[2019 MAMA] TWICE_Fancy

  • Everything's all right
    Fancy by TWICE in 2019 MAMA
    #2019MAMA #MAMA #MnetAsianMusicAwards
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  • Mikay JZ
    Mikay JZ 21 minute ago

    Stylist: Jeongyeon is your brother right?
    Chaeyoung: Yes
    Stylist: Gotcha
    Seriously tho

  • Madhukar Sabale
    Madhukar Sabale 3 hours ago

    Whatever i dont understand accent but sounds good also i dont understand dance!!!!!

  • Zainub Iqbal
    Zainub Iqbal 17 hours ago

    Jihyo was lip syncing

  • ooV V
    ooV V 19 hours ago

    다들 너무 이쁘다ㅠㅠㅠㅜ 얼굴도 춤선도

  • Dominic Asis
    Dominic Asis 20 hours ago

    Momo dances with 100% of her energy

  • A Z
    A Z Day ago +1

    2:35 may i ask their names?

  • Aiiello .-.
    Aiiello .-. Day ago +4

    1:50 is no one gonna talk about how Jihyo kind of overdances? Might be just me but compared to Momo and Mina idk. Don't attack like y'all be doing in the comments, I see you.

    • Inika
      Inika 3 hours ago

      I’ve always thought this

  • fuck
    fuck Day ago

    How do these girls always shine like damn I love them

  • Charlotte f
    Charlotte f Day ago

    Kim dahyun 😍😍💘💘💘💘💘

  • Khloe Cortez
    Khloe Cortez 2 days ago

    the soty we never had...☹

  • 노란딱지
    노란딱지 2 days ago +1

    안웃으니까 너무 고맙다 ㅠㅠ

  • Mina
    Mina 2 days ago

    I’m glad Mina is back

  • Justingabrielmp
    Justingabrielmp 3 days ago

    Wonderful performance 😍🇪🇨

  • magic star 2
    magic star 2 3 days ago

    poor jeongyeon she looks so uncomfortable! Are the stylists/managers incapable of giving her an outfit that actually fits her body type and looks good? I know they have done in the past so.

  • Agung Prayogi
    Agung Prayogi 3 days ago

    Why always i see in fancy song all members very tired? :(

  • Wingless Bangtan
    Wingless Bangtan 4 days ago

    My bbgirl Chaeyoung messed up so many times in this dance :'((((

  • Camila Cutti
    Camila Cutti 4 days ago

    Que hermosa canción y las chicas salen muy bellas como siempre TWINCE son un excelente grupo

  • Aisha Alnaqbi
    Aisha Alnaqbi 4 days ago

    Where’s Mina?

  • Yankie Sherpa
    Yankie Sherpa 4 days ago

    What happened to Nayeon voice

  • Energy Drink
    Energy Drink 4 days ago

    Where is mina???

  • Chill With Xavier
    Chill With Xavier 5 days ago

    2:03 what’s wrong with Jihyo


    real fight
    1:43 ❣❣💝

  • Ned Believer
    Ned Believer 5 days ago

    for those ppl who said that the crowd is quiet when Dua performed Don't Start Now. Just watched this video and I confirmed that the audience is muted :>.
    If asian peeps can perform on the western stage. western peeps can perform on the asian stage!

  • César Cristopher Freire Franco

    Why are there only 8 members?

    • catplushies
      catplushies 3 days ago

      Bcuz Mina had anxiety then. Mina is back now

  • Jan Patrick Abe
    Jan Patrick Abe 5 days ago

    Did anyone notice that chaeyoung made a little mistake at 00:22 which is kinda cute HAHAHA

  • tri shaa
    tri shaa 5 days ago

    i can see it! jihyo is *scared*

  • S
    S 5 days ago

    Sana is so gorgeous with this hair also tzuyu

  • L A N
    L A N 5 days ago

    Where is Mina?

  • Cipar
    Cipar 6 days ago

    They so tired 😭 i can see that

  • Maryam Ikram
    Maryam Ikram 6 days ago +2

    If you love twice Like me, do Like here👇👇

  • Akari Azami
    Akari Azami 6 days ago

    Minna where are you??☹️

  • Night Bow
    Night Bow 7 days ago


  • efemsiel
    efemsiel 7 days ago

    I really love the confetti throwing part

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 7 days ago

    I fancy TWICE so much. They are my co-favorite group. Fancy is an amazing song. It's one of the best songs of 2019. 😍

  • Kendall
    Kendall 7 days ago

    Tzuyu is quite possibly the most beautiful Korean woman I have ever seen.

    • Kendall
      Kendall 5 days ago

      OWOOIE ; ok now the name makes sense to me thanks

    • OWOOIE ;
      OWOOIE ; 6 days ago

      Kendall she’s from Taiwan

  • Emily Barran
    Emily Barran 7 days ago +3

    random human:
    who's your bias
    the one with the gold boots

  • no name ?
    no name ? 8 days ago +5


  • its niss
    its niss 9 days ago

    2:34 I saw my seonghwa and yeosanggg amaigadd😍😍🔥🔥


    fair fight
    1:45 ❤🔥💃🖤

  • •Kim Azul•
    •Kim Azul• 9 days ago

    And mina?

