JYP's Checking ITZY's Dalla Dalla Choreography [Master in the House Ep 61]

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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Comments • 722

  • Федя Федос
    Федя Федос 2 days ago

    Lia my favorite

  • Sapphire Lily
    Sapphire Lily 7 days ago

    He knows everything even if it's little

  • Yoongi's LeGsSsSssS
    Yoongi's LeGsSsSssS 9 days ago +1

    R. I. P JYP's back. 😂😭

  • rene Cunanan
    rene Cunanan 11 days ago


  • Nor-alia Disomangcop
    Nor-alia Disomangcop 14 days ago

    *I hate the fact that ITZY is too special... I mean like I know that they are new and they have the best MVS and the best Group, but I HATE the fact that they don't even have to work hard to own their fame... I am just saying is that, Twice WORKED so hard to be an idol that some of them are even trained for 10 FUCKING years! Just like Jihyo!... But they didn't get the same treatment as ITZY does! ITZY didn't TRAIN LONG to be an IDOL and that means THEY DIDNT WORK HARD ENOUGH. Twice even have to deal with PROBLEMS, HATERS and Their MUSIC VIDEOS... But these girls are just like chilling. Like they don't have to worry a thing!... [Its so unfair of these goes!] I mean like this girl needs to start to level 1 to level 10! Like Twice did! I've been a fan of TWICE FOR GOD MOTHERFUCKING 5 YEARS! And didn't see them having a NICE HOUSE, A NICE CAR, A NICE TREATMENT. They even have to live in A APARTMENT!*

    • sainches orthodox
      sainches orthodox 14 days ago

      Lol. If you think like that. Think how 2pm need to face problem of their leader issue in early days. The critism they had etc. Every group have their struggle etc. Just dont compare. You as a fan, support and enjoy their product.

    • Nor-alia Disomangcop
      Nor-alia Disomangcop 14 days ago

      Sorry if you got offended... Correct me if you hated me😥😥😥
      [I am actually guilty when I wrote this, because I know that ONCE is gonna kill me😷]

  • Jessica 009
    Jessica 009 15 days ago +1

    JYP is the only unproblematic company PERIODT.

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina 16 days ago

    2:00 I didn't know Deok Hwa is now a Host

  • Mashiro Shiina
    Mashiro Shiina 16 days ago +1

    0:37 Deok Hwa from GOBLIN!

  • JOJO slow
    JOJO slow 17 days ago


  • peachijin
    peachijin 17 days ago

    i think i found my bias.

  • Carissa Blacksmith
    Carissa Blacksmith 18 days ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t do this with Twice

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores 22 days ago

    What is Sungjae doing there?

  • Avacodos Aregreen
    Avacodos Aregreen 23 days ago

    When they didn’t put their legs together he looked pissed af lol

  • Nur Yasmin Wardina Anuar

    That’s JYP💁🏻‍♀️ But sometimes 😂😂 JYP can be funny 😆

  • Annie Im
    Annie Im Month ago

    Best rookie kpop group
    Worst kpop song

  • son lightstick bükücü

    kurgu olduğu çok belli ;)

  • gacha mikah
    gacha mikah Month ago

    Jyp was so serious until he's back crack 😂😂😂

  • Kayla Diamond
    Kayla Diamond Month ago +1

    I think I know what he was talking about , Lia was putting too much pressure on her back. She was swinging low and hard ...compared to the rest of them. Like pause it at the moment when they swing and you’ll see the difference .

  • Nur Mrang
    Nur Mrang Month ago

    omg, i just found this video just now. how unlucky i am right now T.T

  • ジェイjay
    ジェイjay Month ago

    Lia so pretty

  • once of twice
    once of twice Month ago +1

    Imagine twice

    EW GIRL Month ago

    *what the hell is this*
    *should've chosen somi*
    *why did i.o.i disband*
    *neomu neomu neomu*
    *one more time*
    *time to teach them*
    also jyp: i-

  • Park Hera
    Park Hera Month ago

    If Jenny of bp is in JYP , she won’t get any chances to debut !

  • Nur Halimah IMAJ
    Nur Halimah IMAJ Month ago

    0:42 Isn't that the royal family's signature?

  • Chan Baek
    Chan Baek Month ago

    Idol work so hard id want to be anymore being a fan of Exo it’s all matters 😧

  • Brenda Laurence
    Brenda Laurence Month ago +1


  • sesh chicken
    sesh chicken Month ago

    goddamn ryujin😍

  • Unknown
    Unknown Month ago +3

    As a performer, it's not about how hard you try, but how well you do

  • Jonathan Chung
    Jonathan Chung Month ago +3

    He might be the least strict president of any k-pop company tbh

    WONHOE CHILL Month ago +1

    Now I know why all twice dance performances are flawless

  • TY21 Entertainment
    TY21 Entertainment Month ago +1

    i love JYP

  • Fs Fs
    Fs Fs Month ago

    Yuna and ryujin are so pretty

  • Sofi ARMY
    Sofi ARMY Month ago +1

    *runs to sm*

  • choke
    choke Month ago +1


  • Teguh Haryadi
    Teguh Haryadi Month ago

    this is why JYP is big

  • Aaron Bee
    Aaron Bee Month ago

    Yeah, not tOO much pressure

  • pINk lAmBoRgHiNi
    pINk lAmBoRgHiNi Month ago

    Lias smile ✨✨

  • Vincent Gonard
    Vincent Gonard Month ago

    Wtf performance master?

