• Published on Oct 26, 2016
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  • Aqua Lilyann
    Aqua Lilyann Year ago +2404

    It's hilarious how hugging is considered a bit awkward but touching stranger's stomachs is just fine

    • The Great Leader Jim Pickens
      The Great Leader Jim Pickens 20 days ago

      @Waku Waku Idk man, hugging is like expressing affection since you do more body contact. Prodding, depending on how you do it, can be seen as being playful. I mean come on, compared to shouting "fucker" to random stranger like it's normal in the west, prodding is the least of our worry.

    • Yang He
      Yang He Month ago


    • psychshift
      psychshift Month ago

      Everyone loves tummy rubs.

  • Stephan
    Stephan Year ago +392

    This aged well. You gained 10 times the subs, without gaining 10 times the weight. I'd say this is a pretty good ratio Mr Broad.

  • DoctorObviously
    DoctorObviously Year ago +1239

    Genuine question: if the Japanese think Chris classifies as fat, how do they see Americans then?

  • Lord Spink
    Lord Spink Year ago +2146

    "I want twice the subscribers as Simply Red"
    *me watching in 2021 as you're about to hit 2 MILLION with 3x more then him*

    • dream420
      dream420 8 months ago

      @Serjo777 he aint lying when he says he reads comments

    • Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic
      Lay In Pink Is My Aesthetic 9 months ago


    • Steve LP
      Steve LP 9 months ago

      Spink!! There he is from Essex to Japan :D

    • DauntingGecko
      DauntingGecko 9 months ago +1

      Celebrate with a McDonalds… 🍟🍔🥤🎊

    • ThisAlbino
      ThisAlbino 10 months ago

      @Abroad in Japan but that's Gabrielle, not Simply Red. Little joke for the dads there.

    INVISIGOTH 5 years ago +4453

    "it seems you like food recently!" made me LOL hard

    • it's about drive
      it's about drive 10 months ago

      Everyone likes food, we need it to *LIVE*

    • Andy P TV
      Andy P TV 11 months ago +1

      Oblivion NPC Body Shaming mod

    • Jens Nellen
      Jens Nellen 11 months ago +1

      "No, no. I quit eating decades ago. Just air and water. Air and water."

    • drawn
      drawn 3 years ago +2

      I never heard anyone use LOL properly

  • Fanvonvielem1819
    Fanvonvielem1819 Year ago +266

    Am I the only one who absolut LOVED the part with the moving cat plushie?
    That made my day!
    So glad this video was recommended to me!
    Greetings from Germany!

    • Squeegy Beckenheim
      Squeegy Beckenheim 5 months ago +1

      So adorable :)

    • Sam Andrews
      Sam Andrews 6 months ago +1

      I was waiting for someone else in the comments to notice it lol.

    • Jens Nellen
      Jens Nellen 11 months ago +10

      Same here. Is that a german thing to like funny stop motion scenes? I also love Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit. 😅

  • ababyharpseal
    ababyharpseal Year ago +98

    I’d love to visit Japan, but as someone prone to eating disorders I ruled out moving there long ago. I know it’s normal to point out weight gain there, but that would send me spiralling back into anorexia very quickly.

  • _Cloud_Fatty _the_Dog
    _Cloud_Fatty _the_Dog Year ago +564

    "What happened to gym bro? You stopped going?"
    .. "fat"
    Last one killed it

    • CT Jaafar
      CT Jaafar 9 months ago +4

      ngl I laughed like a seal at the last one

  • Gianski
    Gianski 11 months ago +13

    As of the time of me commenting this, I have lost 30 kilos, I’m Filipino and I’m currently 16, everyone who saw me always became an expert at losing weight, it got annoying but I didn’t care, but i did lose the weight because almost a year ago I became extra conscious of my health and realized that i wanted to live long and live my dreams, my weight was probably gonna prevent that so i started losing weight, I’m not on my goal yet but I’m almost there

  • MrGriboman
    MrGriboman 2 years ago +11483

    Fat guy: peacefully walks on the street.

    • Benjai
      Benjai Month ago

      Peak fat-shaming the way God intended

    • TrainingMacro
      TrainingMacro Month ago

      I can imagine the Japanese turning into Gordon Ramsay looking at the stomach and going "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?! WHAT IS THAT?"

