This guy should get FIRED!! - $1500 Gaming PC Secret Shopper pt3

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  29 days ago +3372

    Thanks for watching guys! Hope you're all enjoying the series so far.
    iBUYPOWER posted a response to our video here:

    • Guy Sky
      Guy Sky Day ago

      You should ask for responses from all of the bad performers.

    • DracoTora
      DracoTora 2 days ago

      sounds like an "OMG, we are busted, let's just post something that makes it look like we are solving it and hope everyone believes us, but in reality, do nothing."

    • TheVoidRose
      TheVoidRose 4 days ago

      I already knew going in that iBUYPOWER was going to be bad but man that guy made me so mad, I hope he got fired.

    • NvrUseYur RealName
      NvrUseYur RealName 9 days ago

      Agreed. But I certainly hold people being paid for something to a higher standard when that's what they're paid for. Otherwise they're absolutely worthless. And yea, I've been there too. Maybe I'm too hard on myself as well & thus these potentially unrealistic expextations? I dunno, but if these people can't maintain, then they're clearly in the wrong line of work. ...IM(NS)HO

    • R1ckmister
      R1ckmister 9 days ago

      NvrUseYur RealName that’s actually disgusting, don’t you guys have unions for BS like that?
      And don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this is in any way, shape or form good! Not at all, but same time we don’t know why that happened for that call. Could have literally been an isolated incident.
      People just need to start being kinder to each other if you ask me now, we’re too quick to jump on anyone that does or says things that we don’t quite agree to. I’ll even hold my hands up to say I’ve done it probably countless times but as I get older I’m learning to not be so much of a dick myself 😂

  • ツMazer
    ツMazer 12 minutes ago

    Actually hilarious

  • Belgian Star
    Belgian Star 3 hours ago

    Oh boy, I feel sorry for Janice having to go trough this shit lmao

  • Belgian Star
    Belgian Star 3 hours ago

    Dell tech support uses the same quality ‘professionals’ as a company all Belgians know: proximus

  • DeeKay
    DeeKay 5 hours ago

    How much did you guys pay her to sit through that tech support hell? xD

  • ricky gonzalez
    ricky gonzalez 8 hours ago

    excuse me mother fu**** xD 10:50 best part

  • Jekri Nachyev
    Jekri Nachyev 8 hours ago

    Quickest way to get to tech support for Dell Premium Support

    First call any number listed as dell support like any department Customer Support/Tech support ETC.

    - Have your Service Tag it's really all you need
    this is a 7 digit code with both letter and numbers located on the pc and sent in the first email you are sent from them.
    - In the prompt automated menu, when it asks for service tag basic ignore this step and say whatever twice to bypass this and get to an agent.
    - First say the 7 digit Service Tag in Phonetics for Example Xray-Delta-7-Delta-Xray-Zulu-7 and then say what department you are trying to get to and a brief description of the issue.
    -The agent will notify you that they are going to transfer you. Stay on the line they are setting up the transfer. Then they will get back to you in about 30 seconds then transfer you. And if you get disconnected at this point the next agent will know.
    - Yay if you where transferred properly are now at tech support Make sure you provide your service tag in Phonetics again this data is not transferred from the last person presumably for customer security.
    I hope this quick guide helps anyone trying to navigate this. I have had to do this close to 100 times in the last 3 months so I hope my experience helps others.

  • Hungry Basset
    Hungry Basset 15 hours ago

    Play highlights of this during the Superbowl.

  • Brian Monnissen
    Brian Monnissen 16 hours ago

    I love this new series and especially this part. I think I've rewatched this about 10-15 times! Also, I love the honest rage of Linus, like always.

  • Francois Louw
    Francois Louw 17 hours ago

    Janis is so Cute 😊

  • John Edward
    John Edward 21 hour ago

    I think we all know where to NOT call or buy from I am definitely not getting ibuy or hp Dell beating em is amazing true MVP Dell 😂

  • Todor
    Todor 22 hours ago

    I'd fuck Janice thou.

  • High Desert Exile


  • khaled azem
    khaled azem Day ago

    Why is there a gun on the table

  • Secret !
    Secret ! Day ago

    HP customer support sent me here for my RAM issue. It still isn’t fixed...

  • Haotian Zhang
    Haotian Zhang Day ago

    so that’s why apple succeeded

  • HeyPapi6969
    HeyPapi6969 Day ago

    Linus just turned into Michael Scott 13:56

  • Designer Boiz
    Designer Boiz 2 days ago

    You guys Look like pc detectives this was great information.

