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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  3 months ago +81

    Well, that was... awkward...
    Watch the FULL episode here: bit.ly/2OX0zJl

    • Yul Hubbart
      Yul Hubbart 11 days ago

      Well....BOTH of them were awkward...but you manjinas at Channel 4 would be way too politically correct to have the balls to say so!

    • Jemma J
      Jemma J 11 days ago

      Miguel Ma , ur mum is

    • ÇÎROK
      ÇÎROK 12 days ago +1

      +Miguel Ma you top waffler.🤣😂

    • Edward
      Edward 13 days ago

      Hi, Is there anywhere else I can watch the full episode? it only available for ppl in UK

    • Miguel Ma
      Miguel Ma 24 days ago

      he is gay but he doesn know it yet!!

  • Helmut Hase
    Helmut Hase 8 hours ago

    Holy shit creeeep

  • Charl Slater
    Charl Slater 11 hours ago


  • Lisa Hoang
    Lisa Hoang 14 hours ago

    She already looks stupid

  • Bri Harden
    Bri Harden 15 hours ago

    Simple she just wasn’t attracted to him she seemed a bit rude as well🙄

  • Nicki Don
    Nicki Don 15 hours ago

    This is so funny and awkward, did she ever come back from the toilet?

  • supernova girl
    supernova girl 15 hours ago

    As a fat girl my bf pretty much told me he has the same preference and I didn't get offended when we first met I just think this girl needs to get over herself a bit he was being nice

  • Manisha Mishra
    Manisha Mishra Day ago

    He's got a cute smile.

  • Greenjewelrysparkle

    He's creepy...and her string is way too tight 🙊😂

  • julia pergjoni
    julia pergjoni Day ago

    this is why women should just stay in the kitchen

  • Ztddztkdkr Gh C Gx Gxmghx

    Well she is actually fat i mean look at her double chin and belly 😂

  • s3r_ hobby
    s3r_ hobby 2 days ago

    Not to be mean but hes smile is creepy as fuck

    PEA SZN 2 days ago

    I hate girls like this. You say they aren’t skinny and they instantly think you’re calling them fat

  • lei
    lei 3 days ago

    Oh wow two of the most boring jobs in the world. A match made in heaven

  • Wendolyn Alanis
    Wendolyn Alanis 3 days ago

    What a bitch..

  • kokizag
    kokizag 3 days ago

    Why would she go on a date with a bald guy if she likes guys with hair 😒 that doesn't make sense at all

  • Noah Cline
    Noah Cline 3 days ago

    These have to be staged

  • DavidFFFanatic
    DavidFFFanatic 3 days ago

    ---- Baldness = Funny, Natural, A joke. Weight = Insulted, embarrassed, humiliated...

  • micheal dapaah
    micheal dapaah 3 days ago

    She Said but? Him: Theres No but hahahahahahahaahhaha this Guy is a legen

  • Sarbjit Dhillon
    Sarbjit Dhillon 3 days ago

    Carm the fuck down Brv!!!!!! Loved it 😂👊

  • louiethemouseful
    louiethemouseful 4 days ago

    Rude, he didn't get up and hug her

  • Stephen Firns
    Stephen Firns 4 days ago

    #editing its so ott like wow

  • Mary Burney
    Mary Burney 5 days ago +1

    She was way out of his league anyway

  • Miss Mira
    Miss Mira 6 days ago +1

    Bish whaaaa? As soon as he said cornrows and beads I died lololol

  • JK
    JK 6 days ago

    This looks so damn staged.

  • What
    What 7 days ago

    "I sell empty space. Now enough showing off from me, what do you do?"

  • An Aristocrat
    An Aristocrat 7 days ago

    bitch alert. run for your life

  • The Beast
    The Beast 8 days ago +3

    You can’t have a “pretty unique” name. A name is either unique or not, there are no gradations. Also, I find it hilarious that he thought his job (and it’s unremarkable title) was worth showing off about. What a slap-head prat.

  • Sexybitch Andra
    Sexybitch Andra 8 days ago

    Bless him he was literally so good on the date and she just fucked him over completely he's so embarrassed yet he's done nothing wrong 😒

  • joshiwuhh
    joshiwuhh 8 days ago +3

    What an *odd fellow.*

  • Hip Hop
    Hip Hop 8 days ago

    Calm the fuck down bruv 😂😂😂

  • big balls999
    big balls999 8 days ago

    I thought he was a legend and pulled off it off well to be honest... she wants to loosin up a little bit... FAT CUNT...🤣🤣🤣

  • B ODonoghue
    B ODonoghue 8 days ago

    he said nothing wrong at all...fuck she'd annoy me tbh

  • Finlay Matthews
    Finlay Matthews 9 days ago

    Classic British bell ends...

  • leon kennedy
    leon kennedy 9 days ago

    Ew he is soooo narcissistic

    • Ztddztkdkr Gh C Gx Gxmghx
      Ztddztkdkr Gh C Gx Gxmghx 2 days ago

      And she has a double chin lol

    • leon kennedy
      leon kennedy 7 days ago

      +Sarah Toms nah he's legit in love with himself 🤮

    • Sarah Toms
      Sarah Toms 7 days ago

      Really? I think that word gets thrown around far too often, there was nothing narcassasitic about him, insecure maybe.

