Bump Offset and Parallax Occlusion Mapping - UE4 Materials 101 - Episode 8

  • Published on Jan 8, 2020
  • Here we discuss two techniques for improving surface shapes beyond normal mapping. Both techniques use a height map to more clearly define the shape of the surface. Bump Offset mapping adjusts the UV coordinates of the surface based on the view angle and depending on the height map. It's a fairly cheap technique, but doesn't work well at glancing angles. Parallax Occlusion Mapping traces rays to recreate the surface shape. It's a more robust technique that works at glancing angles - but it can also be significantly more expensive. This video shows how to set up both techniques.

    Download the textures used in this video:
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  • Karttibone

    I have looked so hard on digestable information on Parallax Occlusion Mapping on the internet and had to piece it together from wikipedia and some very academic papers and here it was explained so easy haha. Very well done.

  • Paul
    Paul  +5

    Hey Ben, how would you go about tiling a texture inside a POM shader? - say for an extra layer of detail that still adjusts correctly to the parallax? Your tutorials are spot on and just what I was looking for by the way, thanks so much!

  • MY_Lotus

    Thanks Ben!

  • Colin Merrick

    Love your series on Materials the breakdowns and the simplicity of your teaching of the subject is gold dust!! Thank you Ben!!

  • Tom Duff

    Great video! Breaking down the different ways the maps interact with the final result (especially using a greyed-out color map to help highlight it) is very useful imo

  • giaco89
    giaco89 Year ago +8

    Hey Ben!

  • 王诩
    王诩  +1

    Hi Ben!

  • panetyo
    panetyo Year ago +2

    Hi, as always great tutorial thx, I have quastaion about POM and "Grain Noise", grain is less when I use hight min,max steps and AA but killing performance. Maybe existe some trick to reduce this "grain" without AA and low steps?

  • Mike Asterios
    Mike Asterios Year ago +2

    Thank you for a concise and informative video!

  • Saito09
    Saito09 Year ago

    Hi - great tutorial! Im wondering is there a good way to get displacement working on a texture atlas? I have one big texture for various 'floor' materials - concrete, bricks, tiles etc - and if i apply displacement you can see the edges of different textures on the atlas start to bleed in during the displacement.

  • Paul

    Brilliant tutorial. I'm doing this on a flat plane and wondering if it is possible to disable texture wrapping so I don't see the repeat of the parallax on the edge when at a glancing angle? Thanks!

  • Fatty Bull
    Fatty Bull Year ago +3

    Great Job Ben. Thank you so much, appreciate it!

  • Azkatieal Zalakanear

    Hey Ben, Great Tutorial, is it possible to use the technique in your auto landscape? Can you please make a tutorial about it if that's possible? I think it would so much better than using tessellation.

  • Jukka Ikävalko
    Jukka Ikävalko Year ago +1

    For anyone having trouble downloading those textures Ben provided ,try changing browser. Most of the links doesn't work on Mozilla Firefox but worked on Chrome. I really love this tutorial series, it's easy to understand and still goes a lot deeper in detail than your average tutorials or even Unreal's own tutorials about materials. Thank you, Ben! I've learned a lot.

  • Charlie.H
    Charlie.H Year ago +1

    Hi Ben, I really thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques. When I saw the titles of your videos, I thought I knew these techniques. But I still learned a lot after watching them. And could you do a tutorial on converting height map texture to normal map directly inside Unreal, I mean I have a height map but I don't have normal map so is this possible to do directly inside Unreal? I hope you don't mind this and thanks again.

  • Stephen Rebeiro
    Stephen Rebeiro Year ago +1

    Very nicely explained, adding to favourites, liking and subscribing. Thanks 😊

  • N W
    N W Year ago +2

    Thanks, this was very informative!

  • Tural Memmedov
    Tural Memmedov 2 years ago +1

    Huge thanks again )) Could you explain a bit more what texture sampling, texture object and texture lookup means. I searched in internet but all of the answers are very technicall. I feel that I need to understand better what exactly this terms and how they work for better optimizations. It world be amazing to make dedicated video just for this. Thank you again for your amazing videos. ))

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov Year ago +2

    Thank you so match really good and informative tutorial it worked all perfectly for me to.cheers gave nice day sir.

  • David cr

    Thanks, this helped a lot!