I went on a Roblox GAMESHOW...

  • Published on Jan 28, 2020
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    Today the developer bois host a game show! I compete against Temprist, Shmitty, and Kaden!! This was amazing please continue to support these developers they did something incredible.
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  • ruby !
    ruby ! 2 years ago +10196

    i dont think albert knows how much we appreciate him. he makes us all smile and laugh everytime we watch his videos. one reason why i stan him is because when i had a fire like right next to my house i watched him while i was crying because my cat ran away while the fire was getting worse and worse, he cheered me up and made me laugh. luckily we found a place to stay and no one was harmed. another reason is because hes not like the other youtubes, hes not fake, he's not a vlogger who records himself buying taco bell or Starbucks. hes also probably the only youtuber that HASN'T been in a scandal. when im sad or when im mad, i watch him and he makes me happier and makes me smile and laugh. if albert wasn't in my life, i dont think id live- honestly. all in all, he makes everyone happy and is always positive.

    • Oz
      Oz 27 days ago


    • Angie Barilla
      Angie Barilla Month ago

      Yea I'm going through something very hard for me but I don't want to get into that...he makes me laugh and makes me happy!

    • R7becca
      R7becca 2 months ago

      Yea.. he always made my life better when I was dealing with really abusive parents

    • the ultimate writer
      the ultimate writer 2 months ago

      that is so true tho

    • Daniel Keller
      Daniel Keller 2 months ago

      @Kittykat yas queen

  • Voidicle
    Voidicle 5 months ago +87

    I love how Kaden hesitates to insult Albert, but doesn't hesitate to insult Temprist.

  • isolatingrats
    isolatingrats 7 months ago +161

    i honestly find it impressing that with so many players the game didn’t lag at all

    • boba teaaa
      boba teaaa 4 months ago

      @Michelle look at the time stamp go to the timestamp and you'll find it

    • Michelle
      Michelle 4 months ago +3

      @boba teaaa bruh what

    • boba teaaa
      boba teaaa 4 months ago

      King Bob: what's 9 + 10
      Me: okay that was funny I guess because usually people will say 21
      King Bob: how many bananas am I holding in my pocket
      kaden: infinite all of them
      Me: okay pretty funny
      King Bob: is Albert Fat *looks at Albert*
      King Bob: wrong
      Albert: I guess kaden really does love me
      Me: *dies of laughter also dies of laughter because Albert screamed*
      If you want to know what time in the video this happened here it is 14:20

    • Xiao Chen
      Xiao Chen 4 months ago +3

      @` [ . Twig . ] ` the person above me is right

    • ` [ . Twig . ] `
      ` [ . Twig . ] ` 4 months ago +2

      above me is a person who probably spent so much money on a nice computer they don't lag, and they've become completely unaware of people having the ability to lag.

  • Minecraft bee
    Minecraft bee 4 months ago +114

    Didnt mean to make this depressing but whenever I was in a hard time when my parents were always arguing you distracted me from it. I felt like there was nothing happening and you made me laugh a lot when it was hard. thank you ❤️ .

  • Holly
    Holly 3 months ago +13

    i love temprists voice, such a shame he didn’t do voice chat earlier

  • Envxy
    Envxy Year ago +594

    The fact that Albert is just insulting Temprist Temprist probably has the urge to just scream in his mic

  • ♡Mira Komori♡
    ♡Mira Komori♡ 4 months ago +9

    Even when Albert does cool or weird things while being on live he still makes us laugh happy or even yell hooray he is our favorite funny TheXvidr and always will

  • Blox Dog
    Blox Dog 4 months ago +3

    I will explain -3+4(3+2).
    Groupings go first in orders of operations so it would be -3+4x5
    Multiplication would be next in this situation so it would be -3+20

  • cosmicpoptart
    cosmicpoptart 6 months ago +1

    I will literally never forget the time temprist ran past me in a roblox game and scared the actual crap out of me

  • Orange
    Orange 5 months ago +1

    Even tho kaden took the down just to make albert feel happy, he still won

  • Small Savage
    Small Savage 4 months ago +8

    15:42 I like how they both spelled "correct" wrong lol

  • momin mohiby
    momin mohiby 4 months ago

    albert should allways know that we appreciate him no matter what

  • NSEW All Directions
    NSEW All Directions 4 months ago +6

    Kaden: “after doing those long traveler obbys, I don’t think I could ever lose an obby.”
    seconds later

  • Ying Yang
    Ying Yang 3 months ago

    I love how happy he was when he got the counting challenge like correct and he was like “I COUNTED I DID IT I COUNTED KADEN I COUNTED!!!” It made me smile!