    • Thebé Kgo
      Thebé Kgo 2 months ago


    • Ethan S
      Ethan S 2 months ago


  • Javier Furus
    Javier Furus 11 months ago +39

    Chris, you are just plain joy to watch, whatever the video is about.
    Thank you Big Face for bringing sunshine even to dull days!

  • Jon Nick
    Jon Nick 11 months ago +551

    I heard that sumo was invented as a Japanese attempt to re-enact a Walmart scuffle between two average American customers, as witnessed through the eyes of a Japanese tourist

    • Salvador Toscano
      Salvador Toscano 3 months ago

      @tasha I have never been so offended at something I 100% agree with xD

    • Frankie2012channel
      Frankie2012channel 7 months ago


    • Fred the Fish
      Fred the Fish 8 months ago +3

      Genuinely teared up laughing at this

    • Casey Kawyani
      Casey Kawyani 10 months ago +13

      Walmart’s are the embodiment of American culture. That and the infamous karen.

    • Darcy Liam
      Darcy Liam 11 months ago +2


  • marscaleb
    marscaleb Year ago +71

    This is honestly making me want to visit Japan.
    I'm looking at this completely normal guy talking about being fat. I want to show up so they can see what real fatness looks like.

    • Yazoo Rayon
      Yazoo Rayon 9 months ago +4

      @Unfknbelievable Slapping someone is an overreaction but touching someone's body in a condescending manner is also not acceptable. Feminism is growing in Japan nowadays so if you do that to a girl you might get arrested too anyway.

    • MeTaMan
      MeTaMan 11 months ago

      @marscaleb you should do more research on the term lol

    • marscaleb
      marscaleb 11 months ago +6

      @MeTaMan And?
      What makes you think this wasn't how he meant it?
      It's not like "bear" is a slur; lots of us big hairy people call ourselves bears.

    • MeTaMan
      MeTaMan 11 months ago +1

      @Volkbrecht Disrespectful peasant don’t go somewhere to cause harm. Also bear means big gay hairy man so don’t use that term so openly.

  • Jeremy Theoneofdestiny
    Jeremy Theoneofdestiny 11 months ago +17

    Amazing, my experience living in Japan was the complete opposite. I am a skinny dude that lost a dangerous amount of weight living in Japan for 4 years. I commuted 1+ hour to work every day (one way) including a 20 minute walk, a 30 minute train ride (standing), and a 15 minute bike ride. Combine that with small portions at restaurants and a small unusable kitchen, with very small refrigerator… I felt like I was always operating at a calorie deficit

  • Brunon Kopyto
    Brunon Kopyto 2 years ago +6366

    "Don't you enjoy doing some exercise"
    That is The MOST passive-aggressive thing I have ever heard

    • josh butler
      josh butler 10 months ago

      Yes, I'm into boxing:)

    • Versace Chang
      Versace Chang Year ago

      @StickMantid Some people do, I do I work out every morning by choice I get enjoyment out of the struggle. I also choose to work heavy labour job for same reason. Nothing more satisfying then pushing your own body

    • RiRin Desuyo
      RiRin Desuyo Year ago

      @Organ HARVESTER Thankfully I wasn't that fat to have issues with the body while doing so. Now I'm on my normal weight levels and I maintain it via the same activities along with some recreational activities from time to time (swimming mostly). But I get your point, the extra weight will definitely put stress onto your knees (if you're form is wrong) if you're really overweight.
      Can't really comment on that since I thankfully didn't reach that big (just had really low stamina), but I do say it's important to develop the exercise activity (swimming, jog etc...) a habit first. The main roadblock for many is likely consistency or motivation to continue doing it. Once something is a habit you get that consistency part done which helps alot as it's not a chore anymore and your mind doesn't really think about it much.

    • Organ HARVESTER
      Organ HARVESTER Year ago +2

      @RiRin Desuyo If you are totally out of shape and possibly very fat, jogging can seriously be "inneficient" ask your doctor about the shocks to the knees and intestines. It's better to do aquagym or just swimming and biking (not motorbike obviously)

    • RiRin Desuyo
      RiRin Desuyo Year ago

      @Max Goldberg You don't need to go full exercise mode, the key part is to slowly make it your habit. I in the past hated jogging or any cardio in general, I couldn't survive in the gym for 2 weeks. I'm working as a software engineer so like you my physical activity at work was low.
      One thing I did was instead of jogging, I started to just walk a bit more everyday in a park nearby where I live before going home. Overtime it became a habit of mine and before I knew it I was walking miles without issues and then I started slowly jogging on weekends until it also became a habit. It also feels pretty good after such activities when you get back home and makes it pretty easy to sleep early as your body is tired.

