• Published on Jul 21, 2019
  • Some of the greatest airline check-in freakouts from reality TV show Airline UK.
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  • Arthur TV
    Arthur TV  2 months ago +509

    Had to remove a few jokes and sadly a Peep Show reference for the video to be published but what can you do? Hope you enjoyed it anyway, don't forget to subscribe for part 16! Thanks for watching!
    (ps if I didn't make it clear enough in the intro, I featured the 'my husband's an engineer' in ep. 4 but I wanted to show the group freakout that followed it in this episode, so you're not getting deja vu if you feel like you've seen it before don't worry haha, just included it to reintroduce the scenario, the rest of the video is new content)
    twitter @ArthurTV
    instagram @ArthurTV

    • Pat Morac
      Pat Morac 20 days ago

      When are you going to include the episode where that crazy lady argues with the choke in staff and then tells them she know Tony Blair so should be able to board with excess cabin luggage 😂😂😂

    • Jeremy Smith
      Jeremy Smith Month ago

      Ugh I'd like to have heard those lol oh well still quite amusing though :)

    • caribstu
      caribstu Month ago

      Jane had a cunning plan

    • Scopez 859
      Scopez 859 Month ago +1

      I wonder what depression our Airline Saints go through. 💡- For 💯K subs, go to different Airports: Luton, Liverpool or any other place and interview the staff in the video and especially Saint Leo Jones.

    • Systemics Music
      Systemics Music Month ago +1

      @Tricia K Na I remember the 'dumbest comment ever' thing (my husbands an engineer...)

  • J
    J 29 minutes ago

    I love 1st world problems

  • onewordwoman !
    onewordwoman ! 4 hours ago

    What is funny is that because her hubby is an engineer, she will understand the aviation issue through spousal osteoporosis

  • Jody Owen
    Jody Owen 7 hours ago

    I'm honestly confused. The Eurostar leaves central London and gets to central Paris for less than any EasyJet which will also require transportation to and from airports. It goes back and forth multiple times daily. Why does anyone fly to Paris from London?

  • Rhonda Robinson
    Rhonda Robinson 17 hours ago

    I don't understand how these adults think that complaining and hollering will get them a plane. Goes to show people don't use their brains. I would be so embarassed if I acted that way.

  • Star Wars Encyclopaedia

    Best comment ever from the front desk staff- We want the to leave as much as they do😂

  • Linda Jacobs
    Linda Jacobs Day ago

    I don't think you could pay me to fly Easy Jet!

  • phanders
    phanders Day ago

    lol at the end the woman is just like "screw it lets just take someone elses plane" and they just board that insteadXD

  • Aaaa Cripes!
    Aaaa Cripes! 2 days ago

    Lord!! This is why I never use air travel unless I can help it. In America it has the same problems. Love the videos. Keep up the good work

  • da mc
    da mc 3 days ago

    That Paris flight was a bit of a balls up to be fair,

  • da mc
    da mc 3 days ago

    But we need to go to wedding.get there earlier idiots

  • da mc
    da mc 3 days ago

    4.12 she has a point though.

  • emily pooper
    emily pooper 5 days ago +1

    She stole a plane! And its crew! What a bad ass

  • Skat3r Puls3
    Skat3r Puls3 5 days ago


  • dale 8754
    dale 8754 7 days ago +1

    I'm always in the airport 3hrs before my flight rather walk round shops then miss my flight

  • Leah De souza
    Leah De souza 8 days ago

    I love these vidoes

  • Red Sonja
    Red Sonja 8 days ago

    I thought the passengers on the Paris flight where total twits. The bs some people come up with especially when they want their 5 min of fame.
    EasyJet’s operations was shambolic, absolute no doubt about that.
    The desk staff where extremely professional - kudos to them.

  • Daana B
    Daana B 9 days ago

    I think that this airline purposely does things to get their passengers triggered because they want them to behave badly for the film. Frigging crazy.

  • Mateusz Ciepłuch
    Mateusz Ciepłuch 9 days ago


  • t_k_blitz
    t_k_blitz 9 days ago

    10:30 Did he call her a diamond?

  • felipe alou
    felipe alou 11 days ago

    How can people be so rude in front of cameras like this?

  • Chana VanOrden
    Chana VanOrden 13 days ago

    Would you like to have a functioning plane? Get a grip! How does insulting the desk clerk help?

  • Bredaxe
    Bredaxe 14 days ago

    "You just geev us a service!" Service is what a cow does to a bull sir. You sir, have been serviced.

  • mixed berry
    mixed berry 14 days ago

    How Important is a Wedding really ?
    As long as you come and and bring your Best Wishes and maybe a Present ...No One really Cares..!

  • nomad with a camera
    nomad with a camera 15 days ago

    In order to ensure you get on the flight. Please arrive 3 years before departure.

  • nomad with a camera
    nomad with a camera 15 days ago

    Not im an engineer. But my husbands an engineer. I could understand it if she was an engineer.

  • Lil Froge Beef
    Lil Froge Beef 16 days ago

    Well come to therapy, how may I help? My husbands an engineer

  • SweetAnnie Rich
    SweetAnnie Rich 16 days ago

    If there is something wrong with the plane, I wouldn't go on it, what's wrong with people.

