Top 10 Substitute Performances in F1

  • Some drivers seized their opportunities when they unexpectedly arrived. Others weren't quite so lucky...
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Comments • 80

  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade 4 hours ago

    Kobayashi should've stayed longer 😔

  • NorT
    NorT 11 hours ago

    i do actually wonder...Say there wasnt a red flag or a safety car and the race just continued (yes i know it would of been insane but just think) if he had a 30+ second gap do you think Markus could of won...I mean without the engine issue to but that was after a huge delay MAYBE it would of held on.

  • AlphaOscarRomeo
    AlphaOscarRomeo Day ago

    Wrong. ❌
    It was four races.

  • ronlorbo
    ronlorbo 2 days ago

    Formula 1 race

  • Aa Gg
    Aa Gg 2 days ago


  • Andreas Wong
    Andreas Wong 4 days ago

    Kamui 💔💔💔

  • Pancouver venguins
    Pancouver venguins 4 days ago

    Jenson for Alonso at McLaren when he did the Indy 500, Jenson helped Alonso by crashing his gp2 McLaren 😂.

  • Jst 12
    Jst 12 4 days ago

    max should be on 1st place

  • Lukas Maciejczyk
    Lukas Maciejczyk 4 days ago

    Where is Kubica's Hungary 2006??

  • Bram Jacob
    Bram Jacob 5 days ago

    where is Vandoorne McLaren 2016 ?

  • D.B.
    D.B. 6 days ago

    1994 was an interesting race... and despite being a Schumi fan I’ve always thought that was a dodgy move by him.

  • I Tattoo74
    I Tattoo74 6 days ago

    Dont break the winklehock

  • Xavier Rodrigues
    Xavier Rodrigues 6 days ago +1

    Hey Aidan, what do you reckon about number 5?

  • Thumper
    Thumper 7 days ago

    Stephane Sarrazin should get a mention

  • Kepe
    Kepe 7 days ago

    Look at the rear of that 1991 Jordan at 4:10 ! Beautiful! I want F1 to have less control over how the cars look. They are becoming more and more copies of each other, and that's just sad. There's very little room for innovation when everything is so heavily regulated. I want a racing series in which the only limitations are weight and external dimensions (height, length, width). Everything else is up for the teams to decide. Put a budget cap on the teams because otherwise the team with the highest budget would win pretty much always. Now that would be interesting. What is not interesting is watching a bunch of nearly identical cars saving fuel and tires for 95% of the race. Which is exactly what F1 has become. If you watch an F1 race from the 90's, you'll notice how every driver is pushing at 100% all the time, taking their cars to the absolute limit in every single corner. That's exciting to watch. That required tremendous skill from the drivers.

  • Stephen Yates
    Stephen Yates 7 days ago

    Mansell started 4 GPs in 1994, not 3 as mentioned in the video. He also took part in that year's French GP

  • Nebagram
    Nebagram 7 days ago

    #2 - can't help but feel sorry for Luca Badoer. As I usually do when I think about his F1 career.

  • Joshua Garvey
    Joshua Garvey 9 days ago


  • Mx 64
    Mx 64 10 days ago

    Mika Salo was *ONLY* F1 Finland drivers beside Raikkonen who drives Ferrari in 1999
    Despite he's not big impact for Championship battle,but he's helping Eddie Irvine to battle with Mika Hakkinen in Championship

  • Yousuf Meeran
    Yousuf Meeran 11 days ago

    No Races, no pre race and post race comments. At least this is engaging me with F1.

  • Adrian-Cornel Borină
    Adrian-Cornel Borină 11 days ago

    How to beat Mercedes in 2 steps:
    1. Be Ferrari
    2. Bring a random substitute every 2 races

  • scuttle06
    scuttle06 11 days ago +1

    Ferrari: ermm we need a replacement for Michael.. who should we get?
    Everyone: I dont know.
    Michael: Well, if you want a win, get a Finn.

  • Alexandre Cardon
    Alexandre Cardon 13 days ago

    stoffel vandoorne forgotten man

  • Víctor Rodríguez
    Víctor Rodríguez 13 days ago

    If McLaren kept Pedro as the second driver as Mercedes and some McLaren bosses wanted, they would have three more World Championships...

