The cutest mob Minecraft ever made?! - Ask Mojang # 20

  • Published on Nov 11, 2021
  • Which mob should have won the mob vote in Minecraft Live 2021? Was the allay the right choice, or should it have been the copper golem? Or the glare, or are Mojang fans getting enough vegetables as it is? Chi, Cory, and Brandon answer these and even more community questions, including a discussion about the smells and sounds of the Deep Dark, the Warden’s alleged cheese preferences, and give us some insight into the frogs and fireflies that that join the game in The Wild Update 1.19!
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  • zech roberson
    zech roberson 6 months ago +1152

    Mojang: "The Warden just doesn't like noise in general"
    Me:"Same honestly"

  • MCisAwesome95
    MCisAwesome95 6 months ago +244

    "Frogs will definitely be able to ribbit"
    My life is now complete

      ARUSH SHUKLA 6 months ago +1

      Imagine u die to a wardren and then u left your pet frog there and then he just eats and 1 shots the wardern...

    • saiku • 15 years ago • 7 months ago
      saiku • 15 years ago • 7 months ago 6 months ago +1

      Guess what, its not
      dun dun DUN

    • Lol Jay
      Lol Jay 6 months ago +7

      I thought it said "rabbit" and thought frog is rabbit of swamp

  • Mr. DNA
    Mr. DNA 6 months ago +26

    Community: How's the Allay going to work?
    Cory: *drops candys on the table and floor.

  • Aurora
    Aurora 6 months ago +96

    Okay, but there's an important question in relation to fireflies and frogs:
    Considering that fireflies are toxic to frogs in the real world, will frogs receive a different food source so players aren't misinformed of the dangers of feeding fireflies to frogs? A similar change was made when parrots were able to eat cookies ingame, but were then unable to do so in a later update due to finding out that chocolate is toxic to parrots.

    • Dr.Nickenstein
      Dr.Nickenstein 5 months ago

      @Undyne that doesn't mean it's ok if one dies by human hand

    • Crow
      Crow 6 months ago

      This is _still_ an issue that people (who are aware of fireflies being poisonous creatures) are concerned about. There's always a chance to change this (as it has happened with the parrot+cookie incident). I've thought small/2-pixel versions of moths could be both frog food and an interesting collector's goal for players (with wings of various colours). But the easiest fix is just have the frogs randomly sticking out their tongues in nothingness, rather than toward any fireflies -- it wouldn't take much to tweak and it would provide an impression that they are consuming some tiny insect (that players just happen to be unable to see).

    • Aurora
      Aurora 6 months ago +3

      @Undyne 1.18 is already being finalized, I really don't think much else is going to be added to it. And no that wouldn't make them the new glow squid, because the glow squid's drops can't be used to make things give off light. A firefly bottle on the other hand might be able to be crafted in the place of a torch in the crafting recipe of a lantern and produce something that actually emits light. The AI for fireflies isn't even that complicated either, and mainly just consists of them flying around aimlessly, which could just be reused for a mosquito "mob".

    • Aurora
      Aurora 6 months ago +1

      @Undyne Fireflies could still help add ambience to the swamps, as well as possibly provide players with different lightning alternatives that look more interesting if Mojang does make it possible to capture them in bottles. Mosquitoes would be a better alternative than flies as food for frogs as they fit with the swamp, but I really don't think they'd be that hard to implement if they are given a similar model to the fireflies, which is only made up of two pixels.

    • Aurora
      Aurora 6 months ago +7

      @Undyne I would argue the same, but the problem is that they used to allow parrots to eat cookies until realizing they were toxic (which I mentioned in the original comment). I feel like if they did this with parrots, the same should be done with frogs and fireflies as to not mislead younger audiences who are more gullible into believing that it's okay to be feeding their pet frogs fireflies.

  • Rays Works
    Rays Works 6 months ago +173

    Warden attacking things is awesome! I'm still hoping it has some block breaking ability for at least the deep dark blocks.

    • Mohammed Alhayayi
      Mohammed Alhayayi 6 months ago +2

      Yeah he is guarding a room of chests i saw that in some vedios

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago +7

      Kingbdogz said that he cannot do that, because it might go against Minecraft principles, however, he is still trying to find ideas to make the Warden avoid players from making pillars.