  • nivalius
    nivalius 8 months ago +9

    oh man, even 5 years later, i gotta say - it's such a shame that simply red doesn't get that much recognition...
    his voice is still golden

  • Blanka71040
    Blanka71040 6 months ago +2

    Chris, I love your channel! I've discovered it recently and I can't stop watching.
    I have started learning Japanese a few months ago due to the love for a certain band and I've been trying to consume anything Japan related.
    Your channel is very informative and fun, I love your sense of humour and the issues you've been adressing. It's a really enjoyable way of learning about the Japanese culture.

  • That's_What_SHE_Said!

    When I was in Japan in 2004, I couldn't find escalators anywhere! And definitely not elevators that were suitable for human travel. There were stairs and more stairs! The only escalator I found was at FujiTV (or was it NTV?) that was so steep and terrifying, that when it suddenly stopped, we all almost fell down like dominos. I found the country very much inaccessible to handicapped needs. I had difficulty with stairs because my knees bend backwards, and now I am using a wheelchair because the issue has been complicated by degenerative joints. Has it changed at all since?

  • 123karakoc
    123karakoc 9 months ago +6

    Hilarious. I laughed out loud at the end. You are a very charming and relatable human being.

  • Simon Leferink
    Simon Leferink Year ago +2202

    England: "You have gained quite a lot of weight recently have you?"
    Holland: "You fat hamster!"
    Japan: 👉👉

    • Erick Villegas
      Erick Villegas 13 days ago

      My grandma: you’re looking a bit skinny, eat more!

    • Leonardo
      Leonardo 2 months ago

      Mexico: you gotta sht more often

    • Salome Mallgren
      Salome Mallgren 3 months ago

      @Electro-Cute I don’t think you can speak for Sweden as a whole when you say that they are all sensitive to weight issues. After all, Pewdiepie is Swedish and he went on an on about how disgusting Jake Paul’s friend was just because he was fat. You and your close circle may be sensitive to weight issues, but no country is full of nothing but kind and open-minded people. And I’m not picking on the other commenters because they are jokingly demeaning their own countries rather than trying to put them on a pedestal.

    • MonkCho
      MonkCho 3 months ago


    • NothingPosted905
      NothingPosted905 3 months ago +1

      My aunts in Venezuela: You came back wider

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. 11 months ago +13

    I love watching these videos. Because it proves so many people wrong I talk to about Japan. As if Japan is some magical place where they will be happier living there. And it’s better than any other country.

  • Snaider Ramos
    Snaider Ramos 11 months ago +16

    I'm impressed of how much his channel has grown.

  • Alexander de Burdegala

    I just wanted to let you know your content always makes me laugh and smile. You're voice is now a permanent fixture in my head space lol. You'd remind me of so many of my friends lol. I think I am gonna get myself some Dave in Japan merch. Thanks!

  • 3 minute island
    3 minute island 6 months ago +2

    Just discovered you this week. Really enjoy your style. Hilarious, perceptive and intelligent observations on the absurdities of life.

  • Jays_Jae
    Jays_Jae Year ago +855

    I'm a Japanese person living in Europe. My Job in I.T. and poor diet has made me gain weight. I lowkey feel your pain. Even my family back in Japan comments on my damn pictures about how chubby I've become lol.

    • A M B
      A M B 5 months ago

      @Wicker 2 Well, you should know a lot of Embarasing Stories about your Relatives, and then you can use it! For Exsample, you could say to your Female Relatives: Remember when you had that Terrible Hair Day, or Make Up Day, and you looked like a Corpse! Or is that to Mean?

    • Wicker 2
      Wicker 2 5 months ago

      @A M B Don't want to make them laugh at him, do you?

    • A M B
      A M B 5 months ago +1

      Just say to your Relatives: "Fat was allways Beautiful!"

    • Dislike 🔘
      Dislike 🔘 5 months ago

      @Liquid Snake I wonder how many times you can say western. Let me guess, you live in the west.

