What's In My Pockets Ep. 9 - Mini Camo EDC (Everyday Carry)

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • In this new Camo Mini Everyday Carry (EDC) setup, we're slimming down on gear and skipping any bags. These episodes will only feature EDC that fit in my actual pockets. So starting things off, a much requested theme, Camo Everyday Carry.
    [0:41] Nike SB Icon Pro Snapback - geni.us/9W1Gb
    [1:07] The North Face Fanorak - geni.us/VcaGUA
    [6:18] Nike Club Joggers - geni.us/7qDq8I
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    [4:54] RhinoShield CrashGuard NX Case for Apple Watch - bit.ly/2IJzDL9
    [2:10] dbrand Grip Case V2 - bit.ly/2ZohmK3
    [4:00] UAG Active Watch Strap - geni.us/O7MVI9v
    [6:47] Carhartt Work In Progress Military Key Chain - bit.ly/31yn1z9
    [7:01] Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Knife - geni.us/Fs1w8W
    [8:20] Orbitkey x Everydaycarry.com - bit.ly/2F949Ns
    [8:46] Orbitkey Nail File & Mirror - bit.ly/2FpGNEX
    [9:04] Orbitkey Ring - bit.ly/2QwrJKR
    [9:24] Rite in the Rain All-Weather Mini Notebook - bit.ly/2KiL1Rz
    [9:37] Fisher Space Trekker Pen - geni.us/Mff1
    [10:06] Aer Cardholder Wallet - bit.ly/2MNPdL2
    EXCESSORIZE ME. Shop - bit.ly/2vDwVzG
    This video is sponsored by RhinoShield, all opinions expressed are based on my own experience.
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    You gay

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    Fidel Cashflow 4 days ago

    Mismatched camo? Nah, I can't co sign that... In fact, I can't co sign camo at all... Not my thing...

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    Emil Eliasen 5 days ago

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    Amrith Menon 6 days ago

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    Moumen Nemoum 7 days ago

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    Ray Rez 9 days ago

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    johncookiedoee 18 days ago

    Just bought the orbitkey and Aer wallet.. thx for a great EDC!

    • johncookiedoee
      johncookiedoee 9 days ago

      @Victor Mora it's awesome!. Great build and quality. The cards stay in place and it's a great size :-)

    • Victor Mora
      Victor Mora 9 days ago

      How is the wallet?.. thinking about buying it.

  • I’m A Scottie Man
    I’m A Scottie Man 18 days ago

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    Xue Han Neo 19 days ago

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  • Davis Plude
    Davis Plude 21 day ago

    I wounded if he bows that’s a gun sling clasp with a lanyard so it can be used as a rifle sling

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  • kuurocks
    kuurocks 23 days ago

    I always love watching your videos; I thought that it was going to be hard to do a mini EDC but you also added camo on top of that. Solid work and always look forward to your videos. My fav. tho are that Aer wallet( which I have never seen b4) and that rite in rain notebook. So FYRE!!! XD

  • Résh 1
    Résh 1 23 days ago +27

    I hate this channel! Because by the end of video I am always broke!
    You are bad influence!

  • snipervision1
    snipervision1 24 days ago

    EDC and no gun, REALLY? Lame

  • Leon Sotirovski
    Leon Sotirovski 25 days ago

    The best edc you've made yet !

  • Minnesota Guy
    Minnesota Guy 26 days ago +1

    My EDC is:
    Samsung Note 5 with UAG case
    Vaultskin Chelsea Wallet
    Keychain with keys on a clasp
    Small light on the Keychain
    Benchmade 417 Knife
    Sometimes a comb too

    • Minnesota Guy
      Minnesota Guy 25 days ago

      @Kevin Fonseca It's doing alright. It's laggy now and then. Otherwise, fine.

    • Kevin Fonseca
      Kevin Fonseca 25 days ago

      hows the note 5 holding up?

  • 刘精
    刘精 26 days ago

    这顶帽子 就算白送我 我也不会戴 而且我相信没一个中国人会戴。

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    Lerry Frendiana 27 days ago

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    SENOX 29 days ago

    Can confirm, the other blade is a wood saw, the Swiss army is really issuing this knife to all personnel

  • Yudha Prasastya
    Yudha Prasastya 29 days ago

    Are you really that adventurous so you have to wear these things everyday?

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    RICKY T Month ago +2

    *I lost 4pounds by sweating after watching this video*

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    Winchester INC. Month ago +13

    All the gear is sweet!
    ...But only a 9 year old or an active military person dresses in all camouflage. If you’re the ladder, thanks for your service.

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      Heaven701 2 days ago

      This is so wrong. Military doesn't wear this type of stuff. That's just stereotypical. It's a lot more common than you think.

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      Somebody in the military would not wear this 🤣

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