• Published on Jun 3, 2018
  • Today I’ll show you 12 fearless animals!
    Why does an animal become completely fearless in a certain situation, even when the enemy is much bigger and stronger?
    We realize all animals live by following their instincts.
    But sometimes they seem to break the rules.

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  • OnePunch Chungus
    OnePunch Chungus 8 hours ago

    Irresponsible owners letting their dogs swim with sharks and laughing

  • Natan Feker
    Natan Feker 22 hours ago +1

    The modt fearless animal on the planet is Honey Badger..

  • Kyle Graybill
    Kyle Graybill Day ago +1

    Dogs and most cats will do anything to protect you even leave down there own life for you for you are a good owner😼🐶

  • Call me Oakly
    Call me Oakly Day ago

    *The crocodile was like an entitled mum entitled when the cat attacked him she got insulted and came back with the "manager"* 😂

  • ChoppaCal
    ChoppaCal Day ago

    Simba smacked the crap out of Timon

  • Mzima Springs
    Mzima Springs Day ago

    How convenient the video breaks when the driver shitted in his pants and the suv almost toppled over. Remember an suv is no match against a 2 ton charging rhino.

  • Dwight DeVille
    Dwight DeVille Day ago +2

    5:39 Im the same way with woman

  • Raja Barma
    Raja Barma Day ago

    @9xJ0 Best Cats funny Moments | FUNNY CAT compilation

  • Dean From England
    Dean From England Day ago +2

    Some Irresponsible pet owners ,but what sensational footage,Been on TheXvid since it started aint seen none of these //Well collated excellent Video Subbed!

  • Hyms Loyal
    Hyms Loyal 2 days ago

    Video man

  • Araceli Guzman
    Araceli Guzman 2 days ago

    A team up of dogs is exactly what velociraptors do

  • Fran Rod
    Fran Rod 2 days ago

    In croatian shark is called "morski pas" wich translates to sea dog.

  • jfk
    jfk 3 days ago

    some people are moron letting their pet go again a wild animal..

  • Victor Maldonado
    Victor Maldonado 3 days ago +2

    The dogs vs that big ass snake at the end was coo 😎👊 teamwork

  • Charisma Dutterson
    Charisma Dutterson 3 days ago +1

    Those dogs are very TACTICAL.

  • Rage Carnage
    Rage Carnage 3 days ago

    1v4 the cobra cant get maniac with the dogs

  • Ben Lowe
    Ben Lowe 4 days ago +9

    Didnt realise Dogs were this OP. I need to level my dog up

    ELLIOT FREEHART 4 days ago


    WOOD BUTCHER 4 days ago


  • Scott Clemons
    Scott Clemons 4 days ago

    why are they allowing their animals deal with shit like an alligator and a lion do they just want their pets to die??

  • Escherichia2003
    Escherichia2003 5 days ago +3

    In the animal kingdom it is all about attidude

    • Peter Des
      Peter Des 2 days ago +1

      Escherichia2003 exactly but weak degenerated humans dont get it ;p

  • Lejitm3
    Lejitm3 5 days ago +4

    Lucky bastards. In similar situations, something always dies or gets eaten.

  • Biology Bros
    Biology Bros 5 days ago

    The reptile?

  • gunslinger 1904
    gunslinger 1904 5 days ago +7

    The dog versus the polar bear though I'm very impressed😮😦

  • loveable lily
    loveable lily 5 days ago +4

    *number 8*

  • Giant videos
    Giant videos 5 days ago

    Check out goat eating fish 😊☺️thexvid.com/video/gt0AzRoVfQs/video.html

  • Veneil
    Veneil 6 days ago

    Absolutely stupid. I can't for a second find it interesting to watch dogs tied up and limited in their movements trying taking on a giant polar bear that could kill them with one swipe. Any owner who stands around filming that is a TOTAL MORON, pure and simple.

  • ÆRational
    ÆRational 6 days ago

    the guy voicing this should go jump off a bridge. Seriously please end yourself.

  • Manjeet Chauhan
    Manjeet Chauhan 6 days ago

    Where is funny badger

  • Oil Bama
    Oil Bama 6 days ago

    Dog owner= apes without brain

  • D Tuuguu
    D Tuuguu 6 days ago

    yooo that Malamute or husky is amazing. Fighting with polar bear

  • Chris Hanson Miner
    Chris Hanson Miner 7 days ago +1

    Sorry for my bad English i'm foreigner. You should cast for movie trailer man.

  • Off Grid Madman
    Off Grid Madman 7 days ago

    Where was the Honey Badger? They're fuckin mental and give zero fucks.

  • Aaron Hopkins
    Aaron Hopkins 7 days ago

    Why do the bigger animals back off when they could just easily kill the smaller ones?