    • Wicker 2
      Wicker 2 5 months ago

      @New_Rome Music Yeah, how is 'not being a dick' going for us? Look at the health of our countries.

  • Bussin'Guitar
    Bussin'Guitar Year ago +84

    Alternative Title: Chris has an existential crisis while making fun of himself

  • Debora Luz
    Debora Luz 5 days ago

    Eu amo as suas montagens 😂🇧🇷

  • Kimo Bruns
    Kimo Bruns 5 months ago +1

    Great videos Chris! Would love to see more videos about cultural differences between the West and Japan

  • Lili Bean
    Lili Bean 10 months ago +1

    Honestly I don't know why people give you so much grief. I've seen you from start to present (JAJ2) and you're funny, handsome, and a joy to watch. Best wishes to you and thr gang.

  • Beau
    Beau 5 years ago +3156

    "Stressed, depressed, have anxiety issues that need to be addressed" is the most relatable poem I've ever heard.

    • BlueFlag Alpha
      BlueFlag Alpha 2 years ago

      Especially society anxiety

    • Kid Yami
      Kid Yami 2 years ago

      @Harris Witherden Well that was cringe

    • Jop van Breukelen
      Jop van Breukelen 3 years ago

      Blair ok dhat’s funny

    • censor everything
      censor everything 4 years ago +2

      I was the 600th like! That will be my achievement for the day.

    • l' russe
      l' russe 4 years ago +12

      Rainbow Pigeon still not a reason to be fat

  • Atitlan
    Atitlan 8 months ago +1

    This was so hilarious. I really enjoy your videos. The British accent and humor are top notch. Thanks for making me laugh and countless others as well. Cheers!!!

  • Pancakes Supreme
    Pancakes Supreme 9 months ago +30

    Noticed it's probably harder to get fat in japan seeing as how the portions of food and sizes of beverages are smaller.
    Also when I visit Japan next year you've convinced me to try family mart fried chicken.

    • Dmon !
      Dmon ! 6 months ago +3

      Chris got fat IN Japan. (Even admitted in this video 5:40)
      Fast food companies also exist in Japan

    • TwinkMaster69
      TwinkMaster69 8 months ago

      Also the bases of most fast foods companies are in the us and some even in Europe so that doesn't help

  • SkylarkD 81
    SkylarkD 81 3 months ago +4

    Man if they think you’re fat I’m kind of worried about going to Japan now……🥺
    I have a health condition that keeps me from losing weight so it sucks but I don’t want to go somewhere that I won’t be able to fit or feel bad in.

  • nini
    nini Year ago +7

    You're wonderful person
    you just make me laugh aloud everyday 😍😂

  • Seb Ch
    Seb Ch 5 years ago +2172

    "Actually made me want to stay overweight out of principle "
    - it speaks to me .

    • Benjai
      Benjai Month ago

      There's nothing more likely to make me not do something, than to blindly demand of me and lecture me.
      Especially when, not A until you B, doubly so when A affects the person demanding of me. My inner spite will let us both starve. I once had a mentor tell me it in a telling way, "Most people reluctantly get forced to fight and do so to win. But you, you get forced you fight and will 110% toss self-preservation out the window as long as it means the challenger loses. It makes you a dangerous enemy to have, particularly to yourself."
      Took me years and some drastic life changes to change my mentality.
      But I legit would be more likely to do something if fucking children were poking me and mocking me. Because there is no demand to change, but rather the truth of, "you made this decision, we simply feel the need to loudly observe it." Because there is no external demand I do something I don't want to, it doesn't trigger that hyper-defiant part of me. Because at the end of the day, that hyper-defiant part of me would say, "fuck you, I'll make the change when I fucking decide to." Which ironically, is all the weird indirect shaming highlights, my own mentality.

    • DJA Hallam
      DJA Hallam 4 years ago +4

      That spoke to me as well, as a Brit. Stubborn, comes to mind.

    • Kyle Whitehead
      Kyle Whitehead 4 years ago +19

      You can take the man out of Britain but you can't take Britain out of the man. I was made fun of at school for my freakishly long hair. I didn't even like it but because of the comments I didn't cut it for the entirety of Secondary school. As soon as I left I cut it super short. I think that behaviour is in our DNA or something.

