Scotland fans and Conor Coady take on the Soccer AM Volley Challenge! 💥

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
    It was the turn of the Scotland fans this week to take on the Soccer AM Volley Challenge in the John Arne Riise Arena. How many volleys do you think they will score in 60 seconds?
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Comments • 58

  • S J Gaming
    S J Gaming 16 hours ago

    where is the swindon fans volly's?

  • xdeedawggx
    xdeedawggx 26 days ago

    Clearly scored 6 wtf

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman 28 days ago

    Something about Bullard a bit strange.

    PAULY WAULY 29 days ago

    Bullard shouts 6 ✅ the other guy shouts 5 ❌

  • Frederico Melim
    Frederico Melim 29 days ago

    Its wrong, it was clearly 6 goals...hope you correct it...disgraceful

  • IT'S_Bless
    IT'S_Bless 29 days ago

    Wtf they didn’t get 5

  • Joshua Ackers
    Joshua Ackers 29 days ago

    It was 6 you morons

  • King Mitch
    King Mitch 29 days ago +1

    4th guy got 3 out of 3 too!!!

  • NKS 80
    NKS 80 29 days ago +1

    These Scottish lads would easily get into the Scotland starting 11

  • gazza 2.0
    gazza 2.0 29 days ago

    definitely 6 not 5

  • Kush Kuniss
    Kush Kuniss Month ago

    How many years now and they still stand way to far back and should have a side for left footers

  • AlexMc13x
    AlexMc13x Month ago +1

    It can’t be too hard to count lads can it

  • BarT
    BarT Month ago

    Just like there national team... Shiteeeeee ✌

    • Jard C
      Jard C 17 days ago

      BarT Fuck up.

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    bulldog has a wonderful head of hair

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago


  • tom coburn
    tom coburn Month ago +5

    It’s clearly 6, can these lot not count past 5?

  • Anakeygaming
    Anakeygaming Month ago +2

    They scored 6 not 5 robbed!!!

  • Chris Albert
    Chris Albert Month ago

    Dirty sweaty socks

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago +15

    They didn't count the first goal for literally no reason 😂

  • Turner 10
    Turner 10 Month ago +2

    They scored 6

  • anthony ward

    I hope they spot that and change the score how hard is it to count to six

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago +2

    VAR needed at 0:59

  • Aleksandar Mijakovski
    Aleksandar Mijakovski Month ago +28

    Scored 6 not 5 fenners you nonce

  • Predrag Nicic
    Predrag Nicic Month ago

    Scotland is ready for WC

  • saba maisuradze
    saba maisuradze Month ago +2

    they scored 6

  • Iqbal Miah
    Iqbal Miah Month ago +10

    Fenners looks like a actual bellend with that hat on

  • Dxlicata
    Dxlicata Month ago +30

    Goalkeeper is to good for this show

  • Ryan ReggieD
    Ryan ReggieD Month ago +6

    Jimmy with his hair down looks like Vigo out of Ghostbusters 2!

  • shalin chada
    shalin chada Month ago +3

    Keeper is my teacher

  • Aaron Bell
    Aaron Bell Month ago

    fenners is a nonce

  • brendan01
    brendan01 Month ago +5

    They counted it wrong. It was 6.

  • James Tallven
    James Tallven Month ago +101

    Whoever is doing the counting needs the sack

  • Just Sayin'
    Just Sayin' Month ago +65

    clearly got 6

  • Paddy Nevs
    Paddy Nevs Month ago

    It’s typical how all the arsenal fans shanked there’s typical

  • J Chambo
    J Chambo Month ago +88

    they scored 6 though not 5

  • EuanMill72
    EuanMill72 Month ago +10

    This is just steve clarkes scout report

  • Scott
    Scott Month ago +183

    Show is a shambles, clearly got six goals, Fenners and the counter say 5!

  • V S
    V S Month ago +1

    Scotland still have fans after such campaign?

  • Elijah777
    Elijah777 Month ago +4

    Fenners is a nonce

  • Mango W
    Mango W Month ago +50

    Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it, loved the part where fenners was an absolute nonce

  • adskulnick
    adskulnick Month ago +71

    One day they will all run round the trampoline. Then I can happily die

  • Sam Henderson
    Sam Henderson Month ago +3

    Oh flower if Scotland

  • Novelist
    Novelist Month ago +101

    Fenners is a nonce

    • Pistol wip Danger
      Pistol wip Danger 29 days ago

      So if he said fenners is "allegedly" a nonce is that ok?

    • What
      What 29 days ago

      @Will Herron Do I have to talk to John and Kay?

    • Easy Company
      Easy Company 29 days ago

      @What jeez..... What a nonce

    • hijackazz
      hijackazz Month ago

      What that’s something a nonce would say

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago +1


  • danm003
    danm003 Month ago +2


  • Harry Campbell yt
    Harry Campbell yt Month ago +1