I Bet You $10,000 These Tik Toks Make You Laugh

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Trying not to laugh and trying to laugh...
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Comments • 1 977

  • Stay Drip
    Stay Drip 6 hours ago

    Who are my money?!

  • Dr Autistic
    Dr Autistic 10 hours ago

    What the fuck calfreezy is drinking orange juice out of a highlands spring water bottle, I’m also drinking orange juice out of a highlands spring water bottle.

  • Dafydd Bragg
    Dafydd Bragg 11 hours ago

    Wait cal had cancer

  • Jordan Rucksack 123
    Jordan Rucksack 123 11 hours ago

    I want my $10,000 now please.

  • Toe Master
    Toe Master 12 hours ago +1

    U owe me maite

    DON PHILIPE 20 hours ago

    omg i laughed

  • Sung Eun Choi
    Sung Eun Choi Day ago +1

    so uh, paypal or what?

  • Boxer Brown
    Boxer Brown Day ago

    Callux: *No link in the description*
    Me: checks description, (He actually did it)

  • Boxer Brown
    Boxer Brown Day ago

    Calfreezy: is that how you die of cancer..
    Callux: I dont know I haven't died yet..

  • Boxer Brown
    Boxer Brown Day ago

    5:16 when they synchronized the *Oi*

  • Venomous GamingHD

    Give me the 10000 then

  • ZPantherPlayz
    ZPantherPlayz Day ago +1

    *uno reverse card*

  • Kr173r10n
    Kr173r10n 2 days ago

    This audio is shit

  • no bueno
    no bueno 3 days ago

    You owe me 10k

  • Jonny Daniel
    Jonny Daniel 3 days ago

    they should swap airpods. it annoys me they should have the free ear next to each other so they can hear

  • Proxy Modz
    Proxy Modz 4 days ago

    Where my £10,000 I didn’t laugh

  • VoicedMule Gaming
    VoicedMule Gaming 4 days ago

    May I have the $10,000 please?

  • Mikayla Kirkland
    Mikayla Kirkland 5 days ago

    freezy: oooohhhhh myyyyyy gawddddd

  • Pascal Rieger
    Pascal Rieger 5 days ago

    Soo you owe me 10 grand.

  • Adam Madill
    Adam Madill 5 days ago

    Could someone explain the pizza camera trick? Is it just that there isn't actually a mirror?

  • Manuel Gaechter
    Manuel Gaechter 5 days ago

    I still don’t see the camera on the pizza video help??😅

  • Sadsockz
    Sadsockz 5 days ago +4

    Calfreezy:I don’t usually laugh at tiktoks
    Also Cal:*laughs at everything*

  • Rak_45
    Rak_45 5 days ago

    Where's my 10k

  • Phil
    Phil 5 days ago

    I don't get the waking up from a coma one, if someone would kindly explain please...

  • D-aniel M-ace
    D-aniel M-ace 6 days ago

    Judging by the thumbnail in guessing these Tik Toks *WON’T* make me laugh

  • why am i doing this
    why am i doing this 6 days ago

    why is there a tenner in the background

  • Marie Devereux
    Marie Devereux 6 days ago

    i didnt laugh and dont worry about the ten grand just give me 1

  • Build Up
    Build Up 7 days ago

    Who else checked the link 😂😂😂

  • Mellow Jello
    Mellow Jello 7 days ago

    ' omg i laughed '

  • Salmonnz xd
    Salmonnz xd 8 days ago

    Nearly a full month and 1. 2 mil lol

  • mesties
    mesties 8 days ago +1

    lol the one wirh the mirror i stiil dont get it 😂

  • r. mercZ
    r. mercZ 8 days ago

    Gimme my £10,000 😂😂

  • Ishaan Kumar
    Ishaan Kumar 9 days ago +1

    No one :

    The description : OMG I laughed

  • Fin Boyyy
    Fin Boyyy 11 days ago +1

    Pay up

  • Gurtegh BhupalJR
    Gurtegh BhupalJR 11 days ago

    Bruh I acc went back when the ball was thrown towards the camera

  • Vetty Vrocker
    Vetty Vrocker 11 days ago

    I guess I’m already dead inside because nothing invoked an emotion in me.

  • Jøsh
    Jøsh 12 days ago

    Who has failed no network November I haven’t

  • Golden Gamer_
    Golden Gamer_ 12 days ago

    I don’t get the pizza one😂

  • Rueben’s right bollack

    Omg I laughed

  • Olly Lake
    Olly Lake 12 days ago

    Omg I laughed

  • NuGGetZ
    NuGGetZ 12 days ago +1

    No one

    Calfreezy’s head- 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

  • Sweaty Palms
    Sweaty Palms 12 days ago

    WHERES MY 10K?

  • 抜け毛
    抜け毛 12 days ago

    I want to give callux a hug

  • Fight Vids
    Fight Vids 12 days ago

    Where’s my 10,000

  • SteveDaSavage
    SteveDaSavage 12 days ago

    wheres my 10k
    fr i didn laugh so u owe me 10k :v

  • kamy dee
    kamy dee 13 days ago +1

    Callux:"imagine this getting to 20mil"

  • Egor Kuzmichev
    Egor Kuzmichev 13 days ago

    Didn’t laugh. 10 000$ please.

  • Ahmed Yusuf
    Ahmed Yusuf 13 days ago

    Were is my money

  • raheelabbas84
    raheelabbas84 13 days ago

    Where’s my 10,000

  • GR8
    GR8 14 days ago

    0:01 okay callum is that an invite to join you on a video collab

  • Adrian Arnez
    Adrian Arnez 14 days ago

    “ Omg I laughed”

  • Titanium Shadow
    Titanium Shadow 14 days ago

    give me 10k rn

  • Star Lord
    Star Lord 14 days ago

    We're is my money, NERDS???

  • bjorn kerekere
    bjorn kerekere 15 days ago

    Ngl i kinda didnt reqlly know wich one was cal cuz i havent watched them in like a year sooo both of them even tho i watch harry all the time lol

  • Nathanr016
    Nathanr016 15 days ago

    I’m wheezing laughing rn because I fully fucking flinched hard at 5:56

  • ___hi___ hello
    ___hi___ hello 15 days ago

    Omg i laughed

  • MagicPuppy 298
    MagicPuppy 298 15 days ago

    Omg I laughed

  • James Royden-Turner
    James Royden-Turner 15 days ago

    I left and subbed to cal

  • Piet Shiet
    Piet Shiet 16 days ago +1

    Where’s my 10k? Haha

  • Jameme
    Jameme 16 days ago

    ikr XD