  • Esteban xD
    Esteban xD Year ago +340

    15:38 albert: * insults all of his friends just to try to win a gameshow *
    kaden: i'm about to end this man's whole career

    • Leonardo Psg
      Leonardo Psg 3 months ago

      @I'm A dog he ment Tiktok I think

    • I'm A dog
      I'm A dog Year ago

      @Nicole Sanchez ur just saying that cuz he has 1 mil likes on his vid and Albert doesnt

    • Rick Jaryszak
      Rick Jaryszak Year ago

      Esteban xD Hello

    • Kboy4
      Kboy4 Year ago


  • l3monzz snak3 🐍 #SaveTheDyingRattlesnakes

    "After beating that hard part, I think I''m pretty good at hard obbies"
    2 seconds later: *falls*

  • VuurVR
    VuurVR 6 months ago +6

    0:33 “kaden: oh my gosh is that real?
    “subtitles: oh my gosh she’s never evil

  • AdorbsxGracie
    AdorbsxGracie 6 months ago +3

    “Only noobs fall * falls * I DIDN’T KNOW!”
    Albert 2021-

  • Peanut Plays
    Peanut Plays 5 months ago +1

    They only gave him 5 points so basically albert won.

  • Speedyblaze
    Speedyblaze Year ago +1677

    90% of the video : everyone fat shaming albert
    5% of the video : Albert and Temprist trash talking
    4% of the video : Shmtty sucking at obbys
    1% of the video : Kaden being Kaden

  • Cinnamoroll
    Cinnamoroll 7 months ago +14

    14:36 i’m literally dying

  • saniro 🌸🌷
    saniro 🌸🌷 19 days ago +1

    ALBERT: “hard obby more like easy obby”
    *him dying at a difficultly chart obby*

  • Player67
    Player67 6 months ago +6

    When Albert literally does a small voice for every person that introduce themselves
    14:36 or 14:37 when he literally screams like a dinosaur

    • timber
      timber 5 months ago

      your right lol also STAN SQUID GAME!!!!!!

  • EpicPlayz :p
    EpicPlayz :p 2 months ago

    Let’s take a second to acknowledge how Temprist got -9999 points bc he sucked

  • Jeff Lucas
    Jeff Lucas 9 months ago +807

    Alternate title: The Albert & Kaden insulting temprist gameshow

    • Jeff Lucas
      Jeff Lucas 6 months ago

      @you'dn't've lol

    • you'dn't've
      you'dn't've 6 months ago

      while schmitty fails at every obby

    • Raz Paz
      Raz Paz 6 months ago


    • ur mom
      ur mom 6 months ago

      @bruh temp didn't reveal his voice

    • Igtnuber1fanYTChannel
      Igtnuber1fanYTChannel 8 months ago

      Actually it should be 2 men SCREAM in 1 men’s ear

  • Ayla Wayla
    Ayla Wayla 3 months ago

    5:22 Dont worry Kaden, Its a rookie mistake. It happens to the best of us.

