Rebels Recon #4.4: Inside "Kindred" & "Crawler Commandeers" | Star Wars Rebels

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017
  • In this installment of Rebels Recon, we dig deep into two episodes of Star Wars Rebels: “Kindred” and “Crawler Commandeers.” Host Andi Gutierrez sits down to discuss the episodes with cast and crew including Kilian Plunkett, Steve Blum, Pablo Hidalgo, Dave Filoni, and more.
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Comments • 605

  • Nintendoplayah
    Nintendoplayah 10 months ago

    7:44-7:50 is gold

  • Recnid
    Recnid Year ago

    TIL Pablo Hidalgo has a car wallpaper on his lock screen xD

  • Merna Aprem
    Merna Aprem Year ago +1

    Hera. Rukh and Ezra you too need to go shower and Wash your body's Rukh and Ezra. OK Hera I'm Wash my body private arias bottoms oh dear chopper takes Sabine painting Rukh and Ezra Stinky monkey and blueberry stinks kanan and zebby is back from bar Rukh and Ezra is Stinky monkey and blueberry stinks kanan Sabine zebby and Hera Laugh's at Ezra and Rukh chopper smells Ezra and Rukh bottom has poo poo monkey and blueberry stinks like a pig like turba and his girlfriend pig are Stinky monkey and blueberry stinks like Ezra and Rukh are Stinky Hera tells Ezra and Rukh is going to shower both decided to go shower and pooping like chopper lies to Hera Kanan has a hair colour changed and zebby clean his glasses Sabine has a artist girl of coloured pictures when she has fusion design and hand image's to save these artwork

  • Merna Aprem
    Merna Aprem Year ago +1

    Rukh scratched all holes in the walls and he take of his Sissy shirt Rukh crawling he has 8 claw's finger nails and toe nails Run like a monkey Ezra. Rukh you need to go shower you Stinky monkey monkey Rukh. OK Ezra I'm going to the shower in a minutes later Rukh washed his body and Rukh gets naked monkey Hera warns him to get dressed he said no scratches on the walls and Rukh smells like poo poo monkey and Ezra smiles at Rukh Hera smacked his bottom when Rukh has his bad behavior and he getting naked monkey Rukh stinks like poo poo and he acting like a monkey Ezra tells Rukh get his black underwear and his pyjamas and Rukh needs to go have a bath and shower time for Rukh and Rukh is scratches on the walls and he need's to take a bath Rukh and Ezra smiles at Sabine and chopper and chopper Cry's when Rukh gets a bath

  • Ikanite
    Ikanite Year ago

    That episode was sooo funny I loved it!

  • LeoValdez5650
    LeoValdez5650 Year ago

    0:16 Well, you certainly took your time, you two! It's been three freaking seasons!

  • HyperionGM
    HyperionGM Year ago

    I like how everybody notices the small number of X-Wings but not how that mining guild ship looks like a World Devastator.

  • gamerp0pstar3
    gamerp0pstar3 Year ago +1

    I actually stood up and cheered at the kiss. Took the Rebels writing team long enough.

  • Joe’s MadWorld
    Joe’s MadWorld Year ago

    What the heck was that painting behind Andi???

  • LizardLizard Squid

    When a good ship in star wars becomes canon!

    My life is complete

  • SimplyGaming
    SimplyGaming Year ago

    Nobody gonna talk about how zuko was in this episode

  • Metalworker14
    Metalworker14 Year ago +1

    Steve Blum needs to do a metal band

  • 1190doug
    1190doug Year ago

    Why is it that every week when I come watch rebels recon, it says private video?

  • wingfreedom21
    wingfreedom21 Year ago

    I loved how he plugged his phone in a Gonk droid.

  • William Nelson
    William Nelson Year ago +2

    Best part of both episodes, Hera and Kanan kiss

  • Will M
    Will M Year ago +1

    they fail hera gets captured and wolfy boi stops kanan from helping

  • gasmanoo
    gasmanoo Year ago +2

    Thanks a lot Hera. You just put a death flag on Kanan.

  • Jones6192
    Jones6192 Year ago +1

    So... um. Ezra is a psychopath, how he reacts to the Captain's death.