    • Aspirative Music Production
      Aspirative Music Production 5 years ago +5

      Excuse to eat junk. Well done.

  • Ashley Wawrzyniak
    Ashley Wawrzyniak Year ago +1

    I can't tell you how much I loved this video. It made my night-- especially the cat segment at the end LOL

  • casual wheesa
    casual wheesa Year ago +39

    "It seems you like food recently! genuinely made me laugh out loud.

  • Catherine Garcia
    Catherine Garcia Year ago

    The cat moving in the end is so cute!💕 I keep coming back to this video because of that. Hope he's doing well.😂

  • Eris Uchiha
    Eris Uchiha 9 months ago +2

    Chris is hilarious lol his videos always make me laugh XD

  • Guille S
    Guille S Year ago

    Thank you for being so straightforward and real.

  • Lotus
    Lotus Month ago

    I remember when I lived in Japan, my okaasan packed my lunch even though I was 19 because she immediately adopted me. Lol
    My homestay sister was 13 and the size of a six year old and she always had twice as much food in her bento. Lmao I definitely took that as a subtle hint from okaasan.

  • thaimbomb
    thaimbomb 4 months ago

    Love your sense of humor and so glad I discovered your channel.

  • Elisabeth Carns
    Elisabeth Carns 5 months ago +1

    It is interesting that even though the Japanese (at least Tokyo) lifestyle is not very conducive to health (small spaces, lack of kitchen space to cook your own food, employees working long hours, etc.), that physical health is still valued and is reflected in general appearances.

  • Razumen
    Razumen Year ago +2218

    "You've been enjoying food recently haven't you." Was literally a comment a doctor made to me in Japan recently... -_-

    • Razumen
      Razumen 7 months ago

      @Lasha368 No, he didn't, because it's not a problem.

    • Lasha368
      Lasha368 7 months ago

      What’s the problem? He pointed out a problem in a more or less delicate matter

    • KyrieFortune
      KyrieFortune 8 months ago +1

      @半蔵まさし there is an ongoing problem with doctors diagnosing weight-related problems and prescribing dieting and then it turns out weight had nothing to do with it, anything from pre-existing issues, inflammations, cancer, even saying issues are caused by obesity when the obesity was caused by the meds curing the issues. While excess weight causes issues or favours issues, doctors often end up using it as a be all end all cause, ignoring any other possibility.
      I mean, tell my mother doctors are supposed to know what's right, when she was told to just lose weight for three issues than turned to be ovarian cancer, labyrinthitis and heart issues she has had well before she was even close to overweight.

  • Nadira Fant
    Nadira Fant Year ago +9

    Thank you for addressing the fact that the cat changed positions in each cut in a humorous way at the end of the video. lol

  • T0K3Y
    T0K3Y 4 months ago +1

    The last bit had me dying lol. You deserve an Oscar

  • Kimzy
    Kimzy Year ago

    soooooooo cute and glad you are actually aware of the way they treat you. You're strong

  • C Maco
    C Maco Year ago

    saw u are close to 2m congrats! i finally subbed to help you out. thanks for all your great videos. i hope to meet you in japan one day and be as disappointed as everyone else is lol./s
    ps if you ever feel like youre gaining weight again just visit the states. after it stops being a flaming dumpster fire of course

  • Dalton Carroll
    Dalton Carroll Year ago +1342

    Not gonna lie, but the cat plushie animation was hilarious and adorable

    • Aminul Hoque
      Aminul Hoque Year ago

      I've got dyed hair bro

    • Aminul Hoque
      Aminul Hoque Year ago +1

      I'm moving to Japan this year

    • Alexi Lee
      Alexi Lee Year ago +1

      It made me sub lol

    • DuPz0r
      DuPz0r Year ago +5

      Why does it look like A.Hitler though? 😅

    • Uncultured Swine
      Uncultured Swine Year ago +2

      It's wonderful, Chris doesn't need a cat to be awesome!

  • Michael VanDyne
    Michael VanDyne 11 months ago +1

    I am truly disappointed that I just now today found this channel. I love how you keep it so real. Your bit on the youtube perfect ppl was spot on.