  • Starla Tagactac
    Starla Tagactac Month ago

    i miss itzy

  • Starfilling
    Starfilling Month ago +1

    I want the same thing but with Twice ._.

  • Oheya! It's EA
    Oheya! It's EA Month ago +1

    JYP IS TOO FUNNY 😂😂👏👏👏

  • HeyItsShanaya X
    HeyItsShanaya X Month ago +1

    I mean on camera he seems fine, and gave well criticism, i mean as a boss you have to be strict so later on they won’t slack off. JYP is definitely my favourite he seems to give out criticism well and not so harshly. ☺️

  • Joha C
    Joha C Month ago

    Where is itzy now? 😱

  • i have an avocado
    i have an avocado Month ago

    Why does those four dudes sitting in there is so freaking cute
    (I know them alright?)

    MABEAM SQUAD Month ago

    That's why I like JYP

  • Maliyah Jackson
    Maliyah Jackson Month ago

    Look at my nigga chin though ..... 🗿

  • K J
    K J Month ago +2

    How come Lee Seunggi only ever gets more and more handsome?

  • Golden Oppa
    Golden Oppa Month ago +1

    I love how the boys are like “wHaTs wRoNG”😂😂

  • nerf-korea
    nerf-korea Month ago

    Maybe it's the fact he realised he let a 15 year old twerk but I've seen jyp around my whole life he is a legend to me

  • Juan Kurt Walter Alariao

    The ceo

  • Shook
    Shook Month ago

    Welp, there's itzy dalla dall without music

  • Andika Muflihann
    Andika Muflihann Month ago +1

    Papa JYP 😂😂

  • Don’t Mess Up My Tempo

    *JYP working his back harder than dancing the choreography*

  • Anpanman Unnie
    Anpanman Unnie Month ago

    *This is too much, but in the end it was fine and cute!*

  • dust_ jo
    dust_ jo Month ago


  • Dae Semb
    Dae Semb Month ago

    I love jyp. But the thing is they can only debut 1 group at a time. Unlike sm or starship. Thats why somi left jyp ent.

  • andi le
    andi le 2 months ago

    frigging sharingan

  • Oh No No
    Oh No No 2 months ago +1

    Park is like a teacher who is strict in class but changes after school

  • Polina
    Polina 2 months ago

    Isn't that last part on the choreo when they do a ''symbol'' with their hands over their heads the royal's family symbol?

  • Insan Seni Official
    Insan Seni Official 2 months ago

    Asian Gordon ramsey

  • Namgirl5
    Namgirl5 2 months ago +1

    Lol the bgm played at the part where JYP' back cracks reminds me of Ji Suk Jin from Running Man.

  • James Kurker
    James Kurker 2 months ago

    If he doesn't pay attention to that level of detail, he wouldn't be the master. I had a creative director who was the exact same way. It was annoying but damn did I respect that man.

  • Nguyễn Hà Thiên Di
    Nguyễn Hà Thiên Di 2 months ago

    When I see Seungi(i dont know how to write) i think about Chaeyeon ?.?

  • Gab Apostol
    Gab Apostol 2 months ago

    2:34 ❤️

  • Hant H H
    Hant H H 2 months ago

    2:01 😂😂😂😂

  • mochimjin
    mochimjin 2 months ago


  • James Wong
    James Wong 2 months ago

    Sung Jae.. always so interested in girls

  • Ralph's Video
    Ralph's Video 2 months ago

    Im having second thoughs of becoming a kpop idol

  • Sayuri Suzuki97
    Sayuri Suzuki97 2 months ago +3

    My bias in ITZY is...

    JYP 😂

  • Jae's Chicken
    Jae's Chicken 2 months ago

    Does lee seung gi under jyp ent?

  • jacksonofgot7asharrystyles timothéechalametownsme

    jyp is so freaking extra.

  • kawaii_pabo
    kawaii_pabo 2 months ago

    Lmao I've never seen jyp so serious lol I died

  • ZELO25
    ZELO25 2 months ago

    I love how he doesn’t shout at them, but instead gives them constructive feedback in a sweet way

  • cyndeera _
    cyndeera _ 2 months ago

    Are that sungjae and seunggi? Why theyre in JYP's dance room?

  • Sauce senpai
    Sauce senpai 2 months ago

    now that's a CEO who checks everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. that is how it should be. a good practice makes it perfect. the hard part was jyp is too meticulous then his back cracks. hahahaha!