  • Acekoala45
    Acekoala45 Year ago +1

    So we are gonna jump the fact that the Loth Wolves can use the force to move through hyperspace?

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago


  • Andrew Fechenbach

    Wow they actually gave praise for a male actor

  • David Good
    David Good Year ago

    Great two episodes

  • Justin Dittman
    Justin Dittman Year ago +2

    At the beginning of the episode when Kannan was talking about the rebels connection with lothal. I think he knows that there fate is on lothal and I believe they are going to die here

  • Lafargue Daniel
    Lafargue Daniel Year ago

    So excited for the "Rebel Assault" coming episode!

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza Year ago +2

    get Ezra and Sabine kiss too.

  • Jayden Varghese
    Jayden Varghese Year ago


  • stormtrooper 1138

    They did blown up. Blown up big time. - Pablo Hadogo-

  • Zandris Hugal
    Zandris Hugal Year ago +2

    Oh my god. I am officially getting super annoyed with Pablo. It was literally said in the *canon* book “Journey Through Space” that the temple was created by Massassi that were enslaved by ancient Sith. But NOOOO, Pablo will always take the simplest route and attempt to rewrite canon just so that he doesn’t have to keep a working knowledge of what is said in these guidebooks.
    The new canon got off to a TERRIFIC start in continuity, but this CHUMP will single handedly tear it down!

    • Sanguiluna
      Sanguiluna Year ago

      Did the Canon book specify if the Massassi built the Temple before or after they were enslaved by the Sith?

  • Ormi Ader
    Ormi Ader Year ago +2

    Now we need Ezra and Sabine too hook up.

  • jihanj
    jihanj Year ago

    7:55 It's supposed to be "commandeers" instead of "commanders," right?

  • Jedi Talez
    Jedi Talez Year ago

    Hey November 13th my birthday! and its gonna be Star Wars themed! *YES!*

  • Michael B. Thomas

    Will we ever see face's of the storm troopers and why are they all very bad shooters with their blasters?

  • kristian A
    kristian A Year ago +1

    is kanan and ezra getting weak? a few storm troops and they run away?

  • DarkWizard83
    DarkWizard83 Year ago

    8:26 Is that Captain Pellaeon?

  • Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon

    It's about time, they teased us so many times!

  • Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon

    I KNEW THAY'D KISS😄!!! And some people said it wouldn't happen😁!

  • Caleb Sherman
    Caleb Sherman Year ago

    Andi I love your Mr. Meeseeks Funko Pop!

  • Abe Rhee
    Abe Rhee Year ago

    so no more back to back episodes?

  • Christopher Bloom

    Andy's shirt?

  • Doglover232YT
    Doglover232YT Year ago


  • citizenoftheall
    citizenoftheall Year ago

    I can't believe Chopper knocked over an X-wing Miniatures YT-2400!?!? Those things are delicate!

  • Raansu
    Raansu Year ago

    No more double features. I are sad lol.

  • Joshua
    Joshua Year ago

    This was an awesome set of episodes.

  • katarnlunney
    katarnlunney Year ago

    Hmm...anyone else get a Legends vibe from the Mining Guild's Crawler? It looks---and acts similarly---to the Emperor's World Devastators from the DARK EMPIRE comic series.
    The Devastators, though, had a dual function: strip-mining the planet, while the materials were converted quickly into droid-piloted TIE fighters and other ships.

  • super jedi player

    me need gonk phone charge

  • TheNocturnal
    TheNocturnal Year ago

    Funny how both Ryders from this and Mass Effect Andromeda have the same voice actor....

  • Brian Chiles
    Brian Chiles Year ago

    The Mining Guild ship is a take on the Legends World Devastators from The Dark Empire

  • Audial Architect
    Audial Architect Year ago

    I see Admiral Konstantine came back to life and grew a beard.

  • M. Strain Jr.
    M. Strain Jr. Year ago +1

    So the U-Wing that Hera flew to Yavin 4 is the one that is stolen by Jyn in Rogue One?

