Digging Yourself in a MAJOR Hole on the First Date! | First Dates Hotel

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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    Othello gets himself in a little trouble with his date...
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  8 months ago +152

    Well, that was... awkward...
    Watch the FULL episode here: bit.ly/2OX0zJl

    • Jamie Patterson
      Jamie Patterson 4 months ago

      @sjg2 legend

    • Yul Hubbart
      Yul Hubbart 4 months ago

      @Dan I couldn't have put it better myself.

    • Dan
      Dan 4 months ago +1

      Channel 4
      No one watches channel 4. It's propaganda like all the other alphabet channels. Please go away and leave us alone Channel 4

    • Yul Hubbart
      Yul Hubbart 5 months ago

      Well....BOTH of them were awkward...but you manjinas at Channel 4 would be way too politically correct to have the balls to say so!

    • Jemma J
      Jemma J 5 months ago

      Miguel Ma , ur mum is

  • GuitarGuy
    GuitarGuy Day ago

    So it’s acceptable for her to say she prefers men with hair but not for him to say he doesn’t like skinny girls? Equality at its finest...

  • J J D
    J J D 2 days ago

    No one wants to be called John

  • HeyItsA
    HeyItsA 9 days ago

    “An old fella” 😭😭😭😭

  • Humble_Garden
    Humble_Garden 13 days ago

    She thinks he isn't in her league..
    It wouldn't have mattered what he says, she's looking for an exit.

  • Ellie Louise
    Ellie Louise 14 days ago +1

    Why do people get so offended so quickly take a joke hun or take the comment on your chin chill out gawd

  • MDZS101
    MDZS101 15 days ago

    She's too dim- witted and irritating. Can't even take a joke. He deserves waaaaaaay better

    DOOMMAKER 16 days ago

    When you’re a kid, you want to be called John

  • HxA California
    HxA California 18 days ago

    He smiles too much. Attraction killer.

  • rahorin
    rahorin 20 days ago

    What? It's true she ain't skinny but she ain't fat either. But she is chubby....one potato chip from fat.

  • Mackey
    Mackey 21 day ago

    Guy buried himself but the date was funny, Juliet was a ok

  • Mukund Shivakumar
    Mukund Shivakumar 29 days ago

    Othello. Juliet. Why so many shakespeare references

  • Talent Got Talent
    Talent Got Talent Month ago

    Pretty girls with bad attitudes Ughhhhh bleehhh

  • electro1622
    electro1622 Month ago

    " most men, they don't like that skinny look".. 3:32.... lol.. what a load of shit... then how come all the supermodels are skinny..???...because most men don't like how they look..???

  • Fatima Aziz
    Fatima Aziz Month ago

    When he mumbles high into the air 'thank you', you wonder if he hadn't fancied his date would he have said 'God, wtf'; sorry, no class; best to leave people guessing; he is not a 10/10 himself.

  • Migel the sloth
    Migel the sloth Month ago

    All his hair merged into two truly magnificent eyebrows I mean holy fuck look at those things

  • T DMJ
    T DMJ Month ago

    Speaking of physical attributes on the first date is a no-no anyway. She’s too sensitive.

  • Tatiana Palacios
    Tatiana Palacios Month ago

    If that's how dates are now.. holy shit I'm so glad I'm married. I liked the guy. He had a lot to talk about. Would have been nice getting to know him more but that girl is stupid.

  • Chayne Cotharn
    Chayne Cotharn Month ago

    he didn't say anything bad and if someone called me fat i didn't be bothered if u know u not fat, why be mad?!

  • Dolla Holla
    Dolla Holla Month ago +2

    These are the types of instagram “models” you men are after.

  • Dolla Holla
    Dolla Holla Month ago

    Ur hands down very attractive but the hairs lacking. Maybe u could get a transplant. Anyway if a guy even said I’m fat straight up I’d say okay. I don’t get why she has to move her mouth around like that over nothing

  • Angels. Armi
    Angels. Armi Month ago

    Why are people such asses?

  • Kiri Rodway
    Kiri Rodway Month ago +1

    Thing is, he was joking about his baldness but he cracked something about her weight

    DOMINIQUE TECA Month ago

    When she was in the bathroom she was eating Mc Donald's chicken nuggets she kept in her handbag 😂 ... She's not that skinny 🧐

  • Phil Ellul
    Phil Ellul Month ago

    John 😂😂😂

  • Justice 2017
    Justice 2017 Month ago

    Her name full

  • Phineas Hartson
    Phineas Hartson Month ago +1

    Hes sweet & cute.

  • Maritza Vasques
    Maritza Vasques Month ago

    He is lovely and she is shallow and self centered. She could laugh and make comments about his hair but he could not talk about her weight. Silly chick.

