You Are Two

  • Published on May 31, 2016
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  • BabaTee
    BabaTee Hour ago

    I am Core2duo!?!

  • Winter Solstice
    Winter Solstice 2 hours ago

    Id be okay with a split brain
    EDIT: How do I get this achievement??

  • Gibbelblonk
    Gibbelblonk 2 hours ago +1


  • Zizudarke
    Zizudarke Day ago

    You are not in your *right* mind

  • smievil
    smievil 2 days ago

    I am we
    I'm your shadow

  • José Carlos Lazarte Aspíllaga

    I'm gonna give my two cents here. I don't think you are two minds, the two parts of your brain communicate perfectly to the point of being one. What right and left want is weight up and a decision is taken. But if you cut the chord, then each part chooses something and can't communicate its choice to the other, now they are two.

  • sperg .T
    sperg .T 2 days ago


  • DeciNarx N/A
    DeciNarx N/A 3 days ago

    Sooo.....this is wrong

  • TinyGaming
    TinyGaming 4 days ago

    This makes me wonder.. Is this why people talk to themselves? Left brain speaks both sides, but really they're both arguing with each other? I remember I once scolded myself after not looking both ways before crossing the road.

  • 74554N 41-5H4TTi
    74554N 41-5H4TTi 5 days ago

    Unless your deaf

  • Dad
    Dad 5 days ago

    I almost want this for me for a little while or so

  • NightWi5h
    NightWi5h 5 days ago

    Thanks for that. Quite literally a mindfuck.

  • Karen Kim
    Karen Kim 5 days ago

    I like this voice better than Kurzgesagt's

  • VRUM
    VRUM 7 days ago

    Nice, i have a friend now.

  • Valiant_Emmeres
    Valiant_Emmeres 7 days ago

    I guess I accept this. I'm sure everyone has had moments where they've seen something at a glance and a small voice has said "hey you missed that". Not literally speaking or noise but an inkling ((you missed something on the shelf)) You don't know what it is until you look back and oh, it was the car keys. Thanks other perceptive person. I didn't register that. --How can the subconscious assign it an importance if you the viewer didn't identify it?

  • Ethan Dodds
    Ethan Dodds 7 days ago

    so there's actually 15.2 billion people.

  • GuilhermeMarques
    GuilhermeMarques 8 days ago

    I'm on iteration #2 of an infinite loop.
    Nice colab

  • Moraco Mole
    Moraco Mole 9 days ago

    Oh, an onion!

  • Walter VT
    Walter VT 10 days ago

    Actually it’s more complicated than this. There is a disease tossed into the migraine catch all wastebasket which can cause suppression of portions of the brain. The result is separation Of functions which may or may not be there at any one point in time. A “person” with this problem can learn to function but it sometimes they may not have language skills or may not have facial recognition, etc. in the process of learning to function this way they’re actually learning to function in up to nine different centers any combination of which may be operating at a particular time. So if you think two consciousness is inside one skull is a little bit creepy try nine.

  • Thekingofwatching
    Thekingofwatching 11 days ago

    Shut your concept down. I have firsthand experience of a partially divided corpus coliseum, from a car accident. I had in 2010. It was only partial, so I’ll call it an accident. The brain works to heal itself. I’ll see this vid. through to its end now

    • Thekingofwatching
      Thekingofwatching 11 days ago

      You is two? That is so dang simple. Sure there are multiple separate minds available in the brain, but damage to one piece is compensated for and then tries to mend. Neurons are constantly dying and being replace by stem cells that are adrift in your cranial space. Watching this was frustrating for me! Chao Bene

  • TheGamingAcid
    TheGamingAcid 11 days ago

    Though this is not 100% accurate I'm going to make a comic out if this.

  • diego alvarado
    diego alvarado 11 days ago


  • Bruno Souza
    Bruno Souza 11 days ago

    Say sike right now!

  • Crazy Robots
    Crazy Robots 12 days ago

    I don't like this information. For that reason I refuse to accept it.

  • David Gingerich
    David Gingerich 12 days ago

    Sometimes I get up a video game only to instantly decide that I should do something productive instead and then close it. I wonder if my two halves have different interests...

  • David Gingerich
    David Gingerich 12 days ago +1

    So if left part of the brain can talk, but can't directly exchange information between the right part like it used to, then does that mean you can speak to tell the right something? Like if you're blind in your right eye so your left section needs to vocally tell the right what it sees?

  • Aytekin Karaca
    Aytekin Karaca 12 days ago

    I think that proofs soul does not exist.

  • Darkis Dragon
    Darkis Dragon 13 days ago

    My mind's arguing with myself/itself

  • Phenix Day
    Phenix Day 14 days ago

    Actually, we held hands first and then we both freaked. 😭💕😭

  • iTz Olie
    iTz Olie 15 days ago

    These videos are so bullshit, look at Grey’s doctorate in neuroscience.. oh wait. Well at least he cited his sourc... oh yeah he didn’t. Don’t believe everything you see, make sure it’s a reliable source.

