Boris Johnson's 'wine time Fridays' - No10 staff held drinks EVERY week

  • Published on Jan 13, 2022
  • Downing Street staff held 'wine-time Fridays' throughout the pandemic with Boris Johnson regularly witnessing the gatherings.
    Sources told the Mirror that the Prime Minister encouraged aides to “let off steam” despite indoor socialising being banned under lockdown rules.
    The regular event was so popular that staff even invested in a £142 drinks fridge to keep their bottles of white wine, Prosecco and beer cool.
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Comments • 1 982

  • Coney Island
    Coney Island 4 months ago +1386

    This really is the gift that keeps giving. You couldn't write this stuff. It's comedy gold!

    • Coney Island
      Coney Island 4 months ago +1

      @Jacob J Thanks, you too. 😊

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J 4 months ago +1

      @Coney Island Have a good weekend 👍

    • Coney Island
      Coney Island 4 months ago

      @Jacob J 😂😂😂

    • Jacob J
      Jacob J 4 months ago

      @Coney Island That's just taking it too far! Disgraceful carry on!!!

    • Coney Island
      Coney Island 4 months ago

      @Jacob J 🤡🤡🤡😘

  • BaronBulb
    BaronBulb 4 months ago +176

    I always wanted a new series of 'In the thick of it', but I never expected to get live episodes available every single day. Bojo and his administration are fantastic at consistently putting out comedy content.

    • Frankie 2021
      Frankie 2021 4 months ago

      He's hilarious. What a joke.

    • Ronald Russoe
      Ronald Russoe 4 months ago +1

      They are what Pete Capaldi's spin doctor character called the NUTTERS lol

  • zakaria Uni
    zakaria Uni 4 months ago +857

    This is absolutely hilarious, do these lot actually ever get to do any work? That amount of drinking in the office is insane

    • George Washington
      George Washington 4 months ago

      That was they work - drinking, partying and getting payed for it "fat" wages!

    • Boris Johnson
      Boris Johnson 4 months ago

      I im perfectly sane

    • meta 02
      meta 02 4 months ago

      @Rowan Crew Yes that's the obvious comparison and the reason why we are doing well.

    • Boris Johnson
      Boris Johnson 4 months ago

      I did NOT drink any alcohol of any kind.

  • Jacob Bradford
    Jacob Bradford 4 months ago +113

    And there was people that were fined thousands for "letting off steam" with no real way to pay the debt, ruining their lives. How can anyone take this guys seriously from this point on.

    • Omicron The Lord of Destruction
      Omicron The Lord of Destruction 4 months ago +2

      @Digger T Rock Well any ridiculous fines should he repaid, the PM and Conservative Party removed/banned from ever working in the Government that's it as Lockdowns were necessary at the time just because Boris didn't pay attention to it doesn't mean we shouldn't at all it's not his idea Lockdowns during a pandemic have existed for many centuries not some brand new way made up by Boris.

    • J.C
      J.C 4 months ago +5

      @Rachel James That’s ridiculous, like when they removed benches in public so people couldn’t sit down

    • Sh3tposts GamerTime
      Sh3tposts GamerTime 4 months ago +1

      @Rachel James heinous crime

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check 4 months ago +33

    Every single person who participated in these parties must be held to account, not just the PM.
    Who pays for all this booze?

    • Chris Caine
      Chris Caine 4 months ago +1

      Probably put on the books as "work related business meetings" so the tax payer will be footing the bill obviously.....I would like to say a stronger word but "flipping" scandalous will have to do!

    • Esther Sheba
      Esther Sheba 4 months ago +12

      we do

  • Fanourios Chatzidakis
    Fanourios Chatzidakis 4 months ago +346

    During all lockdowns we were not allowed to party, but they were partying every week… THATS NICE 👍 KEEP IT UP MR BORIS BORING.

    • The PROcrastinator
      The PROcrastinator 4 months ago

      @Steven Peacock Very true. It's indefensible and very short-sighted. Regardless of the reality of what they were doing and whether or not it was technically within the rules, they should have known that if it ever got out how bad it would look, and if there's one thing people don't like, it's when MPs don't practice what they preach. You can see how many people this has riled up - people who usually don't follow politics are jumping on the outrage bandwagon.

    • craft1k
      craft1k 4 months ago

      @dragonfly6908 Well, yes.

    • Steven Peacock
      Steven Peacock 4 months ago

      @The PROcrastinator the point is they should be leading by example ! Not being hypocrites !