  • Marie Oscaris
    Marie Oscaris 9 days ago

    Nayung is so sexy and hot and cute

  • leo cy
    leo cy 10 days ago

    No jeong yeon?????

  • haylzii
    haylzii 10 days ago +7

    poor jihyo looks upset because of her earpiece. she was trying to sing the entire time :(

  • Bri
    Bri 10 days ago

    ain't gonna lie but fancy definitely deserved song of year like come on

  • 아바
    아바 10 days ago +1

    So I'm a new twice fan and I don't know anything about the group and I need some help can some give me some info about them.

  • NepArmY bangtang
    NepArmY bangtang 10 days ago

    Where is mina??

  • S.Y _
    S.Y _ 11 days ago

    미나언니 어디갔지?

  • Alyssa Luk
    Alyssa Luk 12 days ago

    Jealousy is a dangerous thing, especially when you're jealous of a piece of confetti on Nayeon's head

  • Sophia Lindo Zavaleta
    Sophia Lindo Zavaleta 12 days ago


  • Hanzo Kun
    Hanzo Kun 12 days ago +1

    The space they give for Mina is 💯! I'm crying😭😭

  • Jenyveble Jenyveb
    Jenyveble Jenyveb 13 days ago +1

    1:51 yes my main dancers

  • Kyal Sin Lin
    Kyal Sin Lin 14 days ago


  • 아미원스
    아미원스 14 days ago

    나만 정연 춤 이상해 ?

  • Upoma Jahanara
    Upoma Jahanara 15 days ago

    I like MINA'S Voice.... though she is not there...

  • Charity Leondale
    Charity Leondale 15 days ago +1

    Months past by Sana's charisma still gets me. I'm cheating on Dahyun arghh

  • Gl Garcia
    Gl Garcia 15 days ago

    They were really great but is no one going to talk about where all the confetti’s went?

  • Twicey Micey
    Twicey Micey 15 days ago

    *Queens are Queens, Gods are Gods. Twice holds that title*

  • shermaine recto
    shermaine recto 15 days ago

    Jihyo at 1:50 is just a mood.

  • chiken
    chiken 16 days ago +2

    why does sana look like a rich stepmom in here 💀

    • sunscelai
      sunscelai 11 days ago

      IM KN
      okay look she shined prolly the most here but i agree with that 99 percent lmfao

  • Zara Kaya
    Zara Kaya 16 days ago

    They look so tired it honestly makes me cry, please rest my babies the comeback can always come later 🥺🥺

  • muani khawlhring
    muani khawlhring 16 days ago

    One I don't saw mina

  • sai mokshagna Kursam
    sai mokshagna Kursam 16 days ago

    Where is mina
    mina missed

  • 파리는윙윙
    파리는윙윙 17 days ago

    미나는 어디 못왓노

  • Sandy Mercader
    Sandy Mercader 17 days ago

    1:50 the best two dancer in twice let's insert mina!😂💕

  • Game club
    Game club 18 days ago +1

    Where is Mina?

  • Anak Utara
    Anak Utara 18 days ago


  • Angeling
    Angeling 18 days ago

    Oh my god , sana!

  • 말괄량이
    말괄량이 19 days ago

    얘네도 노래는 여전하네.. 립싱크를 라이브처럼 하는 능력만 높아지는듯..

    • 쇼두나테
      쇼두나테 18 days ago

      음원 자체가 불안하니. 립싱크가 라이브처럼 들림.

  • ricardo gay
    ricardo gay 19 days ago

    Why does it look like they're crying

  • CSH.Entertaiment
    CSH.Entertaiment 19 days ago

    Where Mina???

  • MomoRin
    MomoRin 19 days ago

    Fancy you

  • zumyhuna
    zumyhuna 20 days ago

    Who not there?

  • mikaze yu
    mikaze yu 20 days ago

    My cute little simba still look pretty even with her new short hair😍😊

    ALIFF ONCExSONE 20 days ago

    Dear MNET,
    This is a REAL SONG OF THE YEAR!

  • Lilibeth Lamigo
    Lilibeth Lamigo 20 days ago

    Wow jeongyeon princess is so cute

  • ONCE
    ONCE 21 day ago +1

    2:10 Tzuyu😂😂

  • DeDe DH
    DeDe DH 23 days ago


  • ahehoシ
    ahehoシ 24 days ago +1

    -they work so hard.
    i cant be the only one who noticed how tired they are :( they are the best and deserve the world.

  • Margarita Hadjittofi
    Margarita Hadjittofi 24 days ago

    jeongyeon looks very fed up :(
    hope she is taking good care of herself