10 Things That Prove Reality TV Is SO Fake

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • PROOF that reality television is not what it seems.
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    Are you a reality tv addict? Or do you consider it a waste of time? Whether it’s your guilty pleasure or something you try to avoid, we will let you in on some behind the scenes secrets from people who have been there. Let’s just say reality television isn’t as real as you might think. Much of the drama on shows from Toddlers and Tiaras to Big Brother is completely manufactured by producers. The contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette act like they want to find love, but nothing is spontaneous, and behind the scenes hookups happen far more often than you might think. We are not saying that Bear Grylls doesn’t have incredible survival skills, just that we don’t get to see them on Man vs. Wild. House Hunters on HGTV might be the fakest show we know of, since the people featured on it have to have already purchased a home before filming even starts. Once you are finished watching our video, tell us what you think in comments and don’t forget to subscribe to TheTalko!
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Comments • 2 241

  • Kiwi got no jams
    Kiwi got no jams Year ago +1402

    Fake or not. I always stay for the fights.

    • Yassy
      Yassy Month ago

      Someone who understands my point

    • Do you know BTS?
      Do you know BTS? 5 months ago +1

      I know like, I JuSt waNT THe TEa , gIVe It tO ME HOEs 😂

    • SiliconBong
      SiliconBong 5 months ago

      *gives you strawberry jam and blueberry jam, with some butter and some pikelets:)

    • SparksFly
      SparksFly 5 months ago


  • kmantyniemi
    kmantyniemi 14 hours ago

    I'm not gonna subscribe, just because you asked for it

  • MrGoandrush
    MrGoandrush 5 days ago

    Well not just tell the audience when to clap or laugh, most of them paid for it.
    I done this "job" too.
    Clap and laugh for extra money.
    They told us what to ask, when we laugh or clap.
    Thr laughter and claps recorded previously even before the show starts and mix it back later to get more effective.
    The talkshow characters paid also or stupid enough to do it for free.
    All fake what you see in commercial tv.
    Sadly now news fake too.
    Hired people on street making action, they appear on news as a rebel but they paid extras.
    So sad now the news getting fake too

  • pzkpfwiv freak
    pzkpfwiv freak 6 days ago

    hyper-bowl? a-greg-rious? wtf? learn to pronounce your script!!! fail.

  • Tom Burns
    Tom Burns 8 days ago

    Look up how to pronounce "egregious" and "hyperbole".

    YOUNGDAGGER 10 days ago

    Are so fake*

  • Nikyle Bisnath
    Nikyle Bisnath 11 days ago

    Why it's mostly Americans do this? Its dumb as F!

  • Myriii1911 Мириам

    The Bachelor = boozing contestants

  • cmagee14
    cmagee14 13 days ago

    Hyper bowl🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂😂😂

  • Ashley
    Ashley 14 days ago +1

    I don't know how finding this out could be shocking to someone unless they are real young and haven't been told that TV is mostly fake. Because we all should know by now that most of what we see isnt real on TV. Producers have to do what they can to make TV exiting to watch. And it's entertaining for us to go along with it. Just like the movies we watch.

  • Whitney Terry
    Whitney Terry 15 days ago

    you mispronounced so many words

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 15 days ago

    She says some of the words wrong on purpose so people can talk about it in the comments.

  • Jamie-leigh Landeg
    Jamie-leigh Landeg 17 days ago

    Bear grylls is 100% FAKE he & his crew eats proper food while others dont

  • UncleBiscuits79
    UncleBiscuits79 18 days ago

    Ok, so seriously, where is this lady from. It's like English is not her native language. There is a LOT of pronunciation errors in her speech and it's super distracting. "Hyper-bowl"!

  • Derek Galbraith
    Derek Galbraith 21 day ago

    "Hyper-bowl"? "Egreg-rious"?
    Are you shitting me?

  • Heather Lynch-Fowler
    Heather Lynch-Fowler 23 days ago

    The Talko to pronounce hyperbole which sounds like (hi PER bo lee) as if it is pronounced HYPER-bowl, and egregious which is pronounced like uh-GRE-jus, as if it is i- GRE-GRE us, is ridiculous. I’d venture to guess you don’t even know what those words mean. Come on!

  • Tropical Wargaming
    Tropical Wargaming 27 days ago

    I think this is the same voice as in Watchmojo.

  • The FoxMan
    The FoxMan Month ago

    You don't know shit, some TV shows are fake. And never shit talk American Pickers, but the evidence said doesn't make the TV show fake. They we're just pre-planning so that nothing would go wrong with the seller.