    • Astradimus
      Astradimus 6 months ago +1

      Oh hello Rays Works!
      And yeah i kinda agree, if you go into a 1x2 block space the warden wouldn't be able to reach you. Maybe it'll have a breaking block ability... I guess we'll see about that

  • Angel's Chair
    Angel's Chair 6 months ago +2077

    I really like how casual this Q&A feels. Not that I don’t like when they act more official, but this is a lot more entertaining than simply answering the questions outright.

  • MasterChiefSha
    MasterChiefSha 6 months ago +11

    I really love their interactions and expressions. Brandon and Agnes are two of my four favorite developers at mojang. I'm also really liking frog guy, but forgot his name.

  • RedParrot Gaming
    RedParrot Gaming 6 months ago +19

    "Fireflies are the cutest mob we ever made"
    Its literally just 2 pixels lol

    • The Copper Element Itself
      The Copper Element Itself 6 months ago +1

      so cutee im shaking and crying i want to hug this cuttie thing so muchhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Nixoles
      Nixoles 6 months ago +1

      yea lol

  • ActionJackson
    ActionJackson 6 months ago +13

    2:23 I have an idea for a new enchanted book that you could find in the Deep Dark called “Persistence”! It could only be found there and would allow the item it’s applied to stay in your inventory when you die. I go more in depth on the Minecraft Feedback post titled, “Deep Dark Loot Idea - Persistence Enchantment”.

    • GameSword Animations
      GameSword Animations 4 months ago


    • TheEpicChickenYT
      TheEpicChickenYT 6 months ago


    • xilef cosas random
      xilef cosas random 6 months ago

      I think that is confirmed that an enchanment like that will not exist (i repeat, i am not sure maybe im grong)

  • Maximus The Dude
    Maximus The Dude 6 months ago +25

    I really, really hope the Allay can phase through blocks like the vex. It would make it’s functionality so much more helpful and would definitely revolutionise redstone sorting. Just picking up items is fairly basic, it needs to stand out somehow or else it will be redundant

    • Silas Clark
      Silas Clark 5 months ago +1

      If it does phase through blocks, we'll gain access to easier wireless redstone and wireless transportation in this update.

    • The64BitDragon
      The64BitDragon 6 months ago

      @AdamRee1940 it’s an opinion. They don’t like the trailers

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago +1

      @Maximus The Dude How do you know if they are terrible? You do not know that.

    • Maximus The Dude
      Maximus The Dude 6 months ago

      @Undyne I wouldn’t be sure about that. The trailers show us basically nothing about any of the mobs, they are honestly terrible. The fact it wasn’t in here means very little, it could easily be a feature they decide to go with. I’m hoping they will, since it’s obviously a counterpart the the Vex who are know for ignoring that kind of thing

  • Kino -Imsure1200q
    Kino -Imsure1200q 6 months ago +635

    For fireflies I think they should do the same concept as Dragon's Breath. Basically just a huge invisible entity where particles come out. Then we will be able to collect fireflies using bottles.

    • RedBall
      RedBall 2 months ago

      Yeah, like the firefly in the supplementaries mod.

    • majinbuu_79
      majinbuu_79 5 months ago

      @Arspho perfect dynamic lighting

    • Kino -Imsure1200q
      Kino -Imsure1200q 6 months ago

      @Poplarino bug nets would be great however the only bug net i can recall is a mosquito swatter 💀

    • Blazej Lenart
      Blazej Lenart 6 months ago +1

      Lol i just commented about wanting fireflies to be in glass bottles and i scrolled and saw this 😅

    • Dani k
      Dani k 6 months ago

      Or they can also make jars. You know how we have lanterns, what if they added jars and made it so you can put the fireflies into said jars to make another light source.

  • jmich
    jmich 6 months ago +7

    I love the concept of the deep dark and cannot wait for it to come out! But, if I breed hundreds of wolfs, how would the warden cope with all the attacks, movements and 'smells'?

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago +1

      The Warden would attack them easily.

  • Katy Stang
    Katy Stang 5 months ago +7

    “These cities, come from an ancient builders”
    Game Theory: “and we took that personally”

  • Sweet Fox. ( currently on break )

    "The firefly is so cute!"
    It's literally 2 pixels.