  • MHSB
    MHSB 13 days ago


  • Prescott Majette
    Prescott Majette 14 days ago

    "Roberto Moreno!"

  • J Dulin
    J Dulin 14 days ago

    Robert Kubica nowhere? Subbed in, got podium in 3rd race, title contender 2 years later?

  • Jerry in roblox
    Jerry in roblox 15 days ago

    I cant be the only one that gets goosebumps

  • Hugo Wildenberg
    Hugo Wildenberg 15 days ago

    Max Verstappen???????

  • Ayah Akmal yazid
    Ayah Akmal yazid 18 days ago

    Kangen f1 era Schumi, hehehehe

  • Jason Ayala Spare
    Jason Ayala Spare 20 days ago

    Alan Jones at Shadows in 77' after the death of Tom Pryce. He won at Austria.

  • Dink
    Dink 20 days ago

    What about vandoorne bahrain 2016?

  • Robert van 't Haar
    Robert van 't Haar 20 days ago

    This list is not true, we all know that #1 needs to be Luca Badoer when he replaced Massa in 2009.

  • David Panken
    David Panken 22 days ago

    No Max Verstappen?

  • Wakanda doge
    Wakanda doge 23 days ago

    My favourite here is kobayashi

  • Campbell Wallis
    Campbell Wallis 27 days ago

    You have to feel for Nicola Larini. Not only did he take his only podium in the worst possible circumstances, I think he kinda knew that he was unlikely to get another chance. Talk about conflicting emotions.

  • Gustavo Aguilar Paredes

    I think you forgot Verstappen, he replaced Kvyat at Spain 2016, an the rest, we already know it

  • DSBMAC13
    DSBMAC13 Month ago

    1:20 Nope, guys.. Berger didn't start for three races back then, because he had some serious problems with his jaw, some kinda inflammation (really don't know how to say or describe that in english). The tragic death of his father was a few weeks later, at the german grand prix. but there he raced and even won, his last f1-victory in his career btw.

  • TheFlagstand
    TheFlagstand Month ago

    Holy shi... I knew the cars looked good in 2009 but I certainly didn't remember they looked THAT good.

  • 牛タンずんだ
    牛タンずんだ Month ago


  • Eonymia
    Eonymia Month ago

    No F1 list is safe from Roberto Moreno.

  • Miguel Achucarro
    Miguel Achucarro Month ago

    Nice quality picture of the 1994 season

  • BMK500
    BMK500 Month ago


  • Assassin 4056
    Assassin 4056 Month ago +1

    R.I.P Ayrton Senna never forgotten died doing what he loved

  • OvO
    OvO Month ago

    Fun fact : kamiya kabayashi also was the guy to set the lemans lap record

    • OvO
      OvO Month ago

      Kamui I know to auto correct I just tried says kamui again and it auto corrected to kamikaze XD

  • Patryk Siedlik
    Patryk Siedlik Month ago

    Where is Kubica-Villeneuve ???

  • Smeralda D'Elia
    Smeralda D'Elia Month ago

    Marc Gene in Monza 2003?!!

  • MSc Bijles
    MSc Bijles Month ago +1

    The fact they put Winkelhock in the thumbnail says it all. Who needs results to become a hero of the sport? 😂😂
    Love the records he holds because of this one-off adventure

  • luiz guilherme moreira sales

    OH i love formula 1 years 90 hello i am brasil

  • Ari Cejas
    Ari Cejas Month ago

    honourable mention
    1982 Patrick Tambay
    1993 Mika Häkkinen
    1994 David Coulthard
    2007 Sebastian Vettel

  • Dave Hogg
    Dave Hogg Month ago

    I will never forgive Ferrari for using team orders to take away Mika Salo's first (and only) F1 win.

    • Dave Hogg
      Dave Hogg Month ago

      My two favorite F1 drivers finish 1-2.