  • Maritza Vasques
    Maritza Vasques Month ago

    Her clothing choice for the date is not so good (unless she want to get laid after the first meeting hour Lol)

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones Month ago

    What a bitch

  • Fayiz Abidi
    Fayiz Abidi Month ago +1

    The more I watch this video.. it seems the girl isnt as rude as she seems to be. She is picking up arrogant vibes and self-praise from Othello which is kinda evident in the way he talks and how he takes much of everything he says with great pride, he couldn't bother to make light of some of the remarks she made so that she could steer to a lighter and positive topic away from baldness and meter stands. She gave it a chance and realized he felt like a God until she left.

  • HMZ
    HMZ Month ago

    Every women wants a man with hair.

  • theresidentone
    theresidentone Month ago

    She's dumb af airhead anyway waste of time

  • Fayiz Abidi
    Fayiz Abidi Month ago

    Yeah, we bald guys don't have much luck in the dating department lol but I mean it only makes it easier finding the right girl who looks past that kinda thing.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago +2

    the guy comes off a bit too strong.
    "I'm gonna show off now" (5 seconds later) "...so you sell space?" this pretty much says everything about how he came off

  • Cláudio Brito
    Cláudio Brito Month ago

    2/3 years and it's all gone for me too... and i have long hair... gonna use it until the end

  • luhle maboza
    luhle maboza Month ago

    He should grow his beard

  • Howzer The man
    Howzer The man Month ago

    Othello is a great name.

  • Jimmy GOOD888
    Jimmy GOOD888 Month ago +1

    She just went to piss her weight off!

  • Tamtam Titii
    Tamtam Titii Month ago

    Omg She's so annoyingly full of herself!! like girl stop touching your hair and moving your duck mouth like that 😏

  • S X
    S X Month ago

    “Calm the fuck d’aan bruv” 😂😭

  • lenks 101
    lenks 101 Month ago

    She thick

  • Amir Mostaed
    Amir Mostaed Month ago

    "calm the fuck down bruv"

  • Leo
    Leo Month ago

    He cant do much about the baldness unless he has surgery or some magic cream to help. Men are very insecure about that although its not brought up much. But for there to be offense about weight which we can all work off and burn.. nah. She was a little chubby but nothing to get butt hurt about. Give a hit and take a hit. Shits equal and both where honest.

  • Tde Jacob
    Tde Jacob Month ago

    He didn’t stand to greet her....

  • Pepper1188
    Pepper1188 Month ago

    Ohhh...the bald men are triggered...lol.

  • plutorama
    plutorama Month ago

    Gorgeous boy. Beautiful skin, eyes, head. And I bet he’s got a beautiful knife, too.

  • G S
    G S Month ago

    Beni Gabor from The Mummy has shaved his hair and is here on a date. Yes, you know who I am talking about.

  • Daisy Dukes
    Daisy Dukes Month ago

    My boyfriends barber told him he’ll never go bald. Idk if that’s true but I can only hope!

  • Totalchaos1983 0
    Totalchaos1983 0 Month ago

    He didn't say a thing wrong

  • Lame Bitch
    Lame Bitch Month ago

    why’s dani cohn here?


    I thought he was really nice.

  • Jason Dunn
    Jason Dunn 2 months ago

    U look amazing, let me go av a shit B right back

  • Jason Dunn
    Jason Dunn 2 months ago

    He is a cool guy good friend to have I think

  • imhere
    imhere 2 months ago

    I am quite lucky, I don't gain weight easyyyyyy, why did your metabolism go and said, see you later 😬
    He did goof up!! I would have the same expressions on my face.. 'I'm not a fan of skinny gals '??? Was he pacifying her??? 🤪

  • Vampe
    Vampe 2 months ago

    Its very simple. Men want a woman that looks like a woman. We generally dont care about color, height, hair, or any of that shit.
    What we want is laughter, food and sex. Give and take, not take and take.

  • JR R
    JR R 2 months ago

    Who the hell asks when did you start losing your hair? Why does it matter when. Good grief. On another note, he should have not said anything about weight , and just complemented her on how beautiful she was from head to toe.

  • charlotte juliette
    charlotte juliette 2 months ago

    "bish waaaa" had me dead

  • My nan abuses me
    My nan abuses me 2 months ago

    Dem eyebrows are thicker than big chungus

  • Maria ღ
    Maria ღ 2 months ago

    Her personality is a bit.. off.. He’s actually trying to be a nice person and make her laugh. We women do not claim her.

  • james perreault
    james perreault 2 months ago

    when you wear a dress that tight. don't wear underwear

  • Reaper Reapz
    Reaper Reapz 2 months ago

    Someone find her insta asap what a beauty

  • Ilze Grina
    Ilze Grina 2 months ago

    Just stop talking! STOP IT!

