• Published on May 18, 2019
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Comments • 1 007

  • Leofred
    Leofred 8 months ago +2212

    Andy is the real MVP for walking around carrying the camera for 3hr and 30min+

    • purplinko
      purplinko 7 days ago

      @Galaxy TS2 Wow you really are some very anal type...

    • sweetchaos Fox
      sweetchaos Fox 3 months ago

      yea i agree, i would had to take a break lol if i were the camera man

    • Aesiris
      Aesiris 5 months ago

      Don’t you realize most people record for hours

    • Ridvan Sevimli
      Ridvan Sevimli 5 months ago

      Michel van Briemen -

  • Adrian LL
    Adrian LL 22 hours ago

    You could always power 2-3 machines with one PSU to showcase it better ;)

  • Boris Svetiev
    Boris Svetiev Day ago

    All those rgb cables on the back of the case at 2:18:51 make me feel really anxious for some reason.

  • Boris Svetiev
    Boris Svetiev Day ago

    Is it me or is Linus' mike always running out of batteries or cutting out in the beginning of every stream? I guess I'm at the wrong end of a weird survivorship bias

  • QuickNoobTube
    QuickNoobTube 3 days ago

    how can you build so much pcs?
    ps: i love your videos

  • Zétény Ari
    Zétény Ari 5 days ago

    I like how all of you send 3hour and 28 minutes to build 10 gaming pc and somebody carrying around on the build :D

  • HappyQuails
    HappyQuails 7 days ago

    what was on the cameraman's back and reaching over his head?

  • UptownCheese773
    UptownCheese773 7 days ago

    1000 comment. 😁

  • Krish Wadhwa
    Krish Wadhwa 8 days ago

    Dennis was using a SWORD to open boxes

  • Pluto
    Pluto 9 days ago +1

    cool watching how good linus is at leading a group

  • lonelyawakening
    lonelyawakening 9 days ago

    why have a lightning node pro and a commander pro? isent the whole point of the commander pro to replace the lightning node pro? the case only holds 4 fans so it shouldnt be capped out, or was it not a lightning node pro but instead a rgb fan hub

  • brianpc pc
    brianpc pc 9 days ago

    Dennis is such a good sport and so funny . what a great smile it just says everything ha ha .

  • KindaRabid
    KindaRabid 14 days ago

    half the live chat was people begging linus to give them a free pc lol

  • Michael Presson
    Michael Presson 17 days ago

    Love your vids man, big question where do you get the funding to pay for all the builds I can barley afford a processor, for my build taking 4 years now and still need parts some I can't get anymore so How do you afford to get the parts/components? any advise would be great full I would like to get this build done sometime this century.

    • Pluto
      Pluto 8 days ago

      He has many sponsors who fund him, and a lot of these companies give him the components for free. That’s why he thanks them for it.

  • Thadeus Kovalik
    Thadeus Kovalik 18 days ago

    Hey Linus. To waste half as much label as in the video, push the green button that says label, then go to margin, then scroll over using the arrow keys to narrow and click OK. When you clear your text, don't clear text and format, just clear text and you'll be good.


    Im sure most of you know a hundred times more about computers but I really wanna start, how much money do you think I would have to save up for a good/decent pc that could maybe do vr?? And most games am I really going to be breaking my bank here?

  • Tom Ace
    Tom Ace 19 days ago

    A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the provision of adequate facilities for workers, including toilets, drinking water, washing facilities and eating facilities.

  • Lord Hater
    Lord Hater 20 days ago

    even though building pc takes time and cable management is tiring I'd be glad to build 10 pc units.

  • Richard Asketill Noble THYNE

    Is Antony your Real WIFE ...

  • justin meyer
    justin meyer 24 days ago

    i would like to join your team or tech stuff!!!

  • RixiRooTM
    RixiRooTM 26 days ago

    Can I have a job? You're going to like me. I promise.

  • William Choochootrain
    William Choochootrain 29 days ago

    3:01:45 Dennis just casually opening a box with a sword lol.

  • :yt: Andy
    :yt: Andy 29 days ago

    Linus treats his employees like shit in this video. Yikes

  • ryan noon
    ryan noon Month ago

    i would get 10 usb flash drives and install windows on all of them. get up dedicated monitors, mice and keyboards for post assemblie, and have a group working on hardware, one or two to do installs, then another small group for everything else, have that shit knocked out by the time windows installs on the last pc

  • Peter Breis
    Peter Breis Month ago

    "I can build a PC in half an hour" meets reality.
    And this is with no research, pre collected parts, prepped build guides and helping each other out.
    As someone who has had long time interest in building a Hackintosh and have done the costings many times, it has never added up. I know there are speed builds on the Internet, but how many people get to do something so many times that eventually they can do it blindfolded and it works first time?
    Take this and try doing it for a Hackintosh build and you might concede that the real cost of a cheaper Mac "killer" mostly isn't and carries the risk of not working or working with substantial problems.