  • hari vishnu Srirangam

    Man Schumacher had real speed even back then

  • Maverick Сhannel
    Maverick Сhannel Month ago the clip-video about Formula 1

  • TK MK
    TK MK Month ago

    What's the music

    • Lockee
      Lockee 14 days ago

  • LoosSerine
    LoosSerine Month ago +1

    Alex Wurz in 2005 also, one race comeback where he got 3rd place. He's been the most strongest substitute by far.

    • Mariano von Trani
      Mariano von Trani Month ago

      Tbf Benetton was in rapid decline and he didn't bring in the big bucks. But every Team principal loved his technical mind. But yeah he was definately more suited for LMP 1 endurance racing.

    • LoosSerine
      LoosSerine Month ago

      @Mariano von Trani I think he was amazing as replacement driver but never lived up as a normal full time.

    • Mariano von Trani
      Mariano von Trani Month ago

      I remembered that one too. Real shame the bad luck at Peugeot and Toyota denied him a 3rd LeMans win.

  • Gameren over dem alle
    Gameren over dem alle Month ago +1

    2:47 Bernie turned to Nigel Mansell

  • TheOriginalStix
    TheOriginalStix Month ago

    No one can break the WinkelRock!

  • Queen Anne
    Queen Anne Month ago

    Where is Jean Denis Deletraz?

  • bob 808
    bob 808 Month ago

    Respect for not showing any of the crashes at San Marino in 1994

    • TrickyMario7654
      TrickyMario7654 Month ago

      I’m amazed they even included Larini on this list, considering how dark that weekend was.

  • Wong Wai leong
    Wong Wai leong Month ago

    Marcus Winkelhock was very bad driver

    • Physm Töng
      Physm Töng Month ago

      Still holds a record no one else probably will

    VINNIEJONES10 Month ago +2

    I’d argue that Winklehock was down to his team. Not the driver. Hence why he isn’t first on the list

  • Luca Luis
    Luca Luis Month ago +1

    My favorite is kamuy Kobayashi running with team japanese

  • Enrico Carrossino
    Enrico Carrossino Month ago +1

    Andretti isn't the top one

  • Chr M
    Chr M Month ago +1

    Berger was not out because of his father's death! He was injured and out for three races (Canada France and GB). The next races was Germany, when he came back. A few days before his father died.

  • Amir EFK93
    Amir EFK93 Month ago +1

  • Peter Yianilos
    Peter Yianilos Month ago +2

    It’s off season. We’ll watch anything.

  • Me
    Me Month ago +3

    And then there's Vettel. 'Nuff said.

  • ak _u
    ak _u Month ago +2

    Top ten watchmojo clones.
    1. F1

  • Charles Leclerc
    Charles Leclerc Month ago +2


  • Xelos
    Xelos 2 months ago +2

    Ever think some of these guys sit in their cars saying "Vroom vroom"?
    No only me?
    Y'aighty then

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 2 months ago +1

    I remember Adelaide very well, Damon Hill was robbed that day and I was going for Schumacher.

  • Ted Darmaone
    Ted Darmaone 2 months ago +2


  • Đức Anh Nguyễn
    Đức Anh Nguyễn 2 months ago +1

    Let Michael pass for the championship...

  • R Alvez
    R Alvez 2 months ago +1

    Wow the F1 never stay the same unfortunately...
    The name is Ayrton Senna such a powerful name till today and future F1 sport...

  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J. 2 months ago +2

    *And don't forget Stoffel Vandoorne who's managed to finish in top 10 for his first ever F1 race with that shitty Mclaren Honda in 2016 !*
    Replacing Alonso after his crash in Melbourne

  • Sven Van Twillert
    Sven Van Twillert 2 months ago +1

    Were Where is Verstappen

  • Blue Army
    Blue Army 2 months ago +1

    Is the 2020 Chinese gp going to be either cancelled or postponed?

  • Adam Marsden
    Adam Marsden 2 months ago

    Mansell drove in 4 races for Williams in 1994, not 3. Just pointing that out.

  • thefridgeman
    thefridgeman 2 months ago

    2:54 lol, you can read the enthusiasm in Damon's eyes.

  • HM Car Reviews
    HM Car Reviews 2 months ago

    I really don't remember Spyker even being in F1.