    • Fanourios Chatzidakis
      Fanourios Chatzidakis 4 months ago +1

      Guys let’s stop fighting with each other and let’s have a drink 🥃 :-)

  • Moonbeams & Rainbows
    Moonbeams & Rainbows 4 months ago +313

    So basically none of them were concerned enough about covid to follow their own rules.Says alot really

    • paul dickinson
      paul dickinson 4 months ago

      @Karl Williams 🤣🤣🤣

    • Karl Williams
      Karl Williams 4 months ago

      @paul dickinson that was me when I was younger 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Karl Williams
      Karl Williams 4 months ago +1

      @paul dickinson I can dream don't think so he might not even play he's injured,we ain't the force we were,the league as evolved it's got better since sir Alex,let's face it it would be boring if utd kept winning title after title,I'm a football fan always will be utd fans who I know I tell them how it is we are falling way behind,trust me mid table us🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Daisy bee
    Daisy bee 4 months ago +133

    I said to my husband when all this started, that the government will be laughing at the people all restricted like animals. Whilst they are doing whatever they want. They really took the piss out of the nation.

    • colin mcdon
      colin mcdon 4 months ago

      No....People do that to themselves....
      "You do it to doooo
      ..and that's what reeally huurts!

    • The Hatchet Harrison
      The Hatchet Harrison 4 months ago

      Everyone had parties during the lockdowns

    • Екатерина Егорова
      Екатерина Егорова 4 months ago

      Your phrases are empty words…

    • Daisy bee
      Daisy bee 4 months ago

      @Mr Shifu I don't feel sorry any of them. They have a privileged life.

  • Nobby Cheeseman
    Nobby Cheeseman 4 months ago +453

    The whole lot of them should go as punishment for this. The ones who are good will understand and can make a new party that doesn't actually hate the people who vote for it.

    • Paul Lacey
      Paul Lacey 4 months ago

      They should go to jail😡😡😡

    • Lord Wellington The Third
      Lord Wellington The Third 4 months ago

      @Oliver Kitkat they have yet to impress me with anything. Their policies they discuss aren't realistic.
      They won't win. Majority of brits might not like Labour but don't mistake them for right wing. Maybe centre right.

    • Niall Payton
      Niall Payton 4 months ago

      @Oliver Kitkat more controlled opposition

    • Niall Payton
      Niall Payton 4 months ago

      Punishment for this? People having a few drinks is your limit then ye. Not punishment for treason and crimes against humanity the past 2 years.

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago +1

      If I have a glass of wine with the people that I work with in the same space, before I go home at the end of the week, thats wrong ???? It's great for team building.

  • yougotbamboozled
    yougotbamboozled 4 months ago +30

    Please don't forget this when it comes to an election.

    • yougotbamboozled
      yougotbamboozled 4 months ago

      @jjeffery worboys After all this? really? are you even aware of what this means.

    • Valkree
      Valkree 4 months ago

      @dave davis nice try glowy

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago +1

      I won't and I will be voting Conservative. A good boss looks after his staff, thats how he gets the best from them.

  • 1996freddie
    1996freddie 4 months ago +23

    and the police on guard never asked what was in the suitcases.

  • Sean Wood
    Sean Wood 4 months ago +26

    All those people that paid 10k fines for having a party, specifically the funeral wakes, so, if its one rule for us is Borris going to be getting fined 10k for each Friday drinks session he was having?

    • Mazda Maniac
      Mazda Maniac 4 months ago

      He should be made to pay his fines from his own pocket for every single infraction, with verified bank statements proving that he had done so.

    • O S
      O S 4 months ago +2

      he will pay using your taxes lol

  • Mary Clynch
    Mary Clynch 4 months ago +88

    Children are starving and going without, yet No10 could party.
    Many families had to think. Will I pay my Council Tax bill or let my children starve ?

    • Mike No
      Mike No 4 months ago

      There’s no reason for children to starve - don’t have children selfishly if you aren’t very comfortable enough to provide for them - selfish people!

    • meta 02
      meta 02 4 months ago

      @kev butterworth If they actually considered that they should have their children taken away.

    • kev butterworth
      kev butterworth 4 months ago

      @meta 02 they did you clown.

  • Dean Tibbz
    Dean Tibbz 4 months ago +331

    The coppers standing guard must have made a fortune in back handers.

    • Anthony Rybicki
      Anthony Rybicki 4 months ago +1

      Lock em up!

    • PTONPC
      PTONPC 4 months ago +3

      Remember, According to the Met If a crime happened in the past, it's not to be investigated.

    • robert campbell
      robert campbell 4 months ago +1

      They would have only been "following orders" no brown envelopes needed, just brown noses...

