Echoed Memories (Gaia's Melody II) Opening Animation (WIP)

  • Published on Mar 4, 2021
  • me "spends a year picking the opening song
    also me "uses the song i chose in the first place
    There are still things I need to fix (mostly 'i'm too visually impaired to have noticed this right away' fixes), and a few things I'm not fully happy with yet, but it's 'done' otherwise.
    I need a break from it and I figured posting it now would be preferable to sitting on it for a few weeks and forgetting about it lol
    "Rainy Day"
    Vocals: Miyabi Mikado
    Lyrics/Music: Sakagami Souichi Trial and Error
    GMEM1 Now available for Windows, Mac & Linux!
    or on
    If you desperately need to contact me, I check here. Sometimes:

Comments • 67

  • Raruru
    Raruru Year ago +16

    As an animator who works for the anime industry this is seriously great!

  • ZeroSanity
    ZeroSanity Year ago +15

    Love this! Definitely buying the first game when I get the chance.

  • Lulu Luvscats
    Lulu Luvscats Year ago +9

    You're seriously getting really good at animating! When the games are all done, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a Gaia's Melody anime series ;) Can't wait to play this when it eventually gets released. I loved the first game and I'm sure I'll love the second even more!

  • IsaacTheArchitect
    IsaacTheArchitect Year ago +2

    Dude this is amazing! Great music, awesome pacing! It also reminds me that I need to finish my echoed memories playthrough...

  • David Samuel
    David Samuel Year ago

    The clips from the original GMAE opening make me so nostalgic. Sososo excited for playing this! Keep it up, Echo!

  • Wyatt Holliday
    Wyatt Holliday Year ago +2

    Love the video! Thank you for all your tutorials!

  • Marlon Chagas
    Marlon Chagas Year ago

    Hahahaa Ficou incrível, parabéns!!!! Resolvi postar em português pra você entender que tem fã no Brasil também. Acompanho seu canal há muito tempo e você faz coisas incríveis no RPG maker, boa sorte no futuro! <3

  • Pandamclovn
    Pandamclovn Year ago +1

    It looks great! I want to try streaming gaia's melody once I get a chance 🥰

  • GStewz17
    GStewz17 Year ago

    I've been trying to do videos like this for my games! This is so awesome!

  • ColgateWorld
    ColgateWorld Year ago

    Aaaaaa, this looks absolutely amazing!! Can't wait for the game to be released😍💗💕💕💕💕💕

  • Nate Snow
    Nate Snow Year ago

    GREAT JOB!! Please keep up the good work I can't even imagine how much work went into this :D

  • Victoria Thomson
    Victoria Thomson Year ago +2

    This is insanely cool! Holy crap!!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago +3

    i recently got back into RPG maker after not playing it for years. I used to play RPG maker 2 on PS2 when i was a kid and then RPG maker 2003 and XP for a bit later on. Now i'm getting back into it with MV and i've been watching your videos to get some ideas and inspiration for my own games. Anyway, its cool to see you upload a new video, Gaias Melody looks like a lot of fun and your animation looks awesome. Thanks for all the good videos.

  • biggamefreak
    biggamefreak Year ago

    This opening is the quality of a masterpiece. As soon as your game comes out, I must buy it immediately. You really are an inspiration to other RPG designers. I can feel the energy of growing characters and intensity.

  • Aaron Fry
    Aaron Fry Year ago

    you nailed the anime opening feel. with the pan fades at the beginning part was SO anime. nice job all around its good

  • Penny Gautreaux

    Wow! I just watched a video of yours from five years ago where you said to keep practicing and who knows where you will be... and here you are proving it! Looking forward to playing this!

  • Danimally
    Danimally Year ago

    your game is amazing :), sure thing it will go to my rpgmaker games collection

  • Ζ-Α, KFP Gnosis
    Ζ-Α, KFP Gnosis Year ago +4

    The intro is sooo cute! 😭

  • Adylure
    Adylure Year ago +1

    Makes me feel 14 years old again. <3

  • Amelie Pfeiffer
    Amelie Pfeiffer Year ago

    OHMIGOSH OHMIGOSH OHMIGOSH!!!!!!!!! This is my favourite game series EVER and I cannot describe how excited I am! The intro looks amazing Echo!