  • Ricardo Oliveira
    Ricardo Oliveira 11 months ago +1

    You can always move to Portugal. We even renamed one of our regions to more "Brit friendly": (All)garve.
    On the topic, my body mass index is 23, which is considered "normal/good". Yet all my life i have been looked upon as if i was a starving and/or had some sort of illness or eating disorder. And whenever i visited someone, they would always offer me food (which is quite normal not only here but in the majority of countries in the world) but always added a comment like "here have some food, you seem underweight" or "have some of this that i just cooked, you look VERY thin, you should eat more".
    Surprisingly, (who would've guessed) the leading cause of death here is cardiovascular disease, strokes to be more specific.

  • T Shampoo
    T Shampoo 11 months ago +1

    The Japanese exchange and international students at our school always went on crash diets before going home. They were so paranoid about going home anything but slim because of the ridicule and harassment they would face. Apparently eating disorders are really common.

  • Shaira Villacarillo
    Shaira Villacarillo Year ago +2

    hi Chris! I just want you to know that you look great with or without the chubby face and the stuffed cat worked on me :)

  • 너구리
    너구리 Year ago +565

    Something I find hilarious is that I am currently a Korean ama rikishi, sumo wrestler in the International Sumo Federation. The first time I went to Japan in order to meet my girlfriends family we were on a train in Kyoto and an elderly woman asked me, I assume as a joke, if I did sumo wrestling. I responded yes. She then perked up and started talking to me about how she actually enjoyed watching and would often travel to watch bashos live at the Kokugikan in Tokyo. I find it mildly hilarious and somewhat sad that as soon as you do something like Sumo, very traditional and ingrained in the Japanese culture, you stop being a joke and suddenly transform into this really interesting person.
    She was very polite though, almost reminded me of my own grandmother, so I was glad to talk more about it, even though I barely understood Japanese and my girlfriend had to translate most of it.

    • modderbad
      modderbad 8 months ago

      That's pretty cool! I've never talked to a sumo wrestler before, and I'd like to see one too in action!

    • Gaki Domo!!
      Gaki Domo!! 10 months ago +1

      As a Korean , I also was called fat. I’ve gained weight in Australia. I’m somehow not getting fat these days.

    • Miika
      Miika Year ago +14

      @너구리 is it such a surprising thing? People are simple and can be assholes. Someone looks different? Well then they become a target. Especially in school when you need to be cool and reputation is everything.

    • 너구리
      너구리 Year ago +1

      @Tomorrow We Live You insinuating something? >:c

    • Tomorrow We Live
      Tomorrow We Live Year ago +14

      An intersting thing I've noticed: when we had Korean or Japanese students visit our school in New Zealand, there was always one fat kid in every class. But just one. And they always seemed to be on their own, I assume because they were bullied by their classmates.

  • KleeNoodle
    KleeNoodle 6 months ago +1

    I double took at the stomach prodding initially shocked, then remembered this one time in a local Asian restaurant I consumed this massive bowl of vegetable noodles. The cook was a tiny little lady who came to see if I had enjoyed the meal, I expressed gratitude and extreme fullness to which she joyfully replied "oooh I can see!" Putting one hand on my back, one on my stomach and jiggling it around with force. Bizarre but hillarious, I know what she means and honestly she's not wrong! 😂

  • Don Kensler
    Don Kensler 6 months ago

    Wow, during my years in Japan I found it absolutely impossible to gain weight. I had to stop at McDs for a Saturday lunch of Big MAc, Filet-o-Fish, and fries just to maintain a tolderable level of saturated fats in my system (at least by American standards). I only really put on weight after I returned to the U.S. and kept eating the volume of food I had in Japan while driving absolutely everywhere.

  • Hadwin
    Hadwin Year ago

    I wish I saw this channel years ago the humor is amazing :D

  • Ian McNaney
    Ian McNaney 10 months ago +4

    I'm glad that you've noticed my belly. I've been working on it for decades. It is the one thing that has stayed with me throughout the years. 🤣

  • Brendan Donegan
    Brendan Donegan 3 years ago +8106

    Japan's first line of defense against weaboos

    • josh butler
      josh butler 10 months ago

      But wouldn't being heavier be beneficial for those solitary trips to the forest?

    • Sky
      Sky 11 months ago

      @PinkLemon eugh furries actually make me feel ill like you can like what you want but just don't be around me lmao

    • Alex
      Alex 11 months ago

      Letsssd ggooooooo

    • opalander
      opalander Year ago +1

      It's not good to talk about yourself that way.