  • Steve Kopp
    Steve Kopp Year ago +2

    I honestly thought they were having an off screen romance. In past episodes she calls him "luv" with longer hugs and how they acted when they were alone i figured they were already establidhed

  • hppybob
    hppybob Year ago

    Is it just me, or do those strip miners look a helluva lot like World Devastators?

  • Peter R
    Peter R Year ago

    lady vader

  • Peter R
    Peter R Year ago +1

    i really hope ahsoka isn't the damm wolf

  • AlphaMunky
    AlphaMunky Year ago

    I need me one of those gonk droid charging ports!

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan Year ago

    I wish they made a more mature show, I mean they can't even kill stormtroopers on a regular basis. They shouldn't mostly stun or slash the blasters. I know they sometimes show characters die but they pretend they don't.

    • lukeirot
      lukeirot Year ago

      It on disny and that is something you are going to need to accept for now, until they have a show on a more mature network/platform.

  • Kevin Norwood
    Kevin Norwood Year ago

    Also, I think that clip at the end emphasizes one of the major differences between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire, in terms of space battles: The Empire puts greater emphasis on capital ships, while the Rebellion puts greater emphasis on individual fighters/interceptors/bombers. Just play the Empire At War games and you'll see what I mean. When I'm playing as the Alliance, I always make sure to have at least four to five or six squadrons of EACH fighter (X-Wings, A-Wings, Y-Wings, and B-Wings in the Forces Of Corruption Expansion) in every fleet I've built (X-Wings and A-Wings come in groups of five, while Y-Wings and B-Wings come in groups of three).

  • Kevin Norwood
    Kevin Norwood Year ago

    They bring Rook back, but not MARA JADE?!?!?!?! I HATE YOU DISNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Neverhoodian
      Neverhoodian Year ago

      And I'm bummed that Kyle Katarn is no longer canon, but you don't see me throwing a fit over it.
      It's not like they obliterated her character from the face of the earth. You'll always have the old EU stories of her.

    • Kevin Norwood
      Kevin Norwood Year ago

      TheXvidr Blue Well, it doesn't change the fact that Mara Jade is the character that I want made canon again more than any other, ESPECIALLY after her legacy was insulted by that rip-off from LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (Naare).

    • YouTuber Blue
      YouTuber Blue Year ago

      It's not Disney's decision to make. It's the Lucasfilm storygroup.

  • Chaz Cisneros
    Chaz Cisneros Year ago

    Why was that second episode so bad? Like the first episode they showed was amazing, beautiful, and fantastic. But that second episode was garbage I wanted to. Just stop existing

    • lukeirot
      lukeirot Year ago

      some people just cant have fun with the calmer episodes can they?

  • Luke Amparo
    Luke Amparo Year ago


  • AbsolX Guardian
    AbsolX Guardian Year ago

    Wait....isn't Yavin an Ordu Aspectu world? Like that's where Aphra's dad set up the homing beacon for Rur's base ship thingie from? And they weren't quiet sith right? Like we know that for certain.

  • KalKenobi83
    KalKenobi83 Year ago +1

    Yay Kanera Happened Loved Rukh cant wait

  • Noah Hawthorne
    Noah Hawthorne Year ago

    Is that yoda at 00:33

  • Six7kevin1 Gaming

    They spelled commanders wrong, they said commandeers

  • Party Peebs
    Party Peebs Year ago

    anybody else not care for the chopper cam?