  • Cathy Twining
    Cathy Twining Month ago

    While spell check can SPELL FOR YOU, YOU need to learn how to PRONOUNCE NAMES, and other words, that the general public can say correctly in their sleep!
    After all, you are getting paid the big bucks, for saying it INCORRECTLY!!!! DO YOUR JOB!!!

  • Southern Playero
    Southern Playero Month ago

    If you believe that God talked to a Pastor , and told him to tell his church to buy him a mansion and a Bentley ...Why not believe that Reality Shows are real ? Just saying ..

  • mark bautista
    mark bautista Month ago

    I just watched this for the mispronunciation according to comments 👅

  • Dav
    Dav Month ago

    Verses not verse

  • Number One
    Number One Month ago

    Most know it’s fake. I’ve only ever watched Gordon. The rest, especially Trump, is fake.

  • 18 youngT
    18 youngT Month ago +3

    What the frick Is a “Hyper-bowl” dang these pronunciations though.....

    It’s “High-per-bowl-lee”

  • Nov Prezime
    Nov Prezime Month ago

    got ads??

  • magnusee
    magnusee Month ago

    I hate her voice so much

  • Tenicia Williams
    Tenicia Williams Month ago

    I don't care if it's fake ,I still be watching it

  • Hafiy Sufri
    Hafiy Sufri Month ago

    The Bachelor is stupid. Who watch that kind of show? Seriously, poor people watching love show of other people making out and shit lol

  • Luke Bei Fong
    Luke Bei Fong Month ago

    why ask to subscribe when you cant even catch the audience with that horrible voice actor..reading a script much. sound like someone just wanting to make the paycheck then having enthusiastic

  • Nathan’s Dad
    Nathan’s Dad Month ago

    6:37 “hyper bowl”

  • Mr. DerpyDirector
    Mr. DerpyDirector 2 months ago

    Its not for reality, its for entertainment

  • SePh Scott
    SePh Scott 2 months ago

    I Greg rious??

  • Visual One Studio
    Visual One Studio 2 months ago

    I've actually commented on Reality TV being fake, but yes! It's SUPER fake and I'm truly surprised people don't know that. No network is going to spend money on a show and just cross their fingers it works out. It's not just bad business, it's stupid. Everything is planned and premeditated to be dramatic and entertaining.
    And this isn't hyper-bowl. Jeez! Where did they get this uneducated bimbo narrator??

  • Harvey Briones
    Harvey Briones 2 months ago

    Now, everything on TV is FAKE!

  • Cole skuxx
    Cole skuxx 2 months ago

    My cousin's Ex-Girlfriend was on the Australian Bachelor a few years ago and was told to act dumber for the show as she is actually super smart

  • Zenn Exile
    Zenn Exile 2 months ago

    Ah greedge Ess, you deh ing gus.

  • Starrie Knight & The Android Clones

    Who actually thought it was realistic?

  • I Won a Maths Debate
    I Won a Maths Debate 2 months ago


  • Wolfgang Hendery
    Wolfgang Hendery 2 months ago

    11:41 'egregrious?' it's *egregious*.

  • 26magicman26
    26magicman26 2 months ago +4

    6:39 Did... did you just say Hyper Bowl?

  • Uma Chan
    Uma Chan 2 months ago

    A channel with 7.1 million subscribers and they can't get an announcer that speaks proper English? Hyperbowl? Seriously?
    Beyond that do you honestly think that reality TV isn't edited to show the worst examples of what goes on? It's called "drama" and it's what American TV is based on.

  • C my Clay
    C my Clay 2 months ago

    Yes,the house hunters🤣👌

  • Si Manny McHale
    Si Manny McHale 2 months ago

    Groundbreaking stuff this

  • Lauren Montera
    Lauren Montera 2 months ago

    We all know Big Brother and Man vs Wild, but asking questions isn't the same as being fake.

  • lasheika Jose
    lasheika Jose 2 months ago +6

    I don't understand the faking of house hunters. Why not film actual people looking to actually buy a house. My mother has been skeptical of this show for awhile now

  • enigmedic
    enigmedic 2 months ago +3

    They need a new narrator. Little Snowflake cannot pronounce "hyperbole" and does not know the difference between foundering vs. floundering. I am no Rhodes Scholar, I have a Louisiana high school education, and I noticed those shortcomings. What does that say for this over paid imbecile?

  • Justine Spink
    Justine Spink 2 months ago +1

    I can't stand the voiceovers on these things...