  • Tony Hunt
    Tony Hunt 2 days ago

    HP - Within 30 days they have a DOA policy whereby sales has to decide whether or not they are going to go with a full replacement of the unit. The tech support was probably actually trying to set her up with a swank replacement. Looks like he was fighting policy on the HP...SAAAD

  • WallstreetSplooge
    WallstreetSplooge 3 days ago

    Native English speakers can go a long way...

  • Adam Warren
    Adam Warren 3 days ago

    Downloading Ram!

  • Nolan Russell
    Nolan Russell 3 days ago

    Ever since I had to explain what VOIP is to tech support personnel I realized I knew way more than them and haven't called tech support since.

  • Simon Stål
    Simon Stål 3 days ago

    I worked in technical support for a while (AppleCare), one of the problems is that you have your own departments and you are not allowed to do support on in an area where you are not trained, even though you might know the solution. So, for example, a newly trained tech support for apple does support for ios (ipad,ipod,iphone,apple watch etc) so if someone calls in for anything related to mac they have to be transferred to the mac department.
    Before they get transferred you'd basically have to get their contact information, ask them what the problem is, get the serial number for the product etc. (Even if you have filled out a form online we'd still have to double check all the information, that's part of the protocol)
    What could happen (at least at Apple) is that there are people there working as "quality control" which sole purpose is to listen to random calls that have been made and make sure that you follow protocol and give the customer the best support when it comes to how you treat them, if you solved the problem or how you solved the problem.
    If you solve a problem that is outside of your "scope", like for example helping a customer with a mac related problem even though you are not certified to give mac support you would get in trouble.
    There was once a guy that called in and I knew how to solve his problem (it was keyboard related and takes just one button press to fix), I tried to transfer him to the mac department but they were busy and he would have to wait about 30 min to get connected so I ended up just telling him the how to do it and wish that no one from quality control would listen in on that call.

  • James Brock
    James Brock 3 days ago +1

    I am in luv w/Janice :)

  • IronHunter02
    IronHunter02 3 days ago

    I can vouch that Alienware support is completely terrible. My computer shut off when I took the side panel off so, I called them wondering if there is a certain way to put the side panel on,by the way my outlet on my wall just happened to go out at the same time I took the panel off.Anyways they asked me for my service number and asked me my name and phone number over and over and over rinse wash repeat for an hour before someone said to try a different outlet on your wall like they took an hour to tell me try a different outlet like Alienware get your shit together!! Then they called me when I was at school wondering if I need more tech support for a problem that I told them had been solved they called me another time after that to which I just instant hung up when I heard the same tech support voice.

  • mx1701
    mx1701 3 days ago +2

    They need to fire all these Indian people and hire some competent representatives instead....

  • Capnsensible80
    Capnsensible80 3 days ago

    4:16 I don't think "beats off" is the phrase they should probably use lmao

  • Rimmy Tim
    Rimmy Tim 3 days ago

    This series is great

  • Firefly
    Firefly 3 days ago

    jesus christ.
    is maingear hiring, id be ok being a tech support guy for a competent company

  • Anton Kalliokoski
    Anton Kalliokoski 3 days ago

    Wow Linus the frustration at 15:19

  • SzaboBeatz HD
    SzaboBeatz HD 4 days ago

    Anybody wanna team up for a tech support company ? Please think about me ! I know the basics and can explain every part in a PC Desktop in minutes for anybody with a basic understanding of the English language. Hire meh !

    MAVERICK 42 4 days ago

    Editor: Pelle Gustavs i guess he's a recent new Employee

    MAVERICK 42 4 days ago

    I got to admit that first call sounds like they are Indian tech support scammers.

  • DKone
    DKone 4 days ago

    wow that Mechanical Keyboard looks sweet. I looked at some TheXvid reviews and I would most likely have bought one. That Massdrop website is a hot mess. Have to login/create an account just to see prices???? I don't think so. There explanation of why is a joke. Massdrop you lost a sale!

  • Kenneth Markert
    Kenneth Markert 4 days ago

    10:28 for the huge RIP

  • Stone Rayven
    Stone Rayven 4 days ago

    A service call like that is why i dont do Intel anymore. Or Nvidia

  • Jitin Sharma
    Jitin Sharma 4 days ago


  • Nicolaj H
    Nicolaj H 4 days ago

    Never heard the term "pebcak" before. In my country we say it's an "error 40" which means the error is 40cm behind the screen.