  • Trollge Man
    Trollge Man 3 months ago

    10:04 "it gonna be ok" - one of the best lines i've ever heard

  • Saskuelover283
    Saskuelover283 Month ago

    I was in the video actually this was a very long time ago I know but I actually been watching your well made content since 2019 and Albert just letting you know I love your videos your videos always make my day thanks Albert

  • A turtle
    A turtle 5 months ago +1

    Albert wins the obby: and the crowd stays silent.
    Kaden fails, and the crowd goes wild,

  • zanniss
    zanniss 2 years ago +235

    Albert: "Only noobs fail"
    Also Albert: *dies instantly*

  • -N A O M I-
    -N A O M I- 4 months ago +1

    "He's not fat he just has big bones 💪😌✨"

  • Henry Mystery
    Henry Mystery 5 months ago

    "only noobs fail"
    *immediately loses*

  • Lukboo ♪
    Lukboo ♪ 4 months ago

    imagine a parkour god just being on the easy obby

  • Blacky the Dog
    Blacky the Dog Month ago

    When Albert zooms in his face its just so.... Beautiful

  • takoizu
    takoizu 4 months ago +1

    “Easy obby! Only noobs fail.”
    *dies immediately*

  • 🍰Panque🍰
    🍰Panque🍰 6 months ago +3

    Albert: "only noobs fail"
    Albert: *falls*
    Albert's brain: *Explote"

  • Oasis
    Oasis 4 months ago +4

    I love how everyone is so excited for Albert,Kaden and temprist but then there's just shmtty or whatever his name is just standing there waiting to get the W

  • hello Wedge
    hello Wedge 6 months ago +3

    The whole video is just an absolute masterpiece

  • Amelia Berman
    Amelia Berman 29 days ago

    The title is “I win a game show” and he never wins at the end lol🤣

  • Jose Ayala
    Jose Ayala 4 months ago

    Kaden: after doing those alone traveler obbys, I think I can never lose a obby again.
    Also Kaden:
    * dies immediately after *

  • TeenTraveler 17
    TeenTraveler 17 3 months ago

    What an unfortunate event. XD
    Flamingo wasn't prepared to be teleported into the obby so soon.

  • Team Kennedy
    Team Kennedy 5 months ago


  • Notisaac
    Notisaac Year ago +672

    11:53 I like how Real King Bob said "How is Albert winning" and then tried to cover it up

    • Wida Cherry
      Wida Cherry 4 months ago


    • ♡ simply annie ♡
      ♡ simply annie ♡ 4 months ago


    • pikachu
      pikachu 5 months ago

      Hey notisaac my name is Isaac im not lying

    • Veera Pereira
      Veera Pereira 5 months ago


    • Dawg Daze
      Dawg Daze 6 months ago +1

      I'd like to say that the winner of the final challenge got 100 points, and Kaden won, but it you looked closely, you saw his screen was 120 points before they added the points from the win, so Albert still should have won.

  • Zarza, Althea Faye C.
    Zarza, Althea Faye C. 3 months ago

    Kaden is amazing, he is so caring.

  • weirdcore sketch artist 👁

    1:08 dance boy

  • Knowing it
    Knowing it 4 months ago +1

    When everyone called Kaden a loser because he lost the obby, nobody could probably do the obby either. If flamingo sees this, tell this too Kaden

  • Gabby Ross
    Gabby Ross 4 months ago

    Respect to the people who stayed in their seats

  • Sink Water
    Sink Water 2 years ago +287

    14:37 as we can see here, the wild albert uses his demonic screeching to persuade his opponent into helping him

  • MikeTheEpik
    MikeTheEpik 3 months ago

    you should just do a gameshow where you do stuff while ALL THE FREAKING AUDIENCE IS IN A DISCORD CALL AND THEY JUST SCREAM IN YOUR EARS

  • ♥️ RANBOO 💚
    ♥️ RANBOO 💚 3 months ago

    “After doing those alone traveler obbies, I don’t think I can ever fail an obby” *fails*

  • Maja Kamila
    Maja Kamila 5 months ago

    Kaden:"I don't think I can ever loose an obby"two seconds later 5:24

  • Tilkino
    Tilkino 5 months ago

    Albert: only noobs fail at this obby
    Also Albert: *fails at easy obby*

  • discord light mode user
    discord light mode user 2 years ago +85

    I love how Albert jugdes people, Even though he looks as disgusting as them.

    • green person
      green person 4 months ago

      The comment meant Albert's avatar bro no wonder Albert calls us idiots.