  • Vinyl ReWind
    Vinyl ReWind 2 months ago

    6:38, I stopped watching as soon as you said hyperbowl..

  • The Sammy Jenkins Experience

    What an e-greg-rius video.

  • Crooze LA
    Crooze LA 2 months ago

    Might as well get my likes in 2!! This chick cant read! Its hi-per-bow-lee! Serious business tho, who didnt know reality tv was fake. If you search up most of the people on the show, they are already in showbiz.

  • Jenn Covent
    Jenn Covent 2 months ago

    hyperbole: hy-per-bowl-ee

  • Spasoje Kulasevic
    Spasoje Kulasevic 2 months ago

    "Patrick-star", hahaha

  • Spyro Curtis
    Spyro Curtis 2 months ago

    Adding children tn front of the cameras to do things and look like women is so f##%ing sick shame to the producers and the parents who allowed that, they are all sick and dangerous, i would have send them to court immediately if it was at my hands.

  • Happy Home
    Happy Home 3 months ago +1

    I agree that it is fake and scripted but still it's entertainment

  • Happy Home
    Happy Home 3 months ago +2

    I thought everyone knew that it was scripted

  • Amelia Ray
    Amelia Ray 3 months ago

    I remember when reality TV was actually reality like The Real World.....now it's a bunch of bs and u can so tell how fake it is!!!!

  • Daniel OLeary
    Daniel OLeary 3 months ago

    Just because some disenfranchised, attention seeking alcoholic says its true....doesn't make it proof!

  • zenobia10127
    zenobia10127 3 months ago +1

    Did the narrator at the end pronounce "egregious" as "E-Greg-Gree-Us"?

  • Quentin Kerr
    Quentin Kerr 3 months ago

    If you’re gonna put big words in your voiceover, make sure the narrator knows how to pronounce them.

  • Andrew Neilson
    Andrew Neilson 3 months ago

    Maybe learn how to pronounce 'egregious'......

  • Chas Stack
    Chas Stack 3 months ago

    I'm not a bit surprised , this is america

  • Subscribe or 5 Years Bad Luck

    I was on BGC, and let me tell you, the isolation is REAL! It literally makes you feel so alone...it’s such a desolate experience
    I’m not a huge drinker, and I could tell the directors weren’t happy with that. They were always trying to get me to down alcohol. It’s not right.

  • Ben Colaianne
    Ben Colaianne 3 months ago

    Who writes this shit?

  • david didia
    david didia 3 months ago


  • Sandy Nowlin
    Sandy Nowlin 3 months ago

    it's been a long time since youtube has made me laugh out loud. Thanks for hyper bowl and egg gregrious lol. Was this a human-sounding robot??

  • Kate Griffin
    Kate Griffin 3 months ago

    A Greg re us! Learn how to say words geez that should be egregious. Get a dictionary!!

  • Wayne Reynolds
    Wayne Reynolds 3 months ago

    6:39 "HYPER-BOLE"......hahahahahahaha

  • Patrick Gallimore
    Patrick Gallimore 3 months ago

    Is anything on TV real, except for CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, CBS and NBC news?

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 3 months ago

      you forgot the daddy of them all FOX NEWS!!
      Is that where you get your EDUMACATION from??? lol

  • Chris Henson
    Chris Henson 3 months ago

    Hyperbole is pronounced (hi-per-bo-lee)

  • dragonfly
    dragonfly 3 months ago +5

    im a chef and restaurants are dysfunctional places at the best of times and its imposable to over book a the restaurant by as many as 100 guests a restaurant has only so many seats once thous seats are full the next people have to wait till someone leaves

  • IheartYankees
    IheartYankees 3 months ago

    Egregious is pronounced “agree-jus”.....very informative video, perhaps next time a narrator that can read?

  • BanjoTheDog
    BanjoTheDog 3 months ago +1

    Dang it, I loved pickers!

  • Rebeccah Wark
    Rebeccah Wark 3 months ago

    Thr narrators need to learn how tp pronounce words properly!

  • dunebirdie
    dunebirdie 3 months ago

    You mispronounced "Hyperbole" and "Egregious". It's 'hi-per-bo-lee' (accent on the second syllable) and 'eh-gree-juhs' (accent on the second syllable.

  • flip flop
    flip flop 3 months ago

    didnt prove shit tbh

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 3 months ago

      people like 'Fake' tv and news......