  • Derago Nalazev
    Derago Nalazev 4 days ago

    This made me cringing for hours.... gaad damn...

  • Falcon X
    Falcon X 4 days ago

    That one condescending guy from iBuyPower is like those annoying toxic elitists that ridicule and bully beginners and ruin multiplayer games for the most part. They're so full of themselves they only look at their own perspective. Hope he was fired.

  • TheDennyBros
    TheDennyBros 4 days ago


  • TexasTimelapse
    TexasTimelapse 4 days ago

    Fuck anything HP and Dell!! The worst part with Dell is being forced to talk with a worthless Indian, so they get dead last because of that!
    You're better off going to Walmart and buying a gaming PC.
    You'll always be better off building your own. Sure ts intimidating your first time, but when you're done you will look back at how simple it was. My first build was before ANY online video was posted. I just had instructions and pics and it went fine.

  • MiNameIsJake
    MiNameIsJake 4 days ago

    As someone who works at the uk equivalent of Best Buy, HP are some of the easiest pcs to troubleshoot, so hps complete ineptitude is hilarious to me

  • Tullerion
    Tullerion 4 days ago

    That iBuyPower... holy shit!!!

  • imaghostya
    imaghostya 5 days ago

    ah good old dell "hell" tech support

  • Nick Plotts
    Nick Plotts 5 days ago +1

    I used to work on the business side of HP (now Hewlett Packard Enterprise) on one of the server support teams. At the time I was there, policy did dictate that we were not supposed to cover support issues that belonged to another team, and there was interdepartmental billing that could take place if a department that wasn't supposed to handle a case did so. I don't know if the consumer side is/was the same way, but it would not surprise me.

  • Dimas Haryo Prajoko
    Dimas Haryo Prajoko 5 days ago

    Welcome.... to indian tech support.

  • Sox4life
    Sox4life 5 days ago

    16:00 Interesting (They were supposed to just hang up)

  • CanadianLoki76
    CanadianLoki76 5 days ago

    Instead of PEBCAK, you can say ID-10-T error as well..

  • CanadianLoki76
    CanadianLoki76 5 days ago

    Dell = India call center, seemingly just hire whomever they find walking by the office on the street.
    Ibuypower = at a loss for words, what an ass and what a moronic company.

  • Official Tre D
    Official Tre D 5 days ago +6

    i wish linus would of just hopped on the phone with the Ibuypower guy and reamed em. Damnit linus

  • fgreger
    fgreger 5 days ago

    This is like a psycho thriller based on real events.
    Remember kids:
    If you are a bad person in this live, you will get reincarnated in india and be forced to do 24 hours a day of 1st level support without any training. You will only be able to sleep when you pass someone to someone else until they get reconnected to you.

  • fgreger
    fgreger 5 days ago

    ibuypower support: find someone else to help you. I have no clue why you are talking to me and i have no time for this shit.

  • fgreger
    fgreger 5 days ago

    RAM came lose in shipping...
    There must have been some type of apocalyptic earth quake somewhere, because i haven't ever heard of that happening and can't really imagine it. Intels CPU Heatsinks, all the time, but RAM?!

  • Ales Zak
    Ales Zak 5 days ago

    Outsourcing tec service sucks

  • Tek Splicer
    Tek Splicer 5 days ago

    Dude welcome to Dell!!

  • DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ
    DᴀʀᴋYᴜᴀɴ 5 days ago

    Ridiculous that she got basic support, confirmed she was supposed to be in premium support... who just sent her back to basic support!!

  • Team Alpha
    Team Alpha 5 days ago

    Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Certified ;)

  • AllYourBase
    AllYourBase 5 days ago

    Dell is too big. HP is also too big.

  • Marius x
    Marius x 6 days ago

    To be fair, I wouldn't let someone who doesn't know what a ram stick and a motherboard are, touch them, unless they agree to be responsible if they break something.

  • Itz_Ryan
    Itz_Ryan 6 days ago

    I’ve been on the phone and fought with dell for 3 hours because they are so difficult, hard to understand people and the amount of waiting time is ridiculous, and I’m 15 years old. It was such a pain.

  • Daniel Laraman
    Daniel Laraman 6 days ago

    That’s the customer service you can expect from your staff when you don’t give them sufficient training and pay them minimum wage.