    • MGDriver99
      MGDriver99 4 months ago +2

      @jjeffery worboys That's part of their job. They are police, not security.

    • Disdain
      Disdain 4 months ago

      @jjeffery worboys Well they did murder their careers whilst inside...

  • HDGaming
    HDGaming 4 months ago +6

    At this point it would be easier to investigate the days they DIDN'T have a party.

  • Alaska the Akita
    Alaska the Akita 4 months ago +42

    Imagine the whole country did this every Friday

    • Vex reacon
      Vex reacon 4 months ago

      @Joshua King and who asked you to originally reply?

    • Joshua King
      Joshua King 4 months ago

      @Amelia who said?

    • The Hatchet Harrison
      The Hatchet Harrison 4 months ago +1

      @Corey Collins I don't know anyone who got ill 🤧 and I don't know anyone who got a fine but...... I don't know anyone 😇😪😪😪😪🤤

    • Corey Collins
      Corey Collins 4 months ago +4

      @The Hatchet Harrison yes and they’re all still alive and well and many got fines

  • Jamie Gillyon
    Jamie Gillyon 4 months ago +32

    I'm just sat here thinking "what's this distraction for?" 🤔

    • A
      A 4 months ago +3

      Police bill, nationality and borders bill, for starters

    • Frog Lord
      Frog Lord 4 months ago +1

      No. 'This distraction' is ending Boris' career.

    • Marc J
      Marc J 4 months ago +3

      The national debt and collapse of the dollar.

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago +4

      Prince Andrew needs a break, so Boris is doing the Queen a favour.

  • Alberto Matambo
    Alberto Matambo 4 months ago +15

    I don't know if the Queen has powers to SACK the whole government... but that's what I would do.

  • fear.
    fear. 4 months ago +3

    People will still continue to listen to his orders even though it was proven that he broke his own rules and lied about it!

  • HavtheRoc
    HavtheRoc 4 months ago +191

    I'd love to be paid tens of thousands and have a cushy taxpayer-provided home for the low price of drinking myself into stupors and habitually-lying.

    • MR
      MR 4 months ago

      @Ian P A 100k is not a lot of money

    • kev butterworth
      kev butterworth 4 months ago

      @DON KING clown.

    • Ian P A
      Ian P A 4 months ago

      @MR You are a fool. They are all overpaid. The PM is on well over £100,000 a year for scrwwing the country up. MP's are near that mark too. Plus they claim expenses, which quite a few expence claims do not need receipts so claims are boosted. They used to be allowed (probably more now as it was a few years ago) £50 dinner allowance. They get paid so much per day for turning up at Parliament / Westminster. All they have to do it turn up and show their face and go back home. They get travel allowances there and back. Their annual expenxes are more than good paid workers earning over the minimum wage. Just google PM and MP wages. It is all public knowledge.

    • robert campbell
      robert campbell 4 months ago

      @MR I think half a million a year is plenty for being able to drink and snort your work pressure away at work...

    • robert campbell
      robert campbell 4 months ago

      @DON KING While i agree with your recommendation the amount paid on dole doess need 100X increase to match the pay of a war criminal human rights abuser...

  • Terry King
    Terry King 4 months ago +6

    Where was the "wine time fridays" for all the key workers, working during this pandemic... I wonder

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago +47

    To me what is more amazing is the fact that tax rises, corruption allegations, bending parliamentary procedures to save one of their own, perpetual lies, etc. weren't the things people cared more about... but drinking became a big issue which might end BoJo's PM career.... that for me is a sign that the population of this country doesn't care greatly about the politics that shapes our daily lives. [I understand the wider point around these parties, but I am making a different observation than the one that is axiomatic to all.]

    • Megham_Draws
      Megham_Draws 4 months ago +3

      This is so true and really depressing. Makes me worried for the next election because people really dont invest enough or care about politics as much as they should. I fear people will forget next time they have to choose. I'm 23 and I've seen how destroyed the NHS is through my health problems, austerity, the ppe scandal, the general lying and corruption thats clearly on display, I'm terrified of these guys getting another 5 or 10 years, we'd be fucked.

    • No Name
      No Name 4 months ago +2

      @Dan C Are you referring to yourself?

    • No Name
      No Name 4 months ago

      When you say people, are you referring to yourself?

    • The Honest Aspy
      The Honest Aspy 4 months ago +1

      Honestly I couldn't agree more, everything you listed was reason enough for me, this is simply the cherry on top

    • Debbie Sunlight
      Debbie Sunlight 4 months ago +2

      @Dan C where is your evidence for this statement ?

  • Maka Ron
    Maka Ron 4 months ago +4

    Every single person who participated or even just knew about it and said nothing, should be arrested and trialed.

