Leeds United 0 Sheffield Wednesday 2 | Extended highlights | 2019/20


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  • Daz Sheff
    Daz Sheff Day ago

    Julian Borner 🥇

  • Tony Wayne
    Tony Wayne 2 days ago

    Thank you🙏

  • naomi bean
    naomi bean 2 days ago

    we are blades

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown 2 days ago

    Love green

  • errol1234
    errol1234 4 days ago


  • Joe Inglesfield
    Joe Inglesfield 4 days ago

    Well played Wednesday, I enjoyed that. The pull back from Reach was different gravy.

  • Henry Frost
    Henry Frost 4 days ago

    Leeds will fuck it up ⚽️

  • Disseltor
    Disseltor 4 days ago

    Leeds need to check their wheel nuts, looks like some are coming loose again.

  • bobtheowl1
    bobtheowl1 4 days ago

    I want to see more of this please. UTO FTB

  • Mark Nicholson
    Mark Nicholson 4 days ago

    Stinky Pete behind Murphy didn’t look happy. WAWAW

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 5 days ago

    Leeds choking again?

  • L O L
    L O L 5 days ago

    Up The Owls 🦉

  • N!Mm0
    N!Mm0 6 days ago

    Wednesday will go and then lose in 90th minute to Blackburn at weekend

  • UP THE Blades
    UP THE Blades 6 days ago

    F both teams

  • Tobs B
    Tobs B 6 days ago +1

    Good work Sheffield Wednesday😀😂

  • Vulkanen
    Vulkanen 6 days ago +3

    Feels good to see the other half of Sheffield beat Leeds, good job Wednesday

  • H S
    H S 6 days ago

    Adam Reach will sign Benfica or not?

  • lochyes
    lochyes 6 days ago

    Bannan and Reach were amazing.

  • lochyes
    lochyes 6 days ago

    Great win but gotta say Leeds don't have particularly great strikers at the moment. Their team effort and tactics are making Patrick Bamford look a world beater. With an EPL striker at their disposal, SWFC would have been up against it at halftime, and same goes for Arsenal in the cup tie.

  • lochyes
    lochyes 6 days ago

    What is going on at 9:25? First missjudgement is understandable. But then to compound it with going down inside the box, And then to stand around staring what will happen with the goal scoring opportunity the oppo has, is downright criminal. Get Fox out of the starting line up.

  • lochyes
    lochyes 6 days ago

    That ball from Bannan at 2:08 is pure footgolf. Murphy gets into the end of that attack too, if that Leeds defender doesn't get a touch on the cross. Beautiful play.

  • Lil Peep II
    Lil Peep II 6 days ago

    We’re on trending WAWAW

  • Anthony Mckeown
    Anthony Mckeown 6 days ago

    Great defending and tactics were SPOT ON! Finishing helps tho' lol

  • David Hargreaves
    David Hargreaves 6 days ago +2

    Hull City fan here....would love to see Wednesday get promoted...seriously would...great club, great fans...I remember in the late sixties(and in the last few decades!!) watching Hull v Wednesday they were great days...electric atmosphere...your City deserves two Premier Clubs.AND actually I would love to see Leeds Utd in the Premier too.....I'm a proud YORKSHIREMAN...God Bless You All.............

  • Ed Feetham
    Ed Feetham 6 days ago

    Professional and passionate performance against the best side in league (when they turn up). Leeds are gonna do it this year but clearly in need of a decent striker when they do. Well done chaps UTO.

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    Good teams start with a solid defence!

  • Michael Igoe
    Michael Igoe 6 days ago

    Enjoyed this. A blinding result. Permanent Baggie but temporary Owl here.

  • Daniel Wilkins
    Daniel Wilkins 6 days ago

    Sheff Utd are streets ahead of us

  • Bounce swfc
    Bounce swfc 6 days ago

    Winnall is shite

  • Golf Nutter
    Golf Nutter 6 days ago

    14:08 Ballboys face 🤣

    IVORY TOAST 6 days ago +3

    yes we all love the passion from Fox and Dawson but look at the passion from Winnall on the bench when Murphy scores

  • c0r
    c0r 6 days ago

    brilliant result, especially for someone like me who commutes to leeds everyday WAWAW

  • Freddie Scott
    Freddie Scott 6 days ago +3

    Has anyone noticed elev8 as sponsors better then chansiri

  • Freddie Scott
    Freddie Scott 6 days ago +2

    That's 2 clean sheets with urhogide

  • Jonathan Sweeney
    Jonathan Sweeney 6 days ago +1

    Sheffield Wednesday are the weirdest team ever lol no in between the highs and the lows

  • French FrisbeH
    French FrisbeH 6 days ago +1

    Awesome Result Nice one Wednesday !

  • scott lee
    scott lee 6 days ago +1

    I'm a Blade but well done Wednesday. It's nice to see the smaller local sides doing well.

    • Paul-T- Geist
      Paul-T- Geist 6 days ago +2

      Yes you're not doing bad, that VAR decision against West Ham was a bit controversial.

