Electronic Basics #35: Schmitt Trigger and when to use them

  • Published on Mar 11, 2018
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    In this Electronic Basics video I will tell you all the important basic information about Schmitt Triggers and why they are sometimes very important components. Along the way I will also show you some practical examples where it makes sense to use a Schmitt Trigger.
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    Ecstatic Wave, Jens Kiilstofte
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  • Salar Basiri
    Salar Basiri 6 months ago

    i did enjoy the video, very good explained thanks!

  • Kacper Grajcar
    Kacper Grajcar 8 months ago

    I know it's completely off-topic, but I realy like Your handwriting :D

  • Tristan Misja
    Tristan Misja 9 months ago

    So it's kinda like a regulater of some type?

  • Sahan Mendis
    Sahan Mendis Year ago


  • Argad Argad
    Argad Argad Year ago +1

    Why is an Interrupt an SJW.
    Because it always gets triggered

  • Taran72
    Taran72 Year ago

    WOW! Schmitt triggers are awesome! thanks for the video.

  • Walter Bunn
    Walter Bunn Year ago

    So schmitt triggers are overly complicated, power hungry tunnel diodes.
    Good to know.
    Time to look for an esaki diode that needs less than 12 volts to operate.

  • Abrar Ashraf
    Abrar Ashraf Year ago

    Please tell me the software you used for schematic design.

  • tubejim101
    tubejim101 Year ago

    Great job.

  • Kyliou 301
    Kyliou 301 Year ago

    Can you make a video about shift registers?

  • A&V Systems Academy

    Hey! @GreadScott! nice video, please you can talk about the analog multipliers? c: saludos!

  • Myrkur
    Myrkur Year ago

    Could you make your own Arduino using JLCPCB? if you were to source your own components would it work the same?

  • ThePortuguesePlayer

    Okay, this is way too advanced for me...
    I should have went with Electronics at school... I wish I did.

  • Joe Shaji
    Joe Shaji Year ago

    Can you show how log amplifier works great scott

  • ramya dhanush
    ramya dhanush Year ago

    What is the name of CRO used in this video? This CRO was very precise and advanced

  • John Hoehaver
    John Hoehaver Year ago

    You're lucky I'm not the borge, or I'd assimilate you. Resistance is futile.

  • Bootstrap II
    Bootstrap II Year ago

    Hi scott can you tell me what type of pen do you use?????????????

  • dergrunepunkt
    dergrunepunkt Year ago +1

    The more I read about electronics the more I see similarities with computer programming, each IC/Component is a function that we use to get a result out of an input.

  • Cyborg sheep
    Cyborg sheep Year ago

    so breadboards but only for basics videos?

  • Olf Mombach
    Olf Mombach Year ago

    *A U S G E L Ö S T*

  • mmaaxx1198
    mmaaxx1198 Year ago

    His name is my name too. Whenever we go out, The people always shout, There goes......

  • ThePtgautam
    ThePtgautam Year ago

    I like your work

  • Shashi Kant
    Shashi Kant Year ago


  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan Year ago

    Hello GreatScott! I need i circuit which converts 12v DC to 5v DC. I used 78m05 ic but it just burnt. I also used a heat sink but still the ic burnt. Can you please a make a video on how to to this. The 12v DC source is a 110Ah battery.

    • Pete Stephenson
      Pete Stephenson Year ago

      Arif Khan You're welcome. Keep in mind that switching regulators, although much more efficient than linear ones, have stricter requirements for components and board layouts to minimize noise and other issues. Unless you understand the details, it's probably better to get a pre-made module that will do what you want.

    • Arif Khan
      Arif Khan Year ago

      Pete Stephenson Thank you very much! I will try the switching power supply.

    • Pete Stephenson
      Pete Stephenson Year ago

      Arif Khan Also, the 78m05 is only rated for 0.5 amps. No surprise it's burning when you're dramatically overloading it by a factor of four.
      As a starting point, take a look at the LM2576T-5. It's a switching regulator rated for 3 amps (giving you some overhead for safety), requires only a few external components (see the data sheet), and will produce a stable 5V. It costs about $2 USD, and you likely can buy pre-made modules for only slightly more. Plus, you don't lose the 14W of power you'd lose with a linear regulator, so your battery would last much longer.
      As always, read the datasheets.
      What is the nature of the project you're making?

    • Pete Stephenson
      Pete Stephenson Year ago +1

      Arif Khan The 7805s I have are only rated for one amp, so two amps will overload them.
      If you're drawing 2 amps with a 7 volt difference, you're asking the regulator to dissipate 14 watts of power. Even with a large heat sink, and assuming it's rated for that current (which it's not), it will get extremely hot and you'd likely need a fan or other active cooling.
      I'm not sure what the project you're building is, but a switching regulator is almost certainly the right choice for it.

    • Arif Khan
      Arif Khan Year ago

      Pete Stephenson Yes i have used a heat sink but still burnt. The current consumed by circuit is 2Amps .

  • Jithin Raj
    Jithin Raj Year ago

    i got metcal sodering tips .i know that it will work in 13Mhz Hf .can you possible to make a cheep metacal soldering station

  • Alper Uyanık
    Alper Uyanık Year ago

    i love your videos you are best electronic channel :)

  • acqurius 2018
    acqurius 2018 Year ago

    will you please tell your email id so that I can share or get your help about other stuff

  • Nagarajan Ramalingam

    Where do you get your electronic components from...pls tell??