  • Linda J54
    Linda J54 4 months ago +122

    I’d guess the “local shop” has had quite a few journalists chatting to staff … 😏. Hope there’s still cctv available showing the wheelie suitcase.

    • Tahirah Pascall
      Tahirah Pascall 4 months ago

      That would be funny AF! 😂😂

    • Linda J54
      Linda J54 4 months ago +11

      @Muire Suilgorm Another thought: there must have been a security check on every suitcase being brought into Downing Street, and not only to No. 10. So uniformed, armed guards would have seen the contents… Hope that’s taken into account in the investigation 🤔

    • Muire Suilgorm
      Muire Suilgorm 4 months ago +5

      Jesus, I really hope so.

  • ghost
    ghost 4 months ago +48

    I suppose were picking up the Tab then Boris. I’m also expecting a full refund to all those that got fined for breaking the rules as it looks like it an optional all along.

    • Dally Singhson
      Dally Singhson 4 months ago

      How did you manage to break the rules, the rest of us were able to skirt by without having to break any let alone bend them...

    • Honeysuckle End
      Honeysuckle End 4 months ago

      Agreed! And refund funeral costs since no one was allowed to go and say goodbye properly to loved ones! :(

  • Linda J54
    Linda J54 4 months ago +24

    Sue Gray should investigate how security staff at Downing Street gates, and at entrances to ANY of the buildings, checked and noted the contents of suitcases being brought in. Potential for terrorist exploitation of weak security?

  • Dez Man
    Dez Man 4 months ago +127

    I’m glad the national insurance tax is being increased to increase Tory beer float 🙄🙄

    • Tom
      Tom 4 months ago

      The taxes already placed on alcohol probably pays for the yearly Christmas party 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • ChickenRun •
      ChickenRun • 4 months ago

      Makes my blood boil

    • Cinnamon Orchid
      Cinnamon Orchid 4 months ago +3

      Ooo don't get me started lol.

  • Pete Johnson
    Pete Johnson 4 months ago +17

    And this is the reason a small percentage of folk decided to not go along with the ludicrous measures.

    • Clive Drury
      Clive Drury 4 months ago +1

      The small percentage was uncounted and unseen and may have been 100% among the vast number of the persistent non jabbers, figures for people needing intensive care claim at least a third had not been vaccinated and refused to accept the rules'

    • Wow 2 Pizzas
      Wow 2 Pizzas 4 months ago

      @Stephen Tully They didn't want to abide by Boris and his lying cronies.

    • Stephen Tully
      Stephen Tully 4 months ago +3

      Nah they just didn't like being told what to do

  • Awesome Music & TV Dude
    Awesome Music & TV Dude 4 months ago +130

    This is actually the last straw. I am fucking tired with Boris breaking his own restrictions during the lockdowns. Boris has to go.

    • Hawky2k21
      Hawky2k21 4 months ago

      @Karl Williams Are you mad! I couldn't go to my auntie that were getting buried other day and Boris partied 12 times! made me felt sick. Of how he could tells us to stay away or limited the numbers to be invited into a small funeral. But it ok to mixes with more people in the pubs, restaurants ? But not the funeral ?? If you thinks this is acceptable then you're narrcissit just likes Boris is!

    • Karl Williams
      Karl Williams 4 months ago

      @Hawky2k21 so it's his fault that my pal's have died of heart attacks or phewmonia,or have had strokes not to mention the amount of elderly who have C.O.P.D you get a grip

    • Valkree
      Valkree 4 months ago

      @Hawky2k21 damn dude, are you a fish? because you took that bait super hard

    • Hawky2k21
      Hawky2k21 4 months ago

      @Karl Williams Top bloke for what keeping other families away from theirs loved one that had died to get buried ?? Get a grip man

  • Clarino I
    Clarino I 4 months ago

    Legendary. Keep up the good work Boris!

  • Lee Hayman
    Lee Hayman 4 months ago +24

    The new series of Mr. Bean is hilarious.

  • fredzep01
    fredzep01 4 months ago +46


    • UniverseSix Hit
      UniverseSix Hit 4 months ago


    • UniverseSix Hit
      UniverseSix Hit 4 months ago


    • fredzep01
      fredzep01 4 months ago

      @MolosserGirlToo We see the queen has removed Andy's HRH and military titles all in effort to distance the monarchy. Nobody should forget if he committed those heinous acts then he done so while while serving under royal appointment. The plot sickens.
      These are interesting times were living in.

    • O S
      O S 4 months ago

      may be so you don't contact covid lol. if my teacher is an idiot, should i stop learning?