  • Sideshow Bob
    Sideshow Bob 6 days ago

    ivan is fucking hilarious

  • Jason Ver
    Jason Ver 6 days ago

    IBuyPower and HP "How do I ship it back to you, I will buy a different computer"

  • Ted Eriksson
    Ted Eriksson 6 days ago

    This video was so goddamn fkn good

  • Snipe Squad
    Snipe Squad 7 days ago

    Why didnt you call cyberpower.... oh wait

  • Crypto Surfer
    Crypto Surfer 7 days ago

    janice doing great

  • Crypto Surfer
    Crypto Surfer 7 days ago

    did not realise this is a whole series , love it !

  • Luke F
    Luke F 7 days ago

    I sees a video that show Linus RAGE, I likes the video...Simples

  • NightcruiserMA
    NightcruiserMA 7 days ago +1

    Not that this helps, and I'm no fan of iBuyPower, but it actually sounded to me like the guy said (still sarcastically) "On the motherboard..." not "Um the motherboard..."

  • B J
    B J 7 days ago

    I'm trying to pump Janice's guts. What's your # gurl?

  • Polly Bonanzas
    Polly Bonanzas 7 days ago

    That iBuyPower guy was a fucking dick. What the hell? I would be so effing frustrated if I was in her position.

  • Miami Bad Boy BOSS
    Miami Bad Boy BOSS 7 days ago

    This was fucking AWESOME!!! My BIGGEST concerns, regarding PC sellers, are the Warranties - will they honor them or try to bullshit their way out, and the second is customer service/ tech support - will they help you, can they help you.
    Save for the drawn-out intro, this segment Secret Shopper is a great idea! Hope to see more!

  • Blarin Dragon
    Blarin Dragon 7 days ago

    "Oh? you forgot to download more ram" OMFG too funny thanks Ivan

  • Dick Dea
    Dick Dea 8 days ago

    These guys at ibuypower are real protective and secretive about their management and CEO, I mean they must know right and want to get in front of this? Luckily being in realestate, I have public information. Their corporate address of 529 N Baldwin Park Blvd was purchased by Alex Hou, so through further investigation he is the President of Ibuypower. Why won't he take any calls to explain this terrible service from his company? Does he not care?

  • Tyler Sublett
    Tyler Sublett 8 days ago

    Ibuypower has screwed me over with my graphics card and also send me a lot of wrong stuff. I called and talked to someone that was just as much of an ass if not more. So I just bit the bullet and am dealing with a lower end graphics card. I then spoke to someone else about 2 weeks later about something else that was wrong and he was very helpful. I still don’t think I will buy from them ever again though

  • little Rachel
    little Rachel 8 days ago

    Loved the series, hope you guys let us know what the company's had to say about it. You guys are great, keep it up. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • Nikita Belomestnykh
    Nikita Belomestnykh 8 days ago

    Wait, what about Apple? I love their customer support. I was waiting for you to test that as well.

    • lilmoni
      lilmoni 5 days ago

      Nikita Belomestnykh but they don't sell gaming PCs

  • Dancing Lama
    Dancing Lama 8 days ago

    The cringe

  • Xulious
    Xulious 8 days ago

    There's something about the way he says "ye done goofed" that I just love

  • RipleySawzen
    RipleySawzen 8 days ago

    Unplug? I NEVER unplug the computer. There's a power switch for a reason. Keeps the system grounded while removing power.

  • hdjdi lopo
    hdjdi lopo 9 days ago

  • Rvc546
    Rvc546 9 days ago

    Janice is Cute

  • OldDog91
    OldDog91 9 days ago

    Holy Smokes guy's ! I know one thing , I'm glad I have been working with computers since i was 5 .. and have no need to buy an premade pc ... because OH MY GOSH lol

  • Roger C
    Roger C 9 days ago

    Nothing beats me off like removing protective plastic.

  • TheRealBrowk
    TheRealBrowk 9 days ago

    Omg she's got such patience :O

  • Roy Hughes
    Roy Hughes 9 days ago

    Wow. I worked tech support a long time ago and I know several examples of the terrible technicians in this video. Since tech support centers are usually based on volume of calls turned over, I knew people that basically churned thru calls by doing the kind of garbage some of these people did. One woman would simply tell the customer to run defrag (on Windows 98) and tell them to call back. For every call! Of course her call turnover was great, but she wasn't helping anyone.
    Very few of these people seem to have been trained in how to do basic troubleshooting. And the jackass that treated Janice like she was too dumb, the technicians job is to walk you thru fixing it! That's their entire reason for existing!
    Fantastic video.