    • Tengku Aliff
      Tengku Aliff Year ago

      God damn it lmao

  • filip_boucek
    filip_boucek Year ago +56

    "like you're a big fucking marshmallow" that fucking killed me xDD

  • th
    th Year ago

    watching this guy for literally 1 second makes you want to
    fly to japan

  • Alan Samuel
    Alan Samuel 6 months ago +1

    You are the most inspiring person. Stay happy mate... 5 years not too late

  • Leonardo Polato
    Leonardo Polato 5 months ago

    The final part of the video when the cat plush moved was actually really cute and wholesome, I liked it

  • some odd content
    some odd content Year ago +1

    I love the tips from you! I am 13 and would like to some day go to Japan. I’m self learning Japanese but I hope high school has that class!

    • some odd content
      some odd content Year ago

      @Happy Cook I have tried and they don’t have it but I plan on taking it till I graduate thank you for the help tho

    • Happy Cook
      Happy Cook Year ago +1

      Try Kahn Academy. They have so many free classes. Not sure if they have Japanese. Open University also has many free online classes.

  • Abhilash Mishra
    Abhilash Mishra Year ago +3

    Love your personality and love your vibe. This is actually my first comment on your videos. Just wanted to say I loved what you did with the cat there man💯💪

  • Carolina castañeda
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    nick0bee Year ago

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    Leeysmon Hulijeli 11 months ago

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  • Kaliss
    Kaliss 9 months ago +23

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  • kyza chi
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  • Jason
    Jason 2 years ago +1051

    In Hawaii, a belly is a badge of honor. That’s why the “big” guys are legends. I just wear my hawaii shirts in Japan and tell them I am Hawaiian.

    • potato 1D
      potato 1D Year ago +1

      @Non Filios Tuos Videbis Vacillantes if Hawai’i wasn’t stolen why did usa made the “United States Public Law 103-150, informally known as the Apology Resolution” in 1993 apologize for invading and stealing the islands of hawaii and overthrowing the Queen?
      P.s: sorry for @ing you lots of time. Didn’t realized I did it lots of times

    • potato 1D
      potato 1D Year ago +2

      @Non Filios Tuos Videbis Vacillantes they STOLE our land. Hawai’i was a country. We even had a Queen. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t know this...I’m pretty sure they only teach this part of history here in Hawai’i. If you think I’m lying then come here in Hawaii and I’ll show you the palace where our kings and queens used to live

    • potato 1D
      potato 1D Year ago +3

      @Non Filios Tuos Videbis Vacillantes how do I prove that I’m American in the comment section? What I’m trying to say is as a HAWAIIAN the topic of Hawai’i being a state is still a sensitive topic. Heck, it’s been years and some Hawaiians still doesn’t want to accept what happened...because we know America stole our land

    • lombardi
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      @potato 1D
      really sucks how american schools just don't teach that at all

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  • 暹種惠治
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    But is it easy to be buff/muscular in Japan?
    In Britain you see men who workout a lot. But I don't imagine that's a common sight in Japan.

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    In his latest video he got a shirt as gift by a random person that says "I'm not fat"

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      Liquid Snake Year ago +3

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    • sirmione905
      sirmione905 Year ago +4

      I’m Sumo fan and sumo wrestlers’ body fat ratio is much lower than they appear. One of my favorites Chiyonofuji could run 100m for 11seconds.
      There’s this really show featuring people around 600lb in the US and many of them are bed-ridden. Watching it, I realized how muscular sumo wrestlers are. Moving quickly with such heavy weight requires huge amount of muscle and hard training.

    • Josh Apple
      Josh Apple Year ago

      In my opinion, I think most people are confused when it comes to the word "fat" and "Japan. A lot of people assume the reason there are fat people at all in Japan is for Sumo Wrestling. But, it is because you live in such an advanced economy,, that being Lacadazical is seen as a right. Now,the confusion about Sumo can be explained by the fact that, even though Weestalers are overweight, they have actual muscle mass.

    • um cara qualquer
      um cara qualquer Year ago +2

      Sumo wrestlers are like The Kingping: Seems fat as shit, but is actually pure muscle.

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      Mark Sugimoto Year ago

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