  • Katie Franklinnow
    Katie Franklinnow 9 days ago +1

    He’s like actually so hot tho wtf

    • reshi p
      reshi p Day ago

      lol stfu if he was a random turkish barber and not on first dates ud be like "lets get away from this creep"

  • ‘’ ‘’
    ‘’ ‘’ 9 days ago

    He wasn’t trying to be mean tho? But i still don’t like his attitude.. maybe it’s just me or he isn’t my type but didn’t like his vibe tbh

  • Im Torpe
    Im Torpe 9 days ago

    Dumbass woman

  • Yul Hubbart
    Yul Hubbart 10 days ago

    He didn't dig himself in a major hole! He has a self-deprecating sense of humour and she has NO sense of humour - a more and more common phenomenon amongst Western women these days.

  • 27 PayBack
    27 PayBack 10 days ago

    Stay away from these fucking semen drags

  • Dean Wingfield
    Dean Wingfield 10 days ago


  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 11 days ago

    Nothing wrong with what he said at all

  • Zara x
    Zara x 11 days ago

    he didnt say anything insulting shes just very insecure

  • Rom 3636
    Rom 3636 11 days ago


  • Jemma J
    Jemma J 11 days ago

    She comes across like a bish, good for him if he escaped

  • welsh Maniacs
    welsh Maniacs 11 days ago

    stupid fucking name 🤣😂🤣

  • Cube Bassa
    Cube Bassa 12 days ago

    No nookie tonight 😅😂😂👀

  • GoldenbanjoDJ
    GoldenbanjoDJ 12 days ago

    He made out that her job was dull - 'it is what it is' and then proceeded to bore us all with the most snoozefest-inducing job description I think I've ever heard

  • lazybum
    lazybum 12 days ago +1

    Id Date him in a minute ♥️

  • Tanea Bree
    Tanea Bree 13 days ago

    “I’m not a fan of skinny girls.” Music to any woman’s ears no? Like alright sick let’s fucking eat comfort food together 💛 she was in an awful mood

  • Technicallyimright
    Technicallyimright 13 days ago +1

    Imagine being 40 and talking about how you were in school....hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Technicallyimright
    Technicallyimright 13 days ago

    Boring ass bald, massive eyebrowed mother fucker.

    JONES 13 days ago

    he was a little awkward, but he was just trying hard, nothing wrong with that. it's actually endearing.

  • StraightFactsBlue
    StraightFactsBlue 13 days ago

    this brudda was soooo funny hahahaha i'm dead, man said "calm the fuck down bruv", we all know them ones

  • TrapLordz UK
    TrapLordz UK 13 days ago +1

    he is trying too hard to impress someone who is not worth impressing... run a mile.

  • Enrico Boss Kryštof
    Enrico Boss Kryštof 13 days ago

    Did your metabolism say see ya later im dead😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mannsy83
    Mannsy83 13 days ago

    lol why is he asking if she likes a man with hair or without, whos going to say oh yeh i much prefer baldness

  • Mannsy83
    Mannsy83 13 days ago +1

    She didn't even remember his name after saying it 3 times...he deserves better, she thinks she is a 10

  • Maddox Tolliver
    Maddox Tolliver 14 days ago

    *classic rookie mistake. never tell females the truth.*

  • Fin Hor
    Fin Hor 14 days ago

    I thought it was her that was digging with the bald comments.

  • craig macdonald
    craig macdonald 14 days ago

    Feel like this tv show edits things to make it look like there was drama when In reality the girl just needed a shit.

  • potato head
    potato head 14 days ago

    I know that way too often, these programs protect the girl / woman and portray the guy as the weird one (or other negative perspective), while it's actually the girl that is just stuck up or whatever. Super annoying. But in this case, I think it is very obvious the guy fucked up. If you decide to show off to women (which most women really hate, a guy bragging about himself) at least make sure she will be damn impressed! ''INTERNATIONAL sales manager.'' Yeah of some random unknown space selling company. Throwing big words thinking it will impress everyone. It's just a freaking title that means nothing. Then he forced her to choose either hair or bald and then feels freaking offended?? Women don't want to offend others, they are very indirect with their communication being careful not to hurt others feelings. But if you act like ''Hey I am Mr International super confident guy come at me I got this'', she will be honest in your face. He also went ''what boxes should i tick off?'' I had to pause because I felt so much embarrassment in his place. Jesus. He desperately wants to please her, ticking off her boxes, so then she falls for him? Haha dude ''Im not a fan of skinny girls.'' What the hell is she supposed to think? Not only did he imply ''HEY it's okay to be FAT, I don't like skinny girls anyways!'', he even said it and went on explaining more, just shut up idiot!! Damn this dude haha. What a moron. So I don't agree at all with the comments here below!