    • MolosserGirlToo
      MolosserGirlToo 4 months ago

      also applies to the Royal Family!

  • Steven Peacock
    Steven Peacock 4 months ago +4

    8 year old birthday parties were raided by police for families mingling! but these are allowed to do this ! absolutely disgusting and disgraceful!

  • Dream Dancer
    Dream Dancer 4 months ago +84

    Seems the Met needs to be investigated too!

    • Kenneth Thompson
      Kenneth Thompson 4 months ago

      @Christopher McLaughlin Excellent comment. Play both sides of the coin so to speak!

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago

      No was a suicide bomber, thats the job those officers on protection duty.

    • Christopher McLaughlin
      Christopher McLaughlin 4 months ago +1

      @Kenneth Thompson absolutely; I’m leaning towards man at this stage. Though she’ll change over when it suits her to be a lesbian.

  • Graham Trave
    Graham Trave 4 months ago +5

    It would also appear that Kier Starmer who repeatedly called for the the lockdown measures to be even harsher was himself hosting drink parties in his home with colleagues. We should expect some resignations from the opposition benches that were calling for Boris to resign. The Metropolitan police have a duty to investigate all of these matters and have absolutely no need to wait for a civil servants report. In fact a chief constable of another police force should be appointed to investigate this, what would now appear, as widespread among our lawmakers. This is a national disgrace.

  • X02 95
    X02 95 4 months ago +142

    So funny how everyone was like "we need to follow the lockdown rules" and were desperate for more lockdown and more control from the government who weren't even following their own rules themselves

    • Pete746
      Pete746 4 months ago

      @EssBP thankyou

    • crappymeal
      crappymeal 4 months ago

      @G S S bahhhhhh

    • EssBP
      EssBP 4 months ago

      @Pete746 pete you speak with knowledge and grace i like you

    • meta 02
      meta 02 4 months ago

      @crappymeal Catch it while limiting transmission? Are you mad, you might be spreading it without knowing you have it.

  • Kevin Shinduke
    Kevin Shinduke 4 months ago +15

    They know its a scam yet sit in Parliament wearing masks only to rip them off when the cameras aren't around.

  • laurenrobbb
    laurenrobbb 4 months ago +1

    I knew it 😂 when he said he didn’t know it was a party I thought they must drink at work a lot then!! 🙈🙈🙈

  • C Ryan Mac
    C Ryan Mac 4 months ago +2

    Well done Boris. Keep it up!

  • Mark Hamilton
    Mark Hamilton 4 months ago +2

    Absolute disgrace how children were saying goodbye to their dying relatives through an iPad whilst this was going on? I for one will not be following anymore rules set out by these clowns

  • Political Philosophy- The Great Books and Chapters

    Boris has never been known for hard work or energy and this just proves it. The sense of entitlement is overwhelming.

  • Noname
    Noname 4 months ago +9

    I don't even live in the UK but I watch the UK news every day 😂 is the next best thing after their game shows 😂😂😂

  • Barmy Neddy
    Barmy Neddy 4 months ago +41

    None of the folk who attended these gatherings will be investigated, fined, prosecuted or loose their jobs.

    • Barmy Neddy
      Barmy Neddy 4 months ago

      @Question man thanks

    • Question man
      Question man 4 months ago +1

      @Barmy Neddy Exactly, I am referring to none, because none existed to be broken in the first place.

    • Zachary Carl
      Zachary Carl 4 months ago

      Good question ..Barmy Neddy

    • Barmy Neddy
      Barmy Neddy 4 months ago +1

      @Question man which laws are you referring to?

    • Question man
      Question man 4 months ago +1

      Cause technically no laws were broken.

  • ScottyTeddy
    ScottyTeddy 4 months ago +2

    The question, which I have never heard asked, is who paid for the booze and party nibbles? Expense accounts, entertaining budgets - in other words the taxpayer?

  • john smith
    john smith 4 months ago +4

    The name Conservative PARTY has an whole new meaning these days

  • FiniteRich
    FiniteRich 4 months ago +54

    how about you just tell us what days you didn’t “party” or consume alcohol?
    ahh well yes..

    • Floating Peaks
      Floating Peaks 4 months ago

      There is a reason why he has a big belly

    • GrrMeister
      GrrMeister 4 months ago +1

      *t was 'Bring your own' so I got a 99p can of Pepsi - didn't go down well - Next Time maybe RedBull ?*

    • no more traveler
      no more traveler 4 months ago

      The news would have been shorten

  • positive vibe
    positive vibe 4 months ago +12

    Sitting getting boozed up and we are supposed to trust them with our health and families lives? F that.