  • Jim Shepard
    Jim Shepard 7 days ago +1

    Humans included, sometimes... Just a couple weeks ago the news reported a young male jogger who was attacked by a mountain lion in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and won the fight when he successfully strangled the big cat to death with his bare hands. The police didn't quite believe his story at first until they saw the extent of his injuries, which included multiple puncture wounds, as well as when they found the dead animal had been choked to death. So his story matched the evidence. The jogger asked not to be identified...

    • bhuvan Konia
      bhuvan Konia 5 days ago +1

      Superman exists!! I knew it! But he wants to keep his identity a secret.

  • John
    John 7 days ago +1

    Honey badger. Nuff said

  • Andrew Corlew
    Andrew Corlew 7 days ago

    Cause the guy wasn't going to run down a hippo with a 4x4

  • Alpha
    Alpha 7 days ago

    oh my gosh. that was amizing

  • TheTexasViper
    TheTexasViper 7 days ago +2

    Ride like the Wind...no..no..no..Ride like the Cat!

  • Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk
    Janice Ulaayu Angnatuk 7 days ago +1

    Number 6 the polar bear is young lol

  • Nih Nite
    Nih Nite 7 days ago

    number 1: why u bully me

  • Thamar Baptiste
    Thamar Baptiste 8 days ago

    Like i u like cats sub to my youtube channel if you like dogs

  • adammaccloskey
    adammaccloskey 8 days ago

    5 on 1 yeah those dogs are really fearless

  • ingunn selboe
    ingunn selboe 8 days ago

    it s aligator

  • Tom R
    Tom R 8 days ago


  • elasteroidedepapel
    elasteroidedepapel 8 days ago

    People are the nazis of the nature.

  • elasteroidedepapel
    elasteroidedepapel 8 days ago

    fucking people mixin animals.
    A bear with a cat? a polar bear with a dog?? dogs with sharks??? FUCKING PEOPLE

    • elasteroidedepapel
      elasteroidedepapel 8 days ago

      a cat with 2 alligators?? five FUCKING FIVE DOGS AGAINST A COBRA?? Behind this are people, fucking stupid people, o my god why we don't go extintc we are the fucking worst.

  • Old Texan
    Old Texan 9 days ago +1

    Fort Worth, TX spent millions rebuilding the zoo. I went with friens once. So very depressing. The old zoo had plenty of huge oaks as shade for people and animals. Trees all gone, animal pens in open sun, viewing animals from elevated walkways, and dirty pens, cages and especially the water pens with dirty water and glass. I watched the old gorilla, sitting in the sun, methodically moving a bundle of straw back and forth. He was probably insane, as many apes in zoos are. The condition of the elephant pens were bad enough, but the elephant out appeared to be sick.
    A very depressing experience. I will never go back.

  • Marcus Miles
    Marcus Miles 9 days ago

    language of the wild

  • nightcore girl2019
    nightcore girl2019 9 days ago +1

    The orange cat looks like a stray cat at my grandma's and her cat *All three of them look identical*

  • Keith Pierce
    Keith Pierce 9 days ago

    That dog messed that polar bear up. DAMNNN!

  • nhhhh
    nhhhh 9 days ago

    what the fuck is this narrator

  • Zivodar Aleksandrov
    Zivodar Aleksandrov 9 days ago

    Poor animals 😔😔😔

  • Dr Log
    Dr Log 9 days ago


  • Everything Tech
    Everything Tech 9 days ago +2

    I think the people who put the cat near those gators (at nr 4) should be prosecuted. That cat could easily haven been taken by that gator.

  • Sum child That likes foxes

    This is why you have cats, they good but bad still, like,example they can scare bears, and scare crocodiles away :D
    And this is why you have dogs, they can rip the muzzle off of polar bears and fight in packs amongst cobras! :DD

  • Dr Durdana Hidayat
    Dr Durdana Hidayat 9 days ago

    The cat was adult and bear was kid so thats why bear got scared

  • Jsk 05
    Jsk 05 9 days ago +7

    When dogs have better teamwork than professional MOBA players

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 10 days ago

    Who is just walking around with a crocodile on the ground 😳

    MICHAEL DAVIS 10 days ago

    It's because he doesn't like SUVS and neither do I.

  • Dragon Princess
    Dragon Princess 10 days ago

    When the other is so much bigger and stronger that’s my life basically

  • Güzel Sözler
    Güzel Sözler 10 days ago

    Some more FEARLESS ANIMALS thexvid.com/video/7u1E3W51RXQ/video.html

  • Dorrian Hunter
    Dorrian Hunter 10 days ago

    For the Rhino and hippo “Embrace for impact!!” Lol 😂 but I would be really scared it I was one of those drivers NO JOKE

  • Cult Mechanicus
    Cult Mechanicus 11 days ago

    Number 10 has some big balls

  • 1socalshocker
    1socalshocker 11 days ago

    Dogs are great.

