• Published on Dec 14, 2021
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    Today I play random Roblox mr beast games they are funny

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  • uaravity

    I swear this man is litterally trying to traumatise us but make us laugh at the same time. Love it.

  • Warp
    Warp  +582

    I miss the days he trolled with admin, his content is still good tho

  • NightFoxx

    This thumbnail is a freaking masterpiece! 😂

  • YouTube Lover

    Congratulations on 10M Albert, and thanks for making us laugh and for entertaining us everyday :)

  • KeKe
    KeKe  +57

    Can we just appreciate the content he puts out for us and keeping us entertained this december ❤️❤️

  • moka
    moka  +533

    Can we please take a second to appreciate how Albert posts almost everyday??

  • RRubyz
    RRubyz  +549

    Let's just appreciate him posting and entertaining us every day.

  • Quinton McNicholl

    I love how he automatically assumes that people are in his group because of how popular it is 😂

  • Fr13ndLie
    Fr13ndLie  +10

    He manages to make us laugh when we are sad by his screaming. This man is a legend.

  • [Very Sad Cat] :C

    "Roblox as a 60 Billion dollar company, has the worst connection ever"

  • 1uvB
    1uvB  +20

    Congrats on 10M Albert!

  • Skidoo
    Skidoo  +93

    "Roblox, as a 60 million dollar company, has the worst network."

  • strong kids

    Can everyone appreciate how much he puts into his videos so we can enjoy them

  • Naffy
    Naffy  +150

    I love how Albert is slowly becoming less family-friendly

  • • Avery •

    Hello ALBERTO<3 Congratulations on 10M, you finally got it :) Well, I would wish to thank you for all the years you have made me laugh, on my bad and good days you have made them alot better, you are the best. I was suffering through depression and watching you kinda helped me get out of it <3 I wish you the best, Sincerely, - •Avery•

  • •ItzDannA•

    It brings my attention how he never runs out of ideas for videos, he can turn the most boring game, into a fun experience.

  • Terrible Content

    Congrats On 10 Million, Albert!

  • aqua rxses

    lets just appreciate how flamingo/albert makes the most boring games funny

  • Barney the dumb Dino

    He try’s so hard to make us laugh that’s why I respect him

  • hyroolie

    He always tries to make us laugh, and it works every time