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago +1

      Having drinks, after work, at work with the same people as you work with, is wrong????? It's great team building.

    • Scott M
      Scott M 4 months ago +3

      Pot noodles are not as bad for you as they make out mate

  • Ben Swindin
    Ben Swindin 4 months ago +6

    To the people who say give them a break cus they were working so hard throughout lockdown. Bulls**t! I worked throughout lockdown as well, didn't see me or anyone else who had to work getting to throw any partys

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith 4 months ago +40

    Remember the buck stops with Johnson and by his own admission he takes full responsibility!
    Like when he boasts about the vaccine rollout, jobs, anti virals etc., most if not ALL was achieved by other people, not him personally. BUT, sanctioned drinks and parties were definitely him.

    • P T
      P T 4 months ago

      Well he never actually organised any of them. But he should have known what was going on it’s pretty obvious

  • Stephen Young
    Stephen Young 4 months ago +6

    We need the death sentence bringing back for these betrayals.

  • Leanne Grace
    Leanne Grace 4 months ago +2

    The government living life to the full whilst us the people suffer. Nothing's changed then.😩

  • Donald Brown
    Donald Brown 4 months ago +2


  • SmokeTinyTom
    SmokeTinyTom 4 months ago +1

    FFS. I worked from home, limited my own social events when the law dictated, remained fairly sensible through the openings, but here I am… Watching that evidence of breaches could be found via Tesco’s CCTV. Shame they only hold onto it for a month.

  • Kenneth Eke
    Kenneth Eke 4 months ago +27

    ALL done while a policeman stood out the front? How incredible is that?

    • Kenneth Eke
      Kenneth Eke 4 months ago

      @jjeffery worboys Their job is being a policeman, upholding the law! Protection is their assignment!

    • Simon Birnie
      Simon Birnie 4 months ago

      @jjeffery worboys And protecting the public from the spread of Covid isn't in their job description?

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago

      No one was a suicide bomber, their job is protection.

    • Simon Birnie
      Simon Birnie 4 months ago

      @Kenneth Eke I do not know whether they are allowed to talk about what they see in Number 10, but you would have thought there would have been a whistle blower in there somewhere. The whole system is corrupt in my opinion. I have just emailed my local Conservative MP asking his opinion on these latest events, I suggest you do the same Kenneth.

    • Kenneth Eke
      Kenneth Eke 4 months ago +2

      @Simon Birnie That's even worse! That means they saw an offence being committed and done nothing unless there are written reports to that effect?

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 4 months ago +4

    If a boss tells you you do something that you know is wrong and you still do it you are as much at fault as the boss is for doing it.

    • Paul Lacey
      Paul Lacey 4 months ago +1

      For a boss that was at deaths door with covid you would think he would know better......

  • Na
    Na 4 months ago +1

    And that's why his staff never leave. Look after your staff and they look after you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cyrus K
    Cyrus K 4 months ago +4

    Now it's Wine Time!
    I'm really feelin' it!

  • Speechless Roid
    Speechless Roid 4 months ago

    I had to wait 6+ months for my citizenship ceremony. Struggled to get student finance because of my circumstances with family matter. It was hard every day not knowing if my finance will be paid off or I'll be asked to pay them directly. A lot of people couldn't attend their family friend funeral and so much more. What a f*ing disgrace. Speechless 😥

    • The Power BI Guy
      The Power BI Guy 4 months ago

      Exactly this.
      Me and my wife could not get married in the UK, we had a ceromony booked and it all got cancelled, her visa to come here and get married from Spain expired.
      Then my wife's follow up visa from Spain got delayed by 7 Months due to covid and she ended up giving birth in Spain. Everything was set in stone for us and our child to be together in 2020 and it all got fucked by the restrictions.
      What pisses me off as it does for many others is that this is all one big slap in our face.
      I will never vote Tory again in my life. Heck, I'm not voting ever again. It's all a SHAM.

  • Rafa Lobo
    Rafa Lobo 4 months ago +2

    In any other job you just test posive in a random test and that's you last day, outrageous.

  • jacob langham
    jacob langham 4 months ago

    What makes me so annoyed that he Told us too stay at home when we was all in lockdown and then he had a party 🎈

  • TravelWell
    TravelWell 4 months ago

    That probably adds more credence to the fact that when Boris spent 20 mins in his garden with staff who were all drinking wine, he thought it was a work event.

  • scimg
    scimg 4 months ago +23

    £144 is a really good price for a 34 bottle fridge.