    • Dislike button
      Dislike button 2 years ago

      m o u r n i n g _ J but it isn’t rude when Albert says it

    • Dislike button
      Dislike button 2 years ago

      Shaun WilsonJr no baby yoda

    • Mutated Ice
      Mutated Ice 2 years ago

      Yes No face cam

    • -Positive Flower-
      -Positive Flower- 2 years ago

      @m o u r n i n g _ J I agree!

  • Katie Engle
    Katie Engle 21 day ago

    Real_Kingbob: “Is Albert fat”
    Albert: *tea kettle intensifies*

  • Cheekz old acc
    Cheekz old acc 5 months ago

    Flamingo is the only TheXvidr to say “kill that thing” to a fan😂

  • InterDutch
    InterDutch 2 months ago +1

    Kaden got his revenge on Albert bc if you remember Albert beat Kaden in the Temprist Gameshow

  • Piper
    Piper 5 months ago

    I love how Shmtyy and albert have expresions and temprist is just souless

  • IonAccelerator
    IonAccelerator 2 years ago +624

    Albert: he’s not a voice reveal boy yet.
    Temprist: I’m going to do a pro gamer move right now.

    • AkashiArcade
      AkashiArcade 2 years ago


    • Amelia Evans
      Amelia Evans 2 years ago

      Temprist didn’t. Voice reveal a week ago lol

    • Lisa Jensen
      Lisa Jensen 2 years ago

      im about to do whats called a pro gamer move

    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 2 years ago

      Pickles Ninja we spelled it like that back in 2018

    • GuyWithAName
      GuyWithAName 2 years ago +1

      Project Sharksify Alt
      Its: Im gonna do whats called a pro gamer move

  • Tamara Mauskemo
    Tamara Mauskemo 2 months ago

    I was in a video with him but didn't now when I found out I was screaming because of how happy I was

  • RiinKawaii
    RiinKawaii 5 months ago +1

    I wish i was there, my dream is to meet you in roblox!

  • Bill Reynolds
    Bill Reynolds 3 months ago

    Two years later this still slaps

  • Emmanuel Eldo
    Emmanuel Eldo 4 months ago

    12:02 was really funny 😂

  • Ghost-OPS
    Ghost-OPS 2 years ago +54

    4:05 , not even scientists can find out how triggered Albert was

    • Ghost-OPS
      Ghost-OPS Year ago +1

      Actually I didn’t, just the fact that it was a “Easy Obby” just made it what worse for Albert and better for viewers.

    • Chill Gio
      Chill Gio Year ago +2

      He meant 4:11

    • Lungs
      Lungs Year ago +1

      Not at all

  • എന്റെ ഇഷ്‌ടങ്ങൾ

    This gotta by one of my fav vids of Albert.

  • Andrew Garcia
    Andrew Garcia 4 months ago

    I smiled deeply watching this whole video

  • SmileyPlayzRoblox
    SmileyPlayzRoblox 2 months ago

    14:34 alberts screaming made me laugh so hard like Kaden

  • Dije
    Dije 3 months ago


  • ѕнιиιgαмι
    ѕнιиιgαмι 2 years ago +666

    *“After doing those alone traveler obbies, I don’t think I can ever lose an obby.”*
    *Two seconds later..*

  • Katie Ward
    Katie Ward Month ago

    I like how shy albert get but yet he has millions of views XD

  • Mac Martinez
    Mac Martinez 5 months ago

    Flamingo Was 1 Point Away From Having Un-Limited Cars, 1000000000000000 Dollars$, And 100000000 Castles

  • toki
    toki 4 months ago

    this video title should be albert and kaden bullying temprist for 17 minutes straight

  • BadamPlays_WithBamboo
    BadamPlays_WithBamboo 7 months ago +3

    Albert: *grabs mic
    Albert: *farts*

  • DeadChannel
    DeadChannel 2 years ago +134

    Albert: “Only noobs failed”
    Albert: *failed*

  • 08Schlaukopf08
    08Schlaukopf08 4 months ago

    You should redo this but everyone (including the audience) has voice chat

  • kelly weir
    kelly weir 6 months ago

    Albert: only noobs fail
    Also Albert: *F A I L S*

  • Zzuma
    Zzuma 4 months ago

    Albert:congrats kaden for winning fair in square
    Kaden: *pulls out Calculator aggressively*

  • FunnyTummy .
    FunnyTummy . 5 months ago

    When the question “is Albert fat” in a math quiz it should’ve been “How many pounds is Albert?”