    • Anuroop Pandey
      Anuroop Pandey 6 months ago +2

      mojang hates making insects
      community: bees are too big they are not realistic
      community: fire fliys are just 2 pixels thy are not realistic
      mojang: *WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME*
      mc logic: bees are too big
      fire fliys are small

  • Galehunter
    Galehunter 6 months ago +9

    Deep Dark: Don’t Wake Daddy: Minecraft Edition.
    I love it.

  • Darkner
    Darkner 6 months ago +878

    Mojang: The allay is the cutest mob we've ever made.
    Axolotls: We feel personally attacked.

    • Dean McCarthy 347
      Dean McCarthy 347 5 months ago

      @wolf0s sven

    • Ashtan_13
      Ashtan_13 5 months ago

      @zayed pervez ww3 in Minecraft

    • Boogae2
      Boogae2 5 months ago

      @wolf0s tbh wolves arent cute

    • e
      e 5 months ago

      Both of them are really cute.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago

      They said “we’ve ever made.” They added Axolotls to Minecraft from real life.

    KRANKEN WAGG 6 months ago +2

    Can't wait for 1.19 to be added I love Minecraft only gods are able to make this masterpiece

  • Keviouk
    Keviouk 6 months ago +5

    0:40 Wait, why are the candies already on the table before he drops them ?

    • Leon 430
      Leon 430 6 months ago

      Why not, candies are delicious

  • Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Bolt 6 months ago +2

    We could use lanterns or glass bottles to trap the fireflies 😃🙏🏼

  • Dionette
    Dionette 6 months ago +2

    I wonder if the Warden is a one-and-done boss, or if it's respawnable, either naturally like other mobs or through us actively trying to summon it back like the Ender Dragon? I'd be perfectly fine with the 1st and 3rd options, but the 2nd would be a serious annoyance for a boss mob.

  • 57days Productions
    57days Productions 6 months ago +459

    "The special feeling of the frog" is a statement that not only absolutely sent me but is going on everything that I own

  • HBX
    HBX 6 months ago +2

    I think the wild update will be awesome they are working so hard! If it’s possible I think a cool mechanic would be catching the firefly’s in jars, it would give a new incentive to go out at night a new form of lighting when placed and a cool decoration as well as just a fun activity!like imagine it’s night time and you and your friend are about to sleep and then your like wait there’s a swamp near by and you go run around trying to catch them! Yes I realize this is probably impossible to do in game since you have to add the ability to catch them then have and place jars, but if possible it would be awesome!

  • Bee 🐝
    Bee 🐝 6 months ago +2

    Hey guys! Just wondering will the frogs be poisonous also can you breed them?

  • Daniël van Elst
    Daniël van Elst 6 months ago +3

    I think that highland cows are really cute in minecraft

  • Blazej Lenart
    Blazej Lenart 6 months ago +2

    Please make a mechanic where you can take an empty glass bottle and what ever button pressed maybe Lt for xbox you can catch the fireflies in it and maybe make it a placeable.

  • Vitaliy Fesik
    Vitaliy Fesik 6 months ago +229

    It would be cool if they had fireflies in a bottle.

    • 이유림
      이유림 5 months ago

      It is a great idea

    • Nooper'z: Demiurgo
      Nooper'z: Demiurgo 6 months ago

      @near?? the same argument that those who play gta will turn into a criminal, or whoever plays fps ends up turning into a terrorist. doesn't make sense, so it just adds something the game needs

    • near??
      near?? 6 months ago

      @Nooper'z: Demiurgo if they added it the shark would go down

    • Nooper'z: Demiurgo
      Nooper'z: Demiurgo 6 months ago +1

      @Rezal Gibran yes That wont is a real life, this is a video game. Who will Hunter this animals on real life!? That was mojang spirt that never will add sharks in game

    • Rezal Gibran
      Rezal Gibran 6 months ago +1

      @Sunny Bunny* well, i can say that is a bug abuse.
      But, if we release them if we don't need it, that would be not be called abuse (i guess)

  • Martyn_79
    Martyn_79 6 months ago +1

    Since nature is a core theme for the next update, it would be really cool if they brought back roses. I know it’s a small thing but I have a feeling that it would be appreciated by a wide majority of fans (including me)

  • itz.justguava
    itz.justguava 6 months ago +2

    I hope all of them gets added to the game i cried in tears after i heard golem didnt win