  • paulalancaster1
    paulalancaster1 10 days ago

    Most entertaining tech video I've ever seen. You guys are the best!

  • Spills51
    Spills51 10 days ago +2

    Big surprise. Pushed over to India and barely able to comprehend wtf they are saying. That right there is enough to AVOID DELL or anyone who follows suit.
    At some point someone with POWER AT DELL was tasked to make this decision.
    During the process he would of certainly understood that if they had there call center in India directly supporting the west that the consumer would have a harder time when there company is MOST NEEDED.
    Give your hard earned $$ to a company that puts the consumer first or at the very least attempts to make that their top priority.
    Easy to see who cares and who doesn't. Giant companies are very transparent even if they try not to be.
    Just takes a minimal amount of effort for the consumer just opening there eyes.
    I have more companies then I can count blacklisted (Will never under any circumstance be a customer to them as long as I breath...With the very important statement that even if I like something they come out with, that that changes ZERO.)
    Change is created by holding people accountable...Please for everyone's sake...DO SO.
    P.S. Remember that it is your right to be able to identify who it is you are talking to. People make the mistake of asking the persons name.
    Followed by that person saying "Sorry, I am not allowed to give out my full name!"
    This is actually a fair response cause the consumer is asking the wrong question.
    The correct one is "Can I get your Identity Number please".
    Every customer support should have one.
    (I actually had Xbox service hang up on me when I asked this question, haha!
    Called back and the next cust rep removed it in under 10 minutes...FUNNY< THE SYSTEM MUST OF MAGICALLY CAME BACK UP!!
    Be careful who you tie yourself to :)
    And the most important part of this rant?? JANICE IS SUPER CUTE :D

  • Mirko Z
    Mirko Z 10 days ago

    Yeah, of course I also recommend my customers to reset the RAM...oh boy!😂

  • EvilCheeseMoon
    EvilCheeseMoon 10 days ago

    Just download more ram bro

  • Thomas T
    Thomas T 10 days ago

    15:20 what was that noise??

  • Gregory Rozzo
    Gregory Rozzo 10 days ago

    Great video Linus, trust me I have lots of experience with Dell tech support... The problem is they have so many different types and tiers that it can be confusing. For my laptop I can't just call support, I have to call business pro support, even for our government computers at work there is a special federal line your have to call. So as long as you know what support line to call your good, if not you get to play ping pong for a while.

  • HellRyder18
    HellRyder18 10 days ago

    omg I'm so thankful I'm fairly tech savvy and have access to youtube tutorials!!

  • Mitchell Bristow
    Mitchell Bristow 10 days ago

    been replaying 15:20 - 15:22 over and over again for the last 5 minutes im dying :D

  • tntom
    tntom 10 days ago

    So If I buy an Hp... I can get a total of 32 gbs of ram?!?!?!

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez 10 days ago

    I feel this customer service example does not take into consideration the fact that most consumers are not as nice as Janice (She was super patient and an absolute polite angel). Most consumers would simply request a replacement and would be offended at the idea of being asked to re-seat the memory. Most enthusiasts or PC "gamers" without much pc component knowledge may not mind re-seating ram and may not consider it to be a big deal to do so. Some people that order this type of product would flip the moment they are asked to do anything that resembles troubleshooting considering the amount of money they paid. Some consumers may have a mindset or view and would think "I paid a bunch of money, it should work" and the diagnosis of "Ramm got loose during shipping" may sound like the computer is completely totaled to them. That being said, Dell is the worst and there is no excuse for how terrible they are. iBuy power was just offensive and vile. I very much enjoyed these videos. Janice impressed me the most. Thank you!

  • Mickey Dangerez
    Mickey Dangerez 10 days ago

    Dell has another meaning in some languages. Fitting.

  • Steven Miller
    Steven Miller 10 days ago

    I bought a dell xps about 10 years ago, i ran into my first issue about 2 years after. With dell i realized very quickly their tech support was going to be frustrating. After two hours of being transferred to different people litterally all over the world the problem was resolved. Once you get to someone who knows what they are talking about they get if fixed pretty quick.

  • Eleanor Maya
    Eleanor Maya 10 days ago

    Hope you don't mind if I subscribe. I need to learn more. :)