  • Amy Eliza
    Amy Eliza 2 months ago

    They talked about everything you shouldn’t be talking about on a first date lol. Poor guy was sweet though

  • Yasmin Mohamed
    Yasmin Mohamed 2 months ago

    "where day dangowd danere" does anyone understand him ahaha

  • Yasmin Mohamed
    Yasmin Mohamed 2 months ago +3

    so u sell like...space

  • mavishill
    mavishill 2 months ago

    She's got a damn cute face.
    The guy was hilarious too. Nothing wrong with him except guys should never comment on weight..It's a trap.. things only get worse.

  • T2 - Waking Up The Masses

    Lucky escape for him XD

  • BłackMøon
    BłackMøon 2 months ago

    Lol he just offended me. I’m underweight. DX

  • Aroosa Abid
    Aroosa Abid 2 months ago

    Is that Adam deacon ? 😂😂😂😂

  • Aroosa Abid
    Aroosa Abid 2 months ago

    Anybody else feel to slap his head in bop

  • Lily Anglim
    Lily Anglim 2 months ago

    As a naturally skinny girl I’m offended

  • joedwech
    joedwech 2 months ago

    Where is her chin

  • Centrist Philosopher
    Centrist Philosopher 3 months ago

    She is way too sensitive.

  • Centrist Philosopher
    Centrist Philosopher 3 months ago +1

    She seems uptight and rude. She makes an issue about his baldness (and he looks good anyway- like a young Billy Zane) but then can't see his metabolism line wasn't meant to be an insult. Very stuck up girl.

  • KiiTo
    KiiTo 3 months ago

    Can we PLease get a F

  • Flower Girl
    Flower Girl 3 months ago +1

    He literally didn't do anything wrong

  • A A
    A A 3 months ago

    He looks like that guy off big brother like 10 years back

  • Jade Salmon
    Jade Salmon 3 months ago

    He’s ugly

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 3 months ago

    She's beaut. She can do better than him . She's more than her body he chatted bout himself the whole date, na ditch him

  • Unknown
    Unknown 3 months ago

    How so many of you humans even have jobs when you are like this is astonishing

  • john doe
    john doe 3 months ago

    You could of had her eat out of your hands, but you showed how needy you are so she lost attraction for you...like I said pay me and i'll teach you GAME!

  • john doe
    john doe 3 months ago

    Tell this guy to stop talking....You talk too much....you need some game!......pay me and i'll teach you how to have GAME!!!!!!!!

  • john doe
    john doe 3 months ago

    Big mistake!......Don't talk Bout your hair ever!

    • mavishill
      mavishill 2 months ago

      Exactly. He started over compensating .

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie 3 months ago

    Her attitude stinks,needs to grow up.Hope she looks at her behaviour and thinks about it.

  • amazonjungle z
    amazonjungle z 3 months ago

    The investigators says,the girl is still in the bathroom till this day.

  • Leah B
    Leah B 3 months ago

    idk why this made me laugh soo much 😂

  • Oscar Small
    Oscar Small 3 months ago +1

    This is the weirdest montage of OTT facial reactions and moments. This is like a parody of first dates.

  • red trap
    red trap 3 months ago

    She is full of jalousy and lack of confidence, what a hoe

  • The 8th Gate
    The 8th Gate 3 months ago

    She was damn beautiful tho cant even lie. Shawty is a 10

  • Tayla Hartemink
    Tayla Hartemink 3 months ago +1

    She’s so honest I fucking love her

  • Dyed Bliss
    Dyed Bliss 3 months ago +1

    Ofellow (?) Is HAWWT

    • mavishill
      mavishill 2 months ago

      It's Othello (like from Shakespeare )

  • Prince Ali
    Prince Ali 3 months ago +1

    This guys personality was just to awesome for this bland chick. She needs a boring guy

  • Aleksa Lex
    Aleksa Lex 3 months ago +1

    That’s the most incoherently edited video I’ve seen

  • Lucas Elliot
    Lucas Elliot 3 months ago

    I'm gonna show off a bit here...I'm a TheXvidr with 8.5k subs

  • Simon Magar
    Simon Magar 3 months ago

    Boy weight
    Girl wait 👍👍👍👍👍😂

  • dinkolukin
    dinkolukin 3 months ago

    gareth keenan...

  • lilhypebeast
    lilhypebeast 3 months ago

    What a bitch smfh

  • golubtrxsh
    golubtrxsh 3 months ago +2

    shes just a bitch lmao if he said to me "what did ur metabolism go see u later?" id laugh my ass off.

  • TURBO MAN 94
    TURBO MAN 94 3 months ago +2

    He’s a joker, dodged a bullet there, shes a diva