  • Kaboomer
    Kaboomer 6 months ago +1

    Frogs are gonna give snapshot wednesdays a whole new meaning

  • The Art Roll
    The Art Roll 6 months ago +1

    Idea: I'd love it if you could add footprints to Minecraft! Like in the sand or in the dirt you can see actual footprints on the ground. Might reveal some secret bases though! 🤣

  • TheBrew WasTaken
    TheBrew WasTaken 6 months ago +1

    I love how someone said that fireflies are so cute even though they are only 2 pixels

  • LaurWolfXD_
    LaurWolfXD_ 6 months ago +1

    Gotta love Corey's sense of humor Lol

  • Nyi
    Nyi Month ago

    When Cory said “it also picks up any thing that drops” chi just drops the bowl that my favorite part out of the video

  • Ebru Balıkçılar Yaşaroğlu

    I have question: What happened to Arch-illager when we beat the normal map?

  • NixInTheWay
    NixInTheWay 6 months ago +491

    "Aren't the fireflies the cutest mob we made?"
    Fireflies: literally two pixels

  • Dolphin Go Ree account
    Dolphin Go Ree account 6 months ago +1

    Petition to have mojang add a hidden Easter egg frog based off the "its Wednesday my dudes" frog.

  • Danica Van Merwe
    Danica Van Merwe 6 months ago +1

    I like how they are still working on how to enteract with fireflies but wouldn't it be cool if you could put them in a bottle or something

  • Diamond Nexus
    Diamond Nexus 6 months ago +2

    “Gotta vote for the underdog” and that’s the mentality which allowed the glow squid to win

  • KB 635
    KB 635 6 months ago +3

    I can't wait for the swamp especially at night it'll feel so alive

  • YpDragonPerson
    YpDragonPerson  6 months ago +237

    Maybe instead of having each firefly be a mob, you could have a firefly swarm that you could pick up in a bottle. We have mobs in buckets, so I think having on in a bottle would be believable.

    • Zaeem Chogle
      Zaeem Chogle 6 months ago +1

      @Chara Violet a jar possibly

    • Crisis Averted
      Crisis Averted 6 months ago +2

      I was thinking a net like in animal crossing, then you could put the firefly particles back down wherever

    • Sairi Taikutsu
      Sairi Taikutsu 6 months ago +1


    • Chara Violet
      Chara Violet 6 months ago +4

      normal bottles seem a little too small to put fireflies in, so maybe adding a new type of bottle that can also be placed down would work better

    • KrakenKrafted
      KrakenKrafted 6 months ago +15

      @BlazeProductions 202 yeah with that they could package placeable bottles! That would be amazing, needs to be on the feedback site

  • Kishlay
    Kishlay 6 months ago +1

    Imagine if they let us keep fireflies in a jar and it produces a pulsating light effect. It would make me so soo happy 😭😩

  • Youssef Tamer
    Youssef Tamer 6 months ago +2

    Oh, so the allay doesn’t duplicate stuff, it only picks up and back to you
    Useful if you lost your stuff, you can just drop an item that mimics the dropped ones, and it’ll go find more of that dropped item for you, but it doesn’t duplicate, not the expected outcome but still of great use

    • Omenas
      Omenas 6 months ago

      you can also use allays as item sorters in redstone contraptions

  • ZolreGame
    ZolreGame 6 months ago +2

    all i know is that matpat will have an absolute FIELD DAY with 2:07

  • Mika B.
    Mika B. 6 months ago

    I love this Q&A it was really chill and fun 😌

  • the snowy villager
    the snowy villager 6 months ago +334

    "These cities, they come from an ancient civilization, but-Are we still recording?"
    MatPat wants to know your location

    • Tyler Schell
      Tyler Schell 6 months ago +15

      Can't say the word lore and not see him come to the scene

  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S. 6 months ago

    Maybe they could make deep dark loot an item that says if where you're standing is light level 0.
    totally not to sneak the glare in...