  • Firestarterツ
    Firestarterツ Year ago +521

    shcmitty was just like the kid in the dark corner throughout almost this whole video

    • kaia
      kaia Month ago

      @The Friends Of Lanie that was temprist

    • Ghostie
      Ghostie Month ago

      I feel bad for him:(

    • Just me.
      Just me. 2 months ago +1


    • JackHalIows
      JackHalIows 4 months ago +1

      You should appreciate him more, He's a honoured Game Dev.

    • The Friends Of Lanie
      The Friends Of Lanie 4 months ago

      @yves He said he was on the call, but just wasn’t going to talk because he didn’t do the voice reveal.

  • Whaely
    Whaely 2 months ago

    Albert: *Easy Obby* Only noobs fail
    Also Albert: *Fails*

  • Small Savage
    Small Savage 4 months ago +1

    8:19 I tried doing the math in my head and got 19 lol

  • family account
    family account Month ago

    when albert screamed on his easy obby made me laugh

  • PeachyDoodles
    PeachyDoodles 2 months ago

    Who else is scared to watch Albert with headphones?

  • InventoryCode
    InventoryCode 2 years ago +112

    Temprist just used to be a HUGE fan of Alberto, following him around
    This is him now, like really famous, feel old yet?

    • Not Popular
      Not Popular 2 years ago +1

      Imperator aka iiThe_ComradeDogeMan he’s still a big fan of Albert

    • ame✨
      ame✨ 2 years ago +1

      Imperator aka iiThe_ComradeDogeMan ye

  • bugs
    bugs 4 months ago

    this is me a year later, still confused, how did kaden go from 120 points, then adding a hundred (because we assume he won) BUTS GETS TO 300 POINTS...

  • Tricky
    Tricky 4 months ago +1

    I never watched theese kind of videos cuz I thought that they were boring but now it's SUPER interesting and funny to me lol

  • zooeyzarah pepito
    zooeyzarah pepito 4 months ago


  • DuckieDude
    DuckieDude 3 months ago

    Flamingo should voice every character in cartoons or anime

  • Dokie tablazon
    Dokie tablazon 2 years ago +223

    Video title should be:
    "Temprist being bullied in a game show"

  • kingcraft
    kingcraft 2 months ago

    Why did you have to do this to temprist it just feels heart breaking to me, I feel bad.

  • dll_ 4
    dll_ 4 2 months ago

    the answer for the hard math that kaden got is 19

  • LUV3UNNY ッ✰-road to 500

    “Only noobs fail”
    “1sec later”
    Me: O_O

  • •CottageKingdom•
    •CottageKingdom• 7 months ago +1

    14:36 had me dead

  • Sunset Flowerz
    Sunset Flowerz 2 years ago +692

    Temprist: *”I want to eat minion flesh”*
    KingBob: ***TURNS***
    Also KingBob: **gives Temprist -999999999999 points**

  • Pyra
    Pyra 7 months ago

    ALTERNATIVE title: Albert and his friends bully each other for the entire video

  • °Dakø K0mi chan°
    °Dakø K0mi chan° 4 months ago

    Flamingo i love you you always make me smile!

  • CallieKatisKool
    CallieKatisKool Month ago

    Albert is do confident in every video I also wonfow how much temprist is laughing while muted

    MO GAMER 2 months ago

    Still 2 years ago but still watching that’s how good this is

  • • Mikan •
    • Mikan • 2 years ago +247

    Albert: “I’m so nervous I’m gonna fart”
    Kaiden: “Oh please don’t”

  • quaintly_quinn
    quaintly_quinn 4 months ago +1

    Albert is jus amazing.

  • Deez dude1
    Deez dude1 5 months ago

    You got me back into roblox thank you bro