  • Rita Thomson
    Rita Thomson 12 days ago

    For goodness sake the dog was on a leashe, no were to run and it did not no that the polar bear wonted to play! It just so danger ! At the same time I too feel sorry for the bears nose ☺

  • Brianna Rodriguez
    Brianna Rodriguez 13 days ago +1

    I’m actually not shocked that the most animals being brave is the cats and why is because I think god made them to be warriors they are brave and when they get hurt they don’t even care and they don’t give up they jump really high and are fearless so I’m proud

    • naphackDT
      naphackDT 8 days ago

      More like they know what they can get away with.
      There is barely any meat on a cat and they have sharp claws. Not worth risking an eye over. Those predators won't die from missing out on a small snack, but they WILL die from losing an eye.

  • Jim B
    Jim B 13 days ago

    To the assholes allowing the dogs into the water with the sharks, if I was there those assholes would be knocked out and I would happily use them for shark bait. Fucking idiots, get me their names and address. I will straighten their asses out. And no, Im not an internet tough guy, just sick and tired of stupid humans that put others into dangerous situations while laughing about it.

  • j lindell
    j lindell 13 days ago

    the polar bear just wanted some love

  • Undyne the Undying underfell

    Ginger cat:I sho u da wae

  • Memes are My life
    Memes are My life 13 days ago +1

    The last one I was like “IT’S GOING TOO BITE YOU RUN PUPPY’S”

  • Yung Piss
    Yung Piss 14 days ago

    This commenter is an idiot and just sounds fucking stupid

  • Rob Dawg
    Rob Dawg 14 days ago

    2:24 love the surfer accent

  • Juni Northstorm
    Juni Northstorm 14 days ago

    1:54 that sounds like a SA accent "ooo shit" is right my boer

  • Agent x skittles
    Agent x skittles 14 days ago


  • Ian Mendoza
    Ian Mendoza 14 days ago

    *I WATCHED IT TheXvid!!!!! HAPPY?!?!?!?!?*

  • Justin Cratsley
    Justin Cratsley 14 days ago


  • Saijai Cheunarom
    Saijai Cheunarom 14 days ago

    🌐 You make me funey again kaptan

  • NPCs Go Away!
    NPCs Go Away! 15 days ago

    Yes, we had a cat that used to keep the coyotes away.
    He was eaten

  • Chase_Gamer156
    Chase_Gamer156 15 days ago


  • Dawnroblox
    Dawnroblox 15 days ago

    I love the team work on the last one ❤️❤️

  • Ieva Radzvi
    Ieva Radzvi 15 days ago

    The thing that makes me angry is when humans put their lets in dangerous situations like where are your manners? Also at 5:18 who lets their pet loose when there are wild animals??

  • Dank Meme
    Dank Meme 15 days ago

    Low key if that hippo ran into my truck i would get about a 60 mph start and ram the fuck out of it until it was dead as fuck

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 15 days ago

    Ive seen my 4 dogs do that with a snake .... just a lot smaller snake ...

  • Flaco 23
    Flaco 23 15 days ago

    I don't know if it should called unafraid or stupid

  • Larry Tischler
    Larry Tischler 15 days ago

    That polar bear was not full grown. A large bear is only at risk against several dogs at once.

  • chrismary Evans
    chrismary Evans 15 days ago

    His the amaizing animal i ever scene in entire youtube 0:12

  • chestercopperbottom
    chestercopperbottom 15 days ago

    #5 was a magpie, not a crow...

  • Killer Night
    Killer Night 15 days ago

    6.24 WOW That is awesome

  • Killer Night
    Killer Night 15 days ago

    5.43 The cat was just thinking WTF

  • Υπερδιαγαλαξιακός Αστροπολεμιστής

    GGWP they play a lot of fortnite

  • Ryan Corcoran
    Ryan Corcoran 16 days ago

    A cat will scare off a bear, a pack of of dogs, an alligator, a cobra, hell even ebola, but will just sit there amused while a squirrel eats it's lunch. Maybe the squirrel is the apex cuteness predator

  • Zambie Slaya2016
    Zambie Slaya2016 16 days ago

    Do not trust the antichrist but Jeuss don't take the mark of the beast or you will be tortured in hell for eternity Take the seal of God and live in paradise served by Angels instead

  • gacha wolf
    gacha wolf 16 days ago


  • JaMann
    JaMann 17 days ago +2

    5:55 new body guards of 2019 confirmed?

  • Eno Alcazar
    Eno Alcazar 17 days ago

    at the swimming dogs i was so impressed

  • Jovan Kow
    Jovan Kow 17 days ago

    3:02 man that bear just wanted a friend

  • Kimo no Na wa
    Kimo no Na wa 17 days ago

    cats > all

  • aidanjt
    aidanjt 17 days ago

    I don't know how that sled dog gets around with its planet-sized balls.

    MOTO MX 17 days ago +2

    That last one with the dogs and the snake made me laugh 😂