  • Gotchu Fam
    Gotchu Fam Month ago

    I love how they were talking about the glare at the start! 😭✨

  • The Only Joke Here Is Me
    The Only Joke Here Is Me 6 months ago +1

    I love these guys I mean they voted for the glare!
    And they're cool people too ig

  • Vanilla Rice
    Vanilla Rice 6 months ago +40

    "These cities they come from an ancient civilization"

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 6 months ago +521

    "we did have some concept art where the warden looked kinda cute with the bunny, but I'm sorry that bunny is gonna die" - kingbdogz 2021

    • Unknown Gamer
      Unknown Gamer 6 months ago

      Hello *rabbit* *squish

    • Unknown Gamer
      Unknown Gamer 6 months ago +3

      Hello *rabbit* *squish

    • Jsnotlout
      Jsnotlout 6 months ago

      A bot stole your comment lol but I made sure to only like this one

    • Let's play With Mega Cyborg
      Let's play With Mega Cyborg 6 months ago +4

      I actually didn't want Warden to be friends with bunnies. That would ruin his appearance as a scary mob

    • Elija Krž
      Elija Krž 6 months ago +3

      what about the creepers thoooo

  • Blank
    Blank 6 months ago +1

    I hope that the fireflies can be a portable light source like a firefly in a bottle

  • shiny tentacles
    shiny tentacles 6 months ago +2

    there a rare axolotl so make rare frog :D also warden heart for potion i think that gonna be great

  • LiaTheDigger
    LiaTheDigger 6 months ago

    I love plants, and for that i'm just disappointed with the glare, i thought it's design was so cuute but it's mechanic was just, meh, useless, even more with the light level for mobs to spawn being reduced to zero

  • Anonim - 85
    Anonim - 85 6 months ago

    Theory: Deep Dark Cities are what's left of Dwarf Fortresses that had too much fun going on.
    Wardens are either an elaborate defense mechanism which failed, the fun that led to fortess being lost, the insane dwarves that didn't die due to the skulk, or any combination of those three, like a tantrum spiral or augmentation program gone wrong.

  • Mak Bones
    Mak Bones 6 months ago +132

    I’m really happy someone asked about the fireflies. I hope we’ll be able to pick them up with bottles and use them as a light source.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago

      @Kishlay Fireflies do not glow, they light up.

    • Ice_Phoenix
      Ice_Phoenix 6 months ago +2

      What would be great is if we could use the bottled fireflies in a crafting table to make firefly-filled lanterns. Maybe they would give off a dimmer, greener light and we could see them moving about in there.

    • Kishlay
      Kishlay 6 months ago +1

      @Blake Davidson and it gives off a pulsating light effect like fireflies do and like the pulsating darkness effect in Ancient Cities.

    • Dani k
      Dani k 6 months ago

      Put them into jars maybe instead of bottles 😲

    • Blake Davidson
      Blake Davidson 6 months ago +4

      @Frank Da Tank They should add "firefly lanterns" you craft it like a normal lantern except you use fireflies instead of a torch

  • Tosdy
    Tosdy 5 months ago +1

    Since the warden kills mobs couldn’t you just summon the wither in a sculk area, and let the problems solve themselves?

  • Jessica Litchfield
    Jessica Litchfield 6 months ago +2

    Why the Allay won: some idiot steve gave it a sword to find other swords on the ground. Instead, it became a phantom and killed the Glare and Copper Gollem

  • Hi I'm Joe
    Hi I'm Joe 6 months ago

    Sometimes I feel like the useless mobs are in a mobvote because mojang wants a easier mob
    Firefly very cute, very cute 2 pixels

  • Robinpetal
    Robinpetal 6 months ago +1

    it would be so cool if Mojang made it where you could collect the fireflies in a water bottle and be able to set it down or use it as another light source

  • crutec
    crutec 6 months ago +501

    "these cities... they come from an ancient civilization"
    matpat is going to lose his mind xD

    • Secret
      Secret 6 months ago


    • Fall a Sleep
      Fall a Sleep 6 months ago

      Minecraft communites Will make another Lore again

    • Saira Bibi
      Saira Bibi 6 months ago

      He need to change the vid now because
      It's not a theory a game theory
      He should change his frace form that's just a theory a game theory
      Hey that not a theory its a game theory

    • Ignite
      Ignite 6 months ago +3

      alan becker did something like that in his animation wow

    • SparkyFolf
      SparkyFolf 6 months ago +1

      @Cit yeah i know

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 6 months ago +1

    Wild update had so much potential and it was all swept away with that final answer... No mud pies will be added... The Gaia itself cried that day for no pies would be made out of its precious mud... Today the community mourns... Mourns a loss... a great loss... The loss of mud pies
    Rest in peace mud pies you shall forever be missed Amen

  • RadioSmile
    RadioSmile 5 months ago +1

    The glare maybe cute but we have items to protect and we can just put a torch

  • Joshua S.
    Joshua S. 6 months ago

    I remember playing pocket edition and trying to use f3 less, then notice how useful the glare is.
    Mojang might have under advertised for the glare.