  • Tara Wright
    Tara Wright 3 months ago +1


  • L. C.
    L. C. 3 months ago +1

    LMAO @ the speaker's pronunciation of "hyperbole"...

  • Saj Tyk
    Saj Tyk 3 months ago +1

    People like fake shit

  • psychothechef
    psychothechef 3 months ago

    She still has a sexy voice though

  • DscrappyLoco Golani
    DscrappyLoco Golani 3 months ago

    Man VERZ Wild .... okay, we really don't need no education no more. I ain't gonna watch no more. Take those double negatives and vibrate, ijjit!

  • Joshua Tilley
    Joshua Tilley 3 months ago

    "Hyperbowl" and "egregreous"? Wow.

  • Mina V.
    Mina V. 3 months ago

    The pronunciation of egregious was probably the most shockingly bad thing about this video.. 😂 lol

  • Calvin Delaronde
    Calvin Delaronde 3 months ago

    hyperbole (high-per-bow-lee)

  • Green Is Only 13.
    Green Is Only 13. 3 months ago

    This vid is 100% botted there’s no way that this many people care about a woman mispronouncing a few words like it’s not that big of a deal

  • animeangel1983
    animeangel1983 3 months ago

    And here's more shocking news...water is wet.

  • Chantell G
    Chantell G 3 months ago

    Did you actually say "hyperBOWL" instead of hyperbole? Wtf?

  • Chantell G
    Chantell G 3 months ago

    Downvoted for the ads..

  • Amanda Shelton
    Amanda Shelton 3 months ago

    TV is all fake. Even the news stations only share the leftovers and their point of views. You can't believe everything you see if you are not there to experience it for yourself. That's how things work.

  • Todd Jones
    Todd Jones 3 months ago

    Strange pronunciation of "egregious."

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 3 months ago +1

    8:47 You can't be on the show unless you own (and just bought) a home. That is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Many of these people aren't buying homes at all. They are paid to ACT in this series. It's been revealed over and over. Some of them aren't even actual couples; they are ACTORS.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 3 months ago +1

    I hate all of these shows but I have seen American Pickers because it was on at work during lunch. Mike and Frank very RARELY downplayed the value of items. Many times they would even tell the person that their item was worth more.

    • Todd Jones
      Todd Jones 3 months ago

      Yes, that one was obviously wrong - I guess they've never seen the show. Hopefully the rest of what they said here is not accurate, though, that would be disappointing.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson 3 months ago +16

    Man VERZ Wild??? What?
    HYPER-BOWL? What?
    Learn to pronounce BASIC WORDS!

    • Jennifer GGreer
      Jennifer GGreer Month ago

      LOL. i was shouting 'versus, verses, either one of those will suffice!" and i was shouting hy per bo leeeeeeeeeee! lol

    • Jennifer GGreer
      Jennifer GGreer Month ago +1

      @ArtsyFox 101 some people can't idiot? idk, i think she is Idioting quite well. yes...anyone can learn to pronounce basic words unless there is a medical reason or psychological reason. if that is the case, the narration is a cruel job that you shouldnt have

    • ArtsyFox 101
      ArtsyFox 101 3 months ago

      Some people can't idiot

  • Shanan Alexander
    Shanan Alexander 3 months ago

    It’s good to hear that about G. R. Because I won’t watch his show or any video he’s in. He’s come across as such an obnoxious person on tv.

    • Todd Jones
      Todd Jones 3 months ago

      He's much nicer in the British version. Probably a nice guy in real life, if you don't work for him (if you're a fuckup).

  • Denise Eggert
    Denise Eggert 4 months ago

    I have always known that The Bachelor and the Bachelorette were as fake as hell . I refused to watch this fake contest show. Have any winners actually found marital bliss ? I think not ! They are all on there to find celebrity status .

  • Virtually Me
    Virtually Me 4 months ago

    ... the voice over can usually pronounce their biggest money maker much more weller ... "the Kardashians" ...

  • Carlos Devoto
    Carlos Devoto 4 months ago

    What stood out the most to me was "hyperbowl" and "e-GREG-rious". Learn English please.

  • Destiny Jones
    Destiny Jones 4 months ago

    Everybody in these comments better have degrees in pronunciation cuz y’all acting like akheela and the bee

  • Nas eazye
    Nas eazye 4 months ago

    why is anybody surprised?

  • Stanley Nolly
    Stanley Nolly 4 months ago

    Really,,,, Who woulda Thunk It

  • julia Bencze
    julia Bencze 4 months ago

    Her grasp of the English language, is impressive lol