Last To Drop Their iPhone Wins! / AllAroundAudrey

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
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    Last one to drop their iphone wins this challenge and $1000! In this family friendly challenge each kid will hold their iphones by the corner and hold onto it over a high place while distraction dad tries to distract their attention and get them to drop their phones.
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  • AllAroundAudrey
    AllAroundAudrey  3 months ago +545

    Would you do this challenge? What should my next last to drop challenge be? Watch these fun videos next:
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    Extreme Sardines with steel kids:
    Jordan summer haircut glow up:
    Audrey explores Amsterdam:

    • Ceana Foster
      Ceana Foster 2 hours ago

      Hi I love you!!!

    • Mamah Reedah
      Mamah Reedah Day ago

      Really really need some stuff for you to get stuff for you guys and stuff to get you home in a time so we get to come get you and stuff and get stuff done come get dad home 🏡 was the day we come get home 🏡 was the night and I get stuff done and stuff and I can go to home get stuff for you to get stuff to get dad home 🏡 was a time for you guys to get stuff to go to the game with dad

    • Don Lin
      Don Lin Day ago

      Lizzie Stizzles ld

    • 0.3 KID
      0.3 KID 4 days ago

      HI love you

    • Jamie Dineros
      Jamie Dineros 4 days ago

      kelsey hi

  • Kadine Whyte
    Kadine Whyte 45 minutes ago


  • Kadine Whyte
    Kadine Whyte 46 minutes ago +1


  • Payten Carter
    Payten Carter Hour ago

    he was sledding

  • Tamim Alqazah
    Tamim Alqazah 3 hours ago

    Those aren’t your phone

  • Blake Agnew
    Blake Agnew 6 hours ago

    That is the worst challenge ever

  • Kynadee Baxter
    Kynadee Baxter Day ago


  • Billie Wiedbusch
    Billie Wiedbusch Day ago +1

    R.I.P Phone

  • Kintany Benny
    Kintany Benny Day ago

    OK never mind I was wrong so sorry

  • Kintany Benny
    Kintany Benny Day ago

    Audreys phone actually didn't crack

  • Olivia Vlogs
    Olivia Vlogs Day ago

    I love you guys so much but I really don’t think ty should have the iPhone X he is not responsible enough yet and he is only young and will will become spoilet

  • Mamah Reedah
    Mamah Reedah Day ago

    And come home and come over to the house 🏠 night

  • Jowaireya Abdulla ali masoud Alsaedi

    did your dad filmed a movie elf

  • leebenzon Ferrer

    Am that’s david

  • Danica and Dolly channel

    Ty is cheating

  • Brooke Sleik
    Brooke Sleik Day ago


  • Annette Raines
    Annette Raines 2 days ago


  • Hanley Perry
    Hanley Perry 2 days ago +1

    I say someone breaks Jakes phone because he won

  • Gymnast Niamh Williams


  • Samantha Andersson
    Samantha Andersson 2 days ago

    Jorden Win

  • Alyssa Holtzclaw
    Alyssa Holtzclaw 2 days ago

    Poor Audrey phone got broke and got a watch and every body else got a new phone not and jake got 1,000 bucks

  • Jennifer Crane
    Jennifer Crane 2 days ago

    Can you do another slime video?

  • Ayaan Singh
    Ayaan Singh 2 days ago

    sis vs bro also did the same challenge

  • Bayleigh Dean
    Bayleigh Dean 2 days ago

    No that is there real phones 📱 then Jordan and ty got in IPhone XS and then Audrey got a IPHONE XS her dad got her not in the video and in the other channels they had IPHONE XS

  • Amy Schultz
    Amy Schultz 2 days ago

    It would have been smarter if you guys put pillows where you were going to do you challenge because when you drop your phone it will still be okay yeah it was totally going to be smarter if you put pillows under

  • Mary Ann Johnson
    Mary Ann Johnson 3 days ago

    You're I rutryt ooyr ooiy daaoy abaoy ist

  • Rosario Mendez
    Rosario Mendez 3 days ago

    I have been watching your guys videos from the begenning

  • Elainna Morisue
    Elainna Morisue 3 days ago

    He was farting

  • Mary Lewis
    Mary Lewis 3 days ago


  • Olivia Elston
    Olivia Elston 3 days ago

    Oh no

  • Eric Wilbur
    Eric Wilbur 3 days ago

    I. Love All. Of you. Like. Love. You

  • Shamsun Mohammed
    Shamsun Mohammed 3 days ago

    I will buy you guys the new iPhone 11 ok

  • sang nawi
    sang nawi 3 days ago +1

    Don t drop your phone down and make it down

  • Lives Streams
    Lives Streams 3 days ago

    That not your phone 😂😂

  • Chloe Harknett
    Chloe Harknett 3 days ago

    Its not their real phones because Jordan has an iPhone X and why would ty have a way better phone than Audrey and Jordan. 😂💗

  • Jeramie Montillana
    Jeramie Montillana 3 days ago

    That rat is 💀💀💀

  • Fun Times
    Fun Times 3 days ago +1

    The winner should lose there phone and The losers get there phones back

  • Tracey Darsow
    Tracey Darsow 4 days ago

    I wood not

  • Karen Carmichael
    Karen Carmichael 4 days ago

    Why does Tyler have a better phone than Jordan


    Audrey and Jordan I’m glad you drop your phone because, YOU NEED A UPGRADE TO A NEW PHONE

  • Leonie Langton
    Leonie Langton 4 days ago +1

    I feel so sorry for you Audrey dad you should of bought Audrey a new phone two not a watch

  • Capricia Wigfall
    Capricia Wigfall 4 days ago

    I wish jordan won

  • Charlie Hone
    Charlie Hone 4 days ago

    If you have dropped it

  • Charlie Hone
    Charlie Hone 4 days ago

    Love it will one of you have a phone

  • Chrissa Alexandrea Satin


  • Jocelyn Stroschein
    Jocelyn Stroschein 4 days ago

    Sitting or sleding

  • Jocelyn Stroschein
    Jocelyn Stroschein 4 days ago

    You Audrey

  • Silvia Lopez
    Silvia Lopez 4 days ago

    I love you so much 😘😘🥰🥰😍😍🥰🥰

  • Silvia Lopez
    Silvia Lopez 4 days ago


  • Jennifer Flamont
    Jennifer Flamont 5 days ago

    Last to Touch the ground

  • Katy Wingate
    Katy Wingate 5 days ago


  • Lilly Buzzard
    Lilly Buzzard 5 days ago


  • Adityaz
    Adityaz 6 days ago

    🤦‍♀️ oh no

  • Niamh Mc Ilroy
    Niamh Mc Ilroy 6 days ago

    What age is ty?


    Jordan has a bigger phone and Audrey didn’t have a pink phone

  • John Edwards
    John Edwards 6 days ago


  • Cozy dawg22 Christmas

    Come to my daddy’s house

  • Levi Perkins
    Levi Perkins 7 days ago

    phone 11

  • Elite Waxvyy
    Elite Waxvyy 8 days ago

    Like if it is click bait that ty does not have a iPhone x

  • Nicole Tousignant
    Nicole Tousignant 8 days ago +2

    my dad has a iphone 11 .2019!!!!!!!!