  • Ajay T Shaju
    Ajay T Shaju Year ago +1

    Mr.Great Scott...Can you make a video on making Gerber files for JLC pcb...Plz like this comment who wants this video from Greatscott.

  • Mr.Was_geht_sie_das_an !

    Bitte mach mal Video über USB Multimeter, ich denke die eigentlich ganz gut zu gebrauchen

  • Jakub Kraus
    Jakub Kraus Year ago

    Hi, I've got an idea for DIY or buy, making a 3d pen. You can easily buy just the nozzle from a chinese website (like www.banggood.com/1_75mm-3D-Printing-Pen-Nozzle-For-3rd-Generation-3D-Printing-Pen-p-1102705.html?currency=EUR&EU-English) and make the controller circuit. it would be similiar to your solderin iron video, but easier because of the thermometer not having a common terminal with the heater coil and harder because of size and having to deal with a motor.

  • andymouse123
    andymouse123 Year ago

    off topic but if ya get a few mins to yourself. how about an RGB LED intro clip ?

  • Minecraft Gölü
    Minecraft Gölü Year ago

    cheap electronic parts: www.robotistan.com/anasayfa-1.xhtml

  • Benjamin Rich
    Benjamin Rich Year ago

    I love the video but I personally prefer no background music. it's distracting. love your vids though.

  • tec baum
    tec baum Year ago

    Can you make a video about measuring voltage with arduino

  • Jarne De Clercq
    Jarne De Clercq Year ago +1

    Why do you make all of your projects on a copper dot board while you are sponsored by a pcb manufacturer?

    • Tchsurvives
      Tchsurvives 11 months ago

      it is still easier to change (prototype) on a copper dot board. pcb is usually for a finalised circuit that wants to look neat

  • ImpactSV
    ImpactSV Year ago


  • ImpactSV
    ImpactSV Year ago


  • Tim Clarke
    Tim Clarke Year ago

    Useful lesson aside, and not to detract from that, is it not easier to debounce in software these days?

  • Soumyajyoti Paul
    Soumyajyoti Paul Year ago

    Please make a video on MOSFET gate drives. IR2110 IC

  • Szekely Ferencz
    Szekely Ferencz Year ago

    You should do more Raspberry Pi (or other single-board computer) projects.

  • Aniruddha Salvi
    Aniruddha Salvi Year ago

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  • matsaa93
    matsaa93 Year ago

    great video and keep up the good work, i was wandering if you were planing to make a video on the hall effect sensor ;)

  • Seb Kimbell
    Seb Kimbell Year ago

    and most synthes uses them as the thing that creates the tone which gets fed into a binary counter to sequence.

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter Year ago

    By Jeremy. I have been to Shenzhen China... Do you want some electronic components... I brought tens of thousands of components and Arduino boards other components. Find me on Facebook and I'll sponsor one your videos.

  • Krystian Burda
    Krystian Burda Year ago

    Hey I have a question, maybe in the next video you would like to talk about how to connect and handle the gyroscope for ardruino , ;)

  • Rens Bakker
    Rens Bakker Year ago +3

    Can you do video about I2C protocol?

  • Roger Nevez
    Roger Nevez Year ago

    Is there any kind of electronic project which Scott does not do?

  • Fabian Schenzle
    Fabian Schenzle Year ago

    Top Video

  • Thefreakyfreek
    Thefreakyfreek Year ago

    on a circuit bord we make on school 3 schimitt trigger's are used to boost a 9 volt battery to 30 volts only using diodes an elecrtrolitic capasitors no external power is used only the 9 volt batery ter is no induktors and transformers on the circuit bord

  • abdo dj
    abdo dj Year ago

    Please make video to explain how to use arduino as usb serial converter
    Thanks great scoot

  • Ulian Bg
    Ulian Bg Year ago

    Hey Scott,can you make video about DIY electrical guitar and how it work.

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs Year ago

    This little thingy helped me get rid of 100 lines of code from my Arduino project :D

    • Aroop Roelofs
      Aroop Roelofs Year ago

      I'll be using it to debounce some variable resistors (those flexible resistors)

    • Joey Mac
      Joey Mac Year ago

      Yes, if you are using code to debounce your switches.

  • MintSoup
    MintSoup Year ago

    Got a new signal generator?

  • Channel CircuitZilla

    make power audio amplifier that will be awesome please

  • Marc Wolfe
    Marc Wolfe Year ago

    Can schmitt triggers be used to make active cables, like a 50 foot USB cable?

  • Aravind Rangavel
    Aravind Rangavel Year ago +1

    Can use this technique for Low voltage disconnect and reconnect in Battery charging???

  • Chuxxsss B
    Chuxxsss B Year ago

    Nice work. Was a long time since I learnt that. Would it work for looking at signals in a noise floor?

  • Abdul Samad
    Abdul Samad Year ago

    video on bootstrapping needed

  • JAMES! Since the 70's

    Dig or buy li ion BMS with monitoring and balancing. ??? great video. what does Schmitt think about this?