  • EstehメEs teh Tik
    EstehメEs teh Tik 5 months ago

    Actually, I had already floated the Copper Golem at that time, I was sure that the Copper Golem would be the winner. It turns out that Allay is honest, who is the Folt Copper Golem, that's sad


    Oak wood. Literally the cutest mob ever made

  • Zingmo789
    Zingmo789 6 months ago

    Lore theorists after watching this: Professionals have standards

  • Xyla Harrison
    Xyla Harrison 6 months ago +1

    ‘The glare should’ve won’
    Nothing but facts here. I like the Allay, but the Glare fits the Wild Update way more and would work with the dark cities.

  • Rick
    Rick 6 months ago +2

    This was the best ask mojang i have ever seen

  •  3 months ago +1

    They should make it so that you can catch fire flies in a bottle you can make a lantern out of it or breed(or tame) frogs with the bottle of fire flies (tamed frogs would wander around like an (untamed mob) in a specific radius killing hostile mobs that could hurt tadpoles frogs or players and they can not be made to sit

  • TNT _ Rebel
    TNT _ Rebel 6 months ago +132

    “They come from an ancient civilization”

  • HS produtions
    HS produtions 6 months ago +5

    Tommy's the kind of guy to look at a mud pie, ask "is someone going to eat that?" And not wait for an answer

  • Host 999
    Host 999 6 months ago +1

    Hagan una version en español del canal. Y juro que hasta el juego obtendra popularidad extra.

  • Reclusive Eagle
    Reclusive Eagle 6 months ago +1

    Fireflies are interactable particles and don't take up mob cap.
    The players can interact with them to create a Jar of Fireflies for lighting.

  • Chris Karpinski
    Chris Karpinski 6 months ago

    Minecraft is amazing Jeb and Angus are one of the best lead developers of all time Mojang is amazing

  • Ptolemy CORL
    Ptolemy CORL 6 months ago +34

    With the introduction of being able to transform dirt into mud with a water bottle, could the same mechanic also become present for powdered concrete as well?

  • Popcorn070
    Popcorn070 6 months ago

    Could be cool if like the time of day and the part of the swamp biome determine the density of the firefly particles and effect the probability of catching a firefly in a bottle when right clicking air with an empty bottle.

  • Nuvos
    Nuvos 6 months ago

    There should be an effect on mud similar to honey blocks: It is hard to walk/jump on it. That simple

  • Dolphin Go Ree account
    Dolphin Go Ree account 6 months ago

    Petition to have mojang add a hidden Easter egg frog based off the "its Wednesday my dudes" frog.

  • Dolphin Go Ree account
    Dolphin Go Ree account 6 months ago

    Petition to have mojang add a hidden Easter egg frog based off the "its Wednesday my dudes" frog.

  • LizterZapZap
    LizterZapZap 6 months ago +275

    "They came from an ancient civilization-"
    MatPat: *intense noting*

    • CallieBestGirl
      CallieBestGirl 6 months ago +1

      @TAMAGHNA CHATTERJEE ? No fight is occurring here

      TAMAGHNA CHATTERJEE 6 months ago

      This is just a game guys, u guys are still fighting over what is cannon or not, like it's not a movie

    • E-Gaming
      E-Gaming 6 months ago +1

      I mean... Alan Becker had a lore for the Warden so... that's one theory for the ancient civilization of the deep dark

    • ButterCroissant
      ButterCroissant 6 months ago

      @CallieBestGirl whoops :( 😂

    • CallieBestGirl
      CallieBestGirl 6 months ago +1

      @Teague Ricks Yeah, I like Retro’s more.

  • Dolphin Go Ree account
    Dolphin Go Ree account 6 months ago

    Petition to have mojang add a hidden Easter egg frog based off the "its Wednesday my dudes" frog.

  • b-Mann88 R
    b-Mann88 R 6 months ago +2

    The glare is still my favorite💚

  • Fakyy
    Fakyy 6 months ago +2

    I love Brandon's jacket!