    • Teeny Tike
      Teeny Tike 4 months ago

      not on ebay its not

    • Creative Lt
      Creative Lt 4 months ago

      Seems like they used some ''governmental discount''. Cheapest I find is £199

    • Tom
      Tom 4 months ago +1

      Seconded 👍🏻

    • Baerchenization
      Baerchenization 4 months ago +1

      I want the link.

  • Daniel Fairfield
    Daniel Fairfield 4 months ago +29

    I haven’t followed one rule he has said, people need to wake up now the reason he had a party is because he knows it’s all bollocks

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago

      If i have a glass of wine with the people I work with, in the same space, before going home at the end of the week, thats wrong ?????. Its great for team building.

    • Luda Heracles
      Luda Heracles 4 months ago +2

      Yep it's all bollocks

    • The Gun Show
      The Gun Show 4 months ago +1

      Please do be more specific, which part exactly of the whole situation is "all bollocks"?

  • Nozza OD
    Nozza OD 4 months ago +14

    Shame on them all, who indulged and those who knew, this includes the whole cabinet. All should be sacked and prosecuted for conspiracy. Come on the Met check all phones, please do the right thing.🤬

  • Nate Ranger
    Nate Ranger 4 months ago +3

    I was of the opinion that it wasn't worth looking into as a change in leader halfway through a pandemic just seems like it will cause disarray and distract from the issue at hand, but weekly piss ups in turn take the piss.

  • Gwyn Maverick James
    Gwyn Maverick James 3 days ago

    If he’s been drinking at these parties and lied about it then he should go and resign he has to go

  • Big Bang
    Big Bang 4 months ago +36

    Everyone of them must be sacked and their boss Boris the party boy must be sacked first.

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago

      Having a drink after work, at work, with the people you work with, I don't see a problem. Its great for team building and what a good boss would do.

    • Martyn Heaney
      Martyn Heaney 4 months ago

      dream on

  • Martin Carroll
    Martin Carroll 4 months ago +13

    What will it actually take for the wheels to come off?
    How many more revelations must the public have to endure?
    Why on earth has this culture of deceit been allowed to be even harnessed?

    • IIReeperCreeperII
      IIReeperCreeperII 4 months ago +1

      @Charlotte Bowes a glass of wine isn't the problem here

    • john
      john 4 months ago

      Welcome to politics my freind

    • Charlotte Bowes
      Charlotte Bowes 4 months ago +1

      @jjeffery worboys Follow that logic and you’ll be a similar model to the PM. The decision is yours…

    • jjeffery worboys
      jjeffery worboys 4 months ago +1

      Having a glass of wine, with the same people I work with, in the same space, before going home at the end of the week is wrong???? Its great for team building.

  • Jul yorkshire
    Jul yorkshire 4 months ago

    nice well done Boris
    I too was having secret parties lol :D

  • KangoV
    KangoV 4 months ago +11

    We had a house party every week. Saved loads of money :)

    • Digger T Rock
      Digger T Rock 4 months ago

      I just came to watch uncle Nobhead dancing drunk

    • Scott M
      Scott M 4 months ago +2

      I enjoy salted vinegar crisps.

  • Cinnamon Orchid
    Cinnamon Orchid 4 months ago +5

    They have the 'Downing' part right. It's the Downing booze Street. 🙄

    • Paul Lacey
      Paul Lacey 4 months ago +1

      😂😂😂Youre good,you are!

  • Spearmint
    Spearmint 4 months ago

    Well I havent been paying heed to the restrictions coming from the Govt for over 6 months but this seals the deal for good and for all britons. DO NOT COMPLY WITH THESE HYPOCRITES AND THEIR LAW.

  • Mad Flak
    Mad Flak 4 months ago +21

    Now we know why they are called Political Parties. Their lives are one big party at our expense.

    • Steve Staniford
      Steve Staniford 4 months ago

      They should all be sacked bring Cromwell back

    • Mad Flak
      Mad Flak 4 months ago

      @Evgenia M I didn't follow their orders by taking the bio jab thankfully.

  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear 4 months ago

    Good luck to him so would I if I was under that kind of pressure!

  • Mr buster
    Mr buster 4 months ago +1

    How embarrassing for the police. Handing out fines while their masters party like its 1999

  • Dank
    Dank 4 months ago +2

    I had to watch my Grandfather's funeral on TV and couldn't visit my Great Grandmother before she died due to the isolation rules whilst Downing Street was having party after party.

  • Ellie Polat
    Ellie Polat 4 months ago +5

    And this ladies and gentlemen is the very reason why they didn’t go ahead with another lockdown because they knew full well the disgusting truth would come out.

