9 Snacks To Make For Your Next Party • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Be the hostess with the mostest and wow your guests with delicious snacks!
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  • g pablo
    g pablo 2 hours ago

    5:37 nice pussy's

  • Matt Freake
    Matt Freake 17 hours ago

    *Background music*
    Dan: join the dab police today
    Memes: *dabs*
    Dan: **triggered**

  • Mahima Romanoffsallymw
    Mahima Romanoffsallymw 3 days ago +1

    They stole bhajis from India and make them suck as always🙄

  • Victory Uber Red
    Victory Uber Red 5 days ago

    Did somebody noticed one of their plates are from IKEA?

  • k cool
    k cool 6 days ago

    2:35 I can hear oofs in the background

  • Hriday TV
    Hriday TV 9 days ago

    That’s pakora

  • jyothi buddy
    jyothi buddy 11 days ago

    Are u from USA or India please tell me I am Indian but I love 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    JAGDISH MANGARAJ 11 days ago

    The background music was like watching a horror movie 😂

  • Super Italia
    Super Italia 11 days ago

    It's spicy salame, not Pepperoni!!!!

  • gAbY diAz
    gAbY diAz 12 days ago +1

    freeze 1 hour
    bread crumbs


    This music makes cooking so intense..

  • C I K I
    C I K I 13 days ago

    Time stamps
    0:06 - Pizza puff pastry twist
    0:45 - Pizza tots
    1:28 - Cheddar ranch popcorn chicken
    2:09 - BBQ Bacon onion rings
    2:33 - Potato Bhajis
    3:08 - Buffalo wings
    3:38 - Cheese fondue bread bowl
    4:30 - Mozzarella stick onion rings
    5:10 - Bacon and chicken wrapped mozzarella sticks

  • Works Fine
    Works Fine 13 days ago

    Ugh , the first dough cutting ...so unsatisfying in the bottom part....

  • Mailynn Do
    Mailynn Do 14 days ago +1

    Doing everything thing with chesse

  • _______ Møter
    _______ Møter 14 days ago

    Why does everyone call something “pizza” just because it has cheese and pepperoni in it?

  • Loyhdd Dyhexx
    Loyhdd Dyhexx 14 days ago

    Can't do this because i don't have friends i don't want friends they disappoint me

  • Brawadis
    Brawadis 14 days ago

    I dont know why but why is therr Epic music in the background? This Song sounds like you just beat the Most bossiest boss ever

  • Chill
    Chill 14 days ago

    you mean a one person party

  • PinkBerry Plays
    PinkBerry Plays 15 days ago +1

    Yah I totally have these...

  • Kevin
    Kevin 15 days ago

    Tasty u should make a restaurant

  • Hello!
    Hello! 15 days ago

    Wow, that's one *hecc* tonne of cheese.

  • MegaDario1978
    MegaDario1978 15 days ago

    Make your video little bit slower I dont have a time for rewind to see ingridients...😛😝😜

  • I Have No Name
    I Have No Name 16 days ago

    Great!Now all I need are friends!!

  • Mizxlle _
    Mizxlle _ 16 days ago

    Me:Ye im just gonna make this for myself
    *Doesn't do it*

  • Bornita Bharadhwaj
    Bornita Bharadhwaj 18 days ago

    Potato Bhajis ..indian snack

  • Brizkayy
    Brizkayy 20 days ago

    Nobody else:
    Me: 3 AM munchies

  • Bismillah Channel
    Bismillah Channel 20 days ago +1

    3:05 that's actually called aloo pakoda

  • Kids World
    Kids World 20 days ago

    We are so poor

  • Zero
    Zero 21 day ago


  • Zero
    Zero 21 day ago


  • Juicy Fruit
    Juicy Fruit 21 day ago

    The green leafs always make it look better

  • Elisabeth Hutchinson

    Nothing says saturday night party like turmeric potatoes

  • I P
    I P 22 days ago

    Potato Bhajis eh!!
    Bhaji is a word from language *Marathi* spoken in Maharashtra state of India :)

    • I P
      I P 22 days ago

      Bhaji means ‘Vegetable’ btw

  • Mani Babu
    Mani Babu 22 days ago

    Good... you also know to make bhajis.