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn

    These episodes were good; not great, but not meh. You could definitely predict where the plot was going, but certain characters did provide certain surprises. The second episode is a lot like previous plot lines: the Rebels need something, encounter the Empire which conveniently has exactly what they need, they sneak in, sneaking doesn't work, fight breaks out, Rebels win, and they get what they needed. Here they just replaced "Empire" with "Mining Guild." Kind-of like last season with that one purgill episode.
    Rukh's look here is very different from what it was before with the only distinguishing similarity being a heavy brow, sense of smell, and his lesser stature. While the voice made him intimidating (I was not expecting that from Warwick Davis, but that could be explained with some serious modification), I don't think it was the right fit. It pulled me out of the scene whenever he spoke. When you think of beings that are smaller that your average human, they tend to have smaller and quieter voices. Not deep baritone. Those are usually used for larger beings.
    I don't get it. Suddenly, there's natural hyperspace wormholes on planets that wolves and people can just pass through without protection. And the wolves are bonded to the planet through the Force somehow and can make themselves appear and disappear whenever they want. Like, there were artificial gateways that were made by ancient beings that could teleport from planet to planet but they weren't hyperspace related. They were done using the Force. The monolith in TCW that led to the planet of Mortis was one such gateway.
    The Mining Guild ore crawler looks like a scaled down World Devastator. I'm surprised that we're only just learning about them now and not, say, in the _Thrawn_ novel. And the fight between Zeb and the Trandoshan? I mean, should this even have been a struggle? Zeb had been an experienced melee fighter since before he joined the Rebels crew as he was part of the Lasat Royal Guard. The Trandoshan is a guard on board a very confined ship and has dealt with slaves. Is there some sort of backstory to him where he works out while not on the job or was he involved in fighting before working for the Mining Guild?
    Hera's speech shouldn't even have been necessary. For one, these are experienced senators and leaders whose lifetime is surrounded by making speeches. A speech isn't going to be the thing that will bring these people together for a military action. I mean, look at Rogue One.
    "Well, that was a waste of time for the Imperials." You know, if you shortened that sentenced by one or two prepositions, you would get a double meaning there.

  • Erik Schmitz
    Erik Schmitz Year ago +1

    I liked the part where Ezra said "Hello there"

  • VanishEclipse4867

    So next episode Rebel Assault, six X-Wings and four Y-Wings. You guys know the drill, aim for the domes on top of the command structures of the Star Destroyers, make the force of 10 fighters feel like the force of a 1000 of those. (Wait is that what Cassian said?)

  • VanishEclipse4867

    Something more sinister going on in Lothal than just the TIE-Defender elite and Protocol 13 being issued as in the evacuation of a planet. There must be a massive supply of Kyber crystals in the depths of Lothal which is used to fuel the Death Star's Death Ray and the evacuation protocol is used if they are going to raise hell on that planet knowing the Empire but the Death Star's first victim was Jed'ha.

  • CobraTrouser
    CobraTrouser Year ago

    the questions that get chosen sometimes man...

  • JK Vose
    JK Vose Year ago

    wheres Krennic at?

  • Pedro Augusto
    Pedro Augusto Year ago +1

    Back in S1, Ezra was hitting on Sabine. What happened with that? Wish there was a conclusion to that.

  • DrSugarRay
    DrSugarRay Year ago

    I'm an old man........that's absolutely *STOKED* about next week's episode(s) !!

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Year ago +1

    What is the point of blockading a planet if seven xwings can take down a fleet of star destroyers

  • camulusmagnus
    camulusmagnus Year ago

    I want some of what ever Pablo has in his coffee cup; between his expression and the way he says 'blown up big time' just makes me laugh.

  • glitcher
    glitcher Year ago

    i'm not sure about the 'teleport'. is that star wars? not really.
    good eps tho.

  • RedHeadKevin
    RedHeadKevin Year ago +2

    I was always under the impression that Hera and Kanan were in a relationship all the way back at the beginning of the series. She calls him "love" the first time she ever talks to him in the series. Then they met Ezra, and Kanan had to back off from Hera to be a Jedi again, or she backed off to be more active in the Rebellion.
    Oh, and seeing Pablo charging his phone off a Gonk droid was just delightful.

  • Central Star Wars

    Strangely all of a sudden all women from movies and TV became addicted to Work and forgot about relationships. Very different from the real world hum...Why...I guess....

  • Central Star Wars
    Central Star Wars Year ago +1

    The first interracial kiss in star Wars !!!!!!!

  • Colin Metzler
    Colin Metzler Year ago

    Is one of the open seats on the death star thrawn

  • Colin Metzler
    Colin Metzler Year ago

    I found a flaw in canon

  • Caca Tayo
    Caca Tayo Year ago

    Does anyone have any theories for the Loth-wolves’ identities (unless they’re just force-sensitive creatures). My guesses are Ashoka or Depa Billaba (Kanan’s former master, for those who don’t remember). I hear people saying that Ashoka is a wolf, which is actually a good assumption because Dave said that he always has wanted Ashoka to ride a wolf. I feel like the Depa Billaba theory is also good because the wolf seemed very connected to Kanan and even knew his real name.