  • Unwanted Commentary
    Unwanted Commentary 17 days ago

    Goddamn pricks everywhere

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 17 days ago

    Go Jane Go

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 17 days ago

    Its a shame that these super cheap airlines with no service have muscled the reputable airlines out of the market..

  • NixyBobs
    NixyBobs 19 days ago

    Saint Leo

    Legendary Lady Jane Bolton

    2.42 look at that failed sweepover!

    Least the Scottish lot were all being good about it and laughing bless em

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton 19 days ago

    11:59 My OCD is killing me that they cut before the orange bollard stopped moving.

  • Gregory Ashton
    Gregory Ashton 19 days ago

    Where the hell is Gatewick?

  • someperson
    someperson 20 days ago

    Not So Easy Jet

  • Trump is my oppa
    Trump is my oppa 21 day ago

    I hate it when they act like its the staffs fault like yes jerry i control the fate of your jet u shalt not fly 😏

  • BobPDXz
    BobPDXz 21 day ago


  • JojoplusBo
    JojoplusBo 21 day ago

    Easy Jet where your flights can become a shumozzle.... we’ve found a plane....but there’s no crew, we’ve lost a crew.....where is the cre??
    Oh, it’s ok...I’ve stolen someone else’s crew..... like wtf!

  • Monkey Bite
    Monkey Bite 22 days ago

    I find it hilarious how customers somehow think the airline is responsible for them being late because of heavy traffic.

  • DAZ
    DAZ 22 days ago

    Don't you just love these posh loaded people moaning and always want refunds-Tight arse's flying with EasyJet. Dumb ass comment of the Year goes to the lady with "My Husband an Engineer"-Yes but he is a structural engineer love we have a problem with our engine lol

  • Cherry Rose
    Cherry Rose 23 days ago

    Did anyone ever find out if Jane got into trouble or not?

  • Cherry Rose
    Cherry Rose 23 days ago

    U being stuck in traffic is not the airline's problem.i wish it was but no. Not their problem. Seeing grown ups be so immature is cringe worthy.🤦‍♀️
    N the French people going to a wedding. So what?that doesn't make you special whinny brats!
    Book an earlier flight 2 days before to be sure to be there on time for the wedding

  • Raymon White
    Raymon White 23 days ago +2

    I sure hope they pay these agents well to take this sort of abuse. Only the folks with the technical difficulty plane had a legit complaint.

  • Mark Oxtoby
    Mark Oxtoby 23 days ago

    I flew with easy jet to UK and back to Cyprus. No problems at all, if your on time, read the screens and don't sit in the bar drinking you will get to your destination no problems. Also there were 5 easyJet planes checking in self service, on 10 check in desks and two members of staff helping , not 1 issue because people followed instructions and turned up on time.

  • Kerryslife
    Kerryslife 24 days ago

    I’m glad we have a Paul

  • Francuz in Poland
    Francuz in Poland 24 days ago

    4:50 : "we don't want to take another flight for just 5 minutes". Arrived late, still could change plans to arrive on time... but no, let's keep on talking and blow hot air. Typical Frenchies abroad (and I'm French myself).
    As magic Fernando Alonso would say : "What an idiot !"

  • pardesisivakasi
    pardesisivakasi 24 days ago +1

    Can you tell me what's wrong with the airplane? My father is the pilot from the movie Flight, M.R Denzel Washington.

  • Andrew Ayad
    Andrew Ayad 25 days ago

    I personally wouldn't want to fly on a plane that isn't completely safe and would rather wait on the ground for it to be fully airworthy

  • jessie x
    jessie x 26 days ago

    Lmao this is too good. Me and my boyfriend got to airport 5 hours before our flight... because we didn’t wanna look like pricks missing a flight 😂😂

  • Lucy Barnett
    Lucy Barnett 26 days ago

    Omg! Seriously people need to think about there safety and other peoples, the airplane wasn’t suitable to fly so why were they kicking off about the time being put back, surely they want to be flying on a safe aircraft like seriously get a life 😂

  • Geenz L
    Geenz L 26 days ago

    Common sense + arriving well before check in time =

  • Al AI
    Al AI 26 days ago

    4:28 lol she has the perfect can I see your manager haircut

  • Becky B
    Becky B 27 days ago

    Why do they blame the people at the desk? Its not their fault :(

  • Iron5ight
    Iron5ight 28 days ago

    This is one my fav Jane moments, but is there any way to find out what the repercussions were for her decision to take someone else's aircraft and crew? I'm guessing not, but we know they didn't fire her!

  • Farshad Rashidi
    Farshad Rashidi 28 days ago

    Sorry, I meant to say if I had a husband... he would be an engineer

  • iranian pride
    iranian pride 28 days ago

    Why do people take shity EasyJet or RaynAir is behind me.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 29 days ago


  • ALEX
    ALEX 29 days ago

    All i say in customer service was mm ohh yeaa hmm

  • ALEX
    ALEX 29 days ago

    Clearly these people have parents that are always late a plane is something id never miss or a hotel ugh that amount of wasted money for being ignorant

  • Veronica Maguire
    Veronica Maguire Month ago

    I adore Edith, she was one of the nicest passenger services people ❤️