  • Zudah Beatz
    Zudah Beatz 24 days ago

    i love your videos they are the coolest recipes

  • thicc chicc
    thicc chicc 24 days ago

    i watch these to feel hungry and appreciate whatever food we have 😂

  • Glorysia Melody
    Glorysia Melody 27 days ago

    The music makes me to battling against a boss

  • Piananas s
    Piananas s Month ago

    I'd be hella broke if I feed 6:15 to my 30 guests

  • cow man
    cow man Month ago

    Why the epic music?

  • Supermodel Gaming
    Supermodel Gaming Month ago

    This beat is sooo fire!!!

  • Makenna Campbell
    Makenna Campbell Month ago

    Am I the only one sitting here at 3 am in the dark and forgets abt the end when it says oh yes and gets freaked tf out

  • Hanya ini
    Hanya ini Month ago

    This is snack, oh its so rich

  • Sascha Hamburg
    Sascha Hamburg Month ago

    Looking for to make these for myself and nobody else 🤡

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar Month ago

    So basically, Take cheese and put a little more cheese in their.

  • ganga punetha
    ganga punetha Month ago +2

    Warning: if you are hungry don't watch this. If agree then hit like

  • TechnicalDark
    TechnicalDark Month ago

    *3 more years to go before I start cooking...must resist*

  • april majdzinski
    april majdzinski Month ago

    Buffalo wings eats one screames

  • Mario's Radoiactive mustdash

    4:35 *sniff* lik if u cri everteim :(

  • Babar Anjum
    Babar Anjum Month ago

    Who is in bed watching this and getting hungry

  • Tanguy Audren
    Tanguy Audren Month ago

    What is the song pls ?

  • Far Out MEMEZ
    Far Out MEMEZ Month ago

    Not a second in this video warrants the song played

  • BeastIncarnate
    BeastIncarnate Month ago

    The music sounds like it has been taken from the youtube music library

  • Just HumanPG3D
    Just HumanPG3D Month ago

    Copied from davehax

  • Shadow Destruction
    Shadow Destruction Month ago

    I wish I had a mom who would bake these for me my mouth drooling

  • alpha
    alpha Month ago

    0:39 pizza *rolls*
    No? Ok...

  • Princesa Xavia
    Princesa Xavia Month ago

    I wanna try seriously

  • Princesa Xavia
    Princesa Xavia Month ago

    Hey what did you pour unto the chicken breast? Is it milk and flour? To make the cheedar popcorn chicken

  • Malak Ramy
    Malak Ramy Month ago

    انا جعت

  • MikeyJY
    MikeyJY Month ago

    I don’t know if u copy from 5-Minute Crafts or they from you!

  • ღAzza ღ
    ღAzza ღ Month ago


  • Clashing Arena
    Clashing Arena Month ago +7

    To be honest I don't have those ingredients 😂😂

  • Tahir Rafiq
    Tahir Rafiq Month ago

    the first one is from 5 minute crafts

  • esther garcia sanchez

    Tan rápido que no se sabe ni lo que echa

  • patrick.
    patrick. Month ago

    the party be over by then when your done with these snacks.

  • lady night_creeps
    lady night_creeps Month ago

    I'd just make it for myself and eat it all lmao

  • طيب المذاق

    Support for Belize channels

  • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ*Super Jacopo Ko Ita*ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    0:46 Quella...
    Un colpo al cuore💔

  • Narges Rahimi
    Narges Rahimi Month ago

    سلام خاهشن برایمان فارسی بنویسید

  • Kason Sookwah
    Kason Sookwah Month ago

    9 ways to burn my house down

  • sarbuland akbar
    sarbuland akbar Month ago

    Why does youtube recommended this to me at 1am when I am super hungry

  • Zei nen
    Zei nen Month ago +5

    I always watch ur videos x1.75

  • Dedmemz
    Dedmemz Month ago

    whats with the intense music like wth

  • Anushka Jadhav
    Anushka Jadhav Month ago

    The 'potato bahjis' is an Indian snack

  • Nixon Quesada
    Nixon Quesada Month ago

    Watching this while water fasting