  • YoRHa Unit: 0G
    YoRHa Unit: 0G 15 days ago

    From my very limited understanding of neuroscience (Year 12 A level student) the right prefrontal cortex is responsible for recalling episodic memories (past experiences) from the hippocampus while the left prefrontal cortex is responsible for recalling semantic memories (the meaning of words and understanding of concepts and general knowledge) from the same place. This might be why the left side would know more language and would reason out things it doesn't understand, but doesn't know people you are close with.
    Like I said, I don't know much about neuroscience and the prefrontal cortex is just one part of the brain so it's probably more complicated than that.

  • IndividuoUmano
    IndividuoUmano 17 days ago


  • Ele Kappa
    Ele Kappa 17 days ago

    People with split brain are much better at playing piano

  • jun santiago
    jun santiago 17 days ago


  • TheOverGamer
    TheOverGamer 17 days ago

    The whole vision bit doesn't actually work out because both of the eyes have the same FOV -- just that they're seperated a little by your nose. So left brain can totally see what right does -- it's just that it's a bit obscured, not impossible to tell for left brain.

  • The18thguyhere
    The18thguyhere 17 days ago

    If right controls left hand. Can't right brain write stuff down and left brain talk? So they could theoretically both communicate?

  • Phantom Sixth
    Phantom Sixth 17 days ago

    Somewhere caught in the middle of the brain's argument, that's where I Am.

  • fuck you
    fuck you 17 days ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ect.

  • Azalka
    Azalka 17 days ago

    i disagree to an extent. i beleive we are one, however its like the argument for the trinity in christianity. 3 beings, but technically one God. i suppose anouther way i could put this is the gpu and cpu of a pc. shure, they can and do actu seperately, however they still act as one computer. or as the sides of dementia and mania in oblivion/shivering isles. shure, they can act seperately, however they are as a whole, are, well, one. its a concept that i have issues putting into words. but i agrue we are one with free will, just with heavy influence and some more cooperation going on than we think.

  • milkteaaddict
    milkteaaddict 18 days ago

    0:35 "...which these split-brain patients found frustrating."

    Frustrating? Not utterly and completely terrifying?

  • Gray Lobo
    Gray Lobo 18 days ago

    deeply disturbing...

  • MaterClaritas
    MaterClaritas 18 days ago

    pssh. my brain is like 11. #pluralgang

  • FireDrage
    FireDrage 18 days ago

    I was actually thinking about how does this work instead of just explaining it. Also I was just like wait a kurzasgt video in your video.

  • Yeet Lord69
    Yeet Lord69 18 days ago

    This makes my head hurt

  • Kory B
    Kory B 19 days ago

    Bo burnham has entered the chat

  • Pink Lion Gaming
    Pink Lion Gaming 19 days ago

    Wow this is amazing
    That's what you'd say
    I didn't write that

  • plus 4 me daddy
    plus 4 me daddy 19 days ago

    “I am of two minds about this” - Medic Tf2

  • crobopulus Michael
    crobopulus Michael 19 days ago

    I do believe that their is now evidence to the contrary of the split brain = double intelligence thing

  • Itx Will
    Itx Will 19 days ago

    Does this mean I only have to do half of my homework and let my other brain take care of it?

  • julie lollipoop
    julie lollipoop 19 days ago

    honestly am I the only one that found 0:26 funny like hell

  • fgnfwgnfgfrnhp35y
    fgnfwgnfgfrnhp35y 19 days ago

    "we are of two minds"
    anyone else here channeled those words when they ascended
    "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth:"
    Matthew 6:3

  • Broken Eyes
    Broken Eyes 19 days ago

    Did Frey ever do a vid on “free will”?

  • laafine med aziz
    laafine med aziz 20 days ago

    the video link of the experience please

  • Mickobin Sotosworth
    Mickobin Sotosworth 20 days ago

    HA! Jokes on you! I have DID and there's three of us... wait... if there's two to start.... And three of us currently.... if we split brain it... would there be 5.... or 6??? Oh my God this video fucked us 😂

  • buttercup lynn
    buttercup lynn 20 days ago +7

    having an existential crisis while laughing hysterically wtf is going on

    • Salty Llama
      Salty Llama Day ago +1

      I’m currently crying while drinking hot coco in the dark

  • Gabriel Henschen
    Gabriel Henschen 20 days ago


  • Mr Schiz
    Mr Schiz 20 days ago

    Can you please stop putting this in my recommended now

  • Şakir Abdullayev
    Şakir Abdullayev 20 days ago

    Anyone read Homo Deus?

  • LabrnMystic MK
    LabrnMystic MK 20 days ago +1

    So if I can't make up my mind, will closing one eye help make a decision?

    • Midget
      Midget 14 days ago

      You couldn't close the eye I think. Because "you" who wants to close the eye is left brain, only right brain can close the eye you would want to close. Which is very creepy because the right brain could start doing whatever it wants. But I'm guessing most of the time it's cooperative.

  • Feed Your Mind 2
    Feed Your Mind 2 20 days ago +1

    Great video, I'll have to look more into this, it's pretty interesting...SHARED!!