Picking The Right Mushroom For Every Recipe - The Big Guide | Epicurious

  • Published on Jun 2, 2021
  • Join Chef Adrienne Cheatham for a deep dive into everything you’d ever need to know about cooking with mushrooms. What’s the best preparation for each variety? Which can swap in and out of recipes with ease? Chef Adrienne will break it all down, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to be successful in all your mushroom endeavors.
    0:00 Introduction
    1:06 Chapter 1 - The Big Three
    1:44 White Button
    3:23 Cremino
    4:21 Portobello
    7:19 Chapter 2 - Woody Mushrooms
    7:40 Shiitake
    8:59 Enoki
    9:37 Maitake
    13:43 Chapter 3 - Oysters, Trumpets, & Lion’s Mane, Oh My!
    13:58 Oyster
    16:14 Lion’s Mane
    17:18 Reishi
    18:09 King Trumpet
    21:00 Chapter 4 - Specialty Mushrooms
    21:24 Hedgehog
    22:41 Chanterelle
    23:15 Porcini
    23:46 Morel
    24:34 Black Truffle

    Special thank you to Smallhold for providing mushroom grow kits for this episode. To check out their grow kits or purchase other mushrooms they grow head to www.smallhold.com/

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    Picking The Right Mushroom For Every Recipe - The Big Guide | Epicurious

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  • ImFelipeFreitas

    As someone once said: every mushroom is edible. Some of them, once in a life time

  • Terence Wang

    She is actually correct about the maitake (舞茸). Back in the day, they were considered to be such a rare thing to find that the person who found them would dance out of happiness. It's also said that the mushrooms look like a bunch of butterflies dancing. Either way, the character to represent "dance" in this fashion is mau (舞う). You can also find maitake tempura in Japan as well.

  • Chiara Dusanek

    I had no idea morels were expensive!!! I hunt for and eat them just about every spring/summer with my family-we fry em :)

  • Vinokai
    Vinokai  +313

    Wonder if there's enough mushrooms for a part 2. Cuz I wanna know what I can make with Shimeji mushrooms since grocery stores near me are selling them.

  • Gnarbel Jo
    Gnarbel Jo  +309

    In Scandinavia where we pick and eat lots of mushrooms to dehydrate a mushroom we use medium heat, salt and put a lid over the dry pan which brings out the water, turning a few times and letting the water evaporate, After this we bring up the heat to high, put butter in the pan and brown/sear. If you sear it first you’re trapping the water inside (you referenced steak, same thing).

  • Omar Almubayd

    I Love her ... Her passion is so infectious, and her presence is so comforting and joyful at the same time.

  • Valorn
    Valorn  +1

    I'm glad she referred to morels as having a honeycomb pattern. I know a lot of people say they look like a brain, but that is a dangerous comparison because there are a few highly toxic wild mushrooms that look far more like a brain (one even being called the false morel).

  • Spook
    Spook  +53

    Dried dongo (冬菇 in Chinese) can also be used for making broths and they have way more flavour than regular shiitake mushrooms.

  • Windy Face

    I'd recommend Hypomyces lactiflorum, or lobster mushrooms! They're actually a russula parasited by another fungus, and they're bright orange and very easy to identify. My grandfather would bring us out in the woods, we'd find chanterelles and boletes and other funky mushrooms, and he would make this fantastic mushroom soup. When we found these lobster mushrooms, he was very pleased to let me try them!

  • Jen B.
    Jen B.  +16

    I literally just subscribed hoping to see more Chef Adrienne! This was such an informative and entertaining video!

  • ?
    ?  +64

    I love how passionately she speaks about mushrooms! It's like a breeze of fresh air on a hot day.

  • Sedy To
    Sedy To  +25

    The best host you ever featured on this channel hands down, and I watch all your videos! This woman was absolutely adorable, passionate about her presentation and a delight to watch. 😊💞

  • A Filthy Casual

    The most adorable host, for how excited she gets over fungus

  • jurebro86
    jurebro86  +55

    I love Adrienne. She was amazing on her season of TC and an absolute badass. Was pleasantly surprised to see her doing this video because I also LOVE mushrooms and this was very educational.

  • Temi
    Temi  +8

    I want to see more of this lady, her presentation is amazing

  • shatzy2688

    I love this lady! She's just so charming and witty and made my love for mushrooms even deeper 😆 Please have her on these types of videos more often!

  • Barbara Howard

    Darlin' - You are just about the most charming "host" I have ever experienced, especially with the slight seasoning of curse words! Adds so much umami to this overall feast of fantastic fungi! Thank you!

  • Mary Lou Frisch

    Excellent, I would love to watch her no only expand this but help us learn about other foods too. She should be a professor. Entertaining and keeps one focused. Her presentation and demeanor is superb.

  • Syed Mahdi


  • flutterbyby

    This is one of the best presentations on food ive seen, and I’ve watched many food shows. Loved the presenters style, the recipe ideas and all the information. Entertainment while learning 🥰