results/Conclusion. ...
    Step 7- Communicate.

  • gheorghe bratu
    gheorghe bratu 24 days ago +1

    Dude, it's only human to be a little biased and totally OK, as long as you remain objective and keep your content relevant.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Milos Kajganic
    Milos Kajganic 24 days ago

    I presume that the dislikes came from the ppl in question, that are complaining about your videos lol not much of them. Nice channel, and keep up the good work. Criticize anyone for anything that sucks.

  • Patrick Egan
    Patrick Egan 24 days ago

    I can see a new semi-regular video format coming on: "[insert product / company here]: We need to talk!"

  • s s
    s s 24 days ago

    based der8auer

  • jbc029
    jbc029 24 days ago

    Things do seem to be hit and miss. My 3700x on an ASRock b350 pro4, if I leave it stock, will boost to 4.375 single core and I can push 4.275 all core. I need a fan blowing directly on the vrms of they cant handle the load, though. Seems I got a decent chip.

  • VPX4
    VPX4 24 days ago

    Do these companies expect everyone to just shut their mouths and buy their shit? Get real

  • Zombie
    Zombie 24 days ago +1

    Don't even sweat it man these AMD fanboys are probably still being breastfed!

  • F Qop
    F Qop 24 days ago +1

    People don't know you well that you're a pure technical nerd and don't give the eff about hardware tribes.

  • wiggin

    I am a huge AMD fan. I only have one wish. I would pay a premium if they brought out the absolute highest 2019 IPC (non streaming local play) cpu on the market. I would buy it regardless of the cost.

  • Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson 24 days ago

    The bedroom computer is a R7 1700 the Living Room computer is a i5 8400 both i love.