  • Tony Padilla
    Tony Padilla 14 days ago

    Oh fuck off. Some bitches need to get over it. He's right. Talking about his baldness is ok but not her weight? He's not saying she's fat

  • Carl Darl
    Carl Darl 15 days ago

    The reception guy was trying to intercept her and make Othello look bad. Maybe he got her number afterwards.

  • Victoria Souza
    Victoria Souza 15 days ago +1

    I think he's actually really nice and funny. I like him haha

  • King Chong
    King Chong 15 days ago +1

    This guy is an annoyance

  • Nottingham boy
    Nottingham boy 16 days ago

    Most men don’t like skinny girls???? Oh that old lie died out in the 80s

  • Jibran Malik
    Jibran Malik 16 days ago

    Girl looks nice but is up herself

  • Mairead NiC
    Mairead NiC 16 days ago

    Othello... poor fella. His mother must've had a hell of a pregnancy to think "y'know if this is a boy, I'm going to name him after a paranoid jealous murderer with horrific taste in friends" 😄

  • Joy Division
    Joy Division 16 days ago +1

    He looks so gay

  • Vanessa Grant
    Vanessa Grant 16 days ago

    Any further and he be in Australia !

  • Matthew McMillan
    Matthew McMillan 16 days ago +1

    I think she didn't like him from the start and decided to use the opportunity to leave.

  • M W
    M W 16 days ago

    His hilarious 😂 she seemed defensive for no reason

  • Son O Simba
    Son O Simba 16 days ago

    Gotta feel for the guy she kinda ruined the guys self esteem and when he starts talking about what he likes she gets pissed the girl wants a model that lies i guess

  • dani238159
    dani238159 17 days ago

    No you didn't with the weight thing. Skinny thick doesn't matter lol. He fucked up lol

  • Livealive
    Livealive 17 days ago

    My old man is retired from a directors position, made his fortune. However hes one of those types who just cant stop working so he decided to be a delivery driver for a supermarket just to waste some time for his week.
    Anyways one of his delivery was at an office with the girl just with her head up her own arse whos the receptionist just treated my old man like some old peasant. Funny enough he knew/friends the office director. They had a chat about the receptionist about her behaviour. Lets just say shes blacklisted from future employment because of the embarrassment to the company..... never judge a book by its cover.

    • reshi p
      reshi p Day ago

      bs story, unless ur dad was a total social fuck up

  • Victory of the people
    Victory of the people 17 days ago

    She's hot

  • Mara Mor 2.0
    Mara Mor 2.0 17 days ago +1

    “And the BARRR BAAA!!! “ 😂😂

  • kèhbab
    kèhbab 17 days ago

    She was playing dumb from the start

  • Sambina
    Sambina 18 days ago

    I hate how they edit certain reactions in to make it more dramatic, it’s too obvious, I actually just want to see their real conversation.

  • Elan Brysk
    Elan Brysk 18 days ago

    Hes very honest

  • Sadiya S
    Sadiya S 18 days ago +2

    The only thing that annoyed me about him is that he didn't stand up to greet her.
    And no thats not a 'men should do that' thing, when the roles are reversed the woman usually stands up to greet her date
    He just sat there though. shows a complete lack of interest

  • Dr. Royalty
    Dr. Royalty 18 days ago

    She's fine af.

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 18 days ago +1

    She is a horrible person from this clip!

  • King S
    King S 18 days ago +1

    She was a sket.

  • your dad
    your dad 18 days ago

    He did it purposely

  • Omgforgetit
    Omgforgetit 18 days ago

    My guy has personality. The lady as beauty. It was never meant to work. Tbh you lucked out dude

  • Rebecca Evangelean
    Rebecca Evangelean 18 days ago

    I would fully date him he is lovely

  • T Roll
    T Roll 18 days ago +2

    If she thinks she's fat then I'd happily let her sit on my face while she demolishes a cheese cake.

  • Colin  Nguyen
    Colin Nguyen 19 days ago

    Prosecco is posh.. I'll stick to my pilsners... ✌

  • PC Principle
    PC Principle 19 days ago

    He was wearing more make up than her

  • Graham Harrison
    Graham Harrison 19 days ago

    Othello is a dick..

  • baldy hardnut
    baldy hardnut 19 days ago +1

    thank god i wont be selling sqaure meter stands for the rest of my life fuck me that job description sounded boring af

  • John Hooper
    John Hooper 19 days ago

    She is a typical entitled thot..

  • Zoe Law
    Zoe Law 19 days ago

    This guy oozes desperation .. A HUGE turn off .. Back to diddling at mums house for you pal

  • Brew Μπελας
    Brew Μπελας 19 days ago +2

    He don't look that bad. Just with that cranium he looks like he's wanted in 6 other galaxies

  • Ashby Ashby
    Ashby Ashby 19 days ago

    She deserved that Karma after making him insecure about his hair

  • chloe 66
    chloe 66 20 days ago

    Stand up when she comes in!

  • Matthew Tuakolo
    Matthew Tuakolo 20 days ago

    I just want to knoe her name 😂😂

  • Kala Bender
    Kala Bender 20 days ago

    Am I the only one bothered by her panties being so tight and shit?