  • Paul Winters
    Paul Winters 4 months ago

    And they call each other 'honerable' 😂😂😂😂

  • Feluto
    Feluto 4 months ago +13

    Nothing against them having parties or getting drunk
    But doing this while forcing lockdowns and unnecessary authoritarian restrictions on the peasants is fucking disgusting, everyone involved needs to resign or be removed from office

    • Andrew Bills
      Andrew Bills 4 months ago

      To the Gallows, let the Potato's rule 🥔 🍠 🥔 🍠 🥔

  • B Mack
    B Mack 4 months ago +2

    Now I understand why Boris couldn't comment on the 20th May specifically; was all a blur!

  • Mike Eves
    Mike Eves 4 months ago +2

    Why would anybody listen to this Government or the opposition for that matter. There will never be another lockdown.

  • sol cutta
    sol cutta 4 months ago +16

    It just gets more and more tainted by the day. What next ?
    I believe I'm finally beyond being surprised by these people.

  • Yolanda King
    Yolanda King 4 months ago +13

    The sad thing is that whoever gave this information to the press probably made quite a bit of cash for it, and I’m guessing even they themselves were probably at these “work events” too

  • Gamer Space
    Gamer Space 4 months ago +1

    Was it a full blown party or a few work colleagues having a drink on a Friday night in there houses . Everybody was doing that

  • hubert breidenbach
    hubert breidenbach 4 months ago +1

    So many journalists were party guests that it took nearly a year for the story to break, (according to one theory I've heard ;-)

  • Jason Bel
    Jason Bel 4 months ago

    Love Boris 😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 4 months ago +4

    Plenty of that going on too, in the Labour Party, AND with corruption, that everyone I've spoken to in my local council area, knows.

  • Brian Gatt
    Brian Gatt 4 months ago +3

    Well, this kind of tells me that covid isn't as bad as they say it is.
    i always said that anyway.

    • Simply K
      Simply K 4 months ago +2

      Indeed! Unfortunately a lot of people don’t have the common sense to work that out.

  • Valery M
    Valery M 4 months ago +1

    I've always wondered, why on earth we British, living on a island, have more Covid-19 cases and death than any European country.
    Now I have an answer: party culture at Downing street.
    Instead of working they were partying.

  • P T
    P T 4 months ago +1

    How can u stand there and know that parties occur every fri and deny it. I just can’t understand that thinking process and why you would

    JAMES JAMESDAVIS 4 months ago +12

    We all pay for this so the drinks have to be the finest.

  • Hindi Urdu & Punjabi Poetry

    ( Time is Over ) Mr Boris Do mor Party’s At your home #HomeTime #TimeisOver

  • Marty Bodziak
    Marty Bodziak 4 months ago

    Boris likes to party 🎊 🎉

  • ben walker
    ben walker 4 months ago +2

    Boris would fit in well being a tradesmen lol

    • Muinbear
      Muinbear 4 months ago

      That's unfair to tradesmen!! They don't make the laws of the land

  • Alan Drake
    Alan Drake 4 months ago

    Boris has always had the appearance of a lush in my view.

  • colin mccarthy
    colin mccarthy 4 months ago +1

    I always wondered why Boris the Spider always looked starry eyed when he was in the House of Commons.It’s all these parties he has in No.10,with all the drink he is consuming.

  • laura Hunter
    laura Hunter 4 months ago +5

    …and most of them probably drive home afterwards 🤔

  • Kenneth Thompson
    Kenneth Thompson 4 months ago

    I want a job where I can drink & get hammered on wine!!. Work meetings inc. snacks & as much booze as I can drink. All in the name of "public service" you understand🤷‍♂️!🍺🍷🥂🧀

  • The PBG
    The PBG 4 months ago

    I honestly have to say this, and I don't know if I am in the minority, and this is not meant to marginalise the loss of the pandemic.
    But I cannot take this scandal seriously as news. The idea that people want to topple the government or at least the current prime minister because they did not stick to a no party rule is quite silly to me. Yes they did not practice what they preached, but the amount of attention, focus and the sheer demands for apology on this whole event is honestly just insane.
    Yes slap them on the wrist, yes be upset. But the whole drive by the media to keep pushing this as the greatest scandal that ever was is honestly like watching a wet fart deflate.
    I get that many are angry over the pandemic, lost loved ones and a feeling of a unfair lockdown. But at the end of it I am sitting here looking at the media make this out to be the greatest betrayal of trust in the modern age.

  • Stuff
    Stuff 4 months ago

    we got fined thousands of pounds, got banned from seeing our loved ones in their last moments, had our children's educations scarred and they lounged around and partied? why am i not surprised