  • Bankie Moon
    Bankie Moon 6 days ago +2

    idiots you would have been demolished before half time if we had a decent striker

  • dexteritybox
    dexteritybox 6 days ago


    D.L.S LEGEND 6 days ago

    Professional performance Leeds didn’t take there chances they created Wednesday defended well and stood to there game plan and got the results what a game wawaw 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️💙💙💙

  • mas t
    mas t 7 days ago +3

    Atdhe nuhui what a player

  • AdamandEve
    AdamandEve 7 days ago +11

    I'm a Leeds fan but you got your tactics right and with a bit of luck and terrible finishing from us you sucker punched us at the end. I've no problem with you going up in the Play Offs and hopefully we go up automatically. Cheers. MOT!

    • F.B.I
      F.B.I 6 days ago +1

      AdamandEve proper one you are

  • TheBaldricksPlan
    TheBaldricksPlan 7 days ago

    Well, I have got to say that we were lucky. If that had been the Leeds Rugby team and they scored points for hitting the ball over the bar they would have thrashed us easily.

  • Ray License
    Ray License 7 days ago +3

    Captain Birdseye's reaction behind Jacob Murphy is priceless.He should have stayed at home to cook his fish fingers.UTO.WAWAW.

  • Bucket with a face on it

    Bielsa sitting around staring into his coffee mug. Our Gazza up and involved and interacting with the players. Only one outcome.

  • Paul AJ
    Paul AJ 7 days ago

    don't want to write about the second half..sorry... now i want to say that i will say that the 2 goals SW scored were very good but Leeds were not good ..

  • Paul AJ
    Paul AJ 7 days ago

    Right here we go as i'm watching defence pushing up to much with our front men not doing anything.. to many times trying to hard with last touch on goal.. Harrison to slow on his release for goal.. then Klitch was wrong because Bamford was way of side after .. who was offside .. another Keeper playing his cup final at EL.. & we have Kiko playing Badminton.. not for me Kiko..

    • Brett Davison
      Brett Davison 2 days ago

      @Paul AJ let's face facts you were wank we weren't we won you didn't.

    • Paul AJ
      Paul AJ 6 days ago

      @K Hilly where you get the deluded from is not very friendly mate.. so just be nice about calling people names when we only want to have a conversation about football..

    • Paul AJ
      Paul AJ 6 days ago

      @Brett Davison i was on about your keeper playing his heart out not Leeds ..

    • Brett Davison
      Brett Davison 6 days ago

      Playing his cup final? He had 2 shots to save that my gran could have kept out.

    • K Hilly
      K Hilly 7 days ago

      Typical deluded luafc fan. Playing his cup final 😂. Too of league you’re having a laugh. One team city

  • Recon FN
    Recon FN 7 days ago

    Every one was great yesterday other than Winnal lol

  • Robin GSNR
    Robin GSNR 7 days ago +3

    one way traffic for Leeds for the most part but Wednesday kept going and took the chances at the end when Leeds looked tired

  • kadie-mae Carr
    kadie-mae Carr 7 days ago +1

    So lucky

    • Justin Shore
      Justin Shore 6 days ago

      You'll be 'lucky' when your god Bielsa finally works out he needs a real striker!

    • K Hilly
      K Hilly 7 days ago

      These arrogant luafc fans are so deluded. Great goals well done wednesday.

    • Oliver Farthing
      Oliver Farthing 7 days ago

      How are we lucky pal we scored 2 that were in open play we defended better our passing was better our finishing is better

    • Adam Richards
      Adam Richards 7 days ago +2

      kadie-mae Carr it’s not “lucky” to score two goals from open play

    MITCHtheOWL 7 days ago +1

    That youngster was great

  • TKB
    TKB 7 days ago


  • Martin Hunter
    Martin Hunter 7 days ago +1

    Drinking game... Take a shot every time dude says "superb" 😋

  • Frankiez220
    Frankiez220 7 days ago

    “Game plan was spot on.” You mean you think shit housing is what is going to get you anywhere?

    • Paul-T- Geist
      Paul-T- Geist 6 days ago +1

      Frankiez220, you play to your strengths. Pointless going all out and getting hammered, the idea is to counter act your opponents and we did.

    • Harry Smith
      Harry Smith 7 days ago +1

      It worked though didn’t it

    • TKB
      TKB 7 days ago +2

      In the first half yeah. Let them press us while we're sitting deep to make them lose their energy and hit them in the second half.

  • kieron norman
    kieron norman 7 days ago +4

    Them players absolutely love this club wawaw

  • Stannington
    Stannington 7 days ago +1

    It's like Escape to Victory

  • Eli Rhemtulla
    Eli Rhemtulla 7 days ago +4

    Well done we needed 3 points

  • Kian and Henry
    Kian and Henry 7 days ago +2


  • Shiree Unicorn 1
    Shiree Unicorn 1 7 days ago

    Fantastic result loved the celebrations at the end especially with Morgan Fox and Cameron dawson looks like we was outstanding in the second half hope we play like this next week against Blackburn at home and hopefully keep it up

  • Ernie
    Ernie 7 days ago +3

    Well done Sheffield.