  • Adam Taurus
    Adam Taurus Year ago

    8:27 konstantine?

  • Dim-Mantis-a113
    Dim-Mantis-a113 Year ago

    man i swear these episodes keep getting better and better now i cant wait to see the ending for rebels

  • Darth Knightwing Phoenix

    Sooooo, are the x-wings still manufactured by the Incom Corporation? How do the rebels get them? Or is that another story, to be told another day?

  • MinionFan1024
    MinionFan1024 Year ago


  • eurosensazion
    eurosensazion Year ago

    There's more destroyers in next weeks episode with other ships than any battle in Clone Wars or Rogue One from my view. Zero chance of success here for Rebels.

  • themetalstickman
    themetalstickman Year ago +2

    6:37 Chopper is a cat confirmed.

  • InGen_Nate_Kenny
    InGen_Nate_Kenny Year ago

    Someone seriously asked what happened to the crystals? Was it not obvious that they uh, blew up? Aggh why couldn't we have gotten a better question there.

  • J Sailer
    J Sailer Year ago +1

    Don't you dare kill off Kanan. Don't do it. You've got us high up on him and Hera finally pursuing a relationship, and I want to see that evolve. And to all you folks who say he has to die... screw you. It's pure laziness to go the route of convenience. Find another way. I know you can.
    Just... *Dew it*

  • bandgeek9723
    bandgeek9723 Year ago

    Did they actually make the Gonk droid a charging station for phones? Because that would be awesome.

  • kanerl
    kanerl Year ago

    So they just ruined all that's interesting about Yavin?

  • Stefan Eßer
    Stefan Eßer Year ago

    This grey creature looks like the Rake.

  • Giant Dad
    Giant Dad Year ago +1

    The shot where Carrie played with Warwick is *so* cute

  • DesertorMax :D
    DesertorMax :D Year ago

    WHY NO EZRABINE!!!!?????? :(

    • Verebazs
      Verebazs Year ago

      Because it's almost as creepy as ReyLo?

  • Max Jones
    Max Jones Year ago

    A fighter squad vs 8 star destroyers, a dozen light cruisers and as may as a thousand TIEs...

  • B0M0A0K
    B0M0A0K Year ago

    That Crawler Commanders episode continued the (so far) hugely irritating and disappointing episodes of this final Rebels season. It feels like we have gone back to before Ezra played with the Holocron and actually got dangerous (and more "Jedi - like") than he's ever been. Now it's back to slapstick comedy and general ineptitude. Really, none of them could keep the lizard pilot keep quiet and NOT hit an alarm. And what's with the double episodes. These folks just seem to want it over and finished as quickly as possible.

  • Sean Keane
    Sean Keane Year ago +1

    That’s rather a large Imperial fleet those fighters are up against. Hera is awesome though!

  • Dan Sotelo
    Dan Sotelo Year ago

    Any chance this series will go to Netflix?

  • Bacon Wookiee
    Bacon Wookiee Year ago +1

    I hate it how youtubers are like: Hey guys welcome back....! And so im like Hi (Enter name here) but they never RESPOND TO ME AFTER THAT! sorry just needed to get that off my chest.

  • marvin nanno
    marvin nanno Year ago

    7:35 yeah it is Canon. According to Canon the sith did invade yavin IV and enslave the massassi. However if Pablo doesn't even know this then that rules out any possibility of seeing anything related to the ancient sith on yavin in rebels which sucks.

    • marvin nanno
      marvin nanno Year ago

      Neverhoodian someone has already written a story about it that is canon I wouldn't say anything otherwise. According to journey through space ( the 2015 one) the sith did Invade yavin and enslaved the massassi. So the sith do have a history in yavin according to canon.

    • Neverhoodian
      Neverhoodian Year ago

      Oh trust me, Pablo probably knows more about Star Wars than 98% of all fans. What he meant was that the backstory for the temples only pertains to the old EU. We won't know if the temples on Yavin IV are Massassi in origin or not in the current canon until someone writes a story that addresses it.