  • Fernando Prieto
    Fernando Prieto Month ago

    This is the WORST VIDEO EVER and the worst pc TheXvid channel. You jumped the shark Linus !

  • Murph Man
    Murph Man Month ago

    Hjbbjhbuhbuibyigvygtdeszeszesxetsx*6+*&6+643$4-&=8;);) jhnjhnuh uhbuhbugvfsxuhbguyvc&kbljnjlh

  • Murph Man
    Murph Man Month ago


  • Murph Man
    Murph Man Month ago


  • Enz O
    Enz O Month ago +1

    Everytime I fall asleep with TheXvid on, when I wake up this video is playing 😅😅

  • LOS3R
    LOS3R Month ago

    Intel is Better Than AMD
    Edit: Don’t Attack Me Its My Opinion

  • TuxySquid Guy
    TuxySquid Guy Month ago

    I leave this playing in the background to pretend I have friends chatting with me.

  • Zephyr
    Zephyr Month ago +5

    Linus: "Have you ever built an RGB PC?"
    Colton: "How RGB?"

  • Tai Nguyen
    Tai Nguyen Month ago

    I don't even know why Dennis is here, he acts like he's never done a day of manual labor in his life. Does shit half-assed. How do screw up putting a wheel on the base? And he takes the mallet to hammer in the control bar, hits it once so it goes it halfway then leaves it like that. James had to hammer it in all the way after he finished the control arm on his side.

  • Tech Rat
    Tech Rat Month ago

    were can I get a LTT chair?

  • Colin Java
    Colin Java Month ago

    Someone should have bought a swiss army knife

  • Youtube Ryse
    Youtube Ryse Month ago

    I want one

  • weeebie
    weeebie Month ago

    all this stuff looks so fanzy 2 me.. my pc is 5-6 year old and still running:P

  • weeebie
    weeebie Month ago

    so they used 24min to make 2 chairs lol? toke me more like 5min as 1 person to assamble my arozzi chair:3 for chair ther have a 3-4 year life time under a 100kg fat guy is pretty good

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson Month ago

    why does every pc have to be gaming


    Stop whining Anthony


    Dennis omg..

  • scotty morgan
    scotty morgan Month ago

    Why linus? Why did you do micro ATX cases? That just makes a rats nest of cables in the back.

  • Dylan Doggett
    Dylan Doggett Month ago

    "i got you fam" "go ham" oh my cringe

  • Gamerexde
    Gamerexde Month ago

    1:38 Anthony.exe stoped working...

  • Matthew Bombard
    Matthew Bombard Month ago

    I wish I had one of those pcs but 2 kids don't let me buy myself very much anymore.

  • Altiel Maltiel
    Altiel Maltiel Month ago


  • J Wohl
    J Wohl Month ago

    You would think with all the thousands of dollars they spend on cameras, mic, and lights that the audio would not SUCK!

  • J Wohl
    J Wohl Month ago

    18:42 - I want to smack people who do that no no no no no no, SHIT! Drives me crazy.

  • Insidious Gaming
    Insidious Gaming Month ago

    i never even realized this was a replay of when you guys were live... 1 hr in...

  • Jarrod Pautler
    Jarrod Pautler Month ago

    “Why do you hate that show?” (Talking about Big Bang)
    “It’s offensive to my culture”
    Brah, you are ANYWHERE close to that level of nerd. Sheldon and his friends can build a computer without help, you couldn’t 😂

  • TIK
    TIK Month ago +12

    It's 12 am and I should be studying. Instead I am here and watching an old video.

  • Tim Pugsley
    Tim Pugsley 2 months ago

    Never seen so many people who dont know how to install a cpu in my life.. jeeebus

    • Daniel Johanson
      Daniel Johanson Month ago

      It's not uncommon. Not everyone is a tech nerd. Not that you need to be one, but I think you know what I mean

  • Jason D
    Jason D 2 months ago

    10gig nic do clonezilla off a fast share.

  • David Bulauski
    David Bulauski 2 months ago

    Do you guys ever use your computers ?

  • F34RPheonixYT
    F34RPheonixYT 2 months ago +2

    Almost Christmas 2019 ima get a pc for Christmas I wanted to know how to build 1 of now I know how to Boulder one 10x

    • LOS3R
      LOS3R Month ago

      F34RPheonixYT same in fact im getting 2 one is my streaming pc another is my gaming pc

  • W31R LandoK3
    W31R LandoK3 2 months ago

    Start build at 1:02:40

  • alan thunder
    alan thunder 2 months ago

    "no no no , whos getting ahead of me?!?! we are gunna do it MY way because i AM the luckass nerd who posted on youtube before it blew up and i am better than you!" (-︶︿︶)_╭∩╮ fuck you linus and your pretentious bitch tips

  • Bizzarpotatos YT
    Bizzarpotatos YT 2 months ago +1

    even this couldn't cure the people that watched the verge b.g

  • Butimar Seabird
    Butimar Seabird 2 months ago

    Clumsy mess .......