  • master of the internetverse

    Hello mojang, tiny fan here :)
    I was thinking maybe for the 1.20 update you could do the Roast n' Toast update? (aka desert/mesa/savanna/all of the above?)
    Just something I thought of and it sounds like minecraft :)

  • Hobo Misanthropus
    Hobo Misanthropus 6 months ago +55

    Just wanted to say thanks for getting Large Biomes back in. That was really important to me and my friend's server. We love how the vast biomes make the world feel more authentic.

  • Surki
    Surki 6 months ago

    I would love to be able to catch a fire fly in a bottle and use it to light up a small area

  • LegoNinja8411
    LegoNinja8411 4 months ago

    You have the player be able to collect fireflies in a bottle to carry as a light source!

  • Random Guy611
    Random Guy611 6 months ago

    Ask Mojang: will witch huts be getting an update in the wild update since the swamps are being upgraded

  • SpirantLank
    SpirantLank 6 months ago

    I love how they used the 2 pixels fire fly

  • Wisteria Fleur
    Wisteria Fleur 6 months ago +67

    I love this version of ask mojang, they're so carefree and fun and it shows their love and passion for the game that they work on and they also have fun at the same time

    DELLY GAMING 6 months ago +2

    I still hoping Copper Golem added to Minecraft 😢

  • Dolphin Go Ree account
    Dolphin Go Ree account 6 months ago

    You may think they gave us a big hint about the deep dark cities when he said "ancient civilization", but THAT we already knew.

  • 3pic.82
    3pic.82 6 months ago +1

    I like the copper golem the most what’s the point of adding copper if there’s no use

  • A Polar Bear
    A Polar Bear 12 days ago

    Mojang: “People use water buckets for building, making rivers and stuff.”
    Minecraft community: *water clutch*

  • Lucas Conner
    Lucas Conner 6 months ago +101

    Ask Mojang: In recent times both Elyras and boats have gotten reworks, (the boat now with a possible chest in the back, and the Elytra's durability rework) with air and water transportation fairly updated, do you plan on updating minecarts/rails to make them faster/more viable? I think they could be something really special!
    just as an idea I think a new type of rail specifically for long-distance journeys, or maybe a possible train mechanic with multiple minecarts would be super cool, and make them more mainstream

    • Prosperine the Third
      Prosperine the Third 6 months ago

      You can already make minecarts connect actually, using a furnace minecart and a cart right behind it, just use a piece of coal on the furnace minecart and it will move dragging the other behind it. However it's not very effective since they lose hold of eachother in a turn

    • Rafał qwerty
      Rafał qwerty 6 months ago +2

      Rails also were updated, they can work underwater now.

    • Radim Jurčaga
      Radim Jurčaga 6 months ago +2

      elytra changes were reverted

    • L3gz
      L3gz 6 months ago +8

      I want a connected minecarts. tbh.

  • MeMeTheBlop(Rinkaku)
    MeMeTheBlop(Rinkaku) 6 months ago +2

    Wait so matpat was right that there used to be an ancient civilization?! Bro I need to comment this on his next video.

  • Oliver Manlulu
    Oliver Manlulu 6 months ago

    Wonder how Creepers would react to the Warden?

  • Henrique alves
    Henrique alves 6 months ago

    Mojang: allay e mob mais fofo que já fizemos
    Raposas:nos somos uma piada para vocês?

  • Cruz Carrera Héctor Arturo

    This is the best ask Mojang I have ever seen!

  • Flying Fox
    Flying Fox 6 months ago +81

    Mojang: Allay is the cutest mob we ever created
    Axolotls: "And i took that personally"

    • Flying Fox
      Flying Fox 6 months ago

      @AdamRee1940 some are, unfortunately

    • Youtuber funny clip
      Youtuber funny clip 6 months ago

      @AdamRee1940 now that is better than "what the he hack is wrong with you"

    • Youtuber funny clip
      Youtuber funny clip 6 months ago

      @AdamRee1940 oh just because its just a game everyone is mad at me because i say its not cute?

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago

      @TheXvidr funny clip Most games have cute things. Even if they are made of squares, blocks, or pixels, they still look cute. Get your head straight.

    • AdamRee1940
      AdamRee1940 6 months ago

      @TheXvidr funny clip What the heck is wrong with you?