12 most fearless animals

  • Published on Jun 3, 2018
  • Today I’ll show you 12 fearless animals!
    Why does an animal become completely fearless in a certain situation, even when the enemy is much bigger and stronger?
    We realize all animals live by following their instincts.
    But sometimes they seem to break the rules.

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  • C Lucas
    C Lucas 3 hours ago

    They are hurting the animals by taking more precautions this could be avoided in most if not all cases. People need to get smart find compassion in their hearts for all life including their own. Blessings

  • Logan Garnett
    Logan Garnett 12 hours ago

    4 was a allogator rearea

  • Mathin Shams
    Mathin Shams Day ago

    WATCH BLACK PANTHER (2017) HD 4K bit.ly/2weixis

  • Mathin Shams
    Mathin Shams Day ago

    WATCH BLACK PANTHER (2017) HD 4K bit.ly/2weixis

  • Mathin Shams
    Mathin Shams Day ago

    WATCH BLACK PANTHER (2017) HD 4K bit.ly/2weixis

  • Mathin Shams
    Mathin Shams Day ago

    WATCH BLACK PANTHER (2017) HD 4K bit.ly/2weixis

  • Mathin Shams
    Mathin Shams Day ago

    WATCH BLACK PANTHER (2017) HD 4K bit.ly/2weixis

  • Trent Wolter
    Trent Wolter Day ago

    4:58 no they see the humans and think to them self's if we eat it those cruel humans will kill us best just leave

  • Rahat Jahan
    Rahat Jahan 14 days ago

    This is perfect vedeo u should make thse types of vedios more nd more do not stop my frnd keep it up

  • Juan Montero
    Juan Montero Month ago +3

    And the most fearless animal is


  • D Smurf
    D Smurf Month ago

    GGWP 😂😂

  • 420 Alfonzo
    420 Alfonzo Month ago

    I fails to notice the honey bagger on this list.

  • Jared Payne
    Jared Payne Month ago

    Black bears are pussys

  • Myron Eisenhower
    Myron Eisenhower Month ago

    1:02 I don't see any cats on my Jaguar car model's hood.

  • Abdullah Jawed
    Abdullah Jawed Month ago

    That's called CONFIDENCE, These animals are made that one should learn how to face the fear !! Fear is just an illusion..!!! once you know it, you are fearless.

  • Strictly Original Materials

    3:17. Back off, asshole, it's my turf!

  • Dubé Dan
    Dubé Dan Month ago

    This video's commentary is sooo contradictary and spontaneous it is TOTALLY UNscientific lol

  • Knighthawk D
    Knighthawk D Month ago

    kamikaze deep in his heartt "hahahaha

  • Dmitriy Loos
    Dmitriy Loos Month ago

    2:35 who tf watches their dog swim with a shark and just records it instead of saving their damn dog

  • Omni-Kage
    Omni-Kage Month ago

    some of these people have no business owning pets.

  • Vicman
    Vicman Month ago

    Number 11 wtf?

  • skaworld509
    skaworld509 Month ago

    this is all wrong. those sharks were in their natural habitat, not threatening people on the beach. the dogs were harassing the sharks. stop this rubbish

  • Erik Jarandson
    Erik Jarandson Month ago

    The lion with the dog is a tame lion, rescued as an orphaned cub. The walks in the bush is to accustom the lion to the wild, with thought to releasing it in a wildlife preserve. The dog serves as a companion to the lion, and they have known each other since the lion was first rescued.
    As for cats, their advantages in reflexes, speed and agility make them nearly invulnerable to nearly all threats, provided that they're aware of the threat, and familiar with it. In the case of other animals, they have instincts to go by to understand the threats. Only some animals that are slightly larger, and wild, are truly dangerous. Smaller, same size, or much larger are less dangerous. An alerted cat will almost always be safe when confronting snakes, dogs, bears, or, apparently, crocodiles. Of the four, I suspect only crocodiles have a reasonable chance at surprising a cat. A bear certainly doesn't. You'll notice that the cat doesn't even swipe at the bear at half speed; it has no intention of hitting it, but certainly could, probably several times, before the bear could retreat. Any attempt from the bear would catch nothing but air. Consequently, the only thing in it for the bear, is a bloody nose; very bloody, if it persists.

  • Cakebang
    Cakebang Month ago

    Apparently humans are animals that are fearless

  • Ismael Matos
    Ismael Matos Month ago

    there is a honey badger you forgot

    WISDOM VLOGS Month ago

    What about the honey badger it the most fearless animal in the world

  • Teal Knight
    Teal Knight Month ago

    I thought this video was about animals being fearless against animals that are being then them... Not cars... smh

    FUDDLEYP JONES Month ago

    I highly doubt that a peanut is the felines food!

    FUDDLEYP JONES Month ago +2

    Tell me how exactly a dog protects a person from a shark when that person is SITTING ON THE BEACH?

  • Najib Sulog
    Najib Sulog Month ago

    The cat has virus on its hand

  • Brantley Wescott
    Brantley Wescott Month ago

    The most fearless animal is the Yorkshire terrier

  • Explodingpanda
    Explodingpanda Month ago

    that snake got ganked

  • Islamic Heart
    Islamic Heart Month ago

    cat animals are just beyond brave its silly

  • Ronnie Civella
    Ronnie Civella Month ago

    It’s an alligator

  • Josh.
    Josh. Month ago

    7 was only a cub, they're harmless

  • Roger Gipson Jr
    Roger Gipson Jr Month ago

    The five dogs was a team

  • Sla7ght3r
    Sla7ght3r Month ago

    3:09 begon thought!

  • Dulaugon Edwin
    Dulaugon Edwin Month ago +4

    Hahaha last clip thou
    "United we stand; divided we fall"
    Hahaha nc

  • Will Gold
    Will Gold Month ago

    How is it funny to watch a snake being torn up by dogs and knowing it was going to die probably slowly?

  • Trideep Sardar
    Trideep Sardar Month ago

    I think in most of the footage the wild animals r under take care (pet animals) and thats why they used to play with little ones (cat, dog) 🤔🤔

  • Robert Spikes
    Robert Spikes Month ago

    those were alligators, not crocs

  • The IndominusRex'sPlanet

    If i was the driver il get a rpg and shot that hippo 100

  • Jeremy Batten
    Jeremy Batten Month ago

    I will have to call bullshit on dogs being great divers. They struggle to swim poorly!
    And any animal’s success against a bear is more dumb luck than bravery.

  • 100k subscribers without any videos Challenge! !

    That lion is awesome. ..not interested in attacking

  • 100k subscribers without any videos Challenge! !

    That crocodile came with his dude 😂😂😂😂...is so funny...it remembered me of movies when 1 man bring his gang 😂😂😂 for fight😉

  • Google User
    Google User Month ago +25

    “The squirrel will do anything for the sake of getting a nut” same dude

    • jacob wigley
      jacob wigley Month ago +1

      as soon as i heard this in the video i paused and scrolled down to look for your exact comment. Thank you sir

  • Kevin Montiel
    Kevin Montiel Month ago


  • Marcos Delacruz
    Marcos Delacruz Month ago

    Fear of the unknown can do alot

  • CutsieFace McGee
    CutsieFace McGee Month ago

    Those were alligators, not crocodiles. Crocodiles are more aggressive and probably wouldn't have backed down.

  • Raging Squid
    Raging Squid Month ago

    I have a question at number 1 how do you think that’s fearless that’s like me and 7 of my homies beating up one bodybuilder

  • Bradley Pedreira
    Bradley Pedreira Month ago

    Wy are you using old videos from someone ells quit playing over and over omg

  • Th3 Mr Meseeks
    Th3 Mr Meseeks Month ago

    He called them pooches at the end lmao😝

  • Kermit Da Swaggy
    Kermit Da Swaggy Month ago

    4:27 thats a fucking alligator not a crocodile


    This video is UNREAL how dies this happen?

  • Kids crazy kc
    Kids crazy kc Month ago

    The dog and lion were playing at 5:18

  • Kids crazy kc
    Kids crazy kc Month ago


  • Lozzyboo
    Lozzyboo Month ago

    Cats got the balls for anything. My neighbour think cats are jerk and I was disagreeing with him, I know I’m spelling neighbor not in American way but I’m British so that’s how I’m goanna spell it.

  • Kristoffer Bouchard

    I'm done. A crocodile.... it's an American alligator you fucking idiot

  • Modu Official
    Modu Official Month ago +2

    This me when i try to approach my anxiety

  • fnaf art and more
    fnaf art and more Month ago

    Those are not crocodile's there alagators

  • alienresearchlab
    alienresearchlab Month ago

    They should re-name this: 'pet owners that don't give 2 shits if their pets die.'

  • alfatah onofre
    alfatah onofre Month ago +1

    No badger, no wolverine, no credibility, no reliable...

  • LetsGo Now
    LetsGo Now Month ago

    I hate cats they are horrible animals.

  • Mr.NaughtyPants
    Mr.NaughtyPants Month ago

    It wasn't a freakin crocodile ffs, it was an alligator. And he came back with his homie alligator named tator.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +4

    I'm curious if animal damage is included in car insurance policy.

  • Elmaz Okicic
    Elmaz Okicic Month ago

    Cats are just asshole.

  • Elf - Games
    Elf - Games Month ago

    3:29 Dog ( Pewdiepie ) Slapping Polar Bear ( T-Series )

  • Elf - Games
    Elf - Games Month ago

    3:10 cat be like shoo

  • David Post
    David Post Month ago

    Most of these situations are stupid. The dog fighting the firework. The cat was just comfortable walking on the truck. The squirrel clearly knows the cat and also cats don't eat nuts so the squirrel is moot stealing the cats food, the owner feeds the squirrel and the cat would think he's another pet. The dog biting the shark was cool. The cat fighting the alligator (notice i said alligator and not crocodile) and the cat swatting the bear. The dog was brave but the bear was not attacking, he was trying to play.

  • Maine made
    Maine made Month ago

    That king cobra are endangered so the owner of those dogs going to do jail time years .

  • Skull Greymon
    Skull Greymon Month ago

    Cats are the most dangerous animals confirmed!

  • Jonathan Wallin
    Jonathan Wallin Month ago +1

    This is meh dads account
    My cat isn't afraid of this k-9 that always barks at her. But when my cat growls or hisses the dog runs back to its owner😂

  • Ronnie Brown
    Ronnie Brown Month ago +1


  • Charles Surber
    Charles Surber Month ago

    Dog sees lion and all he thinks is hey its a new bro!

  • Louis Edwards
    Louis Edwards Month ago

    I saw a cat kick the Shit out of a Dog 5x it's size , Don't , fuck W/ mamacat,!

  • Delanie Sullivans unicorn channel


  • two911s
    two911s Month ago

    Your stupid

  • Boom Playfine
    Boom Playfine Month ago +1

    Poor cobra... sad that people always choose cute animals over these "bad" ones..

  • Kori Hoornstra
    Kori Hoornstra Month ago

    1 Badgers
    2 wolverines

  • Jose Gueeruo
    Jose Gueeruo Month ago +2

    Look up video called opossum my possum posted by Lydia Tuesday Guzman

  • Scarface
    Scarface Month ago +10

    Great video but lots of baseless remarks.
    He keeps talking like he knows what the animals are and aren't thinking based on assumptions.
    I'm not sure why but it kind of annoyed me😅

  • Catherine Stonehouse

    A DOG saved my mom from a WOLF

  • okonkwo Noel
    okonkwo Noel Month ago

    Didn't you see how big the dogs balls were

  • Lou Cypher
    Lou Cypher Month ago +1

    Ok, one thing you children need to stop doing is speaking for animals. That dog was obviously taken by that firework not protecting anybody.

  • abdul Mars
    abdul Mars Month ago +1

    Even those people who go in zoo they're fearless too

  • Brockt87
    Brockt87 Month ago

    My 100lb Bulldog should be on here. He attacked & bit a huge roll of 300 firecrackers while they were going off! He also attacks the leaf blower and runs into the 140 mph winds coming out to bite it over and over! lol He’s not afraid of anything, but absolutely hates getting his nails clipped! 😂

  • FroacherFriends TheBestFriends

    Little do the cat know that the Crocodile were getting his sweet paw and the cat scratch the Crocodiles and the Crocs felt much better
    Well I saw a dog pawed a Croc and the Croc was like....
    Aaahhhh thx

  • FroacherFriends TheBestFriends

    Luckily it's a baby
    If adult the dog would have died

    • Johannes Kure Nielsen
      Johannes Kure Nielsen Month ago

      FroacherFriends TheBestFriends thats a full grown dog bro... bears are just really big.

  • AbsoluteMadDog™
    AbsoluteMadDog™ Month ago +4

    The dog at #10 had big cojones, of course he was fearless. Nuff said.

  • kk1209
    kk1209 Month ago +4

    Poor snake. Outnumbered 1 to 20
    That means 1 body to 20 limbs.

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall Month ago

    Hey those were American alligators with cat

  • Bobby Hartley
    Bobby Hartley Month ago

    What a bull shit video.

  • Tyrese Leon
    Tyrese Leon Month ago


  • Tom & Jerry
    Tom & Jerry Month ago +1

    There is a guy in the comment section who claims that; he coaches wrestling, he is a 6ft 6in 24 stone bouncer that works in the roughest bar in town, and that he eats live rattlesnakes for breakfast and drinks their venom as a refreshing beverage.
    Can somebody call a doctor please.
    This guy needs help immediately.

  • H0TD0G5
    H0TD0G5 Month ago +8

    0:59 Did anyone else think this was Pet Semetary

  • _ Jinx _
    _ Jinx _ Month ago

    Lion: bac-
    Dog: square up! Catch these paws!
    Cheetah: Same shit, different day
    Lion: I’ll kil-
    Dog: Be quiet! Or I’ll kill your kids!

  • Linda Odom6s
    Linda Odom6s Month ago

    I like how the lion and the dog were just playing

  • Tater Tots
    Tater Tots Month ago

    1:25 is the dog really protecting its owners or is it just a dumbass and doesn’t realize the danger of what he’s doing?

  • Tairese Henry
    Tairese Henry Month